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Fandom Secret Crisis (MULTI-FANDOM RP)

Hailey Jones
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Icee Icee Ploegy Ploegy

After gathering all of her ingredients at Tsukiji Market and a quick breakfast, Hailey decided that it is best to explore more of Tokyo. Sure, she does explore a bit but it is mostly around the tourist attractions and such; which is kinda boring in her honest opinion. And there she is, now arriving in Shibuya but man, how in the hell is she gonna do now? Come on, there are tourists that are taking pictures of the AMG GT-S just because it is such a foreign car in this country. It has some very large parking spaces around the street and the Vegas street racer would eventually find somewhere safe to park at.

'Now, I'll just start wandering around..' Hailey thought to herself as she got out of the car before pressing the lock button on her keys. "I better be careful if there some Stacked Deck rats is around..." Mumbling to herself, she puts on the hoodie in order to conceal herself from any Stacked Deck members here in Japan. Gosh, just the way Hailey looked right now just defines being off the grid.

When she is walking at the sidewalk, Hailey could notice three odd people. First, is a man who is a literal skeleton and has eyes, what the hell is this? A god damn Halloween party early? Next, is some dude who dresses like a superhero, gosh, Halloween is starting already or something. And finally, the third person, they also dressed like the second one but dang, these three are really excited for Halloween. Like, what the heck is going on; yet she whistled at the three just to gain some of their attention a bit before approaching the three.

"Hey, it seems y'all ready for Halloween way too early." Hailey spoke to the three with a small chuckle afterwards as she looked around to see if one of Darius' crew is eyeing on her. "And look, y'all look good in them costumes by the way, I am just acting nice, I swear." God, how in the hell are you acting this calm right now, Hailey? Like for crying out loud, she really needs to keep an eye out for any trouble brewing.

Anyway, there are these moments in Hailey's life before Japan that are defined as the more complicated ones. First, there was the time that she may just pissed off Wolf and the Fortuna Kings by deliberately winning a rigged race back then; sure, there is no intention of doing that but she doesn't give a fuck at all. Second, there is this one time where she accidentally dated a undercover cop by the name of Alexia, to which it is a complicated one as it lasts around 4 months. Third, is when she first got into help with the law over some damn noise complaint; sure, she does always got in trouble with cops over street racing but over a noise complaint, is where she is helping the cops. And now this, jeez, how could it be this dang awkward.

'Okay, I am now definitely be acting this stupid.' Thinking to herself, she continues to look around to see if one of the Stacked Deck members is around and boy.... there is one dude, who is acting all professional, kept eyeing her until he turned behind and made a phone call. 'Son of a..'She groaned a bit, realizing that she may be caught right now. What do to, Hailey.... what the hell to do now...
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New York City
Tank Man
Icee Icee

Luffy seems far away and out of reach in place of bliss enjoying the barbecued meats. He doesn't seem to be aware Tank Man is talking, it's just white noise to him. Stuffing his face he wore quite the dreamy look envisioned the texture and spices blending in well together. Whole Cake island sounds like a cute name but in reality it wasn’t. He makes up for the battle with Katakuri with delicious food. True to his devil fruit’s unique ability, Luffy began to expand the longer he ate. It’s a distant struggle to keep on going on top of all the food he ate. Looking and feeling completely full, he slid off his chair falling onto his back needing a minute to recuperate and digest the food. It didn’t take long for his body to digest the meat. He looks and feels normal again. When he feels better Luffy gets back on his feet, satisfaction written on his face content he’s got a bite to eat. He’s normal, unlike looking like a grotesque human blob. One of the unique aspects of his Gomu-Gomu No Mi is that eating affects his digestion too.

He swivels the chair around to wrap his legs around the chair’s body just watching Tank Man as if nothing weird happened. Like he didn’t inflate from consuming all the food. Luffy is in a happy place and energized. He felt the warm rush of energy unlike before. At least eating helps ease the tingling in his limbs now it’s nothing that could stop Luffy. Questions to what’s going on encompass his mind mainly confused of his arrival here he suppose the answers will come.
en mamiya & nn akamaki

Location: Shibuya (Tokyo) | Interactions: Icee Icee AlexandraRoseLeclerc AlexandraRoseLeclerc
The pair had begun sauntering across the plaza for the entrance of the train station before a sudden voice caught Ren's attention. The thief froze, allowing Ann to momentarily pass him by before she too stopped and looked towards him with a quizzical look. It wasn't until her eyes settled upon Sans that she realized why her boyfriend had stopped. She moved closer to his side and cocked her head as she took in the skeleton's words, though she felt a level of irony with them. To think a skeleton would speak of Halloween to the likes of them. It was funny, but she held back a laugh as her eyes moved to Ren.

Ren quirked a brow behind his mask as he silently observed the newcomer. While he looked the part of a shadow, he didn't appear to be hostile. That kept the thief from reaching for either of his weapons which were hidden away beneath his coat. Instead, he let his shoulders relax and he reached up to push his mask back, letting his full face become visible before he was prepared to speak. However, as he parted his lips, he was brought to a stop. Another voice cut in, echoing the same joke as Sans had. It made him want to fire back a snarky remark like he usually would, but he held his tongue and instead sighed.

"Halloween..?" Ann quietly murmured as she reached up to push her mask back while still looking towards Ren. Her voice was soft as she asked him: "Have you ever celebrated Halloween, Joker?"

Promptly, Ren shook his head. The holiday, while enjoyed by many in Japan, specifically the costume wearing, had never been something he had partaken in. It was far more popular in the city than the countryside which he had come from. Even during his year in Tokyo, he hadn't experienced what it was like, but he heard it was extremely popular among cosplayers. Is that what the skeleton and woman thought their outfits were? He couldn't say he blamed them.

Averting his gaze back to the newcomers, Ren folded his arms across his chest. "No, we're not in some Halloween spirit or anything like that."

He wanted to say more, but he held back. There was no need for him to mention he and Ann had little control over how they appeared in this world. Explaining cognition and the effects of the Metaverse was too long winded for his own liking. Besides, it wasn't as if most were aware of the two currently being oddly mingled with each other. Only those experienced with it would understand. People could easily live their everyday lives without ever noticing it, but he and Ann could feel it. It was what brought forth their current appearance after all. This world wasn't like their own. It may look it on the surface level, but there was much beyond that.

"I guess we do kinda look funny though, so I get your confusion," Ann chimed in after a brief moment of silence and she let an awkward laugh escape her lips. She was trying too keep things lighthearted despite the bits of tension that hung between them. She could see how wary Ren's gaze was despite how calm and relaxed he was trying to come off as. At first, she thought it was because of the two before them, but after a second glance, she noticed his gaze was flickering towards a man nearby, one that had clearly caught Hailey's attention as well.

Had she missed something? She wasn't sure, but it was clear it put her boyfriend on edge. In a moments time he slid his coat off and wrapped it around her shoulders almost as if he thought the man might be staring at her in some other way. Clearly his concern was on the protective end of things, though it didn't match how Hailey seemed to react.

"I-Is he watching us because we're an odd looking group..?" she asked as her eyes moved back to the others before her. She knew Ren wanted to speak up, but he kept quiet for now, deciding it was best to observe rather than speak his own mind.
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Sargeant John Captain - AKA "Tankman"

New York City

Tankman was lost for a bit himself, scarfing down the food and focusing on getting his energy back. As soon as he'd eaten, he began to feel better, more energized and not downright sick like he had before. He couldn't help but feel embarrassed though about how a kid had to drag him to a resteraunt just because he had gone too far without feeding his face. God, he's not going to live this down. But he also had a feeling that Luffy probably wouldn't even remember the whole ordeal much let alone bother to make mention of it again.

Speaking of Luffy, Tankman glanced across from him only to see that Luffy had become a literal blob of a mess thanks to how much he had eaten. Now Tankman had seen people put away food but never to the degree of doing this to themselves. He couldn't help but raise an eyebrow as he watched the scene, eating at a much more moderate pace now. A few snickers escaped the captain's lips as he just stared whilst stuffing his face.

"Kid? Are you alright....?"

He wondered if Luffy was even going to be able to move much and for how long he would be immobilized for. Honestly this was becoming quite laughable. He found concern being melted by humor. The whole ordeal didn't seem to last long though because before much time passed, Luffy was on his feet again, acting as if nothing happened. But unfortunately, it was in that moment that Tankman's preverbal lid came off.

"What the hell was that? I mean, what WAS that?!"

His whole demeanor changed from being mostly passive and confused to being loud and goofy. Almost to a point of disrespect. It was something else what food could do to a person and right now he was back to tactics he knew best - firing off some silly insults to strange events.

"You blew up like a balloon! I was actually wondering if you were just going to go POP all over the place. Would have been hilarious. Though I don't think the staff would have liked it very much!!"

He remarked, not taking into any consideration what Luffy may say back to the matter. He was speaking his mind about the bizarre display. And he did wonder if Luffy could potentially just end up all over the place from overeating. Honestly it would be quite funny and entertaining to see. Perhaps the captain just had a very morbid sense of humor.

Sans The Skeleton

Shibuya: Tokyo

Before he could get any response from the two oddly dressed humans, Sans noticed another woman show up. Well, he most certainly wasn't expecting someone else to show up. Sure, a lot of humans passed by here but most seemed to be concerned about their own business, casually going about their day as if nothing else existed. He was surprised one stopped to speak to them. He hadn't been drawing any attention - well aside from being a skeleton in a city mostly populated by humans.

* halloween?
* haven't ever been trick or treating before
* but i don't think there'd be much point. can't exactly stomach the candy.

He responded with comedy as usual, giving a cheesy grin as he confirmed that his appearance was indeed no costume. He was used to being a minority though. Afterall, even in the Underground he and Papyrus were the only ones of their kind. Well, other than....him. But it's best not to talk about the man who speaks in hands - after all it's rude to speak about someone who's listening.


He glanced to the costumed couple. He could tell that the two seemed very close based on their mannerisms. Close friends, perhaps even lovers. Honestly, Sans more so felt it was toward the latter being as how he swore that he saw similar interactions going on between Undyne and Alphys in those lines that they were actually allowed to be together. He wondered if the two were together wherever they were now. Maybe they were out there somewhere making subtle little interactions like this that made it obvious they were bonded. Who knows?

He was shocked they seemed to be absolutely baffled on the idea of Halloween. Well, he supposed not everyone knew everything. People in the Underground barely understood how humans celebrated some of their holidays. Halloween and Christmas were obvious ones, but it took them some time to understand the concept of Thanksgiving. Honestly, Sans saw no point in the holiday whatsoever. It was too much work to sit over a hot stove for 8 hours making a meal that gets eaten in 2 hours and then spending the rest of the evening cleaning a huge mess. That was called giving thanks? More like giving excessive work!

* huh.
* so if it's not for halloween why are you dressed like that?
* i'm not one to talk but it does draw attention.

He was genuinely curious for why these people chose to dress like this. Everyone else was dressed in casual attire much like what he wore every day. Well, aside from wearing his slippers everywhere he went. He wasn't about to start wearing actual shoes. Way too much work to get into those. There was the tying every morning and then making sure they stayed tied all day. Yeah. Forget that.

Sans's thoughts were cut short when he sensed something off. Perhaps it wasn't directed at him specifically, but he had a feeling that someone suspicious was eying them. From their short interactions so far, the skeleton did not see the trio in front of him as being hostile. The duo he just spoke to didn't get his joke earlier. Either that or they didn't seem phased by it. However, they emoted. They showed genuine concern and uncertainty about seeing a skeleton before them. He couldn't blame them for not laughing - he had a cheesy sense of humor anyway. Besides, he had picked up on how Joker showed concern for Ann. Someone who was hostile, truly evil, would not even have the capability for such a thing. So thus far, they were in the clear from having a bad time. Based on Hailey's greeting, she didn't seem to be hostile either. Maybe a bit rude but she seemed to also just be unsure of things.

But that hostile aura he couldn't help but feel, he had a feeling it was linked to her somehow. He felt his eye start to glow in warning as if hoping that whoever it was would see it and be properly warned that if they proceeded any further it would be a bad time indeed. However, the glow was so subtle it was likely that the people Sans was currently speaking to would not pick up on it. Or maybe they would. Who knows?

Hailey Jones
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Icee Icee Ploegy Ploegy
Laughing at the small joke from the skeleton, Hailey's still keeping an eye out on that Stacked Deck member and her reaction when she founds out that the man is in fact a skeleton, she is baffled by it for a second. And what in the hell is she gonna do if her cover is blown after like, 8 months of hiding? Of course, she will try to call Nikki and all yet it is a worse case scenario in fact. And when the other two people also explained that they are not in the Halloween spirit, she raised an eyebrow for a second; if not having that Halloween spirit, why in the hell are they wearing them costumes for? What would be their own purpose? Until the woman asked Hailey that the Stacked Deck member is watching them just because they are a odd-looking group. Great, just fucking great, she is gonna get her cover blown thanks by it.

"Maybe he is confused at the sight of us four talking 'bout Halloween costumes, that's all." Hailey lied a bit to the three other people and then... flash.... a camera photo is taken by that same exact guy and man, Hailey looked pissed when it happened on her own thoughts."Hey, dude! Can you show us that picture, please?" She pretends to be friendly to the guy but in fact, she is ready to strike as she approached the man— Hailey is calculated, relaxed, and cold-hearted to strike him down. But suddenly, the Stacked Deck member ran away and Hailey winced slightly. Besides she decides to head back to the three and just move on about it.

Great, just absolutely fucking great—Hailey is now probably be hunted by multiple bounty hunters from the States, especially Cross now. It is a lost cause but whatever serves the table, that'll be around her. Had she be going to have a wild goose chase soon here in Tokyo? That is easily the top thing she is thinking of on her list of getting caught and fucking up her cover. Oh please, it is now just turned into a chaotic week for her. Anyway, she turned back to the three and whenever there is this tension fading away, she needs to stay calm as being the reason that why it had happened at the first place. If Hailey ever finds out that Darius is in Japan after what just happened earlier... she'll give him the proper Tokyo treatment.

"Dang, he's probably be awkward meeting with us at all." Hailey told the three about the man leaving the plaza here in Shibuya, it is probably due to the fact that he may be nervous and doesn't want to stir up trouble already. "... but we could just say that y'all look pretty awesome in those despite not for Halloween." She referred to the two masked people about their costumes. The Vegas native definitely knew that those two are maybe together— Hailey does have a few flings in the past but it is mostly due to her racing ability.

Looking at the time on her Rolex watch, Hailey realized that she had just some time left to spare on talking with the three people that she just met right now; and yet, she doesn't wanna tell them about her real reason but maybe telling them on her skills in racing. Perhaps and it'll probably be best to find an easier option as to why she is in Tokyo at the first place. It was six weeks ago that Hailey would looked at the news about a possible street race being taken place all across the globe, the pay cut is about $25,000,000 and she is keen about that race for weeks now. Who knows what will expect from this street race somehow, like the Fortuna Kings, Bushido, 21st Street, Stacked Deck, and all of the top street racing crews will all want that prize money.

Until she notice some newspapers that has the street race being the top topic for today. God, is she gonna need a crew for this or what? Is there any way that Hailey can join? Who knows—she'd be not gonna be a idiot if she wants to ride this thing solo right now. But besides, there is gonna be some way that some plan had to be in motion. Anyway, she had to ensure of those plans later on.
New York City
Tank Man
Icee Icee
Luffy scratched behind his ear ever since he ate the Gomu-Gomu No Mi his life was turned upside down. “ I can’t help that I’m always hungry! The gum-gum fruit burns more calories than I can keep track of.” His lower lip quivers, pouting. He hugs the arms of the chair Luffy’s mind is another track. Eating the Gomu-Gomu No Mi changes him to a kid with rubber properties. It changes him to the point his body burns his metabolism faster than a normal human. That’s beside the point. “ You ate twice as much food as me.” He points out, tilting his head, gear fourth inflates his body like a balloon and deflates like one as he’s slowly returning to normal. However, there’s the issue of the 10 minute cool down which is the crutch of his gear fourth. Snake man, the name he gave his new ability, makes him stronger. It’s one thing he’s working on to bypass that hurdle.

He always has to eat to make up for the lost calories. It's funny that Tank Man unknowingly pointed out how his gear fourth works. Luffy kept that information to himself, likely Tank Man would see the Gomu-Gomu No Mi’s abilities in the far future. His mindset is keeping his battle moves where they belong in fights. Letting the insults roll off his back, he can handle that well. He didn’t know what he’ll do or where to go, likely to stick to Tank Man for now though not caring what his plans are or prying into his past. He could tell the older man was embarrassed of being helped by a kid. Luffy only saw him as someone who needs sustenance. He knows all too well the pains of hunger. He had no real intentions in embarrassing Tank Man except to help.
en mamiya & nn akamaki

Location: Shibuya (Tokyo) | Interactions: Icee Icee AlexandraRoseLeclerc AlexandraRoseLeclerc
It was a bit awkward despite Ann's attempt to keep things lighthearted. Whoever the man was, Ren decided not to question any further. It was clear he wouldn't get a straight answer anyways even though the woman seemed to know something more than she led on. It was none of his business at the end of the day, so long as he was left alone. Maybe that was selfish of him, but given the situation he and Ann found themselves in, he was fine with being a bit more selfish than usual. That front would likely break though. He was the selfless type after all.

Letting those thoughts leave him, his gray eyes flickered back towards Sans and a soft sigh slipped between his lips. The question the skeleton posed was the exact one he didn't wish to try and explain. How did he even approach such a topic. It would sound nonsensical to say they had no control over it, yet it was the truth, though he supposed he could ask Arsene to try and change his current appearance. Whether the persona could do that was beyond him. The workings of this world was still new to him. Besides, he figured it was best to leave any mention of Arsene out of things. There was no telling how these strangers would react to him housing some spirit of sorts in the mask he wore. Ann was no different in that regard.

"Well... there is no easy answer to that question," Ren admitted as he glanced at Ann as she tugged his coat tightly around her shoulders. "This place isn't as normal as it may appear. That abnormality is what causes Panther and I to appear as we do. It's vague, I know, but it's the simplest way to put it. Think of it as, well, a power of sorts."

That was already more than he wanted to say, but it was as honest as he could be. It wasn't as if he openly wanted to wear his thieves attire, but there was little he could do about it unless he dealt with the source or returned home. He preferred the latter option, though he doubted it would come without dealing with whatever issues this place faced.

"Joker, wouldn't it be better if we didn't talk about these things out in the open?" Ann asked softly.

Ren gave a small nod of his head before looking towards the station on the other end of the plaza. It probably was best to avoid talking much more about this stuff in public, especially if that man who was watching Hailey was after her and they were now tied up in some mess they hadn't asked for. Plus, with his weaponry now visible at his hip, he knew it was best not to loiter. He'd only find trouble if he did.

"We were going to return to where we've been staying..." he trailed off. It felt odd inviting two strangers back to Leblanc like this, but they seemed harmless enough. Would he trust them with seeing his usual self? He was willing to take the chance. The cognition was weak in Leblanc after all and was one of the few places in which he and Ann appeared as their normal selves. "You don't have to come with, but if you'd like, you're welcome to. It's a small cafe after all."

"Joker can even brew up some great coffee and cook up a nice meal!" Ann chimed in with a giggle before catching Ren's exasperated look. While her and the other Phantom Thieves knew he indulged in such things, he didn't often share it with others. It wasn't as if they were skills to be embarrassed of.

Sargeant John Captain - AKA "Tankman"

New York City

"What?! Come on!! I didn't eat near as much as you! Not that I even could...or would want to!!!"

Tankman was a little embarrassed to be told about how much he ate. In truth, despite having not ended up inflating himself in the way Luffy had, the captain still put away a good bit of food. He'd been so concerned with stuffing his face that he didn't really notice it. It was a bit embarrassing to have it suddenly brought to light. Besides, hadn't Luffy been focused on eating too? How would he even take notice of how much he put away?

"Still, weird fruit or not, you're who made the pig out of yourself."

He tried to regain his composure as he looked at the other.

"I didn't make myself turn into a balloon due to how much I put away. One day, I bet you'll do that and maybe just blow away!! Or literally blow out of the room. Who knows?"
1719383272874.pngHe continued to poke fun at the other. A bit rude and inconsiderate considering the other had gotten him someplace to eat before he could pass out but now that Tankman had more energy, he couldn't help but proceed with his same remarks. Had to divert the attention somehow. He couldn't help but side eye the dishes and trash that had accumulated on their table though. Right. They had just ordered everything on the menu, hadn't they? Pretty soon there was going to be a check placed at their table.

It was at that moment that it dawned on him - he had forgotten his wallet back at the hotel he was given to stay at. He was pretty sure the kid didn't have any money either. Besides, even if he DID have his wallet, he wasn't about to pay for all this himself. Not to mention at the ridiculous prices this city charged for some food things.

"Anyways, I'm out of here. Hope you can figure out some way to deal with the bill because I am NOT about to have it be on my dime!!"

He remarked before getting out of his seat and practically running out of the resteraunt, leaving poor Luffy to face the waiter whenever their check would arrive. The captain had quite literally dined and ditched...

Sans The Skeleton

Shibuya: Tokyo

Sans kept his hands casually in his hoodie pockets as the interaction continued. He was half-focused though, keeping his senses on the unknown hostile presence he sensed nearby. Hailey proceeded to tell them how the person must be nervous meeting them but something about that explanation didn't sit right with the skeleton. He had seen people who were the definition of timid - take Alphys for one such example. She would never do something like that person was. Sure she would probably run off if people saw he but not like that. Something about that other guy just told Sans that he ran out of fear of being caught more than being scared of them. Maybe he was just overthinking things though but his intuitions usually weren't wrong. However, he could tell Hailey didn't want to draw attention to it, whatever the problem was. So Sans left things be for now, accepting the others' comments.

* welp. i guess we can be a bit intimidating.
* not every day you see a living skeleton i guess. not many of us ever around.
* maybe he'll come around later.

Sans shrugged, though that glint in his eye remained. A steady warning that if anyone was planning something hostile, he wouldn't hesitate to bring a bad time. He may be lazy but if something was enough to not want to say the truth about it, then it must be hostile. As Judge, Sans couldn't allow it. He couldn't allow this city to turn into the chaos he faintly remembered from a time since past...

When the presence seemed to have died down for the time being, the glow in the skeleton's eye stabilized as both of his eyes reverted to their usual white glow as if nothing had happened. Unless any of the others had studied him carefully, it was likely they wouldn't have even noticed anything happened. Yet the skeleton felt he had made his message clear to those who needed to hear it. At least for now.
He listened to Ren's explanation about how this world was abnormal. Oddly enough, Sans understood. Things weren't normal here. He knew that from the moment he came here. The pieces of that killing spree Frisk went on. How his brother and friends had not met them despite so much times having passed. It wasn't right. It wasn't normal. Something was going on here. Something serious. There was more to this casual little city than what it seems, even if everyone around them felt it was normal.

Expressing these things would probably get him called crazy. It was obvious that not everyone picked up on things or even cared to suspect anything was wrong. Besides, it was just a haunch. He could always just be overthinking things.

* abnormal? yeah i get it.
* i mean it's not every day you find a city full of humans and creatures like us do you?
* eh. maybe it's just me.

1719385412430.pngThe skeleton gave a shrug before Ren made the suggestion of them going along to their place. From the suggestion of coffee and cooking meals, he envisioned the cafe to be small and quiet enough. Nothing like Grillby's for sure but maybe the closest thing he was going to get to it given the current situation. Besides he had to admit he was worn out and could do with some relaxation. These people seemed fine enough for him. So what was the harm in iit?

* ok. i'm STAR-ving so why would i turn down free food?
* i'm ready when you two are. lead the way.

He joked once more before giving a nod of confirmation. He glanced at Hailey, wondering what she would do.

* maybe you should come with?
* or would you rather wait and see if our little fan back there wants to come meet us?

He asked the other woman casually. It seemed like a casual question but it also made it obvious that Sans had a feeling that the mysterious man they'd seen poking around earlier had possibly had something to do with Hailey specifically. He didn't suspect Hailey was a part of whatever scheme was brewing though. Perhaps it would do her better to get away from here before something potentially serious happens.
Hailey Jones
Location: Shibuya (Tokyo, Japan)
Icee Icee Ploegy Ploegy
An offer for a nice cup of coffee from the two masked people in their cafe? That's certainly a offer for sure but man, Hailey fucking misses the smell of fresh coffee for a while now, when did she last drank a cup of coffee? Let's see, how about... the 7th of August, 5:08 A.M, at a Starbucks inside of LAX—that was the day where she has her flight to Tokyo and the flight is gonna departuring at around 7:52 A.M; she ordered a fresh black coffee with a bagel to eat. There, she listened to the skeleton on how she is gonna join up for a fresh cup of coffee. Guess, there is no other choice but to join up the trio and head to the cafe in her own honest opinion because she knows that the Stacked Deck member won't come back sooner and heck, he'll probably call Darius about it.

"Sure thing, I haven't got a cup of coffee since back at the States." Hailey accepted to the skeleton's offer on heading to the cafe that the two masked people are owning at. "And I got my car back at the parking lot if you want a ride to the cafe. You don't wanna see yourself getting pictures by other people, mister." Twirling her keys, the street racer had to ask if the skeleton is fine on riding along to the cafe. Why would she do that for? She clearly wants to act nice and also not to have the skeleton getting a photo once again. And despite that the trio of odd people are new for Hailey, it doesn't matter for her if it is a masked person, alien, talking cat, or a skeleton; she doesn't matter on criticizing someone based on their odd looks.

Well, Hailey doesn't give a damn that some Japanese locals are still taking pictures of her AMG GT-S at the parking lot of the plaza and she clearly did not want have any unnecessary attention from anyone if she wants her cover stay in tact. But so far, there isn't any type of an saboteur-esque situation at all—Hailey had a few contacts here in Tokyo and such but it is for the street racing scene and not all about the territories. Who doesn't want a fucking setup, it is Hailey for sure; that's gonna be the more close thing she is ever gonna get for a short while now. As she is walking back to the parking lot of the plaza—Hailey pressed the unlock button and her Mercedes beeped to signal itself that it is unlocked before entering to the driver seat. Feeling comfortable on the stitching of the seats, she inserted the keys to the ignition before hearing an German masterpiece roared all around the parking lot.

The sound of a tiger roaring into life as Hailey revs the engine of the AMG GT-S and man, she is really impressed about it.

'Now that is called German excellence.' She thought to herself, reversing herself before making a perfect 180° and driving out of the parking lot to show the skeleton and the two masked people on what she is driving. "Hey, y'all lead the way because I am gonna be lost if you two just left me behind!" Hailey told the two masked people after rolling down the passenger window and rolling it back up again. Wow, is she be flexing her Mercedes or what? Eh, maybe she is trying not have the three some envy of some sorts because she has a Mercedes.

As Hailey looks at the monitor, she had Spotify on before playing some music via her playlist. And gosh, what a way to have your first song on the playlist on shuffle than playing Don Toliver. She chuckled lightly since the song, No Idea, is one of her favorites on her own playlist. It wasn't a usual time for Hailey but it turns into one of the most odd days that she has ever encountered in her whole entire life right now. There is gonna be one crazy moment for sure, not exactly does not gonna top out this moment right now.
Tanjiro Kamado
Zenitsu Agatsuma
Tengen Uzui.
Curent location: Shibuya, modern Tokyo,Japan.
Mention/interactions: Ploegy Ploegy ( Joker and Panther) AlexandraRoseLeclerc AlexandraRoseLeclerc (Hailey Jones) Icee Icee (Sans)

Seeing Tokyo for the first time was overwhelming for Tanjiro. Seeing Tokyo,more modern and advanced then it was in the Taisho period is even more overwhelming. Even Zenitsu who grown up in the city was overwhelmed.

Back in Fortuna,they received new orders from Tengen's Kasugai crow. The demon had changed location and was now in Tokyo,in the Shibuya district.
"At least I'm glad we're no longer in that crazy city." Zenitsu said.
"Well,this version of Tokyo is quite flashy don't you all think?" Tengen asked.
"Though stay on your guard. The demon might be nearby..."
"Keep quiet!" Tengen shouts. Tanjiro also noticed the skeleton nearby,slong with three individuals,two of them masked and dressed in odd costumes. Well,they were not dressed like the commun folk here themselves. "I smell no bad intentions from them. The skeleton included." Tanjiro replied.
He came closer to the group while still carrying the box containing Nezuko.
"I guess it would be a good idea to ask the locals." Zenitsu replied. "Their sounds are that of peaceful individuals."
"I guess Kamado knows what he's doing." Tengen replied.
The Sound hashira's attention turned to Hailey. "Well,well,what do we have here?" He dashed near the Mercedes and looked at it.

"Cars sure came a long way since the Taisho period of our world." He said with a smile."That's one flashy ride!"
"So much for culture shock!!!" Zenitsu yells as he was annoyed by his superior's reaction."The sound of the engine...If I had a car like this,I would take my three wives on a ride.
"Again with your THREE wives?!" Zenitsu shouts. Tengen just glared toward Zenitsu.

Tanjiro went closer to the group. "Hello. Well,we're not from around here. My name is Tanjiro Kamado. My friend Zenitsu,Mr Uzui and I have been sent to find and kill a demon that roams the area. Do you happen to know anything,including where we are? I know this is Tokyo,but I don't regonise the district."
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New York City
Tank Man
Icee Icee

WHAAAAT?” Luffy’s eyes bugged out as his mind finally registered that Tank Man dined and ditched him, leaving him to pay the bill. Like he has means to pay all of the money it’s doubtful Berries works in the modern world. He looks at the workers from the corner of his eye demanding he pays for the food they ate. He leaves them wordlessly in his dust cloud looking for Tank Man, a bit peeved the other left him to pay without money. He had thought Tank Man didn't have money on him either; he set his jaw in a straight line propelling himself up the nearest skyscraper thanks to utilizing the Gomu-Gomu No Mi’s rubber properties. There’s too many spiritual auras to pick Tank Man out. His mouth formed an O, New York City is bigger than he thought unlike Water Seven. “ Mmm..” He shut his eyes, sitting cross legged Indian style using his observation Haki to locate Tank Man. The radius of his observation haki spread around New York City, coating the metropolis in his spiritual energy. His highly advanced haki pinpointed Tank Man’s exact location. “ I FOUND YOU!!” He bellows, propelling himself by swinging from building to building cutting off Tank Man’s escape, knocking the other on his rear end by a kick though Luffy did not put any sort of power into his kick otherwise Tank Man would have been sent off flying somewhere likely into a car or one of those buildings. He has no intention of hurting Tank Man, just annoyed that the other left him with the bill. Luffy’s irritation is clearly written on his face.

You sure are easy to pick out of the crowd for a shrimpy guy.” He says, rudely he’s not a good person by any means. Luffy refuses to pay when he has no money on him. As Nami handles the financial side of the crew. She often says he’ll waste it on useless things like his stomach for example. He huffs loudly, it’s not like he can control his bottomless appetite at all. He stares at Tank Man knowing he’s stuck with him. He suspects they’ll be forced to pay; he can't stay and handle whatever punishment that may be coming his way when he has a lot of questions of this modern universe, the reason he’s brought here, and his friends are waiting for him. Luffy acts like he just did not call Tank Man short. “ I ain’t letting you get away and leave me to pay your half. Let me guess you don’t have money either.” He stares, frowning at the other. If Tank Man tries to escape or do anything he won’t hold back next time. He walks over to Tank Man closing the distance between them. Tank Man really is a shrimp he didn’t realize that. He would have laughed if he’s not annoyed at Tank Man.
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When the strangers agreed to follow him and Ann, Ren prepared to be on his way and head into the nearby train station before Hailey walked off to get her own vehicle. Admittedly, he was hardly impressed by it all. Cars were never something of his interest and he couldn't even drive yet either, well... not legally. He had driven the Mona car many times before in the depths of Mementos, but he never had bothered to get his license. He didn't have time too nor could he afford a car anyways. The trains were more than enough to get him where he needed.

Ren continued to quietly watch before the woman rolled down her passenger's side window and addressed them. There was no invitation to get in. They were told to lead the way, which presented its own problem: how was she expecting them to do that? Did she assume he had a car?

"I'm not sure I can lead you wish to be led," he replied before pointing his thumb over his shoulder towards the train station behind him. He would have gone on to make his intentions clear, but a new voice cut in and drew his attention away. A small group of odd individuals approached. Their attire was very old styled and stood out in a modern city like this, but he had no place to make remarks. His own attire hardly made him fit in.

Seeing them approach the car, Ren let a soft sigh slip between his lips before he ruffled his hair quickly. His gaze averted to Ann briefly and she shrugged her shoulders. Her gaze drifted towards Tanjiro who spoke directly to them and introduced himself as well as there others. Their names were Japanese, but given the question that followed it was clear they weren't familiar with this Japan specifically. However that wasn't the weirdest thing that was said. The part of demons worried her and she could see Ren's face shifted as well.

"A demon...?" Ann questioned. Could he be referring to a shadow or something? She wasn't sure and Ren clearly was questioning it silently though he didn't voice it.

"This is Shibuya, a major commercial ward of Tokyo," Ren replied as he crossed his arms over his chest. "And we do not know this demon you speak of."

He wasn't sure what these strangers were after and found it odd they openly spoke of hunting a demon. It seemed tactless, though perhaps he was far more used to taking a more careful approach towards things. He wouldn't question it. Instead, he looked back towards Hailey, deciding to finishing addressing her.

"We cannot guide you to the residence we are staying at. We don't have a car or anything like that," he informed her as he averted his gaze towards the station again. "Using the trains is far easier after all so I'm not sure how you expect us to guide you like this. Best I could do is give you simple directions, but you'd be unable to get to where we're going by car. The backstreets of Yogen aren't made for vehicles."
Demon Slayer Corps: Tanjiro Kamado,Zenitsu Agatsuma Tengen Uzui.
Interactions: Ploegy Ploegy (Rin and Ann) Icee Icee ( Sans) AlexandraRoseLeclerc AlexandraRoseLeclerc ( Hailey)
"Shibuya?" Tanjiro asked,raising an eyebrow. " This is a different Tokyo then it was before." He said. " Before our worlds merged,the japan we came from was still in the Taisho period."
"It's nice that you want to make friends Kamado." Tengen said as he and Zenitsu came closer to the group after ch3cking out Hailey's car. "The three of us are members of the Demon Slayer Corps. We are an organisation that is not regonised by the japanese gouvernent and I'm sure it's still the case in this more technologically advanced version of Tokyo." The sound hashira added.
" The demon Kamado was talking about is an Upper rank of the Twelve Kuzuki,the top demon serving Muzan Kibutsuji,the king of demons. According to intel,the demon is now lurking within this district you now call Shibuya. "
Zenitsu looked at Ann. His eyes widened and he blushed. "H...H...Hi! My name's Zenitsu Agatsuma! Nice to meet you!"
Then Ren was talking to Hailey,saying that she woudn't be able to follow them. He talked about using a train.
"A train you say?! I just hope there's no demons in that train!" Zenitsu shouts,remembering the mugen train.
"Travel by train eh? Sounds good. Me and my subordinates will tag along." Tengen replied.
"We do need to a place to stay for the night and something to eat." Tanjiro added.
"Come to think of it, I'm starving.Wait,is the skeleton tagging along too?!" Zenitsu asked.

Sargeant John Captain - AKA "Tankman"

New York City

Tankman honestly didn't think much of the kid himself - Luffy was pretty ditzy and not just because he didn't know a lick about this city either. In this weird way, Luffy somewhat reminded him of that dorky boy with the cyan hair that he remembered rap battling against shortly before losing all of his men and ending up in the crazy situation he was stuck in now. He doubted Luffy was going to chase after him, let alone even be able to find him in the crowded city of New York. Let that kid be someone else's problem - Tankman had enough other things on his plate.

As he was crossing the street to walk back to the hotel he was staying at, something suddenly shot at him, pinning him to thE ground as he slid a bit. Cars began honking and drivers began spitting choice words as they slid across the rest of the street and into the sidewalk. Had Tankman not been wearing his armor he was sure he would have ended up with a skinned knee or two. He rolled a bit before landing on his backside, reaching for his pistol in defense. Luckily for Luffy, Tankman registered who it was before he could actually draw the weapon.

"What the hell is your problem?! Did you really think I was actually going to pay for that?!"

The captain was rather irritated at the sudden attack. It wasn't like he didn't have it coming though. Honestly, he didn't think the kid had it in him to do such a thing. But doing it over a dine and ditch? They nearly got run over by a bunch of traffic! Thank God for sliding or he probably would be a bloody pancake by now. He was about to say more but then the kid began to insult him.

Oh that was it. It was on now.

"You know, I MIGHT have just told you I forgot my wallet in the hotel and MIGHT have told you that I'd THINK about paying for it if I was able to go back and get it but now that you're up and throwing insults at me, you can forget about that, pal!!" the captain snapped. "No one and I mean NO ONE calls me a shrimp. Especially some pansy scrawny looking kid that eats so much he blows up like a balloon! You're lucky I'm still in a SOMEWHAT decent mood or I'd have put a bullet in you right here and now! Now how about you just back off? That bill can be YOUR problem."

Insults were one thing. Attacking was one thing. But combine the two and Tankman was done joking around. Luffy had just pushed his buttons and despite not knowing much on the kid, Tankman wasn't going to tolerate it either. After he finished speaking, the captain hastily pulled himself up, dusted himself off and proceeded to push past Luffy again, teeth grit in anger and irritation. It'd best not to pursue him in his current state unless one wants him to get violent.

Sans the Skeleton

Shibuya: Tokyo

Sans's eyelights darted over in the direction of the newcomers. Well, this was definately a party. These people also looked different than what Sans was used to. However, despite being crowed with now six people he didn't know, Sans remained casual, calm and collected as they spoke, his hands in his hoodie pockets.

* a demon? can't say i've seen any of those.
* i'd say i'd keep an eye out but...
* heh. i'm a skeleton. i don't have eyes.

Again, the skeleton didn't seem to be taking this seriously on the outside, yet thoughts rattled in his head as he watched the scene play out. It was at that moment that Hailey had left and came back in her rather expensive looking car. If she was riding around in it in order to flex it, it wasn't working on the skeleton. Instead, he gave a light nod toward it.

* huh. reminds me of the sort of car that my bro wants.
* does it come in red?

He once again spoke casually. Papyrus had always dreamed of owning a fancy car on the surface. One that looked just like his bed is what he'd said. He thought that if he rode in a real car like that, he would look cool. Sans had to admit, it would look rather cool for Papyrus to ride around in one of those things and he was sure that had the younger skeleton been here he would probably be gushing about this car. Geez. Sans really hoped his brother was doing alright.

It was then that the skeleton listened to Ren's explanation. So, this cafe wasn't going to be a simple walk or drive. Well, he'd definitely not even bother if he only way was via walking - walking was way too much work.

* well i would much prefer shortcutting but i can only shortcut to a place i've been to before.
* guess we're using the train then.
* you can give us some directions and we can meet ya.
* next time i'm shortcutting. not one for taking the long way you know?

Sans would much prefer shortcutting his way from place to place. However, most of this city was unexplored to him so he wouldn't be able to. His shortcut only works if he knows the coordinates to the spot he wants to shortcut to. Otherwise, things will get all wonky trying to port himself. So he would begrudgingly take a longer way this time.

He heard the other trio continuing to babble about this demon he had no idea of. His first and only encounter with a demon, if one even wanted to call it that, was dealing with that Chara being. They were nasty creatures and Sans would rather not bother with them if he could help it. Though he supposed he could applaud the hunters for trying to defeat one. He just hoped they knew what they were doing. Afterall, if more demons like Chara were agitated he could only imagine this place going downhill.

New York City
Tank Man
Icee Icee
Luffy knows he went too far and the pang of remorse hits him. He stood rooted to the spot giving no indication he’s going to follow Tank Man anytime soon. “ I’m sorry for calling you short, and attacking you the way I had. I’m sorry for the kick, I’m sorry for acting the way I did.” He no longer sounds like the ditzy kid with the goofy ability; his tone and expression is serious. He isn’t expecting Tank Man to forgive him outright. He watched and waited. He may not understand some things but knows when to know he messed up. Although Tank Man’s bullets will not hurt him because of being a rubber man he knows he went too far and knows when to respect someone’s wishes. He kept his distance in case things were to escalate further. Which Luffy doesn’t want to do, rather wishes to make peace with the other than getting off on the wrong foot with the other. He has no money to pay for the meal and he doesn't care if Tank Man doesn’t either. Berries probably won’t work in this universe. If Tank Man were to notice he doesn’t have a wallet either. His explanation that he forgot his wallet made sense to Luffy. Now he feels bad for acting stupid. He rubs the back of his head as if expecting Nami to smack him for what he did, nothing is scarier than angering Nami. He could feel the fury in her eyes. It scares him and makes him shudder fearfully.

Quickly composing himself if he tries to go on his own he knows little of the modern world. Cars aren’t even a thing in his universe he gets around on ships. The other types of transportation in his world are horse drawn carriages, air travel, or airships. Another common method is a devil fruit if it gives the user a flight ability . The skyscrapers are a sight to behold. He's lucky he isn’t a human pizza by now from kicking Tank Man just a moment ago. The honking is annoying though it’s his fault for that. He didn’t know how chaotic New York City is until now he’s the literal definition of chaos and discord. Water Seven isn’t anything like it for being a city for shipwrights. It’s a small blessing in disguise there’s no CP9 he made sure they’re not a problem, though Rob Lucci was a pain to handle and his weird leopard devil fruit. “ I know I should’ve asked if you had forgotten your wallet, sorry..” Maybe it wouldn’t gotten ugly faster.
Hailey Jones
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Icee Icee Ploegy Ploegy SirPrompto15 SirPrompto15
Well, looks like Hailey tends to be a bit too stupid to find out that the man pointed that he is going to use the train station to head to the cafe. Honestly, is Hailey that freaking stupid? Well for starters, she's not stupid, the reason that she wants to drive in her AMG GT-S to the cafe, is because she doesn't want anyone either steal it or take pictures of it before posting to social media just to flex or something. Gosh, it is so irritating that someone would take pictures of the Mercedes without her god dang permission to do so! So anyway, when three newcomers, whose clothing resembles out of the old periods of Japan, asked the three if they saw a demon. Why would they want to ask if they saw a demon here in Shibuya? Eh, they'll probably be some group that are going to do these vlogs that record real sightings of ghosts or demons and posted on social media.

"Uh, sorry, man. There are no demons are around here, it's just a busy time here and besides, what do y'all do if you find some demons?" Speaking in a honest tone, Hailey hasn't seen nor heard about any demon sightings around Shibuya but she needs to find their reason as to why they want to search for some demon. And then, the skeleton asked if her Mercedes has the red colorway. "Yeah, there are some of these that have red, you wanna hook up with one?" Asking with a small snark, she clearly does want to eat right now but she doesn't wanna get into a lot of trouble. Who knows what the hell is Hailey gonna get into.

But there is something going on right now yet it is an individual's own deception of racing and crews back then for Hailey. Sure, she does have a crew back then but it is mostly a ragtag group of misfits that wanted to help out their own territory but since they got disbanded due to wanting to find new journeys all over the world, Hailey is the only one that is still standing and continuing to race against big time competition, escaping from cops, and the usual small pink slip races all over the United States. As she looks towards her watch, she clearly has some spare time left but how would she go to the cafe without its name? That's a great idea! How about trying to find the place by its name and Hailey can go there and eat something while drinking some coffee.

"Okay, buddy. Guess I'm gonna go to the train ride somehow." Chuckling lightly after making a small joke as to the masked man and woman is gonna take the train to the cafe, Hailey tends to have some light-hearting moments towards meeting strangers as she drove back to her original parking spot. "But hey, I ain't gonna be miss out on drinking a freshly-brewed coffee after like months." It is a quick park since the parking lot is quite near to the plaza and after locking the AMG GT-S and placing a free car cover, Hailey also has a tracker placed in a hidden part of the driver's seat in case if someone tries to steal it. Gosh, she really is a prepared and cautious isn't she?

Now wearing a hoodie and putting on her wireless JBL headphones, Hailey is now ready to head to the train along with the others for some freshly-brewed coffee along with the rest of this new group that she is involved with and possibly be making new bonds yet there is still a piece missing on her heart... which is finding a woman who has the heart to say that they are there for her. Hailey have been with Nikki before what happened with Darius all those years ago, now alone, listening to Arctic Monkeys, she reflects on the day that made her say to herself, 'I fucked everything up in a instant.' Anyway, she looks at the three people, whose names are Tanjiro, Tengen, and Zenitsu, wanted to have a place to stay and eat. Well, she does have a apartment for sure but it is so tight so it may cause a bit of a trouble moving in. Looked at the skeleton a bit before looking at her watch for a little.

"Honestly, maybe Yogen's backstreets is gonna be tighter than those back at San Fran." Hailey tries to make a small irony on how tight the backstreets of Yogen is gonna be tight. "When's the last time you have a cup of coffee?" She tried asking the skeleton on when did he last drank a cup of coffee. Surely it is gonna be something like last week or something? For her; it is months, months of not drinking a cup of strong tasting coffee.
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Ren sighed softly when the three newcomers practically invited themselves to join the rest of them. While there was no reason for him to turn them away to enjoy Leblanc, he knew they were expecting too much. It wasn't as if he was offering it as a place for them to stay the night. The attic only had a singular bed and a futon. It was far from being able to house more than him and Ann as is.

"I wouldn't get so ahead of yourself," he directed at Tengen before he turned on his heels and started to walk across the plaza towards the entrance of the station. "I can offer you a meal, but you'll have to find your own sleeping arrangement. Leblanc isn't some bed and breakfast. It's a miracle it was even here and empty when Panther and I arrived here."

Maybe he had said too much. Luckily his wording saved him from the idea concept of being from an entirely different world, but still, it made it obvious that he and Ann were not native here despite knowing quite a lot of the city. It helped that it was an identical replica of the Tokyo back in their own world. It was strange though given many places which should have people, such as Leblanc, were devoid of them. Those things made him wonder if they were there simply for his own comfort or some other sort of shenanigans were happening. He supposed it didn't matter. What he did know was such places often had weak effects of distortion and caused him and Ann to shift from their Phantom Thieves selves to their everyday ones. It was odd and he was sure it would raise questions once they arrived, but he'd wait to mention such things.

Following behind him Ann quickly moved to walk at Ren's side, glancing towards him with a small tilt of her head before she spoke in a hushed tone: "Do you think it was smart to mention we're not from here?"

"Given these others don't seem to be from the area either, I hardly suspect they'll take my words as from another world, or whatever the case is," Ren told her softly.

Ann gave a small nod, figuring he was right. There was no need to worry about such things at this point. Their situation had been odd ever since they arrived and if it came out, then so be it. For now, she pushed the thought aside and followed Ren into the station. Luckily it wasn't as crowded as it usually would be. People still roamed around, but it wasn't to the point of pushing and shoving to get places. It didn't mean the train itself wouldn't be crammed, though usually the line that went to Yogen was less crowded than other ones. It was only a small residential area in the backstreets.

Continuing on towards the train's gate, the pair of thieves didn't bother to check if the others were following. It was their decision if they wanted to follow or not and neither planned on forcing it. Besides, it was difficult to lose track of someone like Ren or Ann even in a crowd. Their outfits stood out enough to make it easy to find them even if lost for a brief moment.
Demon Slayer Corps:
Tanjiro Kamado,Zenitsu Agatsuma Tengen Uzui
Location: Shibuya,modern Tokyo
Interaction: Ploegy Ploegy ( Ren and Ann) Icee Icee (Sans) AlexandraRoseLeclerc AlexandraRoseLeclerc ( Hailey )
The man only acepted to offer then a meal but told them to look elsewhere for shelter. "It's still good if you ask me." Zenitsu replied. "Better then nothing I guess." Tengen replied. "Thank you very much!" Tanjiro replied to Ren,bowing politely. "Even if it's just a meal,we still appreciate it."
Zenitsu turned his attention to Sans. " Then how can you see if you don't hsve eyes?" Zenitsu asked.
"The train it is!" Tengen shouts.
"Though we still have to hide our swords! This modern train might be no different then what the Mugen train was when it comes to carry a weapon!" Zenitsu spat.
"You're right Zenitsu. We can hide them under our haori. Though for Mr Uzui.
"I'll wear a cloak so no worries." Tengen replied.

Location: Sector-23 "The Desertland" Outskirts

Vitals: 100%

Interactions: -Random_Person- -Random_Person- (YoRHa No.2 Type B) SirPrompto15 SirPrompto15 (Kyojuro, Zach)


Colonel Dawson had watched in silence as the group chattered among themselves, as Snake stood wordless beside him. Keeping his hands partially tucked within his front pockets, he listened with a solemn expression. The peculiarity that many of these displacements were individuals who had combat experience wasn't lost on the senior officer, and even more so was just how fast their positions had been detected throughout the regions when they materialized. That strange radar was good for something, at least. Clearing his throat, he looked over to 2B. "My apologies- War Room, Situation Room, Combat Information Center, 's what I'm talking about. Large hub where missions are assigned. I don't give them out, seeing as much of my time is spent here managing the facilities and staff. Orders so far come from the radar station, of all places. Not too sure if it's a genuine AI running it, or if it's going off of programming from whoever built it. That's.. largely still a mystery to us." Dawson concluded, glancing over to Venom Snake. The man returned his stare, before thumbing his head in the direction of the hangar door across from the lectern. Dawson dipped his head with a soft chuckle, seeing as the Boss wasn't one for wanting to wait around much. "C'mon kids, let's not waste time in here. Suppose you could call this the briefing center, too. Daily schedules, objectives for the maintenance teams and whatnot are done here, at least that's what I've been using this place for." Dawson turned on a pivot, and strode to the hangar door as he pushed it open and held it for the others to head through. The area bustled with the faint cadence of marching soldiers, droning vehicle engines, barking orders, and shuffling feet as dozens of people went to and from different areas of the base.

Once everyone was out the door, the Colonel stepped forward as the door closed behind them, leaving the gentle breeze of an arid dusk to glide gently over them. With Ace thoroughly engaged in banter with the helicopter engineers, the Colonel turned his attention to the staging area directly to his front. Across from them a few yards away were large cylindrical drab tanks, four arranged in a row and guarded by a flimsy chain-link fence and a couple patrolling sentries. "Over there is our fuel storage- primarily used for the helicopter at the moment. We also found a few portable combustion generators that presumably can use that fuel as a power source if we need it, but we're being frugal with out supply usage at the moment." Dawson turned to his right, starting down the gravel ground that lead to another cluster of buildings off to the left, and markedly away from the fuel tanks. "Cleared out that area for recreation, messhall, bunks, and workshop. Reloading benches, workstations for manufacturing supplies and equipment... we're trying to automate the process, but finding people who are more.. tech savvy is hard to come by. Other than our own engineers who are busy with other site improvement projects at the moment." As the man continued walking, the massive 300-foot central building had come into view- further off to the right being a smaller Air Traffic Control tower. "ATC for coordinating take-off and landings, bogey detection and airspace establishment... and lastly what we call The Tower, dead center in front of us."

The area around the spire was surrounded by four MIM-23 HAWK launchers; their wheels locked and legs down against the ground as each was loaded with three large white missiles. Sandbags with other emplacements, like M2 tripods and Mk19 launchers, were also dotted around the established perimeter at all sides. The defenses were laughable at best against an invading force or really any attacking party, and it showed as much seeing as this was all they were having to work with at the current moment. "So this Tower- the Radar is inside of it. Pardon my language- it's a bigass supercomputer. Status readouts on anomalies, objectives, and "tagging" persons of interest- this thing does most of where we're falling short in terms of resource detection and procurement. It also doubles as our War Room, in case priorities come in that need to be addressed. I have no idea why it does what it does, or who built it before we got here. What I do know, is you're all here because it found you one way or another. Snake's just the only means we've had sending out to find and bring people back here. Not to mention, says he used to do it a lot back where he was from." The Colonel paused, turning back to face the group. "Apologies for the disorganization, but this is where we're at. I was in command of about a battalion's worth of men and equipment, and we were set to deploy to Kuwait before the Convergence happened. Soon as it did, the world erupted in a flash- now there's only about six hundred of us- hence the skeleton crew." Dawson bit back a sigh, and Snake watched in silence as he glanced around to observe the new arrivals.

The Colonel shook his head, straightening up and turning to face the group as the reddened gold sun highlighted his face with an amber complexion. "I'd recommend getting settled in the barracks for the night, but that's me. I have no idea what your plans are, or what you're wanting to do. You have any more questions, feel free to ask me."
Zack Fair and Kyojuro Rengoku.
Interactions: Specialist Specialist ( Colonel Dawson and Snake) -Random_Person- -Random_Person- ( 2B)
"Then I suppose I will let you enjoy this tour." Kagaya Ubuyashiki said through the video screen as Colonel Dawson asked for the group to follow him.
"Kyojuro,please be careful during this mission." "I will Oyakata-Sama. You don't have to worry."
Kagaya smiled. "I wish you the best." The master of the Demon Slayer Corps said before the transmission ended.
Kyojuro and Zack followed the Colonel during his tour of the base. Then as they were close to some kind of tower,the Colonel explained that it was some kind of supercomputer.It might have been how they were able to find people like them.
"Same kind of tech SHINRA and SOLDIER has." Zack replied.
"This tech..." Kyojuro replied. "Would you be able to locate demons with it?" the flame hadhira asked. "I'm begining to understsnd why Master Ubuyashiki wanted to make an alliance with you."

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