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Fandom Secret Crisis (OOC)

Hello hello! Figured I'd drop in here! I may add a second character before we start but we will see ^^
I completed Zenitsu and Tengen's profiles. The wiki links are placeholder until I replace them with images. I wrote this on my tablet and can't ccopy paste images with my tablet.

Phantom Thief of Hearts Phantom Thief of Hearts Is it possible for Tanjiro and his demon turnef sister Nezuko to be counted as one character? She's always in a box that Tanjiro carries and mostly comes out to aid him in battle or to rest.(like a summon or a pokemon in a pokeball) Or she could be an NPC.
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Got my second character up! Hopefully he is all good. Took me 80 years deciding on which Persona character to use LOL
Thinking about making a second character, but I dont know if there is something like I have to wait for the first to have an official approved reaction or whatever, so I’ll wait

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