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Fandom Searching for Fandom roleplay

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Hi there! I'm going to keep this short and sweet. I'm looking for an active fandom roleplay partner that posts once a day at least. The more active you are the better I really want a consistent partner. They must be literate, and I enjoy writing large paragraphs but I don't want to write a novel if you get my drift. I never want anything sexual, as I am an ace. But I really like romance, sometimes I'm up for a good BROTP, or BROT3. I highly prefer female x female ships. Not one of those people that likes to roleplay parental stuff, that can be cute on the side but not the whole focus of the roleplay. We can go to Discord or Wattpad also. Here are the fandoms I would like:

She-Ra (craving)
Adora x Scorpia is cute and intriguing
Scorpia x Entrapta
Maybe Adora x Glimmer
Scorpia x OC
Perfuma x Scorpia
Glimmer x Catra
Catradora maybe but only if you have a good AU because I am fed up with their angst and hate towards each other and honestly Scorpia is better for Catra.
Maybe Catra x Double Trouble

Steven Universe
Literally almost anything, please suggest
Especially Lapidot
Pearl x Mystery Girl
Spinel x OC
Spinel x Pink Pearl
Yellow Pearl x Blue Pearl
Steven x Connie

Noodle x Female OC
Noodle x Cyborg
Ace x Noodle
Maybe Russel x 2D
Family dynamic rp

Stranger Things
Fem OC x fem canon
Steve x Robin
Maybe Hopper x Joyce

More fandoms:
Carmen Sandiego
Julia x Carmen
Hazbin Hotel & Helluva Boss
Brooklyn Nine Nine
Parks and Rec
Welcome to Nightvale & Alice Isn't Dead
Ava's Demon
Gravity Falls
Ace Attorney

We could possibly also do a original OCs roleplay but that would have to be fxf. Not in the mood for playing with boy OCs. Can't be realistic, slice of life, school, parenting, or combat based.
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Leap Year, Baby!
Hiya! Would you be up for an OC x Canon Shera roleplay with doubling? Like I play Scorpia for your OC and you play... honestly I don’t know for my OC but I’ll figure it out lol

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