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Fantasy Saviours of Atlea! OOC

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Hiya all!

A Co-GM has stepped forward in the form of @MothMagic
So good news is we can all make characters!

Once the role play starts the plan is we will be split into two different parties, instead of the one party I had planned initially. One party will have me control most of the quests, NPCs and enemies in our and our Co-GM will control the other! The two parties will come together for larger main storyline events.

Feel free to ask any questions or do whatever you want here...

(Also I regret the name of this RP now, the word “saviours” always looks like it’s spelt wrong to me...)
Why do I imagine Hadriel and Levi getting on each other’s nerves but still being total ice caster buddies? XD

Like, they’re similar, but polar opposites in so many ways. They’ll get along well in a party, I think. 👌
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Sorry guys I’ve been busy with some stuff, things are moving a bit slower than I’d like.

I’m hoping to have my character, some lore about the land and the current state of things as well as the main thread up by the end of the weekend, end of Monday at latest.

For now I’d like to ask a question to you all, would you rather have the Rp start with two parties already established between us or start before the teams are established and create them IC?
Hmm, it would probably feel more organic for the parties to be formed in-character but I also feel like sorting them out ahead of time will get things rolling a bit more smoothly. I'll put my vote in for the latter, but I'm open to either option.
That's probably a better idea to do it that way. Gives sort of a direction to work with on how the characters might sort themselves to make things a bit easier.
That, and it’d be interesting to have a degree of pre-existing rivalry between some characters. Could be between teammates or members of the other party. Good for fleshing them out early.
Well, to get the ball rolling on that, then - thoughts on if Hadriel and Levi would know each other prior to the start of things? I would imagine initially acquaintances at most if they do, enough to have first impressions of each other (whether positive or negative) but not necessarily know any specific details.

Also the full extent of comparisons between the two has only just now clicked in my head and I'm finding it funnier by the moment, whoops.
XD I think Hadriel would be lowkey afraid at first, being a polar opposite racially. Imagine if both their families know each other though, and are conspiring to retrieve their sons...
Got some Lore up, you guys!

Main thread will be up definitely 100% within the next 24 hours so be ready! Sorry if I’ve kept you guys waiting a bit longer than you would’ve liked.
Ooh, lore! I'll be catching up on that shortly!

And I imagine Levi probably has at least some concerns about if his family will be looking for him still, after all. The last thing he'd want to hear would be the possibility of them having help with that. But I figure he'd be pretty alright with Hadriel as far as acquaintanceship goes, possibly not even picking up on the racial implications himself at first (given that his teachings probably weren't very religious particularly so much as "Here is how to use sword, here is how to be sneaky, do this, do that") and just trying jokes here and there. This is how you interact with people, right? Make jokes? Yes, jokes are good.

So Hadriel’s family tried drilling rhetoric into his head that grouped all Tieflings into the “Evil” category, along with a lot of fey and just about anything that isn’t human, elf, dwarf, aasimar, and all similar races and derivatives. However, he’s more of a free thinker compared to his family and would wonder if they’re just hateful and racist (news flash: they are, even more so than their own religious community). So in short, he’d try to keep an open mind as he interacts with the other races, despite the old teachings still haunting him.

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