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Time for the best part... (Categories with the * mean they're optional)

Character Sheet

Name: (your name...)
Appearance: (picture or written or both, you can use whatever style of image you want. I’d prefer anime though just cause like...idk I just do)
Age: (your age...)
Species: (can be made up just not overpowered, if made up please describe shortly)
Sexuality: (it can be whatever, I am rainbow supportive.)
Class: (think typical RPG type classes, use this link for guidance but also feel free to make your own! Fantasy Character Classes - TV Tropes)
Likes*: (what they like)
Dislikes*: (what they dislike)

Background: (backstory, few paras would be nice)
Personality*: (also a para or two please)

Genetic abilities: (here go abilities inherited because of species, not abilities because of class. For example a vampire having super speed would go here. If none just say none)
Class abilities: (here go abilities gained from being a certain class, not abilities gained from species. For example a Mage being proficient with flame magic. If none just say none.)
Weapons: (Any personal weapons they can usually be found with. If none just say none.)
Skill level: (how good is your character at using their weapons, genetic or class abilities. Rate them on a scale of 1-10 1 being terrible and 10 being the opposite)

Other*: (if you wanna say something else about your character that doesn't really fit into the other categories)
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ゆうじん A
Name: Lothar Wolff

Age: 29
Species: Human
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Class: Templar

Background: Lothar grew up listening to grand stories of brave knights and lords who valiantly charged into battle in the name of honor, family, and duty. It didn't take much for him to have some fantasies himself of growing up and becoming a Knight, fighting strange monsters and helping the unfortunate. It also didn't help that his family were a nobility... albeit a very minor and powerless one. Little did he know that at least one part of his dreams would become a reality. When he was a little kid, he saw horrible beasts and monsters ravage the city he lived in. Terrible black flames burned down his family's manor as they fled. All their wealth and possessions burned that day. Lothar's family led the local survivors in fleeing the approaching monsters, but they were little more than broke refugees. They went to so called friends and family, but they were turned away even when they fell to their knees to beg. They did not ask for much, only for food and shelter for the people since it was the duty of a lord and a leader to look after those who follow him. Yet, they continued to drift and slowly starve as they continued to seek safety and shelter.

For a year, they traveled the continent. They were attacked by desperate bandits, stricken by illness, and other calamities. Many died on the journey, but in the end they managed to get as far away from the domain of the Lord of Evil. It was there that they heard of the SoA, and they all volunteered... after all they were desperate for any money or food. So, they worked, and underwent grueling training. Even more did not manage to survive the harsh training. However, Lothar persevered. Perhaps it was his dream of being a Knight, or perhaps... it was just sheer hatred for the monsters and the Lord of Evil, but it managed to help him push through years of training to become an elite Templar, a Knight with some ability in light magic but was well known for their anti-mage abilities. These were special Knights who went up against powerful magical enemies.

Thus, Lothar now rides to combat, hoping to one day smite all the evil in the world and restore peace and civility to the world... the same things that were stolen from him as a child.

Genetic abilities: None

Class abilities:
Sword Fighting
Lance Fighting
Light Magic
Magical Resistance


Skill level:
Diplomacy: 6
Sword Fighting: 8
Lance Fighting: 8
Light Magic: 4
Anti-Magic: 9
Magical Resistance: 8
Name: Hadriel Tabris

Hadriel stands at 5’11, with a fairly lean structure. His light skin radiates a faint light. His head is set with blue eyes and topped with long golden-blonde hair that is loosely bound with a blue ribbon into a ponytail that drapes over his left shoulder. He remains clean-shaven.

Hadriel does not wear armor, instead donning a thick cloak with lighter leathers and silks underneath.

Age: 24
Species: Aasimar - humanoid blessed by a celestial/angelic being at birth
Sexuality: Pansexual
Class: Sorcerer (Divine)

Born into the zealous, religious, and rich Von Faustmann family, Hadriel always found himself conflicted. While he was being tutored in politics, religion, and law, he watched rugged adventurers come and go freely. A yearning to experience a world beyond manor houses and castles sparked within him. A stuffy, apathetic lifestyle wasn’t what he wanted for himself, yet he kept up a facade and told numerous lies to avoid trouble in his youth. His home was in one of those cities beyond the Lord of Evil’s reach, so he was arguably fortunate enough to remain relatively unaffected by the War twenty years ago. He resolved his own conflicts during his teenage years, choosing to become a wizard instead of some acolyte or political puppet. From ages 19 to 21, Hadriel studied under mages taking refuge from the monster-ruled Snowberia, then decided to work on making area-of-effect ice spells more accessible to adventurers. It was during his arcane studies with the Saviors of Atlea that Hadriel found he could use spells beyond the scope of common “wizard” magic. It brought him great pleasure to be able to contribute more to an adventuring party than he had originally thought possible for himself.

Hadriel seldom states his thoughts bluntly. He has a lot of reservations; he is by no means a bold soul. He is also quite naive; innuendos, hints, and subtle cues tend to fly over his head. However, it’s easy to fluster him when speaking plainly about matters of love. Although he carries a mace, it’s unlikely that he will use it more than a few times. Most of his spells are support-focused, centered around slowing the enemy's advance and strengthening friends and allies. Above all else, he is a good listener, which he believes counts for something.

Despite his desire for adventure and to blend, Hadriel can’t help carrying himself like a noble. He glides with each step, cringes at violence and filth, and talks somewhat eloquently when he does speak up. To a certain degree, he is nervous and stressed about dangerous tasks due to his low pain threshold. His helpful nature shows most when teaching the illiterate to read, and when healing the wounded. However, he clams up at the mention of his family, who would berate him to come back if they knew about his divine powers. He only wonders how long it will be until they catch wind of his abilities. To buy some time, he uses the alias "Hadriel Tabris".

Genetic abilities:
•Divine magic (Healing, buffs, light, etc.)
•Necrotic and radiant spell resistance (Spells that make living flesh rot and divine light-based spells, respectively)
•Transformation - can gain wings and a halo if he is allowed to grow his power (currently out-of-reach)
•Linguistics (He can speak in celestial tongues.)

Class abilities:
•Arcane magic (Crowd control, evocation, etc.)
•Knowledge (Arcana, religion)
•Linguistics (He learned to read magic texts.)

•crystal orb (magic focus)
•light mace

Skill level:
•Spellcasting: 8
•Spellcraft: 7
•Deception: 5
•Diplomacy: 6
•Knowledge: 7
•Linguistics: 7
•Weapon proficiency (or lack thereof): 2
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Sushi Muncher

The Old Sushi & The Sea

Name: Serena Sommerfeld
Age: 25
Species: Nekomimi
Sexuality: Pansexual?
Class: Scholar

Likes: Reading, lorewriting, Atlean Knights' armors (especially the tunics for her race and the cat-eared helmets), and potatoes.

Dislikes: Hiking, being surprised, dirty/messy environments and winter.

Serena comes from a respectable lineage of loremasters - dedicated magical writers that composes most of the known skill books for common adventurers and Saviors alike. The Sommerfelds are one of the few families with the abilities to compose magically-imbued tomes and summoning books that assists the user in combat. Serena had spent most of her early childhood studying lorewriting, giving her a background with ancient texts and scriptures. Despite her gifts and aptitudes to become the next loremaster, Serena had her own dreams to fulfill. Shying away from her family's legacy, the young girl ran away from home in search of adventure - particularly driven by her ardent admiration of the Savior's tales of heroism and valor.

Serena spent some time as a clerk for the Savior's headquarter, learning all she can from the diverse cast of gifted individuals. Aside from combat training and the daily chores, Serena spent her past-times writing skill books for the Saviors - from combat-buffing tomes to auxiliary support scrolls. It was here, that Serena discovered her fate and destiny to become a Savior herself. After a few years of trainings and studies, the young scholar enlisted in one of the Savior's party, as they prepare themselves for the next expedition against the Lord of Evil.

Serena is an impetuous and optimistic girl. She loves to tell jokes and occasionally does silly things to keep the party's morale high, albeit unbeknownst to her at times - due to her playful attitude. While being impish at times, Serena picks up on most social cues pretty quickly, although she tends to disregard them at times in pursuit of the common good. The nekomimi strongly dislikes contempt among the Saviors, and will do her best to mediate the situation. She is most likely to display erratic emotions when under duress or stress.

Genetic abilities:
Primal Senses - Serena is able to detect disturbances within the environment via her innate keen senses. As a feline descendant, she is able to see better than most at night.

Class abilities:
[Active] Elemental Apostle - Able to cast common elemental spells, and otherwise complex spells without the use of grimoires, staffs or books.
[Active] Common Denominator - Able to cast healing spells, buffs and debuffs, albeit less potent as compared to a dedicated healer.
[Passive] Scholarly Aura - Buffs nearby Saviors's stamina and magical resistance. Automatically seals party members' open wounds outside of combat - healing comes separately.
[Passive] Loremaster - Able to recognize ancient texts and utilize certain spells that are otherwise unknown to the common language. As a loremaster, Serana can craft expendable scrolls and books to aid Saviors in battle. These includes, but are not limited to: elemental resistance, area-of-effect buffs and/or debuffs, antidotes, poisons, and temporary healing.

Atlea Scriptora (Loremaster's Special Book - used as a handheld workshop for new scroll formulas or enchanting certain items without the need for an alchemy setup)
Potatoes (if its enough to cause damage, it counts, right?)

Skill level:
- Physical Affinity / Martial Arts: 1 (she's trying her best!)
- Magical Affinity / Spellcasting: 8
- Encryption/Decryption: 9
- Crafting: 6
- Concealment: 7
- Diplomacy: 6
- Speed: 5
- Peripheral Awareness / Recon: 7 (Primal Senses)

Other*: N/A
Name: Vise Locus

Age: 24

Species: Human

Sexuality: Straight.

Class: Fencer/Duelist

Background: Born within the slums and raised like a rat Vise has always lived a life of theft, crime and poverty. Vise found himself selling his skills in fighting to local gangs and found a small hint of pride in his work, feeling as though he belonged to something while rising up in the world. He became well known within the crime world as a reliable sword for hire and soon found himself a position within a small bandit group. There he helped raid caravans, villages and even a few ships that past a coast line or docked in a towns port. With things looking up and power growing around him Vise felt as if he was unstoppable. That was until a certain stranger approached his groups camp and offered them a job.

The payment he offered seemed unreal, they could retire within two weeks he said! With the site of a life of luxury and pleasure how could they refuse? Accepting to hear him out they soon were given orders to attack a string of villages and were to bring the stranger along. With excitement and greed filling Vise and his group they marched to the first town. The first village was surprisingly under protection and took at least a full day to take, but when they had finally secured their victory and gathered the survivors the stranger pointed to the prisoners before speaking. "You shall all become slaves to our glorious Lord of Evil!" As he spoke those words and finally reveled who he served a portal of revolting magic opened. Vise still feels sick to this day as he watched those people scream and beg as they were taken away.

Feeling his guilt grow to much and not wanting to serve such an awful force he looked to his fellow bandits to leave with him, but saw that their greed was much more putrid and greater than his as they attempted to kill him. After fighting his way from the group and escaping, Vise set out to find a way to dull his guilt and shame. After a year of drifting he had heard news of the Lord of Evils forces growing in power and decided he could no longer run or look away. He needed to settle a score and dull his guilt from that nightmarish night. Knowing full well that he alone wouldn't stand long against the forces of Evil he looked for a new group to aid in his fight.

Genetic abilities: None

Class abilities:
Flame enhancement
Duel wielding

Weapons: Epee fencing sword, a few daggers and couple smoke bombs.

Skill level:
Swordsmanship: 8
Stealth: 9
Dexterity: 6
Persuasion: 6
Sociality: 3
Agility: 5

Other*: Is surprisingly a good cook and is good with kids.​


i just really like moths ok.
Name: Sir Ainslie Patrick Vandlwood
Appearance: Pale and stylish
Age: 67
Species: Skeleton
Sexuality: Bisexual
Class: Bard

Background: Sir Ainslie Patrick Vandlwood was born to a group of bard's who traveled the war ridden land to entertain the weeping widows and fatherless children. He loved living with his large family and travelling across the land, often making friends with the children of the towns and learning new languages, customs and recipe's.

Sir Ainslie honed his drumming skills at the age of fifteen, spending the next twenty years gaining a reputation throughout the land. One day, a woman approached the camp his and his family had been inhabiting, she told Sir Ainslie that she was had heard of his talent and wanted to judge for herself, at first he disagreed, untrusting of the woman but when she offered to give him her magic drum he agreed to play her a show. The lady was satisfied with his performance, enjoying it greatly and left the drum with him, disappearing back into the woods.

When sir Ainslie played with the magic drum his audience seemed hypnotized and always loved his music, he proudly talked about the drum before every show, loving the awe of the children. Word spread of the magic drum and some local thieves grew an interest in the item. One dark night, the thieves stole the drum and set fire to the campsite, killing everyone, except sir Ainslie, who grew from The ashes, fleshless. the drum had a curse, if you lose the drum to someone unworthy you will lose your flesh, your age will becomes obsolete and all meaning will disappear. Now sir Ainslie travels the land alone, a lost spirit, playing for the people and looking for an item he forgets the name of.

Personality*: Sir Ainslie is very cocky and very charismatic, a charmer at heart. He is very calm and controlled but has a big heart (for someone lacking one) and often helps anyone in need, friend or foe. He is incredibly emotionally intelligent and street smart due to his childhood, he also has a huge sense of family and can be very protective of people he deems trustworthy.

Genetic abilities:
- durability and resilience
-can detach limbs for weapons
-bone rattle to scare off enemies
-fire resistant.

Class abilities:


Skill level:
-drumsticks 6
-charm 9
-flirt 6
-charisma 6
-drumming 10
-durability and resilience 7
-can detach limbs for weapons 3
-bone rattle to scare off enemies 4
-fire resistant. 8


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Name: Levi, formerly Levin von Freitz
Age: 19
Species: Tiefling - a humanoid with demonic influence in their bloodline
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Class: Duelist

Background: Generations ago, the wealthy and influential von Freitz family was well known to be corrupt, partaking in unspeakable acts that furthered their own power and status. Several members of the family took part in a dark ritual to summon a frost demon to serve them. As per their contract, the demon would act as a loyal guard and warrior of the family. In return, it would be allowed to take the souls of those family members who participated in the ritual after their deaths and, when the day came that its physical body in the mortal plane would be slain or banished, it would be allowed to return to its home plane with no hindrance.

However, later generations of the family had grown accustomed to having a powerful attack dog in the form of the frost demon, and devised a method to keep it as theirs forever. When the day came that a mighty paladin felled the demon, the demon's essence was not returned to its home plane as had been agreed. Instead, it was trapped inside of a magic amulet that these younger family members had toiled at creating with dark magics. They were not fools, however - they knew well that the demon would be enraged if they simply summoned it back into a physical form. Instead, they merged the essence of the demon with the soon-to-be-born child of one of their servants, resulting in the woman's son being born as a tiefling and taken away to be raised by the family directly, the woman herself being forbidden from speaking to her son.

The boy, named Levin von Freitz, was raised with rigorous training. He was taught to exclusively obey the von Freitz family and was trained as a duelist to serve them. Despite this upbringing, however, he felt something was not right. As he grew older, he suffered numerous nightmares centered around committing horrid acts, witnessing terrified victims. When he neared the age of fifteen, he was approached by one of the family's servants - his mother. Despite being forbidden to do so, she could no longer bear to see her son trained to be used as a tool of the von Freitz family and told him of his origins. Levin was originally hesitant to believe her, yet he knew this explained his nature as a tiefling, as well as the dreams - they were memories of atrocities he had committed in his previous life.

It was not long after when Levin's mother disappeared. The von Freitz family claimed she had simply left of her own accord, but Levin knew the truth. The family had "disposed" of his mother much in the same way as they did with anyone who chose to act against them. In the dark cover of night, Levin fled from the family's estate, seeking to make his own way in the world. He discarded the von Freitz name, simply going by "Levi" from that point forward. He still suffers nightmares of his past and, now understanding the full truth of the family's deeds, he feels an immense guilt over these memories. So, he has found his way to the SoA in the past year or so, and hopes that this will provide an opportunity for him to repent for the terrible acts of his past life.

Personality*: Despite the difficulties of his life, Levi has done his best to adapt to a "normal" life over the last few years and develop thoughts and opinions of his own. He actually maintains a rather cheerful and playful demeanor most of the time and is perfectly happy to interact with others. He's one to make jokes in even dangerous situations, a habit that he finds helps to keep himself level-headed, though he still acts in much of a proper manner that was taught to him in his days serving the von Freitz family.

Genetic abilities:
  • Frost Ray - Capable of attacking with conjured blasts of magic that can freeze over patches of terrain and slow enemy movement
  • Heat and cold resistance - Given the inhospitable conditions that demons often live in, he can handle fire and freezing cold with less harm than most would be able to
  • Darkvision - Capable of seeing in darkness better than humans and similar races

Class abilities:
  • Stealth
  • Acrobatics
  • Swordfighting
Weapons: Fencing Sabre
Skill Level:
  • Acrobatics - 8
  • Frost Ray - 5
  • Heat/Cold Resistance - 6
  • Swordfighting - 8
  • Stealth - 7
Name: Blair Lavender
Age: 18
Species: Human
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Class: Elemental Mage (Fire)
Likes: Herself, Fire, Attention, Money, Matching clothing articles, Studying anatomy
Dislikes: Basically all magic except fire, Losing, Being rejected, Coldness

Background: Blair is the daughter of rich and well known entertainers of Shiveridge Outpost in Snowberia. Entertainers in that province tend to put on shows involving fire magic, be that dancing with the flames or simply a demonstration of their power- the trade was popular in Snowberia. To no one’s surprise, Blair grew up being taught the ways of fire magic and dance, it didn’t take long for Blair to get the hang of both and start joining her parents on stage. She was praised heavily, she was a breath of fresh air for the regulars of the audience. The spotlight was hers and she couldn’t get enough of it, she craved the attention and praise, who wouldn’t? Blair saw fire magic as the key to being adored, it grew from a job to a hobby to an obsession for her.

She focused on manipulating flames in many different ways, especially in combat. Snowberia was currently overrun with monsters from the Lord of Evil and although small settlements like Shiveridge existed, it was far from a safe area. Lots of people had believed in legends of an old magician, garbed in purple, sealing away the Lord of Evil before and that they would return, Blair was a bit different in that sense. She didn’t believe in that, no matter who tried to force it on her, she was far more prepared to believe in herself than something like that.

It was during a day when her parents and her were travelling between regions, as Snowberia was becoming too dangerous, that she came across the Red Pearl- its shiny shimmer drawing her eyes to it as it sat half buried in the snow. It didn’t take long for her to realise what it did, any flame she conjured or controlled was purple in colour. Not only that but it was so easy to control them, she could create bursts of flames and control precise movements far easier now. She was instantly hooked, she didn’t once let it escape her possession and used it whenever she used magic- despite the energy it drained upon use. Once they arrived in Phosphorylains Blair decided she would join the SoA, almost entirely out of desire for recognition of her talents.

It has been a while since then and Blair’s success in different parties have been very limited, while her power is undeniable, she becomes a burden when all of her energy has been used up by the Pearl. That and her personality had been enough to ward off many parties from her. As of now she spends many of her days in the SoA base, waiting for more potential party members.

Personality: Lively, prideful and argumentative is the best way to describe Blair. She can be and is normally friendly and enthusiastic but is quick to anger. Her arrogance in both tone and actions are undeniable, especially when it comes to fire magic (which she is scarily obsessed with) and her self-proclaimed 'mastery' over it. She is loud and very vocal of her opinion on pretty much anything, she is stubborn with her deductions all of the time. Blair exhibits mostly traits of selfishness with things like supplies and rewards but also shows rare signs of selflessness in life or death situations- because under all the argumentative and strong willed exterior she does value companionship greatly.

Genetic abilities: Nope, none

Class abilities: Pyrokinesis- Her only real skill, thankfully it is extremely diverse. Not only is she able to control already existing flames’ temperature, position and size, but is is also able to generate fire herself seemingly from nothing. Be that in the form of a fireball or a huge eruption of flame, she becomes relatively unpredictable for a one-trick-pony in combat because of this. It is obvious if a body of fire is under her influence as it will be purple in colour.

Weapons: Red Pearl (adorned on her chest) enhances potency of Pyrokinesis at the cost of vigour, Tends to carry sand for blinding.

Skill level:
Pyrokinesis- 8 (10 when using Red Pearl)
Zoology- 8
Dance- 7
Sewing- 5

Other: Her outfit, made by herself, is coloured in a similar way to what the magician of legend was thought to wear.
Name: Aligard Ezapone
Age: 21
Species: Human
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Class: Assassin
Likes: Food, The Shadows, Stealing, Money, Adventure, Gambling,
Dislikes: Failure, Losing a gamble, Getting Hurt, Rejection

Background: Aligard Was Nothingmore Than a Petty Theif Who Just Loved To Gamble. After losing All of his money he had to continue stealing . However, after getting caught and wasn't Taken to jail but hired as an assassin.

Personality: Tough, Silent, Crude,

Generic Abilities: None,
Class Abilites: Stealth, Acrobatics,
Weapons, Dagger, Throwing Knives, Poison Dagger, And A Short Sword.

Skills: Stealth - 10 Acrobatics - 10 Power - 4 Intelligence - 7

Appearance: Hei Clip art - Darker Than Black PNG Clipart - Unlimited Download. Kisspng.com. (idk why it Didn't let me upload here :P)

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