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In the world of Remnant there were four kingdoms who once fought each other in a great war but later found a tentative peace amongst each other and their number one enemy the Grimm. After the war there were still four kingdoms but one Kingdom wasn't the same. Atlas originally just an Academy would become the focal point of the rise of the Kingdom of Atlas. This left Mantle as a city and former capital a disenfranchised town and it didn’t help it was full of Faunus.

Underneath the nose of Atlas, Mantle would develop further and eventually begin restructuring itself. The purpose revealed itself when the city of Mantle became known as the Empire of Mantle, a worldwide broadcast went out during the Vytal Festival which showed the Kingdom of former capital of Mantle rising from the ice it was built on and flying into the air. The Kingdom of Mantle then relocated itself in the unknown continent of the Remnant. On that day, the Kingdom of Mantle made a declaration of independence from Atlas.

But this tale doesn't end here as it seemed the Empire of Mantle sanctioned and recruited the White Fang and various other criminal and terrorist organizations to its military. Mantle, then used these forces to begin capturing territory on the other continents, the Empire of Mantle was looking to build a world empire. With the development of a method to somehow use the Grimm to their advantage there was little the other kingdoms could do against their expansion.

This RP will feature an altered version of canon events and characters. They are indeed up for grabs. However, this isn’t a Huntsman Academy RP. These are adult Huntsmen who have graduated and aren’t necessarily in a team.

This spoiler will summarize each Arc and provide the pages in which the Arc started and ended on.

Coming Soon
This spoiler will contain important events, historical revelations, lore revelations and the like.

Coming Soon
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Vital Festival Arc
(OOC Note: Not a typo)
Opening Theme

“Reports confirmed, Mantle insurgents inside Argus’ broadcasting station. They’re making their move on the festival.” explained a red haired man. “I have one of my guys leading the charge inside the station. It’s too late however, they have already shown that broadcast to the whole world. I told my operative to detain any possible Mantle VIP.” The red haired man scan the room with his right cybernetic eye which is a part of his half cybernetic face. He spun a golden ornate handgun as he reported to a group of 4 others. If someone were bring up an Atlesian Special Operative with half a face, they’d be talking about this man known as General Vermiculo.

A man was the first to get up from the table. “I’ll spearhead civilian protection efforts, it’s why I am on the Vytal Festival Security Council in the first place.” He said. Braun Underwood, a renown graduate of Beacon Academy and native of Vale. He is regarded as the Hero of Mountain Glenn for his efforts in protecting the citizens and driving back the Grimm to save the settlement. His torso is still covered in scars from the incident.

“I need to get to the docks, the aquatic Grimm are no doubt on their way. Especially, Leviathan, they can prove very troublesome.” said a blonde young woman with sea green eyes. Liora Bloom the Maiden of Argus, graduate of Sanctum and Haven. She has fought off Grimm attacks on Argus since her days in Sanctum.

A red haired male with a mask over his face and horns on his head was already near the exit. “Orlais you’re going to have take over the fight against the Grimm that’ll attack from land side of the city.” He called back to the one of the other 4. He’s Menagerie’s beloved Adam Taurus, a man who has everything against the White Fang and their ideology. Maybe his vendetta is actually more personal for he wears a mask to cover scars they gave him. He is a champion for unity between Faunus and Humanity. His persona is just very dark in general however.

The final member of Vytal Security Council had his chair leaning on two legs. It was a young man with short black hair, a recent graduate of Shade Academy. He is remembered as the winner of the 43rd Vytal Festival tournament. “I guess that leaves taking care of our guest to you.” He deduced nonchalantly.

Adam looked back with a smirk before suddenly drawing his red katana from it’s sheath, he swung towards a shadow and from it emerged a person with a weapon similar to Adam’s. “Awww, come on Adam did it really have to be you?” The middle aged man said. He was clad in a technologically advanced armor and had a beard that showed through the facial portions of it. “You must have known when I swam into the city.” The man continued.

“Damn straight I did.” Adam replied as the rest of the Vytal Festival Security Council walked out of the room. Adam was left to take care of his old for alone, just how he wanted it......
It was like a bad dream, as if one were having a nightmare after passing out drunk from a party. The 44th Vytal Festival held in Argus this year, and the finals of tournament no less. One lucky champion had just claimed her final victory, the young woman was still celebrating and the crowd had gone wild. That’s when the broadcast hijacked the big screens of the tournament and any screen that was watching it from any where in Remnant. It showed the city of Mantle rising from the ice and then came the subtitles spouting the propaganda of the Mantle. Those subtitles included a declaratory war on the 4 Kingdoms and Menagerie, the Empire of Mantle intended to bring all of Remnant under their rule. Such an event striking at the height of ecstasy for spectators would breed just as much negative emotion. With those emotions would come the Grimm by sea, air, and land.

The immediate target of the Atlas forces stationed in Argus is the broadcast station that streams the Vytal Festival Tournament. They needed to ge to the bottom of the hack to cut the broadcast. The station itself was already a warzone on the inside as Huntsman clashed with Mantle insurgents. Major Vanta Argent finally managed to destroy the android they were using to hack the station. “Broadcast terminated.” He reported back to HQ which currently is Garrison here in Argus.

“Acknowledged streaming message from Security Council.” A voice replied back from the other side.


The Maiden of Argus face replaced the looped broadcast from Mantle. “People of Argus and visitors for the Vytal Festival, the city is under attack but it’s being managed. If you’re a non combatant please make your way to one of the shelters which also have evacuation routes. If you’re a Huntsman willing to assist we are expecting Grimm by the sea and Grimm by the land in the opposite direction. We also have Mantle insurgents within the city. Atlesian forces are already responding and the barrier has been raised. We are in control of the situation, it’s why they chose a Security Council before each Festival. We won’t be defeated!”

(After many setbacks here it is)

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Tanner sat up ramrod straight. On the one hand, he’d got knocked around early on in the team fights. He was no hand to hand fighter and in the cramped confines of the arena his opponents exploited that mercilessly. When the teams were cut down to doubles, he’d bowed out and let the two sword wielding nutters actually decent at duelling go ahead to try and claim the fame.

On the other hand, these had been friendly duels. He did not feel the need to even waste the aura on what few bruises he collected.

So it was weird to have Faye dote on him all the while afterwards. His team, most unhelpfull, just sat off to the side munching popcorn. Tanner had no idea if their entertainment consisted of the final match of the tournament or his own misadventures with a cute catgirl.

“So. Uhm after this wanna go hang out on the cliffside and watch the sunset for a bit? Ought to be a good view and we can avoid the traffic jam headed for the city. We’ll take the lakeshore drive and head into town after. Sound good?” he proposed awkwardly. Damnit brain! Why is it so hard to come up with a good idea?

“As a date?” Faye asked.

YES NO MAYBE I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO DO his hindbrain shouted ever so helpfully. Thanks, hindbrain.

“Do you want it to be?” he asked. Was that smooth? Please come across as smooth. Her answer was…

Her ears went flat against her head and she pointed at him in horror. It felt like a stab through the heart and waitaminute.

Faye pointed at the stadium’s giant screen. Not him.

Mantle is da best yadda yadda, declaration of war, invasion now. Immediately his brain kicked all errant thoughts overboard and prioritised. Act one, keep the calm.

“Faye. Faye, look at me. It’ll be okay, I just have to take care of this real quick. We have to get you to a shelter.” he said and grabbed her hand for reassurance. Tanner turned to his team.

“Team Mastodont! We have to go get these people to the shelter. We’ll go to the garage one, gives us a chance to pick up our rides as well. Magnolia, with me, we’ll handle flank protection. Angel, you’re rear guard. Everyone else! Follow the man with the feathers! Gregory, on point!”

Gregory, resplendent in his winged hussar war plate, drew his sword and held it aloft. A stalwart beacon of order and hope.

Quick and authorative, Tanner bellowed out his orders practically on a loop. Herding scared civilians around was nowhere near as glamorous as charging into the teeth of the enemy invasion, but arguably more important.

“All civilians, follow the feathery man! Repeat, everyone follow that guy!” he yelled.

In a much more subdued tone he turned to Faye.

“Put your hand on my shoulder okay? I need both hands for Ma Deuce.” he said as he drew said heavy machinegun.
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Quartzer//Doquinat Sisters
--Garnet & Jasper--
Location: Mistral, Argus Skies --Dropping In--> Argus, Unprotected.
@Grand General {Open For Interaction}
Status: Combat Ready
At the skies near Argus, the Doquinat Sisters are flying in a somewhat damaged bullhead that they had received from Jasper's friend as a gift for saving her. While Jasper was manning the cockpit to keep the aircraft afloat, Garnet had been watching the Vital Festival Tournament from her school, witnessing the entire spectacle that is the tournament finals. Along with it, the declaration of war by a 5th Kingdom; Mantle. While she was glad that the fighter she was rooting for won the tournament, the message that came afterwards prompted the red robot girl to raise a brow.

"Oi, Jasper!" Garnet called out, "Ever heard of Mantle?" She asked, standing up from her seat and approached the cockpit to let her sister see the message.

"Mantle? That's what Atlas used to call themselves, right?" Jasper asked back, glancing at Garnet as she handed her the scroll, seeing the declaration. "That's..." Jasper's eyes widened as she saw an entire city emerge from ice, something she never knew was possible at all. However, before any comments were made, the bull head shook as if it was accidentally hit by something.

"What was that?" Garnet focused onto what's ahead, seeing a flock of Nevermores flying alongside the Bullhead. There were a LOT, and it looks like they're headed for Argus to attack it rather than pass by it. "That's the first time I've seen this many of them..."

"Nevermores. They must be attracted to the current negative state of Argus during the broadcast...!" Jasper took note, realizing the implications. "Garnet, we have to help them! The city will be overrun with Grimm if we don't do something!" She pleaded, hoping her sister would agree. Garnet would look at Jasper with a stern look, contemplating if they should even bother helping out. At this point, the broadcast had stopped and the Council's representative Maiden is now broadcasting all available Huntsmen to help out with fending off the Grimm, mentioning that the other side of the city is expecting some Grimm that the Atlas Military may not be able to get to. Hearing that prompted Garnet's eyes to widen. Atlas' Military is here, and considering what she did, they've probably been ordered to capture both of them after what she did.

"Wouldn't we get caught by Atlas if we did?" Garnet questioned her sibling, "That's the entire reason we've been trying to find our father this entire time, right? To get away from them so we could live quiet lives?"

"Yes, but..." Jasper glanced at the cockpit's controls before looking back at Garnet with a stern nod. "I'm sure this is what he would've wanted to, even if we're not on good terms with the authorities that are protecting this land." She said, grabbing Garnet's hand. "Please, Garnet. Just help them clear off the Grimm and those invaders." She requested, causing Garnet to fall silent for a few seconds.

"Fine." Garnet sighed, pulling her hand away from Jasper's grasp. "But I want you to land somewhere far away from this city." She said as a request. "I wouldn't want our only means of transportation to get damaged again." She said, turning around and walked over to the cockpit, grabbing what appears to be box case with a stop sign as a handle in the middle of the case. She took out the phone she had on her waist and inserted it on the side of the case.

Standing By.

The box 'spoke' as Garnet lifted the box and pressed the numbered pad on the circular handle, punching a 4 digit code.



The box, authorizing its access to Garnet as the bottom side flipped, attaching itself to the side, changing its shape into that of of a large blaster rifle, the handle spinning to an angle that allows it to be used as a trigger. From the back of her waist, she took out what appears to be a large pointer, she knelt down, attaching the device onto her lower leg. She then walked over to the doors of the bullhead, cricking her neck.

"Open the door." Garnet said, and at the moment's notice, the doors opened, revealing what's indeed a flock of Nevermores as far as the eye can see. "This is going to take a while..." She sighed, turning to the cockpit once more. "Jasper! Once I hop out of this thing, I wan't you to fly up."

"Got it!" Jasper nodded, "Anything else?" She asked, prompting Garnet to rub her chin for a second before answering.

"Take care of yourself." Garnet took out the phone from the rifle and flipped it open, punching in another code.

5-6-2-5-5-4-0-7; Drill Module, Shot Module Standby.

Garnet closed the phone and attached it once more on her waist, a clicking sound can be heard as a red line glowed from her waist down to the ankle where she attached the pointer.


The phone announced, signaling the beam pointer being set to Garnet's requested module she then looked straight ahead, spotting the nearest Nevermore to jump to. She then leapt forward like some kind of runner, jumping out of the Bullhead at the height of over 70 feet.

Garnet tucked her legs, the pointer on her ankle firing off a laser beam towards the Nevermore she was going for. It landed directly on the Nevermore's back, creating a red, cone-like drill that spun on the Nevermore, causing it to stagger. The drill-cone was angled in a way that Garnet would land on it to exert more force onto it. Afterwards, she pointed the leg with the pointer towards the cone like as she lifted her blaster and pulled the trigger. The blaster fired off a straight beam of red laser as she then spun, causing the beam to move along, trailing the gun it was fired from, hitting several Nevermores on varying degrees. Some of them were hit on the wings directly, some of them merely grazed the beam, some of them landed on the torso. Garnet stopped firing as soon as she landed the kick on the Nevermore she fired at prior, the force of the kick along with the drill's drilling caused the Nevermore to loose balance due to it staggering. It then began its descent to the city, trying to maintain flight despite all of it. Garnet aimed her blaster directly at the Nevermore she was on and fired on it, causing it to screech in pain as the beam and the Drill penetrated through the Nevermore, causing Garnet to fall as the Nevermore turned to ash. She stopped firing, letting herself fall wherever she needs to fall.

--Meanwhile; Argus-->

In the middle of Argus was a scene of panic. Not only are there Grimm slowly flooding the city, but there were these oddly dressed soldiers from the Empire of Mantle attacking the city as well. A man had fallen on the ground, screaming for help as an Ursa approached him, roaring. However just before the bear Grimm could swing its claw at the man, a red blue landed ontop of the Grimm, causing it to fall onto the ground with a big cloud of dust and debris; a crater forming. The man stared in awe as he saw what or who had saved his life as the smoke cleared up.

It was a teenaged girl clad in a black and white dress of sorts with red outlines all over it along with two red trails on the side of her skirt. She also wears black and white stockings, white heel shoes with the heels being deep crimson; a large pointer device attached on the girl's left ankle. She had long, black hair with red locks. Her bangs were red, divided by a large collection of white hair. She was also wearing a white headband with a red ribbon with am emblem on it; a red circle with a red line in the middle of it, colored yellow from the inside. As she stood up, a large rifle blaster that takes a resemblance to a keyblade; which is, essentially, a large key, landed beside her, which she grabbed.

"Jasper, come in." The girl drew what seems like a vintage flip phone, flipping it as she pressed enter. "I've landed in the city...It's complete chaos down here." She was speaking to someone, falling silent for a few seconds before nodding. "Good. Call back if you finally landed." She said, concluding the call as she closed the phone, attaching it on her waist. She then took notice of the man looking at her. "What are you looking at? Get out of here." She said as a warning, knowing that this city is effectively a war zone now.

The man nodded, heeding the strange girl's warning and began to flee. Hopping out of the crater, the girl, Garnet, cricked her neck and flicked her wrist, swinging her rifle-blaster to the side to show her preparedness.

"Commencing Mission."

--Meanwhile; Argus Outskirts; shores.-->
It took her a while, but Jasper managed to find a suitable place to land; a sandy shore, obscured by two large boulders. It was quite near the city, too. You can see how much Grimm is on route to it; they come from all different kinds and variations; from Ursas, to Taijitsus, to Beowolves. It kinda looked like every Grimm wants a piece of the negativity spewing from the city. She appears to have landed somewhere where the Atlas Military's presence were, attempting to set up a barrier field around the city. If she tries to intervene with the operation and help them thin out the Grimm, then...

"I've got to get in there!" Jasper told herself, nodding as she took out a large yellow cross from her back, cocking the side opposite from the obvious gun muzzle, the yellow details of the cross glowed for a second. She then made her way towards the city...


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Not very far from the seige of argus, an outpost of the fang had just been crushed and taken for the glory of solaran. The detachment was led by none other than the tyrant of mistral himself, Reznov viridi. Reznov looked above to see their Legion's Emblem on the top of the rooftop of the out post's headquarters. Suddenly reznov received news from his spys in argus via scroll The city was being led seige by hordes of grimmer and a fifth kingdom!

Reznov was in shock, had they really been beaten to it? He had an entire speech and everything! However the time wasn't to worry of such trivial things. Reznov knew that this new kingdom will be a threat to solaran, along with the grim of course. But reznov was uncomfortable with the fact he'd have to work with Atlas. Knowing that they were suspicious of solaran, however as the saying goes " the enemy of my enemy is my friend". Reznov called his second in command Brutus to him via scroll, it wasn't long before his second in command was with him along with reznov's personal guard known as deathshroud. Who we're seven of the ten thousand strong Legion's best.

Without hesitation the robed Brutus kneeled before him," tell me my tyrant. Was is that task you needed to be done?" He asked. Reznov had always found it humorous that despite Brutus being far older and experienced, Brutus treated reznov as if HE was the experienced one.

"Brutus, take a fifth of our forces and defend this outpost from all who dare take it back." He ordered. Brutus was clearly confused at this order, "m'lord I don't understand where are you planning to lead the rest of our forces?" He asked.

"Argus is under assault." He told "and if the attackers aren't put down, we're next." With a tone of dead seriousness. Brutus quietly thought for a minute or two, until he finally asked " I must humbly ask, what is your exact battle plan for this? For it would be absolutely idiotic going in the fry blinded". Reznov lightly chuckled " Brutus my dear friend, don't worry on this for it shall all fall into place." Brutus was clearly unsatisfied with this response, however he was sure on his lord's ability to lead so he left the room without further notice.

This was far from the truth, Reznov had no real plan aside from perhaps simply charging at the enemy. Which is utterly stupid to begin with, then In the blink of an eye it came to him. He will lead a frontal assault to distract the mantlians and grim so that reinforcing air support along with artillery to destroy the horde. Solaran itself wasn't to far from argus so it wouldn't take to long for them to arrive, plus this would make for some good propaganda.

Without a minutes waste reznov called solaran to order for reinforcements, which was of course granted.
With that he grabbed manreaper from the back of his armor and stomped away from the outpost to his personal transport. Called hunter, which was a weaponized truck. He got inside the truck's hull with the death shroud right behind him. He ordered the driver to radio most of the present forces to a frontal assault on the besieging grim. The tyrant of mistral himself had now entered the heat of a war.
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The regular forces of Mantle where soldiers doning armor similar in technology to what the Atlas androids and their human soldier leadership wore. Except their armor was a deep crimson and had different design, their armor also included a jet pack for flight. They raised Hell in the inner parts of the city seemingly intent on carrying out specific objectives. They flew around and attacked in platoons. There were several platoons engaged in heated fire fights with the Atlesian infantry and Huntsmen. They were not the true concern. The true concern were the ones who didn’t look like or fight like the rest of them, the special ones. Luckily it didn’t seem any were right here.

Major Vanta rounded a corner seeing Garnet and paused. The individual seemed familiar as a subject from one of the briefs given to the Atlas Special Operatives. Vanta didn’t have time to process that as he saw another platoon of Mantle soldiers descend from the sky raining hell with cyan rounds. The worst part was the crowd of civilians being lead by a team of Huntsmen from the arena.

Vanta took cover by the wall of a building and leaned out to begin firing with Parabellum. “Take cover!” He shouted at them. Vanta threw Limelight’s hilt at one of the Mantle soldiers, he teleported to it activating the blade and it’s energy blade stabbing him through the torso. Vanta held the dead troop as a human shield and shot at the other Mantle troops with his handgun.
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The Grimm assaulting the city from the direction directly opposite the water were being lead by what seemed like an Android. The Grimm seemed to obey its will and showed no signs of attacking it. One thing a Huntsman who had much practice is the utility of their aura would sense the android didn’t have one. It gave off an ominous presence instead. The android flew in the air followed by an army of flying Grimm. In line with the Grimm in the Air was wave of Grimm surging across the ground. The android paused briefly seeing the Force field around Argus go up. Then he spotted targets outside the Force field.

It looked down upon an outpost of a splinter cell of the White Fang. Not all of the White Fang could get on board with Mantle. This cell has suffered its fate which is the same of an omega split from its pack. The Grimm swarmed around the the Outpust and overran it not from numbers and ferocity. It was from tactic, the Grimm that followed the Android were smarter. They had more strategic and less predictable attack patterns.


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“I spy me some flyboys. Those our guys?” Angel asked. Tanner glanced back. It was kind of difficult to tell amidst the chaos. Please, he prayed, be allied. They were practically at the entrance to the underground parking lot, and the shelter beyond that. Then the troops ever so helpfully decided to open fire.

“What are they- We’re in the middle of a Grimm attack!” Magnolia said, disbelief clear in her voice. Tanner shook his head. Unbelievable. They actually dared violate the near-sacred ceasefire. When Grimm gathered, stand together. Such a simple concept. Even during the Great War people stuck to it. Savages.

“Heretics.” Gregory spat simply as he intercepted a bolt with his sword. Civilians screamed as more bolts began to rain down on the crowd.

“Into the garage! Quick, go go!” Tanner urged them forward. He grit his teeth as he tanked a shot onto the chest, letting his aura absorb the blow rather than some fragile civilian. Rather than Faye. Her yellow summer dress torn and with her brown ears flat against her head. She held on his shoulder for dear life. He gave the hand on his shoulder one last gentle squeeze.

Tanner spotted a gaggle of Atlas soldiers led by an officer of some type. The man athletically leapt forward and- vanished in mid-air, only to appear at the handle of his thrown lightsabre. It served as a moment’s distraction. The attackers glanced away just long enough, just what was needed to get the crowd out of the street. The last one to disappear down the ramp was Faye.

“Faye. Faye listen to me. I’ll be fine okay? I promise.” Tanner said to her.

“Tanner don’t-” she wanted to say. He cut her off with a quick kiss to the lips. Maybe it was too forward. Maybe she didn’t like him that way. The invasion forced his hand though. For some reason, probably all the shooting, it felt like now or never. He needed her to know how he felt. Then he pushed her away, to the shelter, to safety.

“Faye. Go!” he said. She wanted to say something, but didn’t appear to know what. She just stood there, numbly touching her lips for a brief instant. Then she smiled. Despite all the madness around them she smiled at him.

“Don’t set off any more death flags! Kick their ass and then we can do more of that!”

Suddenly Tanner felt like taking on the entire Mantle army. This platoon would do for now though. He whistled as he kneeled at the garage entrance.

Normally jetpack infantry was a decent idea. It gave troops unprecedented vertical mobility, far above grasping grimm claws and normal fields of fire alike. Buildings and other obstacles turned into platforms for a fast flanking action or made excellent escape routes.

Normally, aura protected the user from any shots that their heightened reflexes did not manage to dodge. It also let them drop straight from the hold of a fast moving aircraft, making both the drop trooper and the aircraft much harder to hit.

Normally, you did not run into hunters like Tanner or Gregory. Gregory’s wings were not for show, hiding a jetpack of his own. There would be no escape from him. As for Tanner, well, he had a private nickname for jetpack infantry.


One jumptrooper had the good sense to notice the barrel pointed at him and immediately dove for cover behind a nearby rooftop. It made no difference whatsoever.


The retort thundered down the street. The singular round punched through the side of the building, up and out through the rooftop, slammed into the trooper’s aura and shattered it, pulverised his shoulder pauldron and then shredded the upper left part of his jetpack.

The barrel moved on to it's next target.



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[OOC: Apologies for the radio silence, work has been crazy busy these past few days]

Braë circled around the carnage in the air above, staying high enough to not be easily seen, nor become a target. She had been perched stealthy on one of the tower's outlooks watching the festival without having to get too involved when everything started to go to hell.

'Great...' she muttered to herself sarcastically, 'can't in any good conscience sit out of this one...'

With that she pointed her halberd towards the closest group of aerial-troopers, pulled in her wings and swooped down towards them. When she was within distance her wings unfurled halting her flight, tendrils of opaque shadow began to snake their way around the handle of her weapon, until Ravus' tip was fully engulfed in a layer of thick darkness. Braë thrust her spear outwards at the troopers and the darkness shot out like reaching fingers, hungry for their prey. As the small area encapsulating the soldiers was engulfed in an opaque black cloud, Braë swung down lower, entering this aerial arena of her semblance's design.

Inside the ball of darkness, despite the complete lack of light, Braë could see perfectly - the same, however, could not be said of her prey. Looking around she could see two of the troopers already shaking, clearly the weaker-willed of the group - her semblance had begun to take effect on their minds quickly. Braë moved through the air almost effortlessly, sliding between the two and swinging Ravus in a large arc from left-to-right. The blade connected on both counts and the as their jetpacks began to fail, the troopers started to drop from the sky. As she turned her back on them to focus on the rest of the group, struggling to find their way out of her shadows, one of the jetpacks behind her crackled loudly, sparked, and caught fire.

Instantly the shadows around the flame began to dissipate and for a brief moment before the trooper fell from her cloud, Braë herself was illuminated by the flame. She spun as fast as possible towards the rest of the group but the trooper to her right had already caught a glimpse of her as the sparking jetpack lit her figure. The bolt from his rifle shot into her left shoulder, briefly causing her to spiral in the air towards the edges of the dark bubble. Gritting her teeth she did all she could to block out the pain and steady herself. A moment before slipping out of the shadows and back into the light she eyeballed the three troopers remaining inside, seeing two huddled relatively close together whilst the third, her recent aggressor, was now further away struggling his way back out of her semblance.

'Surprisingly strong-willed for infantry,' Braë noted internally, although she could sense the trooper gradually beginning to fall into despair like the others.

She instead took aim at the other two marks, huddled close enough together that a well placed shot could clip both of their jetpacks as she had their colleagues. She lifted Ravus above her good shoulder and threw the halberd like a javelin, aiming for the spot just between the two men. The moment the weapon left her hand, she slid backwards out of her semblance's shadows and back into the light of day. Dropping below her makeshift cloud she instantly shot forwards and around to the other side, stopping short of re-entry, Braë casually held out her hand to the right of her. Ravus shot through the darkness directly below where she was reaching and she calmly clasped her hand around the weapon as the other two troopers dropped from the shadows to the ground below. Holding Ravus out infront of her she spun the spear before her like a rotary propeller and the cloud of shadows dissipated quickly. Spotting her last target, now clearly shaken by the toll her semblance had had, Braë quickly swept forwards towards him before he had time to readjust. Thrusting her weapon before her, Ravus' tip penetrated easily through the armour of the soldier, directly into the same shoulder he had recently damaged on her. As the man grunted beneath his helmet, Braë thrust her weapon upwards separating both armour and its contents before moving slightly to the right and bringing the spear down heavy on the troopers jetpack. The pack instantly caught flame with a small explosion as the trooper screamed out in agony. Braë smirked briefly at the guy as he fell towards the earth below, giving him her best 'yeah, that's what happens' look before catching herself and quickly returning to her serious demeanour.

'Okay, so that might have been a little impulsive of me,' she muttered to herself as she circled through the air towards a group of troopers below. Braë wasn't easily angered, but she did have a tendency to 'unleash' her anger when she was, and the current burning of her left shoulder had certainly left heir irritated at best.

Pushing the pain down, Braë swept down towards the next trooper like a vulture circling in on its prey only to have the wall around him shatter into pieces moments before she would have struck and the soldier to fly backwards as whatever had penetrated the wall had clearly done the same to him. She quickly struck her wings down and pushed herself upwards as the debris scattered below. Circling to find the cause of the explosion her eyes came to rest upon a brown haired man, crouched down pointing the barrel of a weapon towards where the trooper had, only a moment ago, stood hidden behind the now nonexistent wall. Braë smirked, impressed with both the power of the weapon and the aim of its user.

'... good shot,' Braë called somewhat tepidly towards the man as she pointed Ravus downwards and descended onto the next group of ground level Mantle troops below.
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Mantle troops are all over the place. No matter corner you turn, a Mantle soldier will get an eye on you, but for Julie, she has an eye on them. "SHAAAAAH!!!" Out from the shadows she appears before the troops, swinging her sinister scythe at a good handful of them. Gruesome cuts were given, killing the said handful. The soldiers now knows who are they facing as they hold their weapons on her. Julie smirked and says "Well, time to shut you all down." The soldiers begin to rain hell on the huntress, but she quickly spins around her scythe to deflect the bullets as she approaches one of the troops to deliver a horrible slice to the body. She does it again to another, and another, and another. There is no stopping this killing machine. The soldiers are getting scared, but they continue their buller hell. One of them was able to graze her face, but that just angers her.

Julie decides to end this quick. By her semblance she charges her left foot and when she stomps, the destructive power propels her up into the air and leaves a large crater on the street. Once she is above the troops, she reaches out her hand and charges her middle finger. When she flicks, a burst of destructive power is fired, obliterating the troops caught in it, and that's a large number of them. The resulting blast also leaves a much bigger crater than the other. Julie pulls the trigger of her scythe, which shoots her down to the street but crashes in an unsuccessful atttempt to land. "Oof!" She yelled before getting up. She felt a bit pain from using her semblance, but thanks to the suit, the damages are not severe. "Now, time to find more of those Mantle bastards." Julie says as she runs off to find more soldiers to shut down.


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--Garnet Quartzer//Doquinat--
Status; Engaged In Combat
Interaction: Military Atlesian(Vanta, @Grand General )

Garnet open fired at the Mantle Soldiers closing in on her with her blaster, firing off one continuous red laser beam at the somewhat stationary targets who attempted to retaliate with blue laser shots which merely graze her aura. The main reason why they're quite stationary was because they were busy trying to defeat some of the Atlesian militia by the time she spotted them and vice versa. Consider this a lucky encounter.

Taking them out in their entirety is a whole other story. After taking out about half of them, Garnet was hit by a blue beam from behind the neck. This caused her to stagger and stopped firing for a second, turning around to see a gaggle of Mantle Soldiers whose armor reminds her of red human sized bugs descend with their jetpacks, ready to fight just about anyone, starting with her. Clicking her tongue, she dashed towards the newly arrived platoon punching in a number on the rifle's number pad, setting the blaster in a different firing mode and leapt at the nearest one, preparing to whack it off the sky. Her attack was ultimately interrupted when some random military dipshit materialized out of thin air and stabbed the guy, causing Garnet to miss her swing which forced her to twirl, switching to a backhand as, miraculously, she had hit another, swatting it onto the ground. It looked as if she had hit the poor sucker on the groin, evident as she landed on him as he clutched that body part for a moment, making a bold statement that he'll survive getting smacked in the groin with what's essentially a fancy metal pipe, and because of that statement,Garnet activated the pointer on her ankle, whose foot stepped on the armored lad's pelvis--you know where I'm going with this; she essentially drilled a man's lower body off in a somewhat clean manner. End of story. Shortly after, Garnet was then ganged up upon by several of the Mantle Soldiers that had just landed, seeing what she had done with their comrade.

The entire fight was big mess of lasers; blue lasers being shot all over the place with red ones and a fes that turn into cone shaped drills showing up every now and then. Garnet was obviously fighting the offensive, taking on the horde with rapid laser shots paired with viscous kicks into laser drill cones to any poor soldier that comes close to her. Eventually, Garnet's back touch upon another's--The same military dipshit that ruined her preemptive strike from before! He looks Atlesian, somehow. Very risky to fight with right now, considering her circumstance.

Whatever, temporary truce. Garnet had thought as she spotted a Mantle Soldier who thinks he got the jump on the Atlesian. Probably out of ammunition as he was about to swing his handgun at him.

"Got your six!" Garnet uttered, kicking the Mantle Soldier, blasting him away with the laser from the beam pointer on her ankle, a drill cone appearing on his chest.

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Vanta and Garnet stood surrounding pretty much by Mantle soldiers. He heard over the comm links accountability numbers for the shelters, being reported up to the chain to the top echelon being General Vermiculo and the Security Council. The numbers were high and increasing which is a good sign at least. Vanta saw a silhouette that may have been a bird swoop down upon some of the Mantle troops. The fight was still looking like it was going their way. That was until Atlas started relocating their forces. AK-300s and AP-300s were started be dropped from the sky from Atlas transport airships. They were low flying to stay within the force field so the ships are a lot of fire from Mantle’s forces. Suddenly, one of the ships went down in smoke crash landing not too far from where Vanta and Garnet were fighting.

“We have to help those pilots!” He shouted. Then Vanta spotted someone standing on top of crash airship. He guessed he’s looking at one of Mantle’s elites. The individual was an obvious former White Fang member now working for Mantle. She seemed to potentially be attractive but didn’t reveal much except the Lowe that’d of her face and long black hair.

The person turn their eyes upon Vanta, Garnet, and the approaching waves of Atlas robots backed by Atlesian mechs. A wave of support fire quickly pushed back the Mantle troopers a good distance. However, the pilots were still likely alive but behind the enemy line. Vanta looked to Garnet. “Help me rescue them.” He requested.

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The sound of an explosion echoed throughout the building as the walls and floor shook from the vibrations. Dust trickled down like light snow from the small ceiling cracks that had begun to appear. As an amount of it settled onto her paperwork, Rhyme nonchalantly brushed the dust off and sighed. Rising to her feet, she shuffled the pages together, picked them up, and safely stored them within her top desk drawer before walking towards the window. Up until this point, Rhyme had, as often is the case, been aurally lost in the world of music. Her personally-designed, noise-cancelling headphones clamped around her ears while she worked on marking papers for her class. Perhaps if this was not the case, she may have heard the broadcast warning of the attack, however Rhyme was rarely one to sit in silence, and much preferred the 'intimacy' of her headphones to the relatively shoddy speakers she had packed for her trip to Argus. She froze, mid motion as she reached out to unlatch the lock on her window, slowly sliding her headphones down around her neck as she tried to process the carnage before her. Rhyme, you see, had expected some of the students to have gotten a bit too 'excited' during their warm-up training for the festival, and to have caused some minor damage to the building. Events such as this happened frequently since her tenure at Haven had begun and she could only imagine the same could be true of the students here, some of which were her own. Instead she was greeted with a scene of... war.

Another explosion cut through her trance, deafeningly loud now without her headphones. The snap back to reality startled Rhyme and she almost lost her footing, stumbling as she spun around towards the wardrobe in her room. She darted forwards towards it, swinging the door open without hesitation and hurling the suitcase inside onto the bed behind her. After a brief moment of fumbling to get it open, she reached inside and pulled out a key chain which she immediately thrust into the lock of a sturdier, hard black case still sitting inside the wardrobe. Rhyme returned to her feet holding both a purple, stylised metal viola and matching bow - Reason - her most trusted instrument and weapon, and at this point, an extension of herself. As the building shook again the window behind her shattered causing the noise of the conflict below to hit her with even more verocity than before. She tightly clenched her eyes for a moment, adjusting to the chaos, and then began to hum lightly. It was an old tune, one she had known since she was a child. The same tune that had comforted her as a young girl the first time she realised she had aura or a semblance, in the midst of that horrific Grimm attack. As the warmth of the tune washed over her she smoothly darted forwards towards the now empty window frame, lifting off the ground moments before reaching the scattered shards of glass on the ground, and propelled herself outwards into the battle below.

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Between Gregori's blade, Magnolia's bow, Angel's pistols and of course Tanner's own Ma Deuce team MAST quickly cleared their section of street. Any Mantle reinforcements ran into a moving cloud of darkness and of course long range fire. Whatever the cloud was, it ate the unfortunate soldiers for breakfast. Tanner guessed the incoming dark cloud concealed a friendly huntsman/woman. Stuck between the lethal fusillade and the darkness, one poor sod tried to break away. Tanner lined up his shot even as the soldier utterly vanished from view. The darkness vanished a moment later. Ever so briefly Tanner winced, did he accidentally hit the hunter inside? Then she appeared, unscathed and regal, with a compliment ready for him even. He flashed the raven haired and winged woman a thumbs up.

"Hell yeah!"

"WHAT?!" Angel said with an exagerrated motion to clear her ears. Tanner simply smiled.

"Anyway, good to see a friendly face. This is my team. That annoying blonde is Angel, the fellow with the wings is Gregori, the lady who is far too happy to shed blood is Magnolia and I'm Tanner. We were going to grab our rides to be a roaming counterstrike force, would you like to tag along miss...?" He said without missing a beat.

"Hiya!" Angel said and tipped her hat. Gregori said nothing, but simply bowed his head, same as Magnolia. Something exploded in the background. They should probably check that out. Also the next street over still sounded full of gunfire and screaming. No matter the answer, the team packed up and descended into the garage.

"Whaddaya reckon they're here for?" Angel asked.

"My guess is they want to crack open this shelter for reasons. Maybe some big hotshot is inside? I don't know." Tanner speculated.

"We're in the middle of a Grimm attack! So not only do they want to fight they also want to crack open civil shelters? That's. That's." Gregori growled and clawed at the air.

"Extra heretical?" Magnolia offered.

"EXTRA HERETICAL!" Gregori bellowed in the grips of a proper righteous rage.

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