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Fantasy RPN's largest, longest running RP is now looking for RPers! Take a peak inside.

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Fukushima Akira

オーダーののサンクタム & RPN's Resident Suit Gang Leader
The Euphorian Highschool for Empowereds, formerly known as Fantasy Highschool, is currently accepting new RPers, both experienced and inexperienced!

Initialising FHS Introduction

Welcome to the Euphorian Highschool for the Empowered!

The most renowned, government-sanctioned high school for empowereds in all of Japan, located in the centre of Tokyo, houses more than just talented, empowered students. Beyond the hustle and bustle of the city, are secrets far greater than anyone could have ever imagined.

With more than meets the eye to not just the school and the city, but the world itself, what lies in store, remains to be seen. Try not to get too excited and blow the school up. The main focus of the story is the academy, but there are plenty of other plots to be had! Created way back in 2015, FHS has underwent numerous changes, going from a small threads layout, to a Hosted Project and finally to a group. With over 200,000 replies, over 8,000 pages of RP content, 3 years of lore and over one million views on the Roleplay thread alone, we are the longest running, largest Roleplay on the website.

Below you will find the link to the Character Registration thread, along with a link to the RPs rules, so be sure to read them before submitting a character. I look forward to seeing some fresh, new faces in the future! Catch up on the story so far in the Lore tab of the thread, which again you can find below.

Main Roleplay Page


Character Registration

The Story So Far

There is also a Quick Navigation Menu within each of these links, so you can quickly go between the threads related to the RP. Remember, if you ever need some help, you can contact myself or any of the RP's mods. We're all very friendly, and will help you with whatever you need. We hope to see some new fresh faces transfer to the school.(^^)
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