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Pink Opal

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I am Sakura Moon Blossom


Discord: BookishBunny#7320



About me:

  • I am 24 years old (So please be 18+ if you wish to message me I am uncomfortable rping with minors)
  • I have been Role Playing since I was about 14 so just at about a decade, but I have taken breaks and am still renewing my love of writing. (So please be patient with me)
  • I try to reply at least once a day if not more. Though sometimes it can take a few days.
  • I work Monday - Friday and am typically unable to write between 7am to 5pm EST those days, weekends vary depending on plans.
  • I am not specific on pairings though in a M/F I would prefer to play female but will double up if I am able to muster the brain power to play male.
  • I love romance, I’ll Roleplay just about any genres or fandom I’m familiar with as long as there is romance involved. I also love angst and drama but I need a fair balance of things to stay interested.
  • I can write anywhere from a solid paragraph or two to a page and half depending on my interest and partner. (I start off slower and am more open to semi lit, a paragraph or two, till I can work my way back into heavier writing.)

Harry Potter
Game of Thrones
Miraculous Ladybug
Percy Jackson
Arranged Marriage
Mafia Guy/Innocent Girl
High Fantasy Rp (D&D 5e)
Any paranormal/supernatural pairings
(Open to Suggestions)

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