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Fandom Ringing World. [LOVE ALARM]

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AU, KRP, LGTBQ Friendly, Realistic, Romance, School, Slice of Life


resident e-boy.
ringing w o r l d.love alarm.
type,, krp, group, love alarm
basic plot,, we'll chat.
inspration,, love alarm, netflix show.

someone within ten meters loves you. have you downloaded love alarm? its an app the tells you when someone who has romantic feelings for you is near. you're now living in a ringing world, do you run, or do you ring for someone? the rp would take place in the same time as the actual show, of course; but different school and a section of the country. the rp allows for open character creation and group plot creation. it doesn't have a set plot, as its more meant to be a surprise event-oriented and allow for everyone to choose what happens. id like to be as realistic and fitting into the love alarm universe as possible. ,3


resident e-boy.
I've never seen the show but this looks interesting, someone mind telling me about things work?
Love Alarm is an app the was devolved by someone. (His/Her's Identity is unknown.) The App is somehow able to sync up to your heart and know you have feelings for. The app only works with others who have the app. So if you had feelings for someone, but don't have the app; your crushes alarm will not ring. However if you did have the app; and you came within a 10 meters distance of your crush, their love alarm would ring. of course you can turn on and off the alarm whenever and uninstall it.


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Hello, I'm interested in this too if accepting! I don't usually watch dramas, but for some reason I came across the trailer of this drama and really liked the premise.

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