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"Maybe months ago, your holiness." Fraskia gave a curt answer and fainted a shrug. She did not intend to give any hint to the inquisitor. "There's a new type of undead every decade or so. Wouldn't surprise me if they come back on fire now. Just need to change my runes when fighting them."
After Terrence translated Aelestra's words, followed shortly by Fraskia's own interjection into the matter, the Inquisitor couldn't help but let out a dry laugh. It was hard to tell if it was out of mockery or confidence, and Arnas felt his knuckles tighten as he watched her movements. He was almost certain that she was toying with them, making them speak so as to lead in to her next line of inquiry as though the conclusion was already determined from the start. He wondered, for a moment, whether or not he should bring out his steel - but realized that not only was the woman on guard, but her armed entourage was eager for any excuse to get the party going. "Oh, months ago?" Agathe said with a toothy grin to Fraskia, her cold eyes gazing into the rune-knight through the evening air. "How... curious."

She then turned to Aelestra with the same grin, pointing to her: "Because, as a matter of fact, I did ask around. Some Merishian soldiery fleeing a battle less than a week ago. Their captain made mentioned of my burned knight making his way up the road... alongside an orc, a mute, a priestess, a swamp priest, some hedge-knight... and a young mercenary." Agathe's gaze then turned to Arnas. "Now, coincidence can be a thing but this..." she then spoke, motioning her arm around to swallow the area, "This is providence. A gift delivered to me straight to my feet, by those who remain true and faithful."

Arnas stilled in place, offering a slight glance to his companions behind him with an intense gaze. His fists curled with such strength that he could feel the them strain as the situation deteriorated ever further. It was then that Agathe nodded her head to the Church: "And not to mention, the tracks of my other quarry as well coming here is just a fortuitous convergence of fate for me. Three unholy bodies in a single night... I consider that a great hunt."

Arnas swallowed, gritting his teeth as he maintained his gaze towards the Inquisitor: "As they said. We don't know what you're-"

In a quick motion, steel was brought to Arnas' throat while the men behind the Inquisitor brought their weapons out front; a few were sauntering in place as they took up combat positions, and looked ready to rush in to the attack. A dagger had been brought up to Arnas' by the Inquisitor with her free hand, while the other kept a grip onto her sword still planted into the ground. "Tell me, what does a liar do when he's dead?" Agathe then asked, her face growing closer to Arnas as she commanded his fear of death in that moment. He could only look down below to see the glint of metal poking at his neck, threatening to break the skin with just a bit more pressure should she choose to do so. And when she shifted its angle ever so slightly the pressure became almost unbearable.

"He lies still." Agathe then said with a crazed look. And just as quickly as she had come that close to slitting his throat, she withdrew and left a small cut on his neck that trickled a small stream of blood. Arnas would stumble back a step as he clutched at it, breathing in heavily as he came to terms with how close to death he had just been. "But... all things considered, I'm willing to let this transgression slide. Only because you are handsome. Hand over the undead, and you will leave in peace." Her wicked smile then grew even longer across her face: "Or you will leave in pieces."

She took a step forward to bypass Arnas and the others and to head straight into the church itself, as if the answer was already a foregone conclusion. What she didn't expect, however, was to catch a glimmer in the corner of her eye; bringing her vambrace up, she managed to only just catch Arnas' blade in her guard as he swung up with a renewed ferocity. Her eyes trailed over to the young man's face, seeing him snarl with anger as he then spat out his answer: "I won't let you."

Agathe only let out a crazed smile in response: "Show me a good time then, boy."

Order of the Cleansing Flame Hunting Party
Inquisitor Agathe Dumont - 60 HP

Battle Trait: Zealous Fortitude - Agathe takes reduced damage upon reaching half HP, reducing damage from all sources by 2.
Battle Trait: Cleansing Flames - Agathe can shoot flames at a target every 3 turns. If it hits, it deals 8 damage plus 2 damage for 3 turns. This attack has a -2 to rolls.


3x Knight-Zealots of Ozdan (25 HP each)
6x Inquisition Soldiers
(15 HP each)

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Edoardo Vargas Melcher

Edoardo's eyes narrowed, the feeling of uneasy creeping over him, stubbornly refusing to go away, causing him to clench his fists. There was an eerie howl as Terrence translated the monk's signing into eligible words, a mourning wind knifing around them, flapping the clothes in its wake. Then Fraskia added, Edoardo hadn't been listening, but the sudden silence that followed was shattered by the Inquisitor's dry, rasping laughter. The laugh barely left her lips when Edoardo widened his stance, a quiet scrape of claws on flagstone into grassy dirt. Turning his gaze from the zealous inquisitor to her armed entourage, Edoardo had found much of the same. He saw their bodies tense with dogmatic urge, limbs ready to move at a moment's notice, to satisfy their battle-thirst.

He shifted his head back to the zealot as she spoke again, lowering his head slightly, eyes widening with irritated surprise before narrowing to wicked slits. He lowered his off-hand to the grip of his khopesh; unsubtle, but the Priest knew that her decisions already resolved. It stirred his cold blood, bringing the heat of his mind from the damp, dark depths of his mind — surging like a Sobekon to the banks of a river.

His throat was caught with a breath as the Inquisitor brought a dagger to Arnas' throbbing throat, edge pressed gingerly, cold metal against warm flesh. Edoardo froze, his whole body rigid. He dared not make a sudden move now, not until an opportunity presented itself. Edoardo parted his mouth, the torchlight gleaming from his wicked teeth, managing to stop a warning hiss from escaping his snout. He leaned back slightly, watching as footmen began to move at Agathe's bidding. He saw Arnas swing his sword, warrior-honed mind taking less than a second to register the movement, reflexes already bringing up his khopesh in an offensive stance.

There was a sliding screech of blade against armour, a cue to begin. A bellow of raw hatred as Edoardo came storming forward at one of the inquisitor soldiers. His thick tail snapping against the ground, propelling his charge harder, raising speed and ferocity. He raised his weapon to strike, his bloodlust burning on his maw.

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Aelestra stared at the Inquisitor with an uninterested expression. Even with her maniacal laughter and her rude pointing, the monk remained unphased. She did wonder though why Agathe would waste the time in asking them for information if she already knew about them beforehand. A surprise attack would have been more effective rather than letting those harboring ‘criminals’ know of their intentions. However, Aelestra wasn't a strategist, just a woman with an unbiased observation.

The tension among the two groups escalated as the crazed woman threatened Arnas with a dagger to his throat. Aelestra could hear the unsheathing of metal from Agathe’s entourage but her gaze remained fixated on her hand that held the blade. An unpleasant memory flashed and a brief wave of anger bubbled from within. The monk was quick to brush it off though, burying both memory and emotion back within the depths of her mind after the Inquisitor withdrew her threat.

Unfortunately for Agathe, their group would not be swayed by intimidation, which was apparent when Arnas refused to let her enter the church.

There was no going back now.

Taking advantage of the distraction that Arnas provided, Aelestra circled the Inquisitor from behind. Without hesitation, she shifted her weight onto her front foot and proceeded to pivot fast to send her back leg forward in an attempt to high kick Agathe's head.
"Gods, do you ever shut up?" Fraskai spat out in annoyance of the inquisitor. She wasn't worried about Arnas. The man has proven that he can take care of himsels. The moral compas preventing him from giving up the undead was also a reassurance. While that was reassuring in itself, there was still the rest of her rabble. Fraskia prepared a rune of fire and aimed it at their weapons. The heat should prove bad enough to keep hold.
Terrence let out a defeated sigh as the intentions of the Inquisitor and her troops became clear. His hand had already started hovering over the haft of his ax when the Inquisitor made her first move. And by the time Arnas made her counter, the orc had it drawn and prepared to charge in.

He scanned quickly amongst their enemies’ numbers. ‘Never an evenly manned fight it would seem.’ The thought was quick and gone as he focused in on the nearest knight. “It would likely be best if they held the line here, much harder for their forces to surround them.’ He pushed forward taking position not far from Arnas and Aelestra so he could block their left flank. Terrence stared the knight down. “You know, the paladins of Ozdan have yet to have victory over a Dandolian. Today will be no different.” The orc taunted, letting out a rambunctious laugh. Then swung his ax down hard towards the knight’s shoulder, Terrence roaring full of morale.
Vera watched the scene unfold with near-detached expression, the corner of her mouth tugging downwards in a vexed frown. She had long concluded that there was no reasoning with fervorous zealots, and the inquisitor's every word only deepened her preconceptions. Yet, her posture remained deceptively relaxed, betraying none of her coiled readiness that simmered beneath. There was no reason for her to add fuel to the tense fire. At least that was her mind until the inquisitor's dagger kissed Arnas' throat in threat, and Vera's own hand shifted from sword pommel to handle in preparedness for the invietable.

Arnas' defiant attack was not how she expected things to escalate beyond the point of return, but her brief flicker of surprise quickly gave way to deadly focus as she stepped forward to act. Here we go again.

Steel sung as she drew her blade, the familiar note that was a prelude to violence. She circled around the engaged trio that was Agathe, Aelestra, and Arnas, positioned herself at the inquisitor's flank, and attacked, thrusting her sword at a gap in the zealot's plate.
Battle of the Abandoned Church - Turn 1

Arnas - 2; Miss.
Edoardo - 9; Edoardo deals 4 damage to Inquisition Soldier #3. Inquisition Soldier #3 HP = 11.
Aelestra - 2; Miss.
Fraskia uses a Fire Rune to disarm enemies. 1d4 = 2; Inquisition Soldiers #2 and #4 are disarmed until Turn 3!
Terrence - 8; Terrence deals 4 damage to Knight-Zealot #2. Knight-Zealot #2 HP = 21.
Vera - 9; Vera deals 4 damage to Agathe. Agathe HP = 56.

Agathe Dumont - 3; Misses Arnas. Counterattack roll 1d5 = 1. No counterattack.
Knight-Zealot #1 - 8; Edoardo takes 4 (6 - 2; Hardened Hide) damage. Edoardo HP = 26.
Knight-Zealot #2 - 5; Misses Terrence.
Knight-Zealot #3 - 6; Precision Block roll 1d4 = 2. Vera takes 6 damage. Vera HP = 24.
Inquisition Soldier #1 - 3 (4 - 1; Monk Evasion); Misses Aelestra.
Inquisition Soldier #2 - Disarmed!
Inquisition Soldier #3 - 3; Misses Edoardo.
Inquisition Soldier #4 - Disarmed!
Inquisition Soldier #5 - 4; Misses Fraskia.
Inquisition Soldier #6 - 1; Critical Failure! Fraskia counterattack roll 1d4 = 3. Fraskia deals 3 damage. Inquisition Soldier #6 HP = 12.​

The boiling point broke and just as quickly the fighting began to rage between the zealots and the adventurers. Agathe's exchange with Arnas was at the epicenter as the two traded blows - the former pushing Arnas' blade away from her vambraces with her strength. He wasn't done yet, however, as he brought up his sword for another strike by arcing his blade from above. Agathe, being as skilled as she was, parried it before sliding her sword across his steel. She had every intention of driving her blade into his chest, yet failed to do so as he managed to sidestep quickly from her reversal. This left a brief opening that he failed to capitalize upon as he stumbled for a moment and had to focus on regaining his footing. Yet, he was not alone in his assault upon her as he was joined by Aelestra and Vera.

The former recognized the vulnerability of Agathe's hubris from her not wearing a helmet and attempted to exploit it with a kick. However, the Inquisitor merely stepped back and avoided the arc of the monk's foot with ease. What this did, however, was open her blind spot to a strike from Vera as she came in with her own attack. Agathe let out a grunt as she felt her side be lacerated by the woman's blade, forcing her to retreat a few steps to quickly recuperate. Seeing his leader in danger, a nearby Knight-Zealot rushed into this part of the bout and struck Vera before she could raise a defense; the force from his sword strike cut into not only her plate armor, but also dug into her shoulder as a result.

Fraskia meanwhile took the opportunity to even the odds for the time being, using a flame rune to disarm two of the soldiers as their weapons turned red hot as though they had been in the forge. They dropped their weapons and clutched at their burnt palms, confused as to what had just transpired. One of their comrades attempted to attack Fraskia, recognizing the danger she posed, but she was able to sidestep his thrust. Terrence in the meantime struck out at another Knight-Zealot, managing to find a gap in the man's armor. His axe swung and hit the man's underarmor, managing to deliver a sharp bruising blow to the man that caused him to falter as he attempted to strike Terrence and failed.

Edoardo's own assault came as a terrifying display as he swung out his khopesh and buried it deep in the side of one of the inquisition soldiers. It was an impressive display of strength as he managed to cut through the man's padded armour, and warm blood oozed out of the wound while the man cried out in pain. The third Knight-Zealot nearby chose Edoardo as his target because of this, and came in with an arcing slash that cut into the Sobekan's hide at his back. This was a much more serious individual wound than he had previous taken before, even given his own natural defenses at play. The Knight-Zealots were strong and deadly opponents in this bout, and posed a greater risk to the group overall.

Arnas was intending to continue to fight Agathe, but he turned his attention when he saw Vera get menaced by her most recent assailant. And thus he changed his focus on the Knight-Zealot that had wounded her and struck out with a deep thrust.

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Fraskia didn't have time to observe the results of her rune as she was assaulted by another of the soldiers. The rune knight wasn't going to let him take hits without a rebuke so she swung her sword towards him.
Edoardo Vargas Melcher

Edoardo's strike held true, he bellowed again pulling his right-side back and tearing free the khopesh from the soldier's fresh wound. He flicked the pommel of his blade, cracked against the man's nose, pushing the soldier away only to be cut down himself. A strike from a knight connected to his hard-scale back, biting into his flesh, cracking as it came apart - he feels the slice ooze blood from the colder steel, jaw clamped tight. A breath of air rushed through his teeth, hissing with the howling wind. The sting beaten down by the endorphin in his system.

Hand clenching with a terrible wrath. Edoardo spun, muscles dragging with tremendous force to lead his tail, ripping the grass beneath away. It swung at the knight behind him. Either he would retreat or suffer a crushing blow, a Sobekon's tail could shatter a normal man's femurs, his hip pulverized. His armour would dent, at the very least.

His moves need to be well-considered, hopefully this will give him the chance to retreat.
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“Hah! Surely you can do better, paladin!” Terrence continued to taunt the knight even after his blow landed true. “I did not think you would take my words to heart! Perhaps I should have told you to run for the hills! HA HA! Vidyut!” He shouted the magical command as he readied his next attack. Electricity sparked through the orc’s ax, propelling him forward with his next stroke.
Vera's intent to press the attack against Agathe was quite literally cutoff as slicing pain bloomed in her shoulder, a courtesy of the knight who rushed her, and one she was more than eager to repay in kind. With gritted teeth, she pivoted on her heel to face her new adversary, lashing out with her sword while doing so in an arcing slash.
Despite failing to connect her foot to Agathe's head, a new opportunity was presented, allowing Aelestra to side step an attack from one of the Inquisitor’s underlings. Rather than continue her focus against Agathe, she turned her attention to the soldier who attempted to strike her. She figured Arnas and Vera had the woman under control. Aelestra took a brief moment to consider her options for attacking against the armored soldier. With a split second decision, she decided to strike for their hands, attempting to disarm them.
Battle of the Abandoned Church - Turn 2

Ser Faralt has joined the battle!
Arnas - 10; Crit Roll 1d6 = 5. Arnas deals 9 (4+5) damage to Knight-Zealot #3. Knight-Zealot #3 HP = 16.
Fraskia - 2; Miss.
Edoardo - 6; Edoardo deals 4 damage to Knight-Zealot #1. Knight-Zealot #1 HP = 21.
Terrence - 6 (5+1, Lightning Rod[3]); Terrence deals 4 damage to Knight-Zealot #2. Knight-Zealot #2 HP = 17.
Vera - 8; Vera deals 4 damage to Knight-Zealot #3. Knight-Zealot #3 HP = 12.
Aelestra attempts to disarm Inquisition Soldier #1. 1d10 = 3. Failed. Inquisition Soldier #1 takes 1 damage. Inquisition Soldier #1 HP = 14.
Ser Faralt - 2; Misses Inquisition Soldier #3.

Agathe uses Cleansing Flames! 1d10 = 3; 3 - 2 = 1; Misses Fraskia.
Knight-Zealot #1 - 3; Misses Edoardo.
Knight-Zealot #2 - 6; Terrence takes 6 damage. Terrence HP = 24.
Knight-Zealot #3 - 1; Critical Failure! Vera counterattack roll 1d4 = 2. Knight-Zealot #3 takes 2 damage. Knight-Zealot #3 HP = 10.
Inquisition Soldier #1 - 5 (6-1, Monk Evasion); Misses Aelestra.
Inquisition Soldier #2 - Disarmed!
Inquisition Soldier #3 - 9; Edoardo takes 2 (4-2, Hardened Hide) damage. Edoardo HP = 24.
Inquisition Soldier #4 - Disarmed!
Inquisition Soldier #5 - 9; Fraskia takes 4 damage. Fraskia HP = 26.
Inquisition Soldier #6 - 2; Misses Terrence.​

Vera and Arnas both concentrated their efforts on the knight that had wounded the former, with the Knight-Zealot receiving a vicious strike from her onto his helmet. The strength of the blow discombobulated him and caused him to stagger back, flailing to try to get a response of some kind and failing as his swing went wide and Vera easily dodged it. In that moment, Arnas circled around and - through instinct - went through with his thrusting attack. Managing to find a gap in his armour plating, he struck deep into his belly and sunk into the flesh underneath despite the chainmail and padding he wore underneath. The Knight yelled out in both pain and anger, realizing just how badly he had been savaged as he clutched at his wound with desperation to plug the bleeding that now poured out of it.

Fraskia in the meantime would be the target of Agathe as the inquisitor let out a wicked grin and outstretched a palm towards her. The rune-knight was exchanging strikes with the inquisition soldier that had attacked her previously, though he managed to parry her before socking her in the face with a punch. Getting some distance between them now, Fraskia noticed the immediate danger building up from the crazed woman as flames built up in her hand. "BY FIRE BE PURGED, HERETIC!" Agathe shouted, firing out a lance that would have devastated Fraskia had she not managed to just scramble out of the way. As the flames passed her by, she could feel its heat almost burn her while watching the arc sail off and hit an abandoned wagon cart nearby. The wood burst into a pillar of flames, adding additional chaos to the surroundings.

As revenge for the blow he had received from the knight that targeted him, Edoardo lashed out with his tail to strike the man. The man's heavy weight prevented him from being agile enough to dodge as it connected with him at full force and sent him rolling down the steps. The armour had been dented where he had been struck, and the man struggled to get back onto his feet as he felt his insides rattled from the blow. This strike would be avenged by one of the inquisition soldiers however as he flung his mace and struck into Edoardo's side, though his thick hide managed to absorb a good amount of the blow. By now, however, Ser Faralt had rushed out of his hiding spot and joined the fray! Seeing Edoardo in trouble close by, he rushed to the aid of his ally and attacked with a downwards strike that only connected with the stairs as the man was forced back to avoid the steel. "I've got your back!" Ser Faralt confided to Edoardo, bringing his steel up again to prepare for continued conflict.

Terrence in the meantime would continue his bought with the knight he had wounded prior, managing to hit another blow into the man's underarmor by striking out at another weak point within the defences. Using his own magic, lightning arced from his axe-head and in turn - when connecting with the man - shocked the man despite not having breached his padding. This forced the knight back a few steps to recuperate as Terrence easily parried a strike from another nearby inquisition soldier and pushed him away. But that momentary distraction provided an opening for the knight to lash out as his blade connected; a gash was cut into Terrence's chest from a horizontal strike, the wound stinging with great pain as a result.

Aelestra managed to evade a blow from one of the other nearby soldiers, sidestepping his weapon's trajectory with grace. Yet, as she tried to take advantage of it, she found herself unable to disarm the man as originally planned. She struck out as his wrists, hoping to get him to loosen his grip on his weapon; instead, she connected with his bracers and sent him stubmling while grasping at the bruising he got from her strike. He looked annoyed as he took a moment to realize what she tried before scowling at her.

Arnas in the meantime looked over to where Lucina had been hiding, her wide eyes observing the battlefield with shock. As she was a member of the Alandran Healers, she was compelled to not fight any others within the faith itself much like Ser Broz was. And so, Arnas had a different role in mind for her: "LUCINA! GET HELP! FETCH HIM!" he shouted to the priestess, who quickly nodded in response and ran off the way they came from. An intervention was needed before this escalated even further into something that brought the Church of the Father involved into the mix. The Guardian would likely prefer to not have those prying ecclesiastic eyes in this matter. He also saw that the two soldiers who had been disarmed were now picking up their weapons again, the effects of Fraskia's rune magic having dissipated by now.

With the knight savaged, Arnas turned his attention back to Agathe and recognized that to end this she would need to be defeated. Flourishing his blade, he moved to confront her again much to her savage delight. Her predatory grin grew wider on seeing Arnas' challenge and she brought her blade up in response. "I'm going to enjoy bleeding you, boy."

There it was again. Boy. Arnas gritted his teeth at the condescenscion and charged with a yell.

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He pulled his ax back just in time to catch the blade of another soldier aiming to gut him. A clang from the clashing blades was followed by a hiss of pain escaping through Terrence’s gritted teeth as the knight finally managed to land a blow on the orc. He wasn’t so quick to lose his bravado just yet however. “There it is, show me your fire! But Dandolio held its own even outnumbered ten to one and I only count two!” With the stinging pain in his chest bolstering his growing fury, he let loose another strike aimed towards the knight, electing to deal with his first target before turning his attention to the soldier.
Aelestra tilted her head to the side as she watched the soldier scowl at her while cradling his wrist. She offered no emotion for the soldier, the expression almost taunting without the real intention behind it. Before she would decide to strike again, Aelestra spared a brief glance towards Ser Faralt who decided to come out of hiding and join in the fray. Well, if it wasn’t obvious that they were aiding him before, it was now. No matter. She turned her attention back to the annoyed soldier, pressing the attack as she focused on his chest with the intent of knocking the wind out of him.
Edoardo Vargas Melcher

Edoardo delivered the crushing strike to the zealous knight, the teeth-shaking crack of his breastplate meeting hardened scales. Edoardo went back, finding the opportunity to engage a short retreat up the stone steps. Only to be struck by a madman rushing him with a mace in one hand. He was vaguely aware of the charging man to his side, too late to react. The impact drove the wind from his lungs, a normal man's ribs would've been crushed to fragments, only his crocodilian differences saving him from graver injuries. He scrabbled away, gasping through his thick shout, reflexively raising his khopesh. The grating of armoured boots came from behind, Edoardo's grip tightened, but knew who was running.

Ser Faralt's long blade bit the Rift-riven night air, planting its edge firmly on the finely hewn steps. Edoardo half-turned, throwing a quick glance at the newly-undead knight. "Aye, and I yours." He roared.

His khopesh went high and hard, the muscles in his arm burned, Edoardo clenched his wicked teeth so as to not roar further from the exertion. The curved blade sought to slice an soldier coming at Ser Faralt's side.
Savage satisfaction surged in Vera as the two-pronged assault she and Arnas executed left the opposing knight reeling. Her formidable foe was reduced to cornered prey—still dangerous, but decidedly much more manageable. She approached him with measured steps, her focus only momentarily diverted by the sight of Agathe's conflagration—the looming threat that would need to be dealt with sooner rather than later. Well, Arnas could handle the crazed woman for now. Vera's focus settled back on the knight, the immediate rabble who needed cleaning up.

"Nasty bit o' work you earned there." She remarked in mock concern as she circled her beleaguered opponent. "Might wanna offer up a prayer, eh?"

She did not allow time for her words to settle, and launched herself forward with sword held high. Her steel seeking flesh, she brought her sword down in an overhead slash.
She never stops talking, does she? Fraskia got up from her position after the firelance missed her. The fire itself gave her an idea. The rune knight made a few motions with her fingers to make the wind rune and directed the air to go through the flames themselves, creating a fireball heading towards the inquisitor.
Battle of the Abandoned Church - Turn 3

Arnas - 9; Arnas deals 4 damage to Agathe. Agathe HP = 52.
Ser Faralt - 5; Miss.
Terrence - 8 (7+1, Lightning Rod[2]); Terrence deals 4 damage to Knight-Zealot #2. Knight-Zealot #2 HP = 13.
Aelestra - 7; Aelestra deals 4 damage to Inquisition Soldier #1. Inquisition Soldier #1 HP = 10.
Edoardo - 6; Edoardo deals 4 damage to Inquisition Soldier #3. Inquisition Soldier #3 HP = 11.
Vera - 6; Vera deals 4 damage to Knight-Zealot #3. Knight-Zealot #3 HP = 6.
Fraskia uses a Wind Rune to blow a gust of flames. 1d10 = 8. Damage Roll 1d8 = 8; Agathe takes 8 damage. Agathe HP = 44.

Agathe - 10; Crit Roll 1d6 = 6. Arnas take 10 damage. Counterattack Roll 1d5 = 2. No Counterattack. Arnas HP = 20.
Knight-Zealot #1 - 9; Ser Faralt takes 6 damage. Ser Faralt HP = 24.
Knight-Zealot #2 - 7; Terrence takes 6 damage. Terrence HP = 18.
Knight-Zealot #3 - 8; Vera takes 6 damage. Precision Block Roll 1d4 = 3, Fail. Vera HP = 24.
Inquisition Soldier #1 - 3 (4-1, Monk Evasion); Misses Aelestra.
Inquisition Soldier #2 - 2; Misses Fraskia.
Inquisition Soldier #3 - Edoardo takes 2 (4-2, Hardened Hide) damage. Edoardo HP = 22.
Inquisition Soldier #4 - 1; Critical Failure! Counterattack Roll 1d4 = 2. Aelestra deals 2 damage. Inquisition Soldier #4 HP = 13.
Inquisition Soldier #5 - 6; Fraskia takes 4 damage. Fraskia HP = 22.
Inquisition Soldier #6 - 1; Critical Failure! Counterattack Roll 1d4 = 4. Terrence deals 4 damage to Inquisition Soldier #6. Inquisition Soldier #6 HP = 11.​

As the fighting raged on, the flames that Agathe had shot out before now began to spread amongst the littered rubble and trash nearby. The remnants of old lives served as perfect fuel for the current attempt to end the current lives of those who fought for survival. The glow of spreading chaos added a lively light to this dead city, in addition to the clashing of steel and shouting of men. Ser Faralt and Edoardo fight side by side against their common foes, and though the former failed the land a strike on the footman he had previously targetted this allowed the Sobekan to swoop in with a gruesome strike into the man's side. Padding did him no justice as the blade sank into his flesh regardless, and the zealot let out a cry of pain. Yet, he seemed undeterred in his willingness for bloodshed as he stumbled back and gritted his teeth.

For a brief moment, Ser Faralt's own sockets looked into the man's gaze from under his helmet; he couldn't understand such hatred, such rage, such contempt for someone like himself. He was but among the living not so long ago, and now - from no doing of his own - his very existence was a blight to these people. This mentality, however, made him unaware of the Knight-Zealot's attack from nearby as a blade sank through his back and into his chest. Looking down, the knight's steel had penetrated through his armor; a blow that would kill any normal person. Yet, he did not bleed like a mortal. Nor did he feel pain in a similar manner. As the blade withdrew, Ser Faralt simply spun around to meet his enemy and cursed at himself silently for not staying focused.

Terrence continued his duel with the knight that he had thus far bloodied, managing to strike out again at the enemy with another charged attack. The Knight-Zealot reciprocated with yet another counterattack of his own, driving a stab into Terrence's thigh - only just barely missing a vital point there. Both fighters seemed equally wounded by this point, and it appeared that their bout was a contest of endurance. Whomever could withstand the most attacks would be the last man standing throughout all this. But Terrence also spotted from the corner of his eye an attempt to flank him, which he quickly turned to face. One of the soldiers rushed out with his lance and stabbed out, to which Terrence sidestepped and delivered a crushing blow to the man's face with his fist. This sent the man stumbling back, clutching at his jaw as blood poured out from his teeth. The force of his counterattack had knocked two teeth out, which the man spat out in defiance.

Aelestra continued to bob and weave, flowing like water on a rapid stream as she moved out of the way of yet another attack from the same man she had tried to disarm earlier. With his side exposed as she sidestepped him, she went for a right hook that connected into the man's chest - at its very center - and forced the air out of his lungs. He visibly wheezed from the blow, eyes bulging from their sockets, as he clutched at his torso and tried to breathe. Another attack from the man's compatriot, trying to avenge her blow, missed spectacularly as she also side stepped his mace. This time, she went for a quick jab into the man's face, landing straight on his nose and forcing him back. He cried out and clutched at it, blood oozing from his nostrils from the impact.

Vera continued her offensive on the already bloodied Knight-Zealot she had focused on previously, hoping to wear him down further. Her blade sang in the air as it chopped into the man's shoulder, using the gap in his shoulderpads, and sank deep into him even through the bone. His collarbone was broken from the blow as his grip on his weapon visibly weakened, but he was not out of the fight yet. Mustering his strength, he pushed his blade upwards in an impromptu thrust and managed to catch Vera by surprise; a deep cut was delivered to her ribs, and he used the ensuing pain to quickly disengage from her to get some distance between them in order to recuperate.

Arnas was focused entirely on Agathe, as the two crossed blades and locked themselves into a standstill for a moment. With their faces so close, he could hear her exerting his strength against him as he struggled to gain the upper hand on the matter. He decided that, rather than contesting her head on, he would use her force against her as he then leaned sideway and used a brief moment of opportunity to deliver a quick slice onto the woman's back. He expected her to recoil from the pain, but to his shock she simply turned around with a wild grin and commenced a brutal counteroffensive. First she swung her blade to connect to his, before sliding both downwards to their left. She then jerked her hilt upwards, striking Arnas in the face with her pommel before delivering a punch to his ribs and then finally finishing with a kick to the knee that nearly broke it. Though not crippled, Arnas was still hurting as he cried out and stumbled back before coming to a stop.

It became difficult for him to even stand, until he finally fell down to support himself better. The taste of blood filled his mouth from her pommel strike, making him spit out blood onto the ground as he tried to recuperate himself. "Had enough yet?" Agathe asked menacingly, taking a step forward. Arnas, wordlessly, noticed behind her that Fraskia was preparing another rune attack and only smirked. "Let me know after this." he retorted, before rolling out of the way. Confused, she turned around only to see a ball of flame - coagulated and pushed forward by Fraskia's wind rune - soaring towards her. With wide eyes, she turned slightly and covered her face with her left arm in a desperate attempt to shield herself. This failed as the fire collided with her and made her shriek. The flames, while dissipating quickly, had burned her arm severely and she looked at it with shock. Some of the metal protection there had warped and now dug into her skin, while leather and padding melted onto her into a gruesome sight. "You... YOU!!!" she roared in fury, "KILL HER!"

Her orders came clear as two soldiers rushed at Fraskia, eager to avenge the savagery that had been done upon their commander. One of the soldiers she parried with ease, pushing him back and forcing him to stumble. The other, however, landed a cut onto the woman's thigh as he swung out with his sword. The wound wasn't deep, but it did sting like hell and bled quite a bit. What her bigger concern now was the attention brought to her by the Inquisitor's orders.

Arnas let out a dry laugh as he used his sword as support to help stand once more, defiant in the vengeful eyes of Agathe as she stared the young man down. "Told you."

Agathe, wordlessly, charged Arnas with every intent on savaging him mercilessly; and Arnas reciprocated as he brought his blade in front and prepared for continued combat.

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Fraskia gritted her teeth from the cut. It hurt, but it wasn't bad. The runeknight readied to return the favor and skewer the soldier with her sword.
Terrence held back a small groan, the pain from his leg numbed by the adrenaline coursing through him at this point. He focused on this breathing, steadying the uneven rhythm as he recalled the years of dueling practice. After his swift punch to the soldiers face, the orc grew quiet, his face becoming more serious as he dropped the bravado he taunted the zealots with before. Now his strikes were more controlled, opting instead for a flurry of blows aimed at wearing down the knight.
Edoardo Vargas Melcher

The khopesh sheared through the padding and stuffing of the soldier's attire, throwing tufts of fabric-like material aside, and embedded itself in the soldier's side. Edoardo threw back his right side, tearing the bloodied blade free. Blood and gore splattered the stone steps beside Edoardo, the soldier tumbled back, but did not falter. Eyes bloodshot, dilated, and possessed by a zealot's madness. This momentary distraction afforded a singular attack to be done against the Sobekon Priest. Again, his side was struck by another soldier. Pain dulled by the chemical cocktail coursing through his body. He shot his left arm out, trying to snatch the tender throat, and throw him down to his comrade. He did so with a roar, the very air quivering with his voice.
Battle of the Abandoned Church - Turn 4

Arnas - 9; Arnas deals 4 damage to Agathe. Agathe HP = 48.
Ser Faralt - 1; Critical Failure! Counterattack Roll 1d4 = 4. Knight-Zealot #1 deals 4 damage. Ser Faralt HP = 20.
Fraskia - 7; Fraskia deals 4 damage to Inquisition Soldier #5. Inquisition Soldier #5 HP = 11.
Terrence - 10 (9+1, Lightning Rod[1]); Crit Roll 1d6 = 2. Terrence deals 6 damage to Knight-Zealot #2. Knight-Zealot #2 HP = 7.
Edoardo throws Inquisition Soldier #3 at Knight-Zealot #1. Roll 1d10 = 8. Throw damage 1d4 = 4. Inquisition Soldier #3 and Knight-Zealot #1 take 4 damage. HPs = 7, 17. Stunned!
Vera - 2; Miss.
Aelestra - 10; Crit Roll 1d6 = 6. Aelestra deals 10 damage to Inquisition Soldier #1. Inquisition Soldier #1 is dead!

Agathe - 9; Arnas takes 4 damage. Arnas HP = 16. Counterattack Roll 1d5 = 3. No counterattack.
Knight-Zealot #1 - Stunned!
Knight-Zealot #2 - 5; Misses Terrence.
Knight-Zealot #3 - 10; Crit Roll 1d6 = 6. Precision Block Roll 1d4 = 4. Vera takes no damage.
Inquisition Soldier #2 - 3; Misses Fraskia.
Inquisition Soldier #3 - Stunned!
Inquisition Soldier #4 - 6 (7-1, Monk Evasion); Aelestra takes 4 damage. Aelestra HP = 26.
Soldier #5 - 3; Misses Fraskia.
Soldier #6 - 8; Terrence takes 4 damage. Terrence HP = 14.​

Embers floated in the air as the fire spread further, now licking at the edges of abandoned buildings nearby and becoming the genesis of a brewing firestorm. The town, though abandoned, would be further reduced to rubble now from the fighting that had erupted at its centre. Though the church would likely survive, as it was made of stone, the flames and smoke presented a growing problems for the mortal visitors here. The air grew heavier and more choked with black soot, and sparking embers would patter the armours and outsides of those fighting; but that was a problem for later, considering the blood being shed and the steel being swung before them.

Ser Faralt struck out at the Knight-Zealot that had been menacing Edoardo, only to be met with a brutal retaliation when his swing went wide. The burnt knight would find himself on the receiving end of a hilt strike that would have blinded any man as the cross-guard went straight to his eye. Or rather, where his eye would have been had he still been mortal. Fortunately, undeath provided the boon of not having to worry about such fleshy parts as Faralt simply stumbled back from the strike. Edoardo, however, would retaliate by using his brute strength; he grabbed the soldier that had been harrying him and lifted him over his head. The man let out a yelp of shock as he was lifted from the ground, before being flung towards his armored compatriot. With the force of a boulder, the two collided and were sent tumbling down the steps with fresh bruises as well as being disoriented from the manuever.

Terrence continued to fight the Knight that he had been focused on up until this point, using the last charge from his weapon to strike out once more. This time, he scored a much more greivous hit as he swung hard enough to pierce the man's armour completely and dug into the man's ribs. His axe became lodged between flesh and bone, forcing the Knight to stumble back and cough out blood from under his helmet. Whatever attack he had planned before was stopped in its tracks by such a mortal blow; but Terrence was still attacked by one of hte soldiers nearby, who stabbed into Terrence's leg with his spear. It dug only into muscle, as the bleeding was minimal, yet it hurt like hell due to the spearhead's breadth and sharpness. It bit into him like a viper that was unwilling to let go.

Fraskia in the meantime weaved between two strikes from the soldiers focused on her, pushing past both a thrust and an overhead strike, before making her distance closer to the soldier that was her quarry. Her blade stabbed into the man's side, pushing through padding and armour to cut a decent amount into the man. While not a mortal strike, it was one that hurt quite a bit as the man let out a cry and stumbled back to clutch at it. Vera's own battle with the Knight she had been locked into with became perilous when she missed a strike and opened herself up to a brutal strike. The Knight had prepared a thrust that would have utterly gutted her, and left her to clutching to keep her insides inside. Yet, from her training she managed to spot a decisive moment and parried the strike, forcing it past her.

Aelestra scored a brutal strike of her own against one of the soldiers, as he charged at her with reckless abandon due to the frustration he had felt earlier. She had proven to be a difficult target to strike, and he was intent on finally making her bleed. Yet, his callousness would prove his demise as Aelestra simply lowered her stance to be under the man and delivered a sharp strike straight to his throat. An audible crunch sounded as his trachea broke, and the man's eyes widened as he couldn't breathe. Dropping his weapon, he clutched at his throat in a desperate attempt to gain breath, only to realize that he was being choked from the inside out. He then collapsed to his knees, eyes bulging and face turning red - then purple - he began to writhe and die slowly. His comrade yelled out in anger, seeing his friend fall in such an ungracious manner, and used the moment to get a cut in onto the monk's arm just under above her elbow.

Arnas managed to parry Agathe's coming strike at first before drawing a small dagger from his side and stabbing it into the woman's burnt arm. As damaged as it was before, the pain was intensified because of the grievous wound she had suffered from Fraskia before as she let out a harsh scream. Blood poured out over her burnt flesh and onto the stairs below, trickling like a sanguine waterfall. Yet, perhaps out of zealotry or through sheer will, she seemed mostly unfazed by it and still retained her ability to use that limb. Gritting her teeth, and staring straight at Arnas, she slowly pulled the dagger out of her and let it drop to the ground below without care. It was then that she punched Arnas in the face, socking him in the eye, and sent him stumbling back. The strike from her gauntlet was harsh enough to cause immediate swelling, and the young mercenary found himself unable to open it for the time being. It was obvious he was on the definite backfoot against a stronger opponent, but still he kept himself upright - if only barely - and breathed out heavily to get control of his world.

"You're out of your depth. You can't beat me." Agathe said with a snarl, flourishing her blade with vicious confidence. "I'll splay your guts across these steps as an offering to Ozdan. And then I'm gonna gut that rune-wench and pull her entrails out. Then I'll make a hide from that Sobekan scum..."

"Not if I kill you first you psychotic bitch." Arnas spat out with an uncharacteristic malice. But then, the collapsing of wood took the attention away as a building nearby began to collapse due to the stresses of fire. Embers shout out across the area, signalling just how chaotic the scene had become as a result. With renewed fury, Arnas charged at Agathe with his blade above his head - which Agathe met with a blade to her front and a maddening gaze.

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