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Dice Rifts Adventure Characters



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Ok everyone! After thinking about it for a bit, I'm going to institute the Bonus Point system that has been discussed in earlier posts. As you level up, you get Bonus Points equal to 5 + 1/2 you current level, rounded up. These points do not roll over from level to level, so make sure you use them wisely. This Bonus Point can be used for any attack, defense or skill roll you want. What does a Bonus Point give you, you ask?

In the case of a d20 roll, you add an additional D6 to the result. In the event of a natural 1-4, it still is an automatic miss, so in that case, the BP is wasted.

For a percentile (d100) roll, you add a d6 to your roll, but each point you get is 5%, giving you a potential +30% to your roll.

When you use an BP, you must declare it before the base roll that it is being added to is rolled.
SexyStonerRoleplaygal SexyStonerRoleplaygal Don't forget the house rule for the bonus points that I'm using. It will come very handy having them, trust me!

Other than that and the need for your spells that you have, everything is looking good so far. I have a plan in place for introducing you to the game, so once you are done, we'll get rollin'!


Luna's Concubine
Did I miss them on your sheet? I didn't see them. But yes, bonus points, then your spells.


Luna's Concubine
Not to be picky, but what book are you using for your spells? I don't recognize them. For the MDC game of Rifts, you'll want to check out either the Rifts Ultimate Edition or the Book of Magic.


Luna's Concubine
Yes indeed. I hope you like your intro that I'm working on.

BTW, great character picture!


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Thanks it was the chosen out of a toss up of two ideas lol! Can't wait lol. Malice needs some entertainment.
I tried to design her to be a balance of offense and knowledge :D So I can pretty much have some input on anything she encounters!


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That's just some of the pages. My process is terrible. :-(

I am getting it all on the sheet though. Totally not George R.R. Martin-ing this. ;-)


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  • True Form: b3bf2afa8419e533b5a1a5918d79bac9.jpg Typical Humanoid Form: 862ae8608283543722ee330190ecc074.jpg Name: Zephiron (Nicknames: Zeph, Ron, or Ronnie)
    Gender: Male
    Alignment: Scrupulous (Still Naive and Impressionable)
    R.C.C.: Royal Frilled Dragon Hatchling
    Horror Factor: 11 (13 with extended frills)
    Age: 2 months

    IQ: 21 (+7% All skills, +3 Perception)
    ME: 31 (+8 vs psionic attacks and +13 vs insanity)
    MA: 26 (88% trust/intimidate)
    PS: 54 (+39 to damage, 1D6 x 10 MD punch, 2D6 x 10 MD Power Punch)
    PP: 31 (+8 to strike, parry, and dodge)
    PE: 30 (30% save vs coma/death, +8 against poison)
    PB: 29 (90% to charm/impress)

    Spd (G): 28
    Spd (F): 110

    IQ: 3D6+6 = 14 + 6 + 1= 21
    ME: 3D6+5 = 26 + 5 = 31
    MA: 3D6+12 = 14 + 12 = 26
    PS: 4D6+10 = 30 + 6 +10 = 46 + 2 Gymnastics + 2 Boxing +2 Wrestling + 2 Track and Field= 54
    PP: 3D6+6 =21 + 6 = 28 + 1 Gymnastics + 2 Track and Field = 31
    PE: 3D6+10 = 15 + 10 = 25 + 2 Gymnastics + 1 Wrestling + 2 Track amd Field = 30
    PB: 3D6+16 = 13 + 16 = 29

    Spd (G): 2D6+10 = 8 + 10 = 18
    Spd (F): 2D6x10 = 10 x 10 = 100

    Rolls: 15, 21, 14, 13, 26 ,14, 11, 30
    +6 to PS
    8 for Spd. (G) +10 Track and Field
    10 for Spd. (F) +10 Track and Field

    Level: 6
    Xp: 32,600

    Hit Points: 300
    M.D.C.: 450
    I.S.P.: 128
    P.P.E: 162

    Weight Capacity: 2700
    Lift: 5400 for 30 minutes
    Run Speed: 19mph
    Flight Speed: 75mph

    Hit Points: 1d6x100 = 3x100 = 300
    M.D.C: 1d6x100 = 4x100 = 400 (+10 per level)
    I.S.P.: 2d6 x 10 = 6 x 10 = 60
    P.P.E: 2d6 x 10 + 10 = 11 x 10 +10 = 120

    Level up ISP: (Note 1d6+10/level) 1, 2, 5, 4, 6 = 68
    Level up PPE: (Note 3d6 per level) 13, 11, 3, 12, 3 = 42

    Combat Notes:
    Number of Attacks: 7
    Strike: +12
    Parry: +16
    Dodge: +16
    Roll: +7
    Pull: +7
    Perception: +4
    Initiative: +2
    Damage: 1D6 x 10 MD
    Horror Save: +19
    Psionics Save: +11
    Other Saves: +1

    Number of Attacks: +1 R.C.C. +5 HtH + 1 Boxing
    Strike: +8 PP +2 R.C.C. +2 HtH
    Parry: +8 PP +3 R.C.C. +3 HtH + 2 Boxing
    Dodge: +8 PP +3 R.C.C. +3 HtH + 2 Boxing
    Roll: +3 R.C.C. +2 HtH + 1 Boxing + 1 Wrestling
    Pull: +4 R.C.C. +3 HtH
    Perception: +3 IQ +1 R.C.C.
    Initiative: +2 R.C.C.
    Damage: 1D6 x 10 MD PS
    Horror Save: +13 ME + 6 R.C.C.
    Psionics Save: + 8 ME + 3 R.C.C.
    Other Saves: + 1 R.C.C.
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D. Rex

Magic Eight Ball

  • e213e9c23da47c446f32216bcb91c235--cartoon-monsters-furry-art.jpg
    Name: Daisy
    Race: Psi-hound (Dog boy)
    Alignment: Unprincipled

    Exp: 40600/46,501, level 6
    BP: 8/1

    24 IQ +10% Skills
    24 ME (Applied)
    15 MA
    33 PS +18 hth damage
    27 PP +6 strike/parry/dodge
    33 PE (Applied)
    19 PB 45%
    42 Spd. Approx 30mph
    3 Spd(Dig)

    HP: 49
    SDC: 100

    Saves: (Bonus +1 to all from Rune Axe)
    Vs disease: +3
    Vs Psionic Attack: +8
    Vs Insanity: +8
    Vs Illusions: +3
    Vs Mind Control: +3
    Vs Possession/Curses: +3
    Vs Coma/Death: +34%
    Vs Magic/Poison: +9
    Horror: +1

    Initiative: +5
    Perception: +8
    Melee Actions: +6
    Strike: +9
    Parry: +13
    Dodge: +13
    Roll with impact: +7
    Pull Punch: +5
    Disarm: +4
    Hth Damage: +18

    Weapon Bonus:
    *Energy Pistol: +12 (+3)
    *Energy Rifle: +11 (+3)
    *Heavy MD: +11 (+2)
    Weapon Systems: +1
    Weapon Systems(in GB): +3
    *Axe (Strike): +12 (+3)
    *Axe (Parry): +16 (+3)
    *Shotgun: +11 (+2)
    *Boom Gun Total: +19
    *Base Strike Included

    Piloting Glitterboy
    *Initiative: +7
    *Melee Actions: +9
    *Strike Hth: +11
    *Strike Axe: +14
    *Parry hth: +15
    *Parry Axe: +18
    *Dodge: +15
    *Roll with impact: +10
    *Pull Punch: +9
    *Disarm: +5
    *Base Included

    Carry: 40xPS lbs
    Lift: x2 carry lbs

    Stamina before exhaustion: (Default Dog Boy)
    Intense: 2 hours
    Extreme: 40 minutes
    Rest: 15 minutes rest or light work.

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  • Name: "Snowfall"
    R.C.C./O.C.C.: Fox Spirit/Tattooed Voyager
    Number of Tails: 7 (see Wikipedia article)
    Occupation: Messenger for Inari
    Concept: Lively Japanese Fox Spirit, mystic healer, and Tattooed Voyager who likes people, places, and things from all over the Megaverse (like Chinese martial arts and swords)!
    Level: 6th
    XP: 40,601 xp (46,501 xp for Level 7, table on Secrets of the Atlanteans, page 124)
    Bonus (Action) Points: 6/8 (used one to redirect a volley of 6 mini-missiles, blowing up a bad guy in the process! Woo!. Used another for Initiative).

    "Helloooooo, Megaverse! Have I got a message for you!"

    "And I've always wondered. Someday, maybe, wouldn't it be neat to have a beast-human form? Hey, don't laugh! IT COULD HAPPEN! Or maybe a chibi-form? Who wouldn't like a cute little cuddly canine to look at, right? That would be even cooler!" It has happened! "Woooo!" (19 July 2020!)
    Cute Kitsune by Zozoark at Fur Affinity dot com.png
    (Image credit: Zozoark at Fur Affinity.net)

    "Here's some music to pass the time with. Nothing like a good instrumental!"
    "Elm" from Cowboy Bebop OST 3 (Yoko Kanno)

    "Hey! I'm Snowfall. Welcome my little gallery! Fox Spirits? We're not humans at all but immortal animal spirits that can take on multiple forms. Talk about nifty, huh?

    "Here I am in my fox form back during the feudal years of Japan. Wait. Is that a Rift I'm looking at? I love Rifts! Whooo! Time to go see and jump into it! You never know what's on the other side!
    (Image credit: ForYourImages.com)

    "This here's a nice video of Red Foxes in action (courtesy of the Smithsonian)!

    "We Fox Spirits (or Kitsune if you like our Japanese name) can instantaneously change to a single human form. We can alter the age of that form too, so when I want to appear young I can look like this...
    (Image credit: Pinterest.com)

    "...or as old as this! What? You think delivering messages across the Megaverse to dangerous dragons doesn't age you a little?
    (Image credit: goodfon.ru)

    "We Kitsune can also instantly transform into invisible nimbuses of pure positive energy! I'd give you a picture of that, but hey like I said, it's invisible... *poof* =)

    "Here's what I've looked like since becoming one of Inari's messengers. Just look at that handsome grin!
    White Kitsune from Pinterest-dot-co-dot-uk.jpg
    (Image credit: Blizzard.com)

    "Here is just a little taste of my world!" (Snowfall reminds me of Dennis Dun, the actor who plays Wang in this clip from Big Trouble in Little China. Wang is the Chinese fellow wearing the brown and black jacket in the semi truck.)

    (Clip 1 of 2) "Big Trouble in Little China"

    (Clip 2 of 2) "Big Trouble In Little China (1986) - Clip: Mortal Kombat (HD)"

    This is my favorite human form! Talk about spiffy, huh?"
    Asian Fellow Smiling on Pinterest.jpg
    (Image credit: Pinterest.com)

    "Thanks for visiting! See you around!"

    Race: Fox Spirit (Kitsune using Fox Spirit R.C.C. from Mystic China, page 54).
    Alignment: Scrupulous (Keep in mind Kitsune do not see morality the same way humans do. Sometimes he leans strongly toward Principled, and other times, Unprincipled).
    Disposition: Depends! Typically he is wise, young-spirited, animated, fun-loving, good-natured, and respectful of all life. On one side (yin), he can be kind-hearted, gentle, and compassionate even with evil creatures. But flip a switch (yang) and he's daring and brave, willing to risk himself while fighting unfairly if it means succeeding toward the greater good. Just don't get him near an open Rift - his curiosity is so great for them he is likely to leap in headfirst! =) I think he is one part Wang Chi and one part Egg Shen (from "Big Trouble in Little China")! =)
    Likes: Fantastic tales, exploring, fresh rice, fried tofu, warm sake, sharing, exercising.
    Dislikes: No rice, burnt tofu, cold sake, self-important people with no compassion.
    Goals: To gain a 4th form (fox + human, preferably cute and chibi-like), to find rare items lost to evil and return them to their proper hosts, to share with others the beauty and majesty of the Megaverse preferably by acting as a tour guide! =)
    Age: 753 years old, give or take a few years (entered the universe during Japan's Feudal age).
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Short, handsome, and extremely fit. Carries himself in a humble, easygoing manner.
    Height (in human form): 5 feet, 0 inches (152 cm).
    Weight (in human form): 98 pounds (44.5 kg)
    Hair: When young, autumn-brown and black. When old, winter-white with medium-sized beard. Fur is white in fox form.
    Eyes: Luminous brown, "nice," with an ageless quality to them.
    Other features: There is a wiry leanness to him. His physique makes it easy to underestimate him. His tattoos (which he often keeps under his robes but within easy touching reach) are true works of art, colorful and breathtaking.

    I.Q. 31 (+16% to all Skills/+8 to Perception)
    M.E. 26 (+6 to Saving Throws vs. psychic attack, +9 vs. insanity)
    M.A. 26 (88% chance to trust or intimidate)
    P.S. 31 (+16 to damage. Supernatural - Inflicts 5d6 S.D.C. on a restrained punch, 4D6 M.D. on a full strength punch, or 1D4x10 M.D. on a power punch (counts as two melee attacks - can carry 1,950 lbs/884 kg and lift 3,900 lbs/17,768 kg. Can hurl maximum carry weight 60 feet. Supernatural Strength above 30 provides 30% lift and carry bonus).
    P.P. 33 (+8 to Strike, Parry, and Dodge. +1 to Initiative)
    P.E. 36 (Supernatural - +36% to Saving Throws vs. coma/death, +8 to Saving Throws vs. Poison, Pain, and Magic)
    P.B. 21 (55% to charm or impress)
    Spd 26 (approximately 18.5 miles/30 kilometers per hour)

    M.D.C.: 228
    P.P.E.: 278
    Chi: 106 in Chi form. 90 (-16) in Fox form. 66 (-40) in Human form.

    I.Q. 31 (30 - Maxed roll in Character Creation) (+1 Voyager)
    M.E. 26 (23 from Dice) (+1 Voyager) (+2 Tai Chi)
    M.A. 26 (21 from Dice) (+3 Voyager) (+2 Tai Chi)
    P.S. 31(19 from Dice) (+1 Acrobatics) (+3 Boxing) (+3 Demon Wrestling) (+2 Gymnastics) (+2 Tumbling) (+1 for reaching 6th level and again at level 6 - See Character Creation)
    P.P. 33 (27 from Dice) (+1 Voyager) (+2 Tai Chi) (+1 Acrobatics) (+1 Gymnastics) (+1 for reaching 3rd level - See Character Creation)
    P.E. 36 (22 from Dice) (+2 Voyager) (+1 Acrobatics) (+3 Demon Wrestling) (+2 Gymnastics) (+4 Marathon) (+1 Running) (+1 Tumbling)
    P.B. 21 (17 from Dice) (+4 from Fox Spirit)
    Spd 27 (12 from Dice) (+6 from Fox Spirit level advancement) (+9 Running)

    Note from Sherwood regarding adding S.D.C. bonuses from Physical skills - "I believe that according to the strict letter of the rules that the answer would be 'no', but the amount of SDC/MDC that we are dealing with is so small I will go ahead and allow you to get the effects of the MDC from the various physical skills."
    M.D.C.: 228 (+42 6th level Voyager M.D.) (+17 for level advancement) (110 from Tattoos; 11 per tattoo above the 6th) (42 from Physical skills - see note above)
    P.P.E.: 278 (+100 Voyager)(+40 [10 per level]) (+6 per every non-Dimensional tattoo[13]) (+10 for every Dimension tattoo[5])
    Chi: 104 (+71 Fox Spirit) (+6 level advancement in Fox) (+15 base Tai Chi)(+12 level advancement in Tai Chi) in Positive Chi form. 88 (-16) in Fox form. 64 (-40) in Human form.

    Combat Math
    Perception +8 (+8 for I.Q. of 16)[+2 when dealing with dimensional anomalies, Rifts, and dimensional travel]
    Initiative +5/+9 (+1 P.P.) (+4 level advancement) [+4 when using Quick Draw]
    Attacks per Round: 6 (+2 Tai Chi) (+3 Fox Spirit) (+1 Boxing)
    Critically hits on a Natural 19 or Higher
    Strike +12 (+8 from P.P.) (+4 level advancement)
    Damage +16 (+12 P.S.) (+4 level advancement)
    Parry +14 (+8 from P.P.) (+3 Tai Chi) (+2 Boxing) (+1 level advancement)
    Dodge +19/+22 (+8 from P.P.) (+3 Fox Spirit) (+2 Voyager) (+3 Tai Chi) (+2 Boxing) (+1 level advancement)[+3 in Fox form]
    Roll +17 (+3 Fox Spirit) (+1 Voyager) (+1 Tai Chi) (+2 Acrobatics) (+1 Boxing) (+1 Demon Wrestling) (+3 Gymnastics) (+2 Tumbling) (+1 level advancement)
    Maintain Balance +10 (+8 from P.P.) (+2 Tai Chi)
    Save vs. Magic +10 (+8 from P.E.) (+1 Voyager) (+1 Dragon Rod)
    Save vs. Pain +14 (+8 from P.E.) (+4 Demon Wrestling) (+1 Dragon Rod) (Pressure Point Control Tactics)
    Bonus to Horror Factor Saving Throws: +2 (+1 Fox Spirit) (+2 Voyager)(+1 Dragon Rod)

    Combat Bonuses
    Perception +8
    Initiative +5 (+9 when using W.P. Quick Draw)
    Attacks per Round: 6
    Strike +12
    Damage +16
    Parry +14
    Dodge +19 (+22 in Fox form)
    Roll +17
    Maintain Balance +10
    Save vs. Magic +10
    Save vs. Pain +14
    Horror Factor Saving Throws +4

Notes to Self:
Added Chibi form picture
Added allowed magical items and their details.
Fixed Dragon Rod description typos
Added standard Voyager gear along with a couple of pictures.
Changed Play Instrument (Guitars) to Play Instrument (Flutes)
Changed Tracking to Demon Wrestling
Added starting credits.
Changed history to reflect lack of Gradicus message (per Sherwood - he is planning on having Snowfall show up in a different way.)
Added Snowfall's commentaries to some of his items and weapons (not only for flavor but to help me learn more about him).
6 Dec 2019
Changed Play Instrument (Flutes) to Performance (Communication skill)
Added Likes and Dislikes.
Changed scarf to red.
Changed fur to white.
Added Dennis Dun video.
Added Magical Japanese Lunchbox (Sherwood-allowed item that magically creates fresh rice, warm sake, and fried tofu - Shinto offerings at Inari shrines that Snowfall loves)! Wheee!
12 Dec 2019
Added Theme Song
Advanced to 6th level (selected Pressure Point Control Tactics skill, added +1 to P.S.)
Swapped Dimensional Teleport with Energized Dimensional Portal (per Sherwood's approval)
Added S.D.C. bonuses from Physical skills to M.D.C. (per Sherwood's approval)
Added goals and Learnings tab. =)
Changed Theme Song tab to "Media"
Added Fox Village to Media
Added Mantis haiku
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It does for Snowfall - that was precisely the amount of experience points that he needed! 8D

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