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Hiya! My name is Rhea and I’m looking to find a few new rp partners! While I used to roleplay for years, it has been quite some time since I’ve had a decent rp session. Check below for more information about me and the topics/ships I’m interested in roleplaying!

About Me
-My name is Rhea and I am 21 years old!
-My pronouns are She/Her!
-I currently attend college but will be making time for any rp I decide to take on
-I do not rp ships with minors! While my rps may not be inherently NSFW, there may be themes or topics that could come up with ship-related roleplays.
-I am uncomfortable roleplaying inc*st, p*dophilia, and r*pe. If these are a part of a character's background (EX: trauma/fears) that is different. My characters will not be performing these or having these acts inflicted on them.
-Honestly, I don’t label myself as “literate” or “semi-literate”. As long as you are actively trying and going over your replies, I do not mind. I prefer quality over quantity. If you can get what you need across without needing three paragraphs, that’s fine. If you prefer writing to your heart's content, that is also fine. My only pet peeve is single-sentence roleplayers. Sometimes I try to match my partner's lengths, other times I write what I feel is best.
-Discord is my preferred method of communication and rping! I feel setting up a group chat/server is the tidiest way of keeping things on track!
-I do not do cc/oc. I prefer oc/oc or cc/cc.
-I do not yet know how to code/edit on here so apologies in advance for how badly formatted my writing sample is.

I will start off by saying that I really don’t have a big list of available rps.

-Reed900: I have the most experience in roleplaying RK900 (Upgraded Connor) from the Detroit Become Human video game. I prefer his name to be Nines/Conan/or Niles. I can rp as Gavin but have more experience in doing Nines part.

-Taakitz: Okay!! So I adore the Taako x Kravitz ship from The Adventure Zone but don’t exactly have experience in roleplaying as either of them, but I am highly engrossed in fanfiction of them (I’ve read way too much). And for them, I would be just going off whatever my partner would want.

-The Walking Dead: I am SO interested in a zombie apocalypse-type roleplay! I don’t care if this is 1x1 or with a group! I’ve been dying to find a good one.

-Warrior Cats: Group rp on this one!

-Vampire-esque: I have a lovely vampire OC that I’ve been trying to find a good match for. The downside? I have no clue what to do for the plot if I find one.

While I do not have any recent examples of my roleplaying, below is a sample from the background of a character of mine.

A large tree stood before the group of cats. It reached high into the sky where no cat could see. It was the place where those who were chosen came to share tongues with their ancestors. Every clan cat regarded it as “Tall Tree”. Underneath the roots of Tall Tree was a hollow, and in the center lay a thick root that many cats assumed to be the first root. It was common to hear the elders tell stories to kits in the nursery about Tall Tree. Many say it was the first tree to sprout in clan territories and that it supplied life to every creature nearby. Perhaps that is why Starclan chose to share tongues at this exact spot.
All five cats huddled inside the hollow, shaking their pelts free of the rain that clung to them. Embertuft looked around at the group, nodding her head as a signal that she wanted to go first. “Starclan, hear my voice,” she started, “Tonight I bestow upon Lilypaw her full medicine cat name. She has trained under me and learned the ways of the Clan. She has proven her desire to succeed me and I am comfortable leaving Willowclan in her capable paws. She is a trustworthy cat with a passion to serve her fellow clanmates.” Lilypaw trembled as she stood proudly beside her mentor, anxiety gripping her. “Lilypaw. You are a strong and brave-hearted cat. I have no doubt you will serve the clans for many seasons to come. You shall now be known as Lilyshine!”
All of the cats cheered her name and eventually, the hollow became silent. Berrystorm neared the main root, gazing at it carefully. The storm outside raged on, not getting any worse, but not getting any better either. He could feel the atmosphere was tense as each cat waited for a sign.
“Lilyshine do not fret. I have no doubt that Starclan will accept you. There may not be a physical sign but you will share dreams with them tonight. Fernclan honors this naming ceremony.”
“As does Marshclan,” huffed Troutleap, the cold seeming to finally get to him. “Let us begin before the weather gets worse. We cannot afford to stay here all night.”
Each cat laid down, their noses touching the main root of the tree. As each cat closed their eyes, the rain softened and the sound carried them to sleep.


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