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Just after the fall of Umbrella, agents from the BSAA, Terrasave, and other parties were all trying to diminish the sell of bioweapons to terrorists. However, more companies keep popping up and trying to steal Umbrella's Information. These companies do not care on who gets caught in the middle whether it is an innocent civilian, a war stricken soldier, or anyone. How would you respond? Would you help the companies succeed or stop them from getting any close to other viruses?


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Somewhere, hidden underneath a NexCorp research facility

[Subject 20% infected]

"What-what did you do to me?"

[Subject 37% infected]

"Let me out of here! I know you can hear me!"

[Subject 56% infected]

"Argh, the pain! Dammit, what the hell did put into me?"

[Subject 89% infected]

"Aaaah! AArrrgh! Arr! HELP ME, DAMMIT!"

[Subject 100% infected]

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Ember was working at the reception desk, currently taking a call for a meeting. When she finished, she immediately turns her attention to the people in front of her desk to help them out. It was the same old type of day. However, she was curious on what the company did on the floors that she could not access. As she finished helping the group, she goes ahead and takes her lunch. While at lunch, she overhears a couple coworkers whispering to each other about an experiment that they were working on. She decided not to pay any mind to it for now. After lunch, she goes back to her desk and continues to work.

Allyanna was getting ready to take out an Umbrella-like facility. She was hunkered down in a run down building checking out the research company. She would be prepared to take them out the next day. She felt that anyone who worked for any such companies, were all guilty of aiding the enemy. She glared her blue eyes towards the building as she watched people working including a young female receptionist. Slightly, she heard everything going on including more creatures being made that caused her to grimace. She was the only other successful tyrant that did not have any mutation involved, besides her eyes when she was angered.


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Dr. Harold Desmond - Chief researcher

Harold turned away from the screen, showing the test subject, now turned into a zombie.

"Eliminate the subject and bring me samples of its blood," he ordered his assistant. The assistant quickly replied and got to work.

Harold enjoyed his new work. After the downfall of Umbrella, he sold himself, his knowledge and the samples he took to NexCorp. No longer with a mediocre researcher position, but as the Chief Researcher of this facility. Everything turned out fine for him.

"Here are the samples, sir." The assistant handed him a few test tubes. "Good. Collect the reports of the other experiments and send them to me. I will be in my office."
Harold headed into his office, which doubled as his own research lab. There he placed one of the tubes into a machine with two other tubes already in it and activated it.
"The antivirus should soon be ready."

As he retrieved a syringe and a few other tubes, Harold thought of all the different possibilities of his work. He could change the world, cure diseases, discover immortality, or doom us all. Oh well, ethic dilemmas have to wait. His computer made a "ping" noise, as the reports came in. Harold sat down and read them all carefully.
"The T-103 project is coming along nicely. In a few months, we should have perfected the cloning process. Some problems with the control parasites, but that should be no major issue."

After he finished most of the reports, a loud noise broke his concentration. The machine was finished. He retrieved the result and lay it down next to the other vials. After Harold was done with the reports, he placed the different tubes into a mixer. One of the tubes was labeled "Sample of Albert Wesker's blood". "Good that I managed to successfully replicate that one," he thought to himself as he began punching numbers into the mixer.

After a few short minutes, Harold filled the result into the syringe and shook it a little. With a "This is it" and pearls of sweat on his forehead, he injected the syringe into his left forearm.
Harold put the empty syringe away and waited for a few anxious minutes. After he calmed down and nothing happened, Harold seemed to be content with the result.

"Phase one complete!"
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Ember was still working diligently at the desk.

Allyanna used her speed to get into the building, no one being able to see her. She is in one of the research labs trying to find information about the company to put a stop to it. Grabbing a folder, she reads that it is called NexCorp and rolled her eyes at the name. Right now that was all she found. I'm going to have to go deeper if I want to actually see what's going on. This part up here is all legal stuff, but it's when you get down below that the interesting things are happening. Silently making her way to an elevator, she realizes that a keycard is needed and cursed. Quickly moving to another empty room to not get caught, she thinks of what she could do. Eyeing the elevator, she realizes that there is a scientist heading towards it. Quickly engaging the scientist and hiding him, she grabs his keycard and realized it was of a high clearance, ' Much better, lets go see what kind of skeletons are in the closet.' She makes her way back to the elevator and makes her way down to the deeper levels. Going on guard, she pulls out her gun and eyed the area. Despite it being dark in certain areas, she could still see well enough through it to get around. Hearing the sounds of the dead made her growl, 'Of course they are still working on making those creatures.' Walking around carefully, she sees a lone scientist in a room, but decided not to engage him. Seeing him inject himself, caused her eyes to widened, 'You freaking idiot. Why would you...' Looking closer at the vial, she sees the name Albert Wesker, "God damnit...." She said a little too loudly.


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Trying to relax after the injection, Harold puts away the vials and the syringe. He was now finished with the reports and phase one of his plan. While Harold was trying to start working, he suddenly heard someone just outside of his office. Not fearing that one of his fellow researchers discovered what he did, looked out the window and searched for the person, but could not find them.
"Who is there?" he calls out, not sure why anyone would want something in this section of the lab.

Not receiving an answer, Harold turned towards the lab portion of his office.
"In a few days, I should be able to initiate phase two."
And with that, he sat down next to a big machine, built into the wall, and begun typing away.


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Allyanna stayed still when he had talked out lout to keep from being found. In case he came out, she hid behind something that was out of his eyesight. She began thinking of the next step to her plan so that she won't get caught. Albeit, she was surprised that the scientist was risking his life to become a tyrant type. Knowing she would have to destroy anything extra that was created so that no one else was able to use it.


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Harold began the calibration process of the large machine in front of him. This would allow him to turn himself into a tyrant without the risks of losing control. And with the addition of the Hypnos T-Type DNA, he would become unstoppable! Harold was very sure of himself. "First Umbrella and now NexCorp. They are all just stepping stones for my own perfection! They can have their bioweapons as if that would matter to me..."

Meanwhile, the mix of Albert Wesker's replicated and modified blood sample and the T-Antivirus began working inside of him. Slowly enhancing his body and strengthening his muscles. The Antivirus ensured safety and the modifications to the blood sample ensured that Harold doesn't need to die for it to work.

He continued his work on the computer while he went through the list of specimens in the lab.
"We have 5 T-103s or Mister Xs as they are called, but only 3 of them are completely functional and controllable. Only one Hypnos T-type, but that should be more than enough. The 11 Zombies and 7 Lickers shouldn't remain in this lab for too long. I think they have served their purpose. I just hope that everything works out..."


Having enough of watching what's going on with the scientist, Allyanna rushes in with her gun raised, "What the absolute hell are you doing? Are you out of your goddamn mind?" Her eyes shown red as she was pissed. "Are you trying to turn yourself into a monster? You are just as bad as everyone else in companies like these." She puts her finger on the gun's trigger and kept it aimed at him. This guy is a lunatic. She pulled out a second gun and aimed it at the machine in the hopes of destroying anymore of the chemical. She realized that she could start another incident and decided to withdraw the second gun.

Ember was still working at the computer. She was almost done going through most of her daily paperwork.


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"I just had to think about it and everything goes to shit. Bloody typical!"

Harold slowly raised his hands.
"I am unarmed," he responded to her threats, only now realizing that she had red eyes.

"Would you look at that! A monster trying to prevent everyone else from turning into one? And I am not going to create monsters, I will create a new and improved humanity. Free from death, disease, and hunger! And you can't stop me. If you shoot, the alarms will be triggered. If you are lucky, a security team will come and gun you down. If you are unlucky, every test subject will be released and you will have created a lot more new monsters. So, what will you do?"

Harold made it very clear that he wasn't going to surrender and stay quiet. As he talked, he moved slowly behind his desk where the button for the alarm is.


Allyanna glared at the scientist, "Same notion as Albert Wesker. You realize that ideology is going to get you killed? What you described to me is what humanity is. I won't let it get taken away from unsuspecting civilians like it was unwillingly taken from me." She was utterly confused on why this man wanted to control humanity and realized that he lost all of his humanity.

Deciding to do what was best, knowing they don't have the weaponry to cause fatal damage to her... unless they aimed for her head, she raced towards him and flipped him onto his back. "You seem to forget what I am, compared to me, you are merely human." Her already daunting red eyes went to a glowing amber as she stared at him. She growled and threw him into the wall, "I don't need a gun to take you out. You realize that?" After she threw him, she began walking his work station to see what he has already worked on. "Yea I am already monster, but at least I still have my humanity. You're an idiot for playing with your life like that. What is the reason? It is worth the risk that you are being presented with?" Instead of just outright killing him as she would usually do, she wanted to understand the mindset behind this decision. When she worked with Wesker, he never told her nor did she understand where his mind would go. Just like in the Spencer Mansion, he seemed crazed for more power. However, he made the mistake of killing her in the process, because now he would have someone who stood a chance against his extra abilities.

What she forgot though was that when she was imprisoned by Umbrella, they had the ability to make her fall in line to their orders. What she doesn't know was that control aspect was taken by NexCorp for when the company found her.
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Mark walked down the hallways of the Pentagon, passing an operation room with multiple support agents communicating with the numerous agents in the field. He then walked into an office with his commanding officer, a higher up in the Anti-Umbrella Division, and sat down at the desk across from him. He dropped some files in front of Mark, and the lieutenant gave them a quick gloss over before looking back up at his CO. "So what's the deal with this, Colonel," Mark inquired as he continued to look at the intel, "what is all this about, NextGen and the T-Virus. I thought most T-Virus samples were eradicated by now."

"Well NexCorp Labs seems to have been able to either obtain their own sample or recreate the T-Virus. You will be working with members of the BSAA to secure and extract the asset at NexCorp. Your secondary objective will be to gather any intelligence you can and eliminate any possible threats. Any other questions?"

"Understood, sir."

The Colonel stood up and shook Mark's hand. "Very good, you'll be leaving at 0100 hours. Review the files, gather your gear and get some rest." Mark left the room and walked around to an armory where he began prepping himself for the mission. He picked up his weapons of choice as well as a couple first aid sprays and at least a couple spare magazines for both his rifle and handgun. Mark didn't know what to expect, but he wasn't going to take any chances. Though after a while of going over his gear, his thoughts drifted off to wondering about the BSAA personnel he would be working with.


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Dr. Angela Dayo held her head in frustration. She was tired of helping develop bio-weapons; it was not her intention to get involved in this wicked business. On top of that, she overheard Dr. Desmond muttering creepily to himself a few days ago, making her wary of his already questionable intentions.

In the lab, she hurried to make a copy of the project files. Although the CD drive was disabled, the newer USB ports were not, so she copied the data onto a flash drive. Her target was the log files; she couldn’t risk the actual project files falling into yet another set of wrong hands, but she also couldn’t delete anything without the administrator password. She could see the containment chambers for the zombies and the row of lickers’ pods through a reinforced glass window. Those monstrosities sent a shiver down her spine; she wanted them dead.

When the download was complete, Angela plucked the flash drive from the port and started heading out of the lab with it in her pocket. Experiments hadn’t been scheduled until later that day but this was her workplace, so she would only have to worry about access showing up on the audit logs and on security footage. She swiped her keycard to exit into the elevator corridor, taking care to look as casual as possible. Luckily, she didn’t have to pass Desmond’s office, so she was oblivious to the confrontation.

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Agent Grant Greer was getting dressed for an uneventful day. He moved to pull on his boots when his cell phone rang. He dropped a boot to snatch the phone off his nightstand and answer it in a timely manner. “Greer speaking,” he stated casually as he continued, the phone wedged between his shoulder and his cheek.

“Grant, it’s Chris,” the familiar, somber voice of his captain spoke. “We received a tip that NexCorp is dabbling with the T-Virus. We’re preparing a dossier now; will you take this one?”

“You know I’ll never turn down a mission, Cap,” Grant then affirmed with his faint Southern drawl. “The T-Virus, though? I thought that chapter was finally done...”

“Yeah, I hoped... I’ll send the dossier to your phone right away. Be careful out there.” The last remark before Captain Redfield hung up was accompanied by a heavy sigh. Grant pitied the man, who seemed so broken after the loss of Captain Jill Valentine.

Setting down his phone, Grant proceeded to finish getting prepared, swapping out a few of his clothing choices for more utilitarian options that fit his upcoming mission. He then opened a case that had been under his bed, revealing his weapons of choice. His phone chimed again, having received a file. He opened it to read the dossier. A US-STRATCOM officer was also being deployed; it appeared they would be working towards a common goal.



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As Allyanna is inspecting the work station, she sees a full description of the Hypnos gene.
"Hypnos gene, developed by Harold Desmond and Vincent Goldman. A modified genetic strand that, when implanted into an organism, would kill the weaker cells through natural selection, leaving only the strongest to keep the organism ongoing and encouraging the reproduction of the better cells."
Other projects present on the screen include:
A calibration device, used for combining chemicals
Input and output of chemicals
Notes on Tyrants
A description of the Tyrant power limiter vest
A chemical mixture designed to suppress mutations and aggressiveness
And a blueprint of a prototype Tyrant restraining device

Harold watched her, as he was lying against the wall and coughing up a small amount of blood.
"...You would never understand my reasons. Cough...But I remember you now. And I envy you. That is why I recreated and perfected the formula that turned Albert and you into superhumans. Cough cough...And I already injected it into myself, you are too late."
With a smile, he pulled a small remote out of the pocket of his lab coat and pressed a button on it. Allyannas glowing amber eyes turned back to her natural red, as the control device took hold on her mind.
"Cough...This will only give me a few minutes, but that is all I need. Pretty handy, huh? Now for your order: Kill all the other scientists and entities hostile to you and you are not allowed to harm me in any way. Now go!"

With mindless devotion, she raises both of her guns and leaves the room. As she does, Harold slowly gets up and walks to his desk. The virus is already at work, regenerating his external and internal injuries.
Now at his desk, he presses the alarm button. Immediately, a loud siren blared out of all speakers and security was alarmed.
"No...That is not enough..." Harold thought to himself and called in additional armed forces as a backup.
He made sure that all the data and the security footage was sent and streamed to NexCorp HQ before he called his personal driver. Harold wanted his escape to go as smooth as possible.

Now increasing his speed, he packed a suitcase with samples of the T-virus, T-antivirus and the T-hypnos strain.
"No need for more of Albert's blood, more would just mean more trouble."
Before he left for the emergency staircase, he released all of the subjects as additional distractions.

Now Harold is on his way to the exit, with his suitcase in hand. He dodged a few zombies and fleeing personnel, but he reached the staircase unharmed.
"Goodbye and go to hell."


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NexCorp Laboratories Report

All subjects have escaped containment.

Bildergebnis für resident evil zombie

11 Zombies (rising)

Bildergebnis für resident evil licker

7 Lickers

Bildergebnis für resident evil t-103

3 T-103s, power limiter, controllable

Bildergebnis für resident evil t-103

2 T-103s, no power limiter, uncontrollable

Bildergebnis für resident evil hypnos tyrant

1 Hypnos T-Type Tyrant

Additional threats:

Allyanna (controlled)

Bildergebnis für resident evil security

Local security forces

Bildergebnis für resident evil security

Armed security backup (incoming)

"All personnel, please be advised that the on-site thermobaric bomb will activate itself in T minus 20 if the situation stays critical!"


Allyanna watched his movements carefully and saw that he pulled out a little remote. She stepped back and tried to shoot it out of his hands before he hit the button. However, she didn't react in time for him to stop and she feels her nonconforming mind shut down. All she heard was his order and she was going to complete it.

After leaving the room, she started her barrage on the remaining unsuspecting scientists. Because of the virus that courses through her system, most of the creatures leave her alone. Despite still being controlled, she is still able to come up with semi- decent plans to carry out her orders. She watched as the creatures rampaged the lab and took out the rest of the scientists for her.

She was extremely careful of all the tyrants that were walking around. Knowing that they will literally shove anything and everything out of their paths. As she walked through the corridors of the building, she keeps an eye out on anymore hostiles.

Ember heard sirens and wails take place through the entire building. Alarmed, she was seeing what was going on. She goes to the security room and looked at the cameras, wondering what was going on. She sees the destruction going on in the labs and bolted it out of the building. She wasn't much of a fighter.


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Angela reached the laboratory entrance just as the alarms sounded. She didn’t understand what was happening but feared she had been discovered. She ran past the security checkpoint she had taken measures to avoid previously, her gun triggering additional alarms on her way through. By then, the security forces were too baffled with the situation in the lab to really investigate her.

The scientist sprinted for the elevator halls and pushed a call button. There was no response. She pressed it again and again, more frantically, all to no avail; the elevators stopped working in emergencies. Gunfire erupted from the labs, making her heart jump. Worse yet was the announcement that the building’s decontamination system was armed and ticking down. There was only one thing Angela could think to do, and that was to start running for the east stairwell.


A BSAA chopper landed at the private airport. Out stepped a single agent, his gun and several magazines exposed by the wind blowing his open jacket to the sides. Everything had been tucked neatly into a low-profile Condor Ronin chest rig. He glanced around before walking away from the chopper, which was winding down.



Allyanna heard the sounds of another scientist and goes to investigate it. She sees a female scientist running from the elevator. Knowing which direction she is running in was towards the closest stairwell, she used her speed to get to the location and waited for the female to arrive. However, before she could attack her, the control breaks. In the midst of the attack, she quickly forces herself in a different direction. "S-Sorry," She was visibly shaky after being controlled. Looking around, the area, she sees multiple beings heading in their direction. Taking both of her guns and aiming them, she looked at the scientist, "Go." Even though I detest the work they do, no one deserves to become one of these creatures. Even if they do deserve it.



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Earlier on

Jack leaned back in his seat inside his eyes roaming over the vast array of TV monitors that were broadcasting live feeds to him inside the Security Command Centre. He sighed blinking before his eyes suddenly zipped, focussing on one in particular that kept on picking up lines of interference for some reason. Standing up he grabbed his radio and spoke into it. "Hey Hank, go check out camera twelve, it seems to be acting up.." He gripped the radio slightly before getting a reply of confirmation.

This tech was state of the art and shouldn't be acting up.. His eyes scanned over the other screens picking up Hank on the feed as his made his way down a corridor. Hank waved up at the camera the screen flickering every now and now. "Status of the cam?" Hank walked under it looking up. He sighed shaking his head. "Just a loose wire by the looks of things, I'll get someone from the MD to fix it up" Jack nodded to himself. "Roger that.." Sitting back down he leaned back into his chair and sighed once more, blinking twice.

A few moments ago
In that single moment of him blinking numerous things happened. His eyes caught sight of a figure wandering the hallway, seemingly a female dressed all in black. He sat bolt right up in his chair watching the screen. "What the.. how the hell did she get there.." From that moment things began to unravel. She charged into the room she was outside of. What happened next was unknown to Jack but she emerged not long after two guns withdrawn and the proceeded to walk off. This was followed my a blaring alarm suddenly going off, lights flashing all over the room. Jack stared at the screens, his eyes flitting to one in particular. It was fixated in a lab below.. one that was now showing the carnage of what was going on.. He looked on in horror and disbelief as his worst nightmare came back to haunt him.. "Racoon City.. all over again.."

Shaking his head, he grabbed what was laying on the desk beside of him. His trusty weapons. A message began broadcasting over the speakers about the on-site thermobaric bomb will activate, should the outbreak not be contained.. He grabbed his radio, bolting from the room sending his on message. "ALL ARMED PERSONAL, PROCEED TO CONTAIN THE OUTBREAK. I REPEAT ALL ARMED PERSONAL REPORT TO THE LOWER LEVELS NOW!


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Upon reaching the eastern stairwell, Angela was greeted by a suspicious woman with two large guns. She immediately shrieked and flinched in surprise. “No, don’t shoot!” she pled, exhaling only when the mystery lady lowered them. “Oh, thank you,” she then wheezed, wasting no time to book it up the stairs past Allyanna. She did, however, glance back once, wondering who that was.

Coming from the floor above the whistleblower was a noise like several people running down the stairs. Angela could hear radio chatter and the metallic clicks of guns cocking, so to avoid another incident, she ducked into the B1 corridor, which was mostly for maintenance supplies and electrical equipment. A squad of well-armed men in black combat gear rushed past a few seconds after she closed the door. Those were the security teams; they intimidated her about as much as Dr. Desmond did. Once they were well below her, she exited and made a beeline for the first floor.

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Allyanna nodded at the woman and watched as she bolted it up the stairs. She fired at the oncoming hostiles coming towards the stairwell. She wasn't going to let any of them up the stairs to stop from a biohazard.

With the gunshots resounding through the halls, it drew a couple tyrants. At first sight, Allyanna cursed under her breath. I really hate these guys. She noticed a team of elite combatants and cursed again. She knew she was going to get bullets shot at her. She was stuck in the middle. God Damnit!!! She used her speed and got behind the tyrants, knowing they would ignore her... she hoped. However, her wish wasn't completed because as soon as she landed, she was immediately grabbed by the T-103 with it's power controlled. Fighting to get out of its grip, she twisted out of its hands. She wrapped her legs around it's neck, twisting her body and brought it to the floor. The impact of hitting the floor from such a height was enough to actually incapacitate her for a few seconds.

The now standing creature was distracted with the oncoming combatants and turned its attention to the group. Breathing heavily, Allyanna took the chance and pulled out her guns. She started firing at the tyrants' backs.



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“Almost at the lobby... just need to reach the lobby,” Angela whined in-between labored, frantic breaths. She made the final climb to the first floor, then swiped her keycard at the door. With a beep and a metallic click, the lock released for her. The lobby was still some ways to the north, all the way at the northeast corner of the building.

“15 MINUTES REMAINING UNTIL DECONTAMINATION!” the automated message blared. ’Thank God, I’m making good time,’ Angela thought as she paused briefly to catch her breath.


When she felt enough time had passed to get away from the tyrants, Allyanna turned around and bolted it to a different stairwell. Using her increased speed helped quite a bit to get from one end to another. She was working her way up quite a few flights of stairs to even get to the main level. Thankfully, she knew the layout of the labs as she had surveillance the area before she broke in. On the way towards the stairs, she took out some of the zombies and lickers that were in her way, leaving most of the tyrants left.

As she went up the stairs, she was taking two or three steps at a time, knowing that she was able to handle it with her stamina. "15 MINUTES REMAINING UNTIL DECONTAMINATION" She heard the automated speaker go off and growled thinking she isn't going to make it in time. When she was about to reach another level, she runs into another tyrant who throws her down the flight of stairs. Cursing, she let out an inhuman growl at the tyrant who didn't seem fazed by it. Instead, he walks towards her menacingly. Pulling out her guns, she started firing as there wasn't much she could do in such a tight space. When her guns weren't doing the trick, she used the wall to jump off of and landed back on the flight of stairs she was. Which was thankfully on the other side of the tyrant. Flipping off the tyrant, she took off running again with it right on her heels. Before she could make it to the last flight, she was grabbed by her pony tail and thrown into the opposite wall. Knowing it was the tyrant, she picked herself up immediately.

Growling, she decided to go the opposite direction, away from tyrant. She was going to double check all of the bodies of the scientists that were downed. Specifically ones that she had a hand in killing. When she was able to find a card on one of them, she started to make her way to the security room. As she turned around though, she was cornered by the tyrant. In frustration, she yelled "Get the hell out of way you big ugly fuck." She flipped over it and ran. When she made it to the security room, there were only a couple minutes remaining as she slid the card through and deactivated the code. Breathing out a sigh in relief, she let her guard down for a second, before the same tyrant that has been chasing after busts in. She, then, decided to take the thing head on. She couldn't understand why this one was so hellbent on chasing after her. Normally, they weren't even able to sense when she was near. Growling and leaping up to its shoulders, she quickly brought it down to the ground before shoving her first into its head. It wasn't getting up again after that and she kicked it as she got up, "There, you can't chase me anymore you big ass fucker."
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When Angela continued moving, she only walked, as she assumed she was safe. That couldn't be any further from the case. The floor beneath her shook until it ruptured, forcing her to shield herself from the dust and debris being kicked up mere feet from her. When she looked up, she saw a sight that would be burned into her memory. There stood one of the uncontrolled T-103s, who had plowed through the ceilings of multiple levels to kill her. The lumbering creature made its way closer, eliciting a scream from the researcher.

Angela retreated back into the first floor offices, weaving among the cubicles with the Tyrant following close behind. It wasn't playing games, so it simply smashed through a block of cubicles to reach her. She drew her gun to defend herself. Knowing its heart was a massive weakpoint, she aimed there and fired a shot carefully with minimal effect. Its powerful arm then lashed out and swung over her head as she ducked with a yelp. Angela wasn't a shining example of physical fitness grace, so she fell and tumbled. It stood over her, its stern gaze fixed upon her. Wailing in terror, she pointed the pistol upward and fired, emptying her magazine into the tyrant's chest. The bullets tearing into its heart stunned it, sending it reeling backwards.

Only a brief moment was bought, as the organ repaired itself rapidly before her eyes, indicating it was high time to run before the creature could give chase again. Angela fled the offices, adrenaline keeping her going all through the building. She made it to the lobby in record time, with roughly ten minutes remaining. She checked around the reception desks for signs of life, but there were only handwritten memos and to-do lists. The security desk was also devoid of life but a bit more rewarding to check, as there was a box tucked away beneath a monitor displaying the front entrance. Inside was a tray with nine 9mm pistol cartridges, which she loaded into her only magazine with an unsteady hand. The alarms ceased towards the end of the process; someone had apparently canceled the thermobaric bomb detonation, which was more horrifying than relieving. This place needed to go up in flames.

With her reloaded gun concealed, Angela walked out through the front entrance. Police cars were parked outside, likely responding to calls or alarms pulled. A helicopter flew overhead and landed on the roof of the building, clearly a bad omen.

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Grant searched around for his STRATCOM partner. Was he early? Regardless, it would be unwise to rush into this situation alone. He straightened up his jacket and checked his fingerless gloves for strings, simple actions to pass the time. He then checked his watch to confirm the time. 'Any moment now...'


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