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Jack nodded. "Well I mean the weaker ones sure they'll fall down pretty easy but it's just the sheer number of them all. There could be hundreds of workers down there all infected, the odd licker too. The tyrants are all gone but who knows what else could be down there lurking in the shadows. I might be head of security here but there's probably things here even I didn't know about that could be hidden away. Sure Allyanna and I can take care of most things but you never know.. although.." Jack suddenly remember his squad was at the entrance lift for his floor, along with probably more backup by now. "We may have reinforcements around by now.. all by the lift... so we'd have a large group in total." Jack grinned and then nodded following Allyanna chuckling lightly. He noticed Allyanna checking her gun. "We can swing by the armoury if we need to stock up. It's pretty close to the lift actually."

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"That's true, between you and I we could take most of them out. Even with a large number of them, it isn't that hard though. Unless you cause noise, they are easy to take out and won't overwhelm you as long as we use stealth. How is your team with keeping things quiet?" Allyanna stands from her spot from helping Grant, before turning completely towards Jack, "Like how you didn't know your head scientist was just as crazy as Wesker?" She wasn't trying to be mean, but she is a smartass. "Or how I was able to get in?"

She goes to walk forward a little bit, "Let's head to the armory first and stock up. I can't be the only one who is out or almost out." She looks over at Mark, "You coming with us? You are really silent over there."

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