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Multiple Settings ~ * realistic/slice of life/video games * 1x1 search - m//, m/f, f//! ~


always dreaming...
hey i'm kimber!, let's write


m/f, m//, f//
can double
lazy-lit (min 2 para, sometimes more, it depends)
love slow-burn/angst
rl fc / illu fc are both fine
threads or pms are okay
i'd prefer to stay on rpnation!

witch hunter x witch
pirate x stowaway/prisoner
captain x stowaway/prisoner
captain/pirate x pirate
vampire x slayer
werewolf x slayer
slayer x slayer
witch x witch
demon x angel
model x photographer
private investigator x cheating wife/husband
journalist x detective
ghost x mortal
ghost x ghost
house-spouse x neighbor
barista x customer
bartender x customer
receptionist x boss
receptionist x office staff
college roommates
zombie/nuclear apocalypse
arranged marriage
servant x servant
servant x master
shifter x human
fairy x human
elf x human
elf x elf
cyborg/android x creator
assassin x target
assassin x assassin
detective x detective
neighbor x neighbor
lost/disconnected childhood friends
professor x student
professor x professor
teacher x teacher
principal x teacher

fallout series
traveler x trader
ncr ranger x gang member
traveler x mercenary
raider x raider
vault dweller x vault dweller
ghoul x smoothskin
ncr ranger x ghoul
gang member x undercover bounty hunter

elder scrolls
bard x traveler
thief x bounty hunter
innkeep x traveler
servant x jarl
thief x thief
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Your leading Pokémon expert
Would you be interested in a bad boy x good girl / rich girl or a demon x human. I have a plot for the demon x human


A Disproportionately Dysfunctional Disappointment
I'd be interested in a lot of these pairings, so I'm really flexible if you have one you're craving. I'd also like to do FxF if that works with you.

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