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  • April was almost the death of me so I'm sorry for y e e t i n g on life but I'm doing my best to come back, don't be afraid to message me multiple times my memory is the worst.
    Life has gotten super hellish lately and I'm struggling. If I've seemingly "abandoned" any roleplays just give me a couple more days and if I don't respond by.. lets say, Sunday, feel free to remind me.
    I told myself I'd never be the RpN User who uses the same real world faceclaim over and over but I literally cannot help it. For as long as I play the gay bad girl, Lynn Gunn will be my faceclaim.
    I realized today the majority of my character's names start with A. I've been trying to change that up. So I think from now on, every gay character I make is gonna be named "Lauren." I dunno why, but there's a ton of gay Lauren's in tv.
    KDramas are just so damn dramatic. I recently watched one where they didn't do the tropes of the OTP breaking up and getting back together, they were a stable and trusting couple. X3
    That's... shocking actually XD
    No kidding. Everytime I'm ready for some massive drama over a misunderstanding because of some antagonist they were like "Nope, totally trust and support them." Leaving me flabbergasted, lol.
    To my ex girlfriend who's trying to get back together with me after cheating on me (bc her bf broke up with her)... fuck you.
    I'm lurking through all of the interest checks and 1x1 searches yet nothing catches my interest. But I'm too unmotivated to make my own interest check or 1x1 search so I'll just suffer
    I thought about wishing you a happy new year, but I guess It wouldn’t be good to say that. Sorry you are in the hospital and hope you get better.
    Really wanna find a roleplay group I can hop into, but after not roleplaying for almost a year, I’m really self conscious about asking to join anything.
    Omygoddddd I'm so sorry I vanished. 2018 was literal hell for me, so I'm finally back. Definitely rusty, so I may need some basic rps to get me going.
    I’ve come for my bribe of cheese,
    I’d also accept yogurt if that puts you at ease
    You best not give up
    I want blueberries by the cup
    I want to be rewarded for adding to your awesome flow
    An anxious emo bisexual potato from hell that I’m glad to know
    But still you offered cheese... and I have this baseball bat,
    Give me cheese or I will hit you with this baseball bat.
    I see people rhyme
    so just give it time
    I may not have skill
    But at least I can kill

    These trendy poems
    I like cheese
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    Flowiest D
    Flowiest D
    Cheese indeed, is the best thing you can get from a cow
    A goat, and any other vegan fool food now
    Cheese on toast cheese by itself, I would not be fussed if cheese was currency or wealth.
    For without cheese I would become a Flowiest ghost,
    Cheese on my hamburger is what I like the most.
    You perfected my ruined flows yo!
    I'm trying to kill these poetic vibes
    So perhaps I give you cheese as a bribe?
    I've been forced onto a gluten free diet and I'm one freaking rice cake away from stabbing someone.
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