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Fandom Rare Ships Search! [mostly CCxCC, mostly MxM]


Roleplay Availability
Roleplay Type(s)
About Me
✦ Nonbinary (they/them pronouns), 36 years old
✦ I pretty much always write at least 2 paragraphs and often 3-5, and can sometimes go longer, but don't expect a novel every reply
✦ Looking for full prose rather than *script*
✦ Always RP in third person; almost always RP in past tense (but open to present tense!)
✦ I can reply really really fast but don't expect that of you
✦ LOOKING FOR CANON x CANON SHIPS, with like one exception. Also I'm a total sap and definitely want shipping in my RPs, but I'm happy with slow burn as well as with any ratio of shipping to plot tbh.
✦ Also mostly looking for MxM, but there are some nonbinary characters as well! I am also open to trans headcanons and sometimes genderswap, so I am open to changing ships to FxF, MxF, FxNB, NBxNB, etc. that way!
✦ TBH I almost always like aging teenage characters up? Sometimes I am good with high school aged stuff though!
✦ I am happy to play on-site, either in a thread or over DMs!
✦ I also wouldn't mind playing on Discord or Dreamwidth, or even via email! (Google Docs is also possible, but I've never done that before so you'd have to walk me through it to start...)

About You
✦ Please be at least 18. I feel super weird shipping with anyone under 18. Preferably you'd be 21+ even, and I definitely wouldn't feel comfortable with anything even approaching NSFW with anyone under 21.
✦ No one-liners, at least most of the time, but interested in quality over quantity.
✦ RP in third person, past or present tense
✦ Replies at least once a week
✦ I love OOC chatting (particularly over Discord, but PMs or emails would also be fun!), but it doesn't have to be about personal stuff! Chatting about the RP and figuring out what we want to do with it is also great.
✦ Please say something instead of just ghosting, but I won't hold a grudge if you do, either. No hard feelings if things don't work out or if you want to try something else/try again later.

(For all of these, characters in bold will be the ones I'm looking for you to play! Characters that are italicized are ones either of us could play.)
Music Meister (Batman: The Brave and the Bold)/Ragdoll II aka Peter Merkel Jr. (DC Comics)
Hiruma Youichi (Eyeshield 21)/Saburo Mutsumi (Keroro Gunso)
Hiruma Youichi (Eyeshield 21)/Ootori Kyouya (Ouran High School Host Club)
Tri-Klops (He-Man and the Masters of the Universe 2002)/Rath (Mummies Alive!)
• Saburo Mutsumi (Keroro Gunso)/Donatello (Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
Kururu (Keroro Gunso)/Saburo Mutsumi (Keroro Gunso)/Donatello (Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
• Dororo (Keroro Gunso)/Prowl (Transformers Animated)
Keroro Gunso
• Dororo/Kururu (but tbh it's a slight enough preference that I'd play either)
Kururu/Saburo Mutsumi
• (Honestly I could also OT3 them and we could play that by ear wrt who plays who...)
Disney's Hercules
• Hermes/Loki (yes, the one from that one episode of the cartoon series!)
• Hermes/Philoctetes

Mummies Alive!
• Rath/Scarab
Milton Huxley/OC
Milton Huxley/Rath

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power
• Double Trouble/Wrong Hordak

Sofia the First
• Cedric/Greylock
Greylock/Slickwell (somewhat slight preference, though)
• (I am also open to a poly OT4 with all four of them tbh!)

• Nightshade (EarthSpark)/Tarantulas (EarthSpark) (with Nightshade definitely being an adult, they do not read as a child to me)
Medix (Rescue Bots Academy)/Wedge (Rescue Bots Academy) (with both probably being adults; high school is not out of the question if you prefer but the Academy feels like college to me)
• Nightshade (Transformers: EarthSpark)/Medix (Transformers: Rescue Bots Academy) (again, probably with both being adults unless an AU)
Vampire Cleanup Department
• Yeung Chung/Yip Chi Chau
Balan Wonderworld
Balan/Lance (I do not see them as related or parts of the same person! also my preference for playing Lance is slight enough that I'd play as either)
Attilio Caccini/Haoyu Chang
• Cal Suresh/Jose Gallard
• (I have more minor pairings I'm into here as well, such as Cass/Yuri; Iben/Sana, Eis/Sana, or even Eis/Iben/Sana; Fiona/Iben; Bruce/Cal; and potentially others, but I'm unsure about whether a roleplay focused entirely on solely them would hold my interest. I'd love to play them as secondary pairings, though!)

The Nameless Game & The Nameless Game: Eye
Kawagoe/Ooyama Houki
The Last Halloween
Eugene Otto/Robert
Doctor Fugue/Robert

Interests You Don't Gotta Be Into
✦ Once again: Trans headcanons. I have them! Totally not obligatory on either end, but if you're into it, I'm into it.
✦ AUs. I usually have at least canon divergence AUs that I like for canons, but sometimes I am also into "full AUs" like genderswap, roleswap, high school or college AU, etc. If you also sometimes like AUs, we can chat about it!

Message me directly or reply here if you're interested or have any questions! I'll be happy to share my Discord (or email, or link to a Dreamwidth community, etc.) privately!
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(I'm not married to any of these ideas; if you have some of your own, or want to build off of these, feel free to share! I just want to give a few little plot ideas for each ship to show some things I've been thinking about them. I usually have more, even, so feel free to ask! Any section that isn't finished will be marked with an asterisk!)
Music Meister (BATB)/Ragdoll II (DC)
  • Music Meister winds up as a new member of the Secret Six; Ragdoll is friendly, flirty, and really weird in his usual way from the word go, and the two actually end up bonding. Could be plot-heavy! (I am also open to a whole new Secret Six team being assembled, with each of us playing 3-4 characters we like, so long as these two get the main focus!)
  • Ragdoll meets Music Meister in Arkham after the Secret Six get arrested, slips his straitjacket and helps Meister out of the collar they use to nullify his hypnotic voice. Jailbreak ensues. Could go anywhere, plotty or not, after the escape.
  • The two meet due to a mutual friend! Maybe they all meet up at a bar for casual drinks, or maybe said friend is getting married and they're helping plan/prepare parts of the surrounding events? Could just be casual or introduce some plot.
  • The Six, or just Ragdoll, happen to be doing a job at a place Music Meister happens to pick for his next crime. Meister notices Ragdoll during the musical number that takes place partly because of his voice (which is unique due to him basically being a castrato) but mostly because of his triple-jointedness making his movements super unusual. Ragdoll for his part really enjoyed the hypnotism and the whimsical nature of the whole thing, and is intrigued by Meister due to that. Could turn plotty or just mostly low-key.
  • Some sort of late high school or even early university AU. Meister's school has a drama club that's holding auditions for some musical, and Ragdoll, who is almost entirely being schooled by his father's cult, nonetheless shows up to try out. The two start hanging out because of it. Lends itself well to a plot involving their hopes and dreams for life and also cult escape/deprogramming stuff, but could also eventually lead to crime!
Hiruma Youichi (ES21)/Saburo Mutsumi (KG)
  • Hiruma's class (or the Deimon Devil Bats!) and Saburo's class happen to have a trip to the same location at the same time. Some weird alien shit goes down and Hiruma gets caught up in it, with Saburo jumping in because Of Course He Does, putting them on each others' radar.
  • Alternately, Hiruma sees Saburo do something that makes him think Saburo is either a great potential addition to the Devil Bats (handwaving that they both go to Deimon? or Hiruma just deciding it's not a problem that Saburo goes to an entirely different school lol) or a potential rival. Investigating him (potentially for blackmail purposes) makes it clearer and clearer, though, that something is WEIRD about this guy...
  • An AU where alien stuff isn't real; maybe Saburo goes to Deimon, maybe he still goes to Kissho, but either way at some point he meets Hiruma... and basically decides that Hiruma is the first interesting person he's ever met and that he needs to bother him until they're friends.
  • Alternate AU where when the Platoon arrives, one of the Keronians winds up with Hiruma (or one of the other Devil Bats, preferably Sena, Mamori, Kurita, or Musashi!) rather than who they do in canon, or there's a sixth Keronian who's now part of the Keroro Platoon in this AU (an OC? Pururu?) who does.
  • Hiruma wants to use the radio station where 623 happens to work for some reason, and they run into each other while he's strongarming, sneaking, or blackmailing his way inside! This is my least fleshed-out idea, but I feel like it'd be fun.
  • Competing bands AU where the Devil Bats are instead a rock group (or something like that), the Keroro girls are a pop/idol group (as they sometimes are), and Saburo is involved in the radio business (so no different from canon there).
  • AU where the Devil Bats are a super sentai team and the main human characters from Keroro (maybe including Mois and Alisa?) are magical girls and boys, with the Keronians instead being their magical mascots?
  • I have so many ideas for soulmate AUs; please ask me about them if you're interested!
  • I am also always particularly interested in genderswap AUs for Keroro Gunso stuff -- whether or not Eyeshield 21 stuff is genderswapped too!
Hiruma Youichi (ES21)/Ootori Kyouya (OHSHC)
  • Some situation where Deimon and Ouran are close enough to one another that the schools wind up interacting! Maybe one of their gyms or classrooms are under renovation and they have to use the other school's for a while, or their classes sometimes go on the same school trips at the same time, or Deimon and Ouran wind up facing each other in a game of football and the Host Club is acting as cheerleaders for the event? And they can meet at least partly by chance that way...
  • Or maybe the two seek each other out once they hear about each other, or after a while of keeping tabs on the other? How would they do so, and to what purposes? Would Hiruma crash into the Host Club room guns drawn, or might Kyouya arrange a meeting to discuss the possibilities of an alliance, or just offer something the Devil Bats need but might not have easy access to as an overture?
  • Alternately, things starting out with a mutual attempt to get something over on the other, with every attempt on both sides completely failing. They're both just that good at evading blackmail, destroying evidence, and never actually being or staying in the other's debt...
  • Or maybe a situation comes about where some of the Host Club actually wind up maneuvered, by Hiruma, into helping the Devil Bats, but at the same time some of the Devil Bats wind up press-ganged into the Host Club thanks to Kyouya, and Hiruma and Kyouya have to figure out how to navigate that situation when the other actually manages to keep them from being able to extricate their teammates/fellow club members?
  • Maybe instead of any high school stuff, both of them just end up going to the same university! Do they share a dormitory or apartment by chance, or wind up in any of the same classes or clubs?
  • Battle of the Bands AU where the Devil Bats are instead a rock group and the Host Club is instead a boyband!
  • AU where the Devil Bats are instead a super sentai team and the Host Club are instead magical boys (or magical girls)!
  • I have so many ideas for soulmate AUs; please ask me about them if you're interested!
  • I am also always particularly interested in genderswap AUs for Ouran stuff -- whether or not Eyeshield 21 stuff is genderswapped too!
Tri-Klops (MOTU 2002)/Rath (Mummies Alive!)
  • MOTU is really good for crossover stuff where characters from one canon need to wind up in the other canon's universe! What if, after Prince Rapses's spirit finally makes its way through the Western Gate and the mummies' jobs are done, instead of going through the Western Gate themselves they somehow wind up on Eternia? (Or just Rath does.) Or what if some magical accident sends some of the Evil Warriors (or just Tri-Klops) into the Mummies Alive! universe, or someone tries to banish them to a prison dimension and they or he winds up in San Francisco instead?
  • If Rath finds himself on Eternia, what if his attempts to approach King Randor backfire? They could easily get the wrong idea about an undead snake-aligned powerful magic user approaching them; might they end up driving him away or capturing him, leading him to actually making an alliance with the Evil Warriors?
  • Alternatively, if Rath winds up on the side of the Masters of the Universe or he (and maybe the mummies as a whole) stay their own unaligned force, maybe he ends up in combat against the Evil Warriors enough times that some banter starts and/or maybe he and Tri-Klops end up dropped into some kind of Enemy Mine situation?
  • I am also open to AUing Rath or the entire Mummies Alive! plot into MOTU.
  • If instead Tri-Klops finds himself in San Francisco, would the Evil Warriors be causing trouble there? Or if he ends up alone, would he end up in some alliance with Scarab? Again, this could give plenty of opportunity for fun combat and banter and/or Enemy Mine stuff. And especially if he's there alone, maybe his alliance with Scarab backfires on him and he winds up helping out the mummies instead?
  • Alternatively, maybe he accidentally falls in with the mummies at the start! If they're helping him, he might have reason to go along and actually help them out some too even if his heart isn't initially in it... Maybe he even ends up softening some, becoming more heroic?
  • I won't lie, for any of the above, if you're open to trans headcanons I am really into Rath realizing she's a trans woman, so that particular journey could be fun to play out! Obviously that's not necessary though.
Saburo Mutsumi (KG)/Donatello (ROTTMNT) | Kururu (KG)/Saburo Mutsumi (KG)/Donatello (ROTTMNT)
  • Open to this being poly or not; Kururu doesn't need to be involved in the relationship, but can be!
  • Both the Keroro cast and the turtles could be traveling for a lot of different reasons, so it'd be easy to have them meet in Japan due to the Hamato clan or some trouble from the Foot Clan, in New York City due to a school trip or something to do with the yokai there, or in some third place entirely due to vacation or Plot. This could end up being, well, plotty, or very casual, or something with elements of both!
  • When the turtles meet the Keronians, they assume they're yokai or mutants, and probably assume that things like Mutsumi's reality pen are magic! And/or, when the Keronians or even their human friends meet the turtles, they assume they're aliens. Do these assumptions lead to fights, maybe if they think the others are dangerous or "competition"?
  • Alternately, when the turtles meet the platoon, Keroro gets it into his head that they need to take them under their wing and become mentors: Himself with Leonardo, Giroro with Raphael, Tamama with Michaelangeo, and Kururu with Donatello. (He forgets Dororo. Maybe Dororo can act as a general ninja mentor, bond with Splinter, or end up teaching April some things?) Kururu is probably not a great mentor at least at first, but he could definitely be a way for Donatello to meet Mutsumi!
  • First meeting idea: Trouble is happening somewhere and when the turtles take the tank out to get there, Mutsumi spots it, thinks "this is awesome!" and... decides to chase after it on his motorcycle. At first the turtles understandably assume this guy chasing them down is trouble...
  • Or maybe Donatello and Mutsumi meet online? Maybe they both play online games, or maybe they're fans of each other on YouTube, or maybe they just wind up members of the same message board or Discord community or other place where people chat about stuff on the Internet. (Maybe Kururu's on there too!)
  • Mutsumi getting turned into a mutant due to an Oozesquito! This could be temporary with some finagling or (as in ROTTMNT) permanent, and he would probably have some fun with it!
  • If Kururu/Mutsumi/Donatello, maybe Donatello first meets Kururuko -- who is totally his type because she's cute and mean -- and then finds out the alien stuff after!
  • I am also always particularly interested in genderswap AUs for Keroro Gunso stuff -- whether or not TMNT stuff is genderswapped too!
Dororo (KG)/Prowl (TFA)
  • This could be fun as either the sort of crossover where both canons take place in the same universe, or a crossover where some characters from one canon wind up in the universe of the other canon!
  • If they're from the same universe, maybe Cybertronians and Keronians have heard horror stories about how terrible the other group is, so go into any first meetings with entirely the wrong idea!
  • When the Keronians learn about the Cybertronians on Earth they assume they're also invading aliens, and either decide they need to go after the competition or protect Earth from this "threat." Dororo might not even be involved in this, depending on the scenario, but if that's how the Keroro Platoon and Optimus's team first meet, that could make first impressions pretty awkward!
  • Their first meeting involves one of them (either alone or their group) running into trouble and the other jumping in to help, or one of them being injured and found and helped by the other! This one's a more vague idea but I love it.
  • Dororo and Prowl happen to meet by chance out just appreciating nature. At first it's totally by chance, but after a few such meetings, maybe they start to go out of their way to see each other again...
  • Or for a variation with quicker stakes, maybe they meet by chance once and bond a bit, but never expect to see each other again -- and yet, then one of them winds up needing the other's help!
  • I have so many ideas for soulmate AUs; please ask me about them if you're interested!
  • I am also completely open to an "alignment swap" AU (Optimus's team originally came to invade Earth before meeting Sari and getting sidetracked, while Keroro's group landed on Earth accidentally and have been trying to protect it since) or even a full species swap AU (where the Cybertronians have always been Keronians instead, and vice-versa)!
  • I am also always particularly interested in genderswap AUs for Keroro Gunso stuff -- whether or not Transformers stuff is genderswapped too!
  • (Note: I am gonna use "he" for Lance and "they" for Balan in these, just to differentiate them, but I vaguely think of both of them as they/he nonbinary; I am open to various takes on them, however! They/them? He/him? Any pronouns nonbinary? Sure!)
  • I am open to so many takes on Balan and Lance, but I particularly love leaning into the idea that a)Lance was the Maestro alone before Wonderworld itself created Balan as either a replacement or backup, and b)the pressures of being the Maestro alone got to Lance and made it impossible for him to keep doing the job the way he had been. I also love takes that lean into the fact that everything we see in Wonderworld is a theatrical performance, even musical theater...
  • For a take that's more "Lance is the legitimate antagonist," we could play with a scenario where the pressure on Lance re: doing everything himself mixed with the loneliness of everyone constantly leaving corrupted him the way he wound up helping corrupt the Nega Bosses. In this he is corrupting Wonderworld's visitors because he honestly does think it's helping them see and embrace the truth of the situation, but the truth is he's badly depressed and that's harming his own outlook. Maybe post-canon, Balan goes to try to help him -- themself, not seeking any help? Or maybe Lance saves them from something, showing Balan that there's truly more there than just someone antagonistic?
  • Or as an alternative, a take that's more on the "Wonderworld is a theater" side of things! Maybe Balan was created both to help take some of the burden off Lance, and to cover the positivity half of things because Lance is not in a place where he can really do that anymore. In this case, Lance plays the antagonist, but it's a necessary role in each visitor's "play." He needs to be fought through and defeated, with Balan's help, for people to work through their fears and inner darkness. And while he has a different outlook and approach from them, he and Balan get along a good deal better when the curtain isn't up... So we could have them interacting directly post-canon after the humans left, or maybe preparing for new people/a new person coming in!
Attilio Caccini/Haoyu Chang
  • I just want postcanon stuff for the humans in this game! We could easily play with just these two, maybe with some appearances by Cass or something, but if you wanted to play the entire group of 12-14 interacting we could each NPC some characters or something. That could be really fun!
  • My main idea does consist of the various characters trying to find one another after leaving Wonderworld. The problem is that they didn't all come from the same year! Cass, Bruce, Cal, and Lucy left Wonderworld around ten years before Iben, Sana, Eis, and Attilio did; Haoyu, Jose, Yuri, and Fiona's time period might be the same as the ten-years-earlier group, though I like to think they're right between the two (so around five years). So maybe after Iben, Sana, and Eis meet Attilio and Cass by chance, and Cass is able to introduce them to at least Bruce, they decide they all want to make a greater effort to search out the others...
  • I am also open to Haoyu and Attilio meeting by chance if Haoyu ever visits the amusement park where Attilio works! Maybe since Attilio's fully in costume, he recognized Haoyu, even a bit older, and decides he has to take the chance to say hello because Haoyu might never come back?
  • Or maybe Haoyu uses his plane to run a delivery service, and he meets Attilio by chance when someone tasks him to deliver something to him, or to Cass, or to the park?
  • A scenario where, as well as being separated by time, the three sets of characters are also separated by location, with [Bruce, Cal, and Lucy], [Haoyu, Jose, Yuri, and Fiona], and [Iben, Sana, Eis, Attilio, and Cass] being in three different countries... Or maybe an AU where they're all living all over the place! In either case, they try to find the other people they saw at the end of their whole Wonderworld experience online, and decide to keep in touch with one another via things like email, Discord, Skype, etc. Basically, a scenario where Attilio and Haoyu (as well as any others) become internet friends/penpals!
  • I can interpret Attilio two different ways and it depends on if you're into trans headcanons! On the one hand, maybe things simply never turned romantic or didn't work out romantically between him and Cass, but they're good friends. On the other hand, however, I can easily interpret Attilio as a trans woman, only just beginning to realize that she felt more "I want to be like her" than "I want to be with her" about Cass, and having more reasons for becoming Princess Marey as a Nega Boss than she knew. Attilio discovering and exploring that part of herself while interacting with Haoyu and the others could be compelling!
  • I am open to so many AUs if you're interested! Fantasy world AU? Pokemon AU? Soulmate AU? Magical girl/magical soldier AU? So much could be done with alternate universe stuff; just ask me and we can figure stuff out because I have a lot of vague but very fun potential ideas!
Cal Suresh/Jose Gallard
  • I just want postcanon stuff for the humans in this game! We could easily play with just these two, maybe with some appearances by Yuri or something, but if you wanted to play the entire group of 12-14 interacting we could each NPC some characters or something. That could be really fun!
  • My main idea does consist of the various characters trying to find one another after leaving Wonderworld. The problem is that they didn't all come from the same year! Cass, Bruce, Cal, and Lucy left Wonderworld around ten years before Iben, Sana, Eis, and Attilio did; Haoyu, Jose, Yuri, and Fiona's time period might be the same as the ten-years-earlier group, though I like to think they're right between the two (so around five years). So maybe after Iben, Sana, and Eis meet Attilio and Cass by chance, and Cass is able to introduce them to probably Bruce, Cal, and Lucy, they decide they all want to make a greater effort to search out the others...
  • A scenario where, as well as being separated by time, the three sets of characters are also separated by location, with [Bruce, Cal, and Lucy], [Haoyu, Jose, Yuri, and Fiona], and [Iben, Sana, Eis, Attilio, and Cass] being in three different countries... Or maybe an AU where they're all living all over the place! In either case, they try to find the other people they saw at the end of their whole Wonderworld experience online, and decide to keep in touch with one another via things like email, Discord, Skype, etc. Basically, a scenario where Cal and Jose (as well as any others) become internet friends/penpals!
  • If not any of the above, maybe they meet because Cal becomes a high school teacher and either Yuri or (one of) Jose's kid(s) (if he has any kids) winds up in his class? If the former, Yuri could introduce them because hey, it's another of the people we saw in Wonderworld! And if the latter, single parent/their kid's teacher is a great dynamic...
  • Honestly, just to focus down on these two... I'm really interested in the basic idea of, post-Wonderworld, Cal realizing and/or really exploring that he's gay for the first time in his forties. That sort of late in life realization/experience is super compelling to me. Is Jose divorced and bi? Divorced because he's gay? Never married? A single father, or with no kids? Has he known his own sexuality for a while, is he comfortable with it, or is this the first time he's ever realized he's into another man?
  • I am open to so many AUs if you're interested! Fantasy world AU? Pokemon AU? Soulmate AU? Band AU? So much could be done with alternate universe stuff; just ask me and we can figure stuff out because I have a lot of vague but very fun potential ideas!
  • In Greek mythology, Hermes is more than just the messenger god; he has like a dozen other jobs and aspects to him, including being a trickster god and a psychopomp, and I'd love to play that up in some way! I also love having more sympathy for Hades, either Hades being objectively right, just not objectively worse then Zeus, or Hermes just sympathizing and wanting to help his situation anyway. A few more specific ideas:
  • Leaning into him being a trickster god (and working directly for Zeus so much), maybe Hermes is more on Hades's side, while Hades thinks he's loyal to Zeus! This works especially well taking the prequel cartoon series into account, with things like the episode where Hermes accidentally (or "accidentally") gets Zeus to turn mortal for a while...
  • And/or, leaning into him being a psychopomp! Maybe before the movie Hades didn't involve him much because he didn't trust him... Or maybe Hermes only becomes a psychopomp after the events of the movie. Maybe to subtly make sure Hades is okay? Or to have the freedom to approach him out from under Zeus's watchful eye? Or maybe Zeus assigns Hermes to keep an eye on Hades at first out of mistrust, but Hermes quickly comes to like him/sympathize with him?
  • I'm also happy to just handwave the movie's events and the timing of our RP and do something that nods to a moment in Greek myth while giving it our own flair! Maybe a comedy of errors where Hermes's staff accidentally becomes the symbol associated with medicine, angering a recently-deceased Asclepius?
  • Disney's Descendents-like AUs also welcome (though with this version of Hades rather than the one they used, obviously, and not necessarily with Mal being his kid)! Maybe early on in an Isle of the Lost situation, Hermes is actually working with some other rebels in Auradon to try to bring down the barrier and let the villains free? Since he's the god of travel and boundaries, maybe he can move through the barrier freely without anyone even noticing...
  • Again, I love that Hermes is the god of travel as well as a trickster god in his own right... So I really love the idea that Hermes was also double-dipping, like the Fates/Norns, and actually is Hermod rather than them just looking alike.
  • Maybe "Hermod" tries to hint to Loki that they have more in common than Loki thinks, understanding that whole trickster thing? And/or maybe Loki actually catches him out somehow and agrees not to tell anyone?
  • Honestly, I'd also love an RP where we play out various Norse stuff, in our own way/a Disney-like way, with Hermes secretly playing the part of Hermod, before we get anywhere near Loki finding out who he actually is! Cutting Sif's hair, the bet with Brokkr and Eitri, the situation with the jötunn who built the walls of Asgard, that time Thor and Loki crossdressed for a wedding?
  • In general it would be fun to play out a plot where Hermes tries to figure out a way for Loki to fulfil his prophecy without the world actually ending as a result -- maybe something Loki would prefer as well, since no more world means no more fun?
  • The plots for this are more vague, I know, but while I don't have strong specific ideas I really love all the above and would be happy to brainstorm more!
  • Honestly, anything that combines the Hades/Hermes and Hermes/Loki ideas up there!
  • More specifically, maybe an idea where Hermes stealthily suggests to both Hades and Loki that they work together or switch to each others' targets to accomplish their goals? Or, less stealthy, maybe Hermes actually comes clean to both of them to be the go-between for a dual plan of theirs!
  • This makes more sense with the cartoon series, tbh, and I'd love to do something that's just snippets over time of these two getting closer while Hercules is living with Phil while attending high school and Hermes is basically his weird uncle who keeps dropping in uninvited!
  • Some godly situation comes up pre-movie where Phil has to train Hercules for some sort of challenge and Hermes isn't actually allowed to help, but bends those rules as much as a trickster can?
  • Or if we just take the movie into account... Maybe post-movie Zeus and Hera make an effort to keep in touch with Hercules and Megara, but they do so by sending Hermes with messages (and his own gossip)? And if Herc and Meg still live close to Phil, that'd given those two a chance to interact...
  • Could be combined with the above or its own thing, but... there are some interpretations of the Perseus myth where he and Hermes were a thing. Since Phil trained Perseus, if they were a thing during that training that could make later interactions between Phil and Hermes awkward! (Especially if maybe Perseus was not actually a great guy, if we went with a sympathetic take on Medusa, Hermes lending him his sandles and him using them to try to kill her could have been a breaking point for all three of them...)
  • Like Zeus in one of the series' episodes, maybe Hermes winds up mortal for a time through some accident or concatenation of events, and Phil helps him out!
  • Honestly, I am open to so many AUs for these two it's not even funny. Mundane human AU of the series where Phil is raising Hercules and Hermes is his weird uncle who drops in sometimes unexpectedly? (Or, hell, who's their neighbor or one of Hercules's teachers?) Slightly less mundane but still human AU where Phil adopted Hercules after his previous adoptive parents died and takes him to L.A. to meet his birth parents, who it turns out are incredibly famous movie starts, and Hermes is Hercules's uncle and a famous musician and composer? Steven Universe AU where Hercules takes a similar role to Steven, Phil is currently raising him, and Hermes is a Gem watching over the situation? Hell, give me an ice skater AU where they're both coaches, or a band AU where Phil is Hercules's band's manager and Hermes is a composer, or a Pokémon AU... Anything.
  • Possibly the tropiest of all ideas: Dororo and Kururu wind up stuck somewhere cold enough that they have to huddle for warmth. Either it's dangerous to both of them, or Dororo's fine due to his training and convinces Kururu to let him provide body heat to help him, despite Kururu's discomfort with kindness much less things like snuggling.
  • Another simple tropey idea: One of them winds up hurt or in danger, the other absolutely pulls out all the stops in a ruthless way that gives away just how much they care about the other. This could either be something the rescuer knew and had been keeping more subtle, or it could be a big surprise for both of them that they then have to deal with after everything's calmed down!
  • Rescues and hurt/comfort! I have a few scenarios that could be used for this, like Kururu having to be left behind when the platoon retreats for whatever reason, and Dororo as the ninja and former assassin goes in alone for the extraction, either into a dangerous area or having to evade or deal with enemies. Or maybe Dororo, as he sometimes does, swooping in to save/protect Kururu, but he gets hurt in the process and it shakes Kururu up more than he expected? Or Dororo having to carry Kururu to safety or catching him Dramatically during some combat?
  • Dororo goes back to being Zeroro due to reasons, deaging or mind control, and Kururu actually manages to be the one to fix it -- either using his smarts and an invention of some sort, or actually managing to get through to him in some way the others can't!
  • Both of them have members of the Garuru Platoon that hate them and want revenge! Maybe Tororo tries something against Kururu and Dororo has to help him, or maybe Tororo gets the idea that Kururu cares about Dororo and goes after him and Kururu's infuriated to realize it's working? Maybe Zoruru goes after Dororo and Kururu has to help, or Zoruru goes after Kururu (or even the entire rest of the Platoon) either to get to Dororo or to keep them out of the way, and Dororo does not respond well?
  • Funny scenario where for some reason Dororo has to pretend to be evil... and goes to Kururu for advice, who finds it funny enough that he agrees to help out.
  • Some more quiet moments of them getting closer! Sharing a meal for whatever reason, especially if they cook together or one cooks for the other; Dororo teaching Kururu shogi before the events of the fifth movie; both of them deciding to nope out of a mission for their own reasons and winding up hanging out while it goes on and discussing things while they wait for the chaos to end.
  • SOULMATE AU SOULMATE AU. I have so many ideas for a soulmate AU! Please ask me about this if you're at all interested :D
  • Also really interested in other AUs, such as a human AU/species-swap AU where the Keronians are all humans and the human characters are all Keronians; genderswap AU for either/both/all of them; an entire Musha-Kero AU where they're in a more historic fantasy setting from the get-go! If you have other AU ideas, feel free to suggest 'em!
Kururu/Saburo Mutsumi
  • Episode 229 destroyed me forever; anything set after that episode, especially right after, would be amazing. Does either of them get upset at the other? Do they both avoid talking about what just happened?
  • A simple tropey idea but one that also jumps out after 229 tbh: One of them winds up hurt or in danger, the other absolutely pulls out all the stops in a ruthless way that gives away just how much they care about the other... Or one of them gets hurt protecting the other!
  • Simple and tropey in a lighter way: Kururu teaching Saburo how to resonate. Love that he asked that of him, love that for them.
  • Another lighter simple tropey idea: BODYSWAP. I love the idea of these two swapping bodies either accidentally or on purpose, especially if they pretend to be each other for a while just for kicks!
  • Kururu gets a human form and he and Saburo spend time together while he's in it! It winds up feeling more domestic than either prepared for. Alternatively (or at some other point in the same RP) maybe Saburo ends up in a Keronian body for a while, either purposefully or accidentally?
  • A scenario where one of Kururu's enemies goes after one or both of them and the other has to help out somehow! Tororo jumps immediately to mind, but let's be real, Kururu's probably made a lot of enemies... Or maybe flip it around and have one or some of the Quietians come after one of them for revenge because of Saburo, not Kururu!
  • Kururu finds out that Saburo is (part) alien somehow! I just LOVE that fact from the manga, absolutely adore it, and I wish it had come out at some point in the show. I'd love to set up a scenario where it can be revealed dramatically!
  • AU where Saburo is an angel instead... or a demon... or something in between? I just love those wings.
  • TBH, any AU where Saburo is not human could be fun as hell. Vampire? Kitsune? Other yokai? Actually another invading alien? Ghost? Escaped government experiment? Eldritch horror in human form? Lay it on me.
  • SOULMATE AU SOULMATE AU. I have so many ideas for a soulmate AU! Please ask me about this if you're at all interested :D
  • Also really interested in other AUs, such as a human AU/species-swap AU where the Keronians are all humans and the human characters are all Keronians; one where Mutsumi has also always been a Keronian while Kururu and the others still are, or one where Kururu's always been human while Mutsumi still is; genderswap AU for either/both/all of them; something following the canonically glimpsed space pirate AU; arranged marriage AU, especially if it's due to Mutsumi being raised by 326ans... If you have other AU ideas, feel free to suggest 'em!
  • Finally, if you are open to trans headcanons, I could also really enjoy Gender Exploration stuff! Kururu has Kururuko, and one of the alternate universe versions of Mutsumi seemed to be transfem...
Eugene Otto/Robert
  • THESE TWO DESTROY ME. I could love so many things taking place at various points in their lives:
  • For one option, something set after Gene's graduated high school, when their relationship might be starting to get very complicated. Gene would have been spending time away from Robert but coming back every afternoon, but him going off to college would be a huge change. There's multiple ways we could play with this: Gene actually taking Robert with him, or Gene leaving Robert behind, maybe out of anger if Robert had already frightened off one of Gene's friends or potential romantic partners while he was in high school. So we could play stuff out at the college with Robert in Gene's dorm or apartment, or we could play them reuniting when Gene visits home again (cooled off or still trying to be upset? alone or with a friend, or with someone more than a friend?).
  • I am also happy to play out moments from their lives later on, as Gene is getting older and is maybe both becoming closer to Robert, affected by him in worse ways, and less and less able to break away. (As a note, I love the idea of moments of realization for both of them as to why Gene's worst fear took the form it did, especially when he didn't react with fear to Robert at the start...)
  • On the other end of the scale, I'd also love to play something out that takes place after Robert's death. The idea that monsters also have an afterlife is an interesting one to me, and the possibility of these two being able to meet again and maybe cautiously approach things in a better way this time, after Robert's growth, fixing their relationship and starting anew, could be really sweet and compelling to play out!
  • I am also open to all kinds of AUs! What if the monster apocalypse happened back when Gene was still alive? Alternatively, what if Gene was born later and is a young adult when the monster apocalypse does hit, and/or only meets Robert during/because of it? Or, completely opposite end of the scale, what if Gene's spirit shows up to haunt Robert at some point, upset or yearning or angry? Or if Gene shows up as another kind of undead? Or what if Robert survives or is brought back from the events of canon and somehow winds up needing to contact Gene's spirit through Charon, or Gene contacts him through Charon with important news?
  • Full AUs could also be fun, though I don't have much in mind for them. Still: Soulmate AU where humans and monsters being each others' soulmates is pretty much unheard of, but it happens? Silent Hill AU where Robert is one of Gene's monsters and becomes self-aware? Maybe a bodyswap happens at some point and kick-starts Robert's development when Gene's still alive! Toss whatever ideas you have at me, it could be a blast!
Doctor Fugue/Robert
  • These two, on the other hand, fascinate me, because I truly believe they are undergoing (or have undergone) surprisingly similar journeys wrt character development. I'd really love something -- a plot or even just simple character interactions -- that leans into how these two both lied/held back information in ways that harmed the group and are also both becoming better people who actually feel attached to others and invested in their well-being.
  • Specifically, I'd love anything set post-Book-One where Fugue brings Robert back to life! Maybe Mona asks him to, maybe he's just trying to make good (to Robert or Mona or Shirley or any combination) on his own. Maybe it's because Robert isn't 100% dead, his life force still in Mona's blade, or maybe he is dead and Fugue does one last raise-the-dead for this.
  • That said, I could also love an AU where Robert didn't die during the fight with Ba'al and company! I do not have many specific thoughts for this one, unfortunately, but I am down for seeing how certain events might change because of it.
  • Alternatively, an AU where Fugue starts going through a time loop, going back over and over trying to change how things went down, but even when he's "gotten it right" the loop keeps going; maybe Robert figures out that time is looping and encourages Fugue to let things happen how they did originally... maybe with a fail-safe or two this time?
  • For a more plotty RP that could get longer, maybe combine any of the above with Robert and Fugue going along with Mona on her quest to kill the Phagocyte. (Could destroying the church and taking a piece of it with them allow Fugue to actually leave that place and go with them?)
  • For a totally different idea, maybe something set in a complete AU where it doesn't happen at all. Seeing how these two interact and figuring out how they might reach their character development without canon events, or grow closer without that development, could be very interesting!
  • Look, I just love full AUs. AU where Fugue is the monster and Robert is actually a cursed or haunted doll? Soulmate AU? Heck, bodyswap could go here as well, I am always up for that. If you have any AU ideas, toss them at me, it could be a blast!
  • I can't explain why I like these two as much as I do, I just really love that they actually banter with each other a surprising amount sometimes and adored their team-up in the Sekhmet episode. Plus the fact that they're both super good with magic and acknowledge that the other is too.
  • I keep thinking about a scenario where Scarab decides to try to win Rath over in an attempt to get to Presley, and it... doesn't not work? By which I mean Rath is definitely being charmed despite himself (and despite knowing this is just some plot) but a)Scarab is also being charmed which was not in his plan (or maybe he already was to begin with and didn't want to admit it, hence the plan?) and also b)Rath absolutely will not budge no matter how much tension builds because he absolutely refuses to do anything that might harm Presley or his fellow Guardians. So just a mess of slow-burn UST/romantic tension that both are wayyyy too stubborn to compromise on no matter how in deep they get.
  • I also just absolutely love masquerades, and I feel like this show lends itself well to that sort of plot in the sense that, somehow, these two could definitely attend a masquerade and completely not recognize one another or that the other isn't just a normal human solely due to the costumes and masks. So them clicking super well at the masquerade and somehow finding out at the very end of the night who the other person is -- either both of them finding out or only one of them doing so -- and being like oh crap... That could be a lot of fun!
  • I love when enemies have to work together; like I said, I loved the Sekhmet episode, but I want more! Maybe some other more dangerous enemy targets both of them, maybe someone else is targetting the mummies in a way that would ruin Scarab's plans somehow, maybe someone is threatening Scarab and the Guardians actually feel like they need to step in to help... Maybe some disaster strikes and Rath and Scarab simply find themselves in a dangerous situation where they have to depend on each other to survive.
  • I am also hugely into canon divergence AUs and would love to play something set in the past exploring an alternate timeline where these two got close when they were alive. Would it keep Scarab from enacting his plot, or make him change his plans slightly, or would Rath actually end up helping him, or helping him find a different way to get what he wants?
  • Some full AUs could be really fun. I'm specifically thinking of a soulmate AU (either taking place when they're still alive and diverging from there, or them becoming/finding out they're soulmates only when they've reached the modern day), a magical soulbond scenario, or a vampire AU. Even a modern day vampire/mage AU could be really fun! And if you have any other ideas, hit me up and run them past me!
  • I won't lie, for any plot, if you're open to trans headcanons I am really into Rath realizing she's a trans woman, so that particular journey could be fun to play out! Obviously that's not necessary though.
Milton Huxley/OC
  • I'll admit, this is maybe my most long-shot request, but no joke, I actually love Mr. Huxley as a character. "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Huxley" is one of my favorite episodes legit! More to the point, I've been kicking around the idea for a "reboot"/reimagining of Mummies Alive! and have created some villain OCs for it so that Scarab can have an actual villain team instead of just Heka and Shabtis. So all that said...
  • I have a very particular OC I want to play here. His name is Sayyid; the notes I have for him are: "a sphinx who can take the form of a human man. A transmasc character; in life he was a follower of Shezmu, and he was blessed by the god after his death. Appears to be about in his early thirties; undecided as of yet when and how he died, but he might have died before even Tutankhara was born." He's part of the villain team but not irredeemable; he mostly just likes to have fun, but as a follower of Shezmu and as a sphinx his "fun" can vary: from wine, singing, dancing, and parties to more violent/bloody things. He likes when other people are "fun" and what that means can also vary. He's a flirt, he's graceful, he's stronger than he looks, and he'd be more trouble than he is if he was actually devoted to Scarab's cause, but while he's not disloyal, Scarab also basically understands that Sayyid's gonna be off doing what he feels like doing most of the time. He also has a human form (black, with hair just past his shoulders in tight braids, and yellow eyes) that can look a bit more inhuman at times (can make his eyes slits, even make them glow, and can make his teeth into fangs and/or give himself claws), as well as being able to transform into a large androsphinx (two or three times the size of a human, and basically looks like a big lion with a mostly-human face), an ordinary-sized lion, and maybe even an ordinary-looking cat as well.
  • One of the things I'd love to RP would be an alternate take on the "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Huxley" episode where Sayyid happens to be hanging out at the bar/club that "Milton" goes to, and the situation goes from "dancing" to "bar-fighting" to "let's go paint the town red maybe literally." Sayyid at first would think that Milton is just always this person and would get kind of :/ when he figures out it's a supernatural thing, and would probably go from enabling him to dissatisfied with him being like this just due to a trinket. Weird UST maybe slipping into Sayyid actually growing attached despite himself and despite the situation being not right. Could lead to later "episode" scenarios where Sayyid tries to get to know the actual Mr. Huxley, when Huxley maybe doesn't even remember him (or not fully).
  • But really, any situation that throws these two together would be great? Maybe Sayyid infiltrates parent-teacher night or some event with a chaperone due to some plan of Scarab's. Maybe Huxley's entire science class winds up in trouble in some situation and Huxley isn't even aware at all that there's anything supernatural about things when he bumps into Sayyid. Maybe something takes place after some character development of Sayyid's has him siding with the mummies more and he's actually involved in helping Huxley in some way, even! Anything where Sayyid winds up charmed by this guy who doesn't seem like he'd be his type at all, but he honestly really does like him, even if the circumstances are wild (whether Huxley's aware of that or not), could be really cute and fun!
Milton Huxley/Rath
  • Again, I know this is another long shot! (Though maybe not as much as the OC ship...) I don't even have very strong ideas for these two, I just love that they're both science nerds but in super different ways and that Huxley is, like most other humans, completely unaware of the mummies being mummies but in part because he's actively fooling himself. But for a few starter ideas...
  • The Guardians have acted as chaperones in multiple episodes ("Kid Scarab," "Missing Ja-Kal"), so what about a scenario in which they do so again for some field trip that Huxley is in charge of (or is one of the teachers in charge of)? This could be fun whether they're just in their usual disguises that barely even hide the fact that they're mummies, or if maybe Rath is testing out some magical disguises that make them look alive again! Just giving these two a chance to interact and bond would be interesting to me, though.
  • An alternate scenario in which Huxley does twig to something being wrong/Presley hiding something big, and out of concern he either looks into it or tells Presley's mom and they both look into it. I just think it could be fun to have Huxley actively trying to figure out the truth of what's going on while coming up with rational explanations (at least at first? or the whole time?) the way he does.
  • A scenario where a parent-teacher conference or family event that Presley's mom can't make it to, and for once Ja-Kal can't actually do himself, leads to Rath doing it! Despite the fact that, like, Huxley knows who Presley's mother is. Maybe he thinks Rath is Presley's father, or Rath does the "introduces Rath as his cousin" thing again?
  • Heck, I'd be into a scenario where Rath learns about chess, gets interested in it, and joins the same chess club that Huxley is in!
  • Or one where they just run into each other by chance somewhere? (Shopping trip, the mummies helping out at that one cafe from "Tempting Offer," Rath hanging around the school to speak to or look after Presley...) Just anything that could get them interacting could be fun!
  • I won't lie, for any plot, if you're open to trans headcanons I am really into Rath realizing she's a trans woman, so that particular journey could be fun to play out! Obviously that's not necessary though.
Kawagoe/Ooyama Houki
  • Pre-game stuff! How did these two meet? Was it before they started working at the same university? Did they go on some dates because they had some other things in common and it was nice but suddenly they realized exactly how much they had in common? Or were they both professors there when they realized it? How would they even realize that, when what they have in common is so weird? I'd love to see them meeting, bonding, and growing closer before the events of the game even start, sharing their theories and enthusiasm!
  • Something set after the ending of the second game! Whether it's actually addressing somehow the complete disaster the endings imply, or handwaving a solution and maybe having Kawagoe, Ooyama, and maybe one or both of the games' MCs traveling around investigating or solving other weird stuff.
  • AU where the events of the second game don't happen, so there's not a second curse to deal with, but the MC or someone (maybe Kawagoe himself?) still manages to find the TS with Ooyama in it so they can reunite!
  • AU where Ooyama is stuck as a ghost, but not a Regret, not a dangerous ghost, and he figures out a way to haunt his classroom so he can get Kawagoe's attention and shift over to haunting him specifically. In an affectionate way. Haunting (positive).
  • Various other horror or paranormal AUs could also be really fun! Other types of ghosts or curses? Cults? Vampires? Silent Hill AU? Even a full-fledged fantasy AU? I'd love to put these weirdos into all sorts of situations!
  • An AU where they're college students, maybe combined with any of the above or just as its own thing?
Double Trouble/Wrong Hordak
  • I'll admit, I don't have many strong ideas about these two, but there are some dynamics thoughts I have, and I can toss out a few suggestions of possible ways to start an RP!
  • While Wrong Hordak is eager for everything he can learn and open with every little emotion he feels, Double Trouble is like the emotional barriers version of the Good Luck I'm Behind 7 Proxies meme. They're both friendly and theatrical in their own ways, and Wrong Hordak becomes more and more confident by the end, but Double Trouble uses lies and money and to keep people at a distance and has an obvious deep cynical streak. Double Trouble literally plays the part of other people while Wrong Hordak mimics other people to learn from them. They both like making people laugh, but Double Trouble also likes making... well, trouble. Oh, and they also both fight Horde Clones by walking up to them looking just like one of them and then shoving them right into trouble, that's fun too. This has real potential to be in some ways both an opposites attract pairing and a "they actually have a lot in common" pairing!
  • One thing I keep coming back to with them is the idea that... Wrong Hordak is basically learning how to be a person, but in some ways that could also be true of Double Trouble. Double Trouble keeps up that distance and is so constantly mercenery that they don't really have friends, they seem to always be moving around and not settling anywhere, and it really seems like they spend most of their time being other people. Obviously they love doing this, playing roles! They're a consummate actor and it is their passion. But forming connections to people as themself, and doing normal things as themself, seems very rare. It's a very different way of "learning how to people" than what Wrong Hordak is going through, but it's an interesting one that makes me think they could both be on fairly even footing and help each other out.
  • I particularly love the idea of Double Trouble encouraging Wrong Hordak while also being a little overwhelmed by him, but Wrong Hordak as well could be flustered by Double Trouble pretty easily while helping them... connect better with people.
  • I am super happy to play anything set post-series for these two! Maybe Wrong Hordak is helping out his clone brothers figure out what they want to do and who they want to be after Horde Prime's destruction, and Double Trouble is just messing around disguising themself as a Horde Clone again and they meet that way? Or maybe they meet at Scorpia's first Princess Prom as a Princess (with her hosting!), since ND Stevenson himself drew that prom day and DT and Wrong Hordak were both there? Or maybe Double Trouble actually winds up working with the Princesses again, and/or Scorpia reached out to them in friendship? Or Double Trouble is working undercover not with the Princesses... Maybe DT and WH both wind up captured by someone while DT is undercover and they use their powers to help free them both?
  • I am also happy to play something more canon-divergent! What if Double Trouble actually winds up joining the rebellion after the Peekablue thing, since they absolutely do not want Horde Prime winning and wound up helping out anyway? They'd meet Wrong Hordak when Adora and company return from space in that case! How might things go from there?
  • Some total AUs could be fun! Soulmate AU, detective/spy AU, space outlaws AU, fantasy theater troupe AU, magic school AU (with them as teachers), D&D AU... Other tropey things like soulbonds, body swap, time loops, even things like Dealing With A Haunting could all be fun!
  • I would just love any scenario where these two get closer after the end of the series, tbh! But something set during the series, particularly post-"In Cedric We Trust," could be super fun as well!
  • Cedric seems a lot happier and more confident by the end of the series, stepping in to help Baileywick and the servents help out with the decorating, and figured out how to save the day and get Sofia back. It could be fun to have him getting closer to Baileywick because he's helping out around the place more often.
  • Cedric also seems to honestly like kids, despite being irritated by being told to babysit, given how much he enjoyed his stint as a teacher and how quickly he warmed to Sofia being his apprentice! Maybe he also starts volunteering as a Buttercup Guide and he and Baileywick help out the girls together?
  • Exchanging gifts at !! That's it, that's the idea. Just a simple way to start, obviously, but it could be sweet!
  • For a more in-depth plot, we could do an entire Thing where someone magical maybe an ex of Cedric's attacks the castle, and Cedric, Baileywick, and Sofia are the only three to escape (in Cedric's flying machine?) and have to figure out how to save the day together. Baileywick could find out about Sofia's powers if it takes place before the ending of the series! Baileywick could be involved in some cool stuff for once! It could be plotty and maybe involve hurt/comfort at some point, and those two growing closer...
  • Very tropey option: Some sort of magical circumstances results in these two being engaged! Maybe there's some magical artifact that does it, or there's a magical matchmaker traveling around... And if it's a matchmaker, they could either legitimately be magic and seeing a "perfect match" there or they could have some ulterior motive and be fibbing in the end! Alternately, for non-engagement-related options, maybe something magical causes a soulbond instead?
  • A masquerade! I love masquerade plots. I'm down with playing it super straight and having them actually not recognize each other, at least at first -- maybe the masquerade is assisted by a bit of magic? -- but it would also be fun if they easily recognize one another even if both of them are wearing masks. Maybe the mask makes Cedric bold enough to flirt with Baileywick, even if he knows Baileywick knows that it's him?
  • While I've said that I'd love things set post-series or post-"In Cedric We Trust," I could also love a scenario set prior to "Day of the Sorcerers" and Cedric's redemption! Some scenario where Baileywick contributes to helping him redeem, or one where Baileywick actually ends up at least partially on Cedric's side?
  • Or something set between "Day of the Sorcerers" and "In Cedric We Trust," where Cedric's in that weird place where he's been given a second chance but most people don't trust him and King Roland certainly doesn't. Maybe Baileywick is also sceptical at first, but winds up extending him trust and realizing how earnest he is, and starts trying to help him himself? (Probably along with Sofia, let's be real.)
  • Yes, I absolutely ship Baileywick with this one-off villain. Look, Slickwell was kind of fixated on him, okay? And I'm sorry, but meeting this Steward and being like "oh wow, you're brilliant at your job and I admire you so much, I want to give you a gift," and then giving him jewelry, feels real real gay, I'm just saying, even if it was a villainous plot. But I'd really love this kind of enemies-to-romance thing with Slickwell not being totally evil and being redeemed!
  • I am open to other scenarios, but I really love the idea of Slickwell coming back to Enchancia, at first to get his revenge! But there are multiple ways this could be done:
  • Enchancia is throwing a masked ball and Slickwell seizes on the opportunity to sneak in diguised, without anyone recognizing him! If Baileywick is acting as Royal Steward he might not be masked, but if he is does Slickwell not recognize him? Or is it only Baileywick who doesn't recognize Slickwell? I'd love to see how Slickwell might try to get his revenge on Baileywick but wind up fonder of him, or how the two of them might bond without realizing who the other is at first!
  • Slickwell learns some magic while away and disguises himself to return to the Enchancian palace, with or without some other villain (Grimtrix? or some OC?). If there is another bigger bad, this could be an interesting case where the villain Slickwell is accompanying actually turns out to be willing to go farther than Slickwell is comfortable with, which could lead to a heel-face turn! (And maybe even these two saving each other?) But in either case, Slickwell and Baileywick bonding at least a little while Slickwell is disguised could be a lot of fun.
  • Or maybe Slickwell just returns to Enchancia as himself, playing fully repentent! Asking to help out with something to make up for what he did, and especially wanting to make things up to Baileywick. At first, this could just be a plot to get his revenge, but if Sofia treats him as someone they should give another chance to and Baileywick actually appreciates his help to any degree, maybe he starts to have a change of heart... (As a slight alternate to this idea, maybe Greylock's takeover of Rudistan was never actually "fixed" and King Greylock both rehires Slickwell as his Royal Steward and reaches out to King Roland for an alliance, and Greylock is discouraging whatever shenanigans Slickwell might have planned? I like Greylock. I could also like Cedric/Greylock in this scenario, tbh, but it's not necessary!)
  • I don't have as many ideas for these two, frankly, just a bunch of variations on a similar idea, but I really love them so if you have any thoughts yourself I'd be happy to do a lot of stuff!
Nightshade/Tarantulas (TFES)
  • Slight AU where Tarantulas comes back after evading G.H.O.S.T. capture. Maybe he comes to get his holographic projector again to try fixing it, only to find that Nightshade took it home with them after he left and fixed it up themself in hopes that he'd come back? Or maybe he's hurt and needs someone's help, and he trusts Nightshade more than anyone else on the planet?
  • Alternatively, after the events in Philadelphia, Nightshade gets concerned about Tarantulas whether or not he's been captured by G.H.O.S.T., and asks Bumblebee to help them track him down like he did Breakdown. (Either or both of us could play/NPC Bumblebee!) Is Tarantulas in trouble with G.H.O.S.T. or some other humans or even some other Cybertronians? This idea is great for rescue and H/C, maybe even mutual if Nightshade gets in over their head and they both need to help each other...
  • Skipping ahead and handwaving past the likely end of Season 1, maybe while the Maltobots defeat Mandroid, Croft, and the bad guys within G.H.O.S.T., they find Tarantulas (and some of the other Decepticons they've fought?) in G.H.O.S.T.'s cells and free them, getting their help in the fight? Either way, after the fight, they've at least found and freed Tarantulas and he no longer has to hide from G.H.O.S.T. What happens then?
  • Totally different AU, what if the big misunderstanding didn't happen or the two communicated more clearly with one another? If Tarantulas didn't have to run off to provide a distraction, what if he winds up staying with the Maltobots instead of leaving to blend in with humans?
  • A more general note, but I just want to say that for these two, I love them sharing interests, being scientific partners, and slow burn!
Medix/Wedge (RBA)
  • Some episode-like scenario where the recruits have the chance to go back to Cybertron on a short vacation, and they take turns showing off places they love on the planet, and Wedge seems unhappy on the trip and puts off sharing anything with anyone; Medix (and maybe the others) finds out that Wedge doesn't actually like Cybertron much so doesn't have a place he wants to show them, and doesn't particularly like being back but wanted to spend vacation with all of them (and Medix specifically).
  • Something including a more positive or neutral take on Decepticon stuff: Medix seemed to notice something was off with Wedge in the "More Than Meets the Eye" episode and seemed to come down hard against the idea that they shouldn't help Laserbeak because he was a Decepticon, and seemed the least bothered by Wedge's admission. Maybe the two talk after that, and maybe Wedge even admits that he actually still identifies as a Decepticon?
  • Medix helps Wedge after a mission that tweaks Wedge's fear of heights!
  • General mission or training sim stuff, tbh! I love these two working together and having each others' backs. Speaking of that, alternatively/as well, maybe them reassuring one another about their insecurities?
  • They seem to spend a decent amount of downtime together, so maybe them hanging out, playing a game or watching a movie or the like, while both are developing or quietly nursing feelings?
  • Maybe Wedge volunteers to train as Medix's nurse, or has the idea suggested to him!
Nightshade (TFES)/Medix (RBA)
  • The Rescue Recruits (and maybe some of their teachers, and/or other people at the Academy like Laserbeak) wind up in the EarthSpark world! Whether or not Nightshade meets them by chance or they wind up being arranged to hide out with the Terrans at least until everyone can get their bearings, either could be a fun route to take...
  • Alternatively, I would be open to AUing the EarthSpark cast into the Rescue Bots Academy universe, or vice-versa! In either case, the Terrans winding up at the Academy instead of training (just) with Bee to fight could be great!
  • I would be open to them meeting before or after Nightshade gets their alt mode! Maybe they get it in a different way if it's an AU?
  • Nightshade/the Terrans learning Cybertronian traditions, stories, games, and other things from Medix/the Rescue Recruits, with Nightshade/the Terrans providing a more human understanding.
  • Nightshade and Medix bonding over science, and maybe medicine (I am not opposed to Nightshade training to be the Terrans' doctor but any of the others would be good too), and discussing their approaches and outlooks.
  • Or maybe they meet during a dangerous rescue mission that Nightshade (with or without the other Terrans) winds up jumping in to help with... or maybe Nightshade was there helping first?
  • I just feel like these two could be really cute, gimme anything. :D
  • (I am also not opposed to both Nightshade/Medix and Medix/Wedge, or even Nightshade/Medix/Wedge; it's not necessary but if you're into it I would be too!)
Yeung Chung/Yip Chi Chau
  • First off, I love pining for these two, particularly with Chung having pined quietly after Chau for 20-odd years. If you see Chau as having been in love with Yat Lung Cheung before his death, that could be an interesting element to play with as well, since it would contribute towards Chung never saying anything, but obviously that's not necessary! I am open to mutual pining or the pining being unrequited at first before feelings are eventually returned!
  • I could love post-canon stuff in general, with the VCD continuing on in its new form. When things shift more over to Tim training the new recruits, and the new recruits coming into their own, do Chung and/or Chau actually consider retiring? Or we could just do some fun canon-typical adventures, like these two and several of the new recruits going out on a mission!
  • I could also go with an AU where Summer survives and maybe the VCD doesn't get bigger -- so, like, a post-canon scenario sort of but with things continuing on the way they were during the movie, basically.
  • Any sort of canon-typical missions and scenarios could be a blast even if not set post movie. Maybe it's pre-movie instead, or in some universe in which the events of the movie don't happen. (So either Tim doesn't join at all, or Tim joins but the events with Summer and the Vampire King never go down?) And I'm happy to stretch the definition of "canon-typical"; they could deal with jiangshi, but they could also be faced with ghosts, curses, a dark ritual, a fox demon, a vampire from another country's mythology, or other things! Heck, even things like a soulbond could be accomplished with a curse or ritual, potentially...
  • I won't lie, an AU idea I had that's stuck with me since I saw the movie is a scenario where Chau doesn't get cured by the end of the movie, and instead stays on with the VCD as a "human" jiangshi like Summer! Chung pining while Chau has to regain himself and re-learn walking normally, fighting, maybe even speaking could be a whole lot of fun to play out. (I am open to Summer surviving the end of the movie, too; if she survived, it could be fun to play a few scenes where she and Chau get to bond, maybe, now that he's in her position and understands her a bit better? That part's not necessary, though!)
  • Other AUs could be a lot of fun! An otherworld situation not unlike Silent Hill, a Weird West AU, vampires in space... I'd love to switch things up for these two! Soulmates could be a blast too. If you have any AU ideas or want to spitball anything else, just let me know!

Trans Headcanons
(Or rather, ones that I'm into, specifically for the characters I play as! Again, none of these are obligatory. And if you play a character I listed here, you can choose to play them as cis or as trans in a totally different way, as well! So if you have any interest in this sort of thing, you can let me know!)
  • Balan Wonderworld
    • Lance: Nonbinary (he/they, they/them, or ey/em pronouns)
    • Attilio Caccini: Trans Woman (she/her pronouns)
    • Haoyu Chang: Trans Man (he/him pronouns) or Nonbinary (he/they or they/them pronouns)
    • Cal Suresh: Trans Man (he/him pronouns), Trans Woman (she/her pronouns), or Nonbinary (any pronouns)
  • Disney's Hercules
    • Hermes: Nonbinary (any pronouns; it's a god thing, they can all change bodies easily)
    • Hades: Nonbinary (any pronouns; it's a god thing, they can all change bodies easily)
    • Loki: Nonbinary (any pronouns; it's a god thing, they can all change bodies easily)
  • Keroro Gunso/Sgt. Frog
    • Dororo: Trans Woman (she/her pronouns)
    • Saburo Mutsumi: Nonbinary (any pronouns) or Trans Woman (she/her pronouns)
  • The Last Halloween
    • Robert: Nonbinary (any pronouns; monsters having no concept of human gender)
  • Mummies Alive!
    • Rath: Trans Woman (she/her pronouns)
  • Sofia the First
    • Cedric: Trans Woman (she/her pronouns)
    • Slickwell: Trans Woman (she/her pronouns) or Nonbinary (they/them pronouns)
  • Transformers
    • Wedge: Trans Woman (she/her pronouns)
  • Crossovers
    • Ragdoll II (Peter Merkel Jr.): Nonbinary (any pronouns or she/they pronouns) or Trans Woman (she/her pronouns)
    • Saburo Mutsumi: Nonbinary (any pronouns) or Trans Woman (she/her pronouns)
    • Ootori Kyouya: Trans Woman (she/her pronouns) or Nonbinary (they/them pronouns)
    • Rath: Trans Woman (she/her pronouns)
    • Kururu: Nonbinary (they/them or ey/em pronouns) or Genderfluid specifically (she/her as Kululuko, he/him or they/them otherwise)
    • Dororo: Trans Woman (she/her pronouns)
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