LOOKING FOR RP PARTNER, OR MANY! well, not for a group rp, of course; these are the 1x1 threads. i just want to be able to connect to multiple people, y'know? ABOUT ME, THE POSTER i am LUCIFER! i am an odd lesbian manwoman and i use it/he/shi as well as various neos (ask!). im also a...
  2. MxKit

    Fandom Shipping the Voices from Slay the Princess! (CCxCC)

    Hello hello! My name is Kit, and I have a very particular craving I am advertising for right now. If you're into Slay the Princess, I hope to pique your interest! First things first: I am 37 years old and nonbinary (they/them pronouns), and I only RP with people who are 18+ but I don't care...
  3. Charles Cheese

    Realistic or Modern (Indefinite hold, reserving this idea for the future)

    (Sorry to everyone who showed interest! I've got another idea for an rp I wanted to run instead for now, going to reserve this RP for later. People are free to borrow this idea!) >Spirited Away and Hazbin Hotel inspired, but no knowledge of the movie or show is needed to join! Also slightly SCP...
  4. MxKit

    Fandom Rare Ships Search! [mostly CCxCC, mostly MxM]

    About Me ✦ Nonbinary (they/them pronouns), 36 years old ✦ I pretty much always write at least 2 paragraphs and often 3-5, and can sometimes go longer, but don't expect a novel every reply ✦ Looking for full prose rather than *script* ✦ Always RP in third person; almost always RP in past tense...
  5. GothicGlypso

    Fandom Guilty Gear Bridget x May

    I have an idea for a guilty gear Roleplay if anyone is interested In this rp I’ll be playing Bridget before she comes out as trans You’ll be playing, in this rp, her best friend May who she has feelings for, in this Bridget is struggling to come out to May and it’s tearing her apart If you’re...
  6. rottenblue

    Multiple Settings looking for lgbt romance/drama with supernatural modern setting- open to multiple 1x1

    Hello, my name is ilya. I'm 24, he/him pronouns. I'm trying to find writing partners closer to my age. I am very rusty as I've not written or roleplayed in like 4ish years at this point. I am interested in stories that have imaginative settings with normalized magic, superhero type settings, and...