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Fantasy Ranix's Fantasy Cravings

Hello. Ranix here. I'm still looking for more roleplaying partners 'v')/

A bit about me:
  • Not English native, but my handling of the language shouldn't be too bad (I hope)
  • I'm usually around all the time. Timezone isn't a problem for me.
  • No age limit, but my subject matters usually could prove a bit too complex for the younger ones. But if you're an eight-years-old but still can keep up, then by all means stay by my side.
  • I don't have any particular limits, as long as it's not too esoteric.
  • My take on romance is not the passionate kind. Romance in my roleplays will build slowly, evolving from pleasant interactions and banter.
    • I like to play characters realistically, and realistically, majority of people never think of romance when they're busy racking their brains at school / accumulating riches / becoming the very best like no one ever was. If your characters think a lot about romance, that means they have too much free time on their hands. Go save the world or something.
    • This means if you're looking for a romance plot, you won't get it from the first ten posts. Expect it to happen after we've delved deep into the world.
    • My characters are also rarely romantics. If I ever made one it'll mostly be a schemer or a manizer/womanizer.
  • My plots tend to start small, but will grow in proportion the more we roleplay. If you like world building, we'll get along really well.
  • I tend to multi-characters to build the world, but stick to one "main" character as the central viewpoint. I don't expect you to do the same, but will give you milk cookies you if you do.

With that out of the way, here's my... uh, ideas, so far.

Dark fantasy, monsters, parody, humor-played-straight

The Dark Lord had risen. He had risen an army beyond the Black Wall, which would soon be breached, signifying the start of the Age of Dark. Animals mutated into savage Dire Beasts as corruption plagued the land. Monsters rallied under His banner, throwing their lives for the sake of His ambition.

During such skirmish between the force of the Dark Lord and the Alliance, two individuals from lowly, servile monster races were brought to death's door, left among the pile of corpses to rot. When they woke up, the battlefield was quiet, the sound of fighting long gone. Both sides had suffered too much casualties, prompting tactical retreats by their generals. The two scrambled to their feet, their eyes shining brightly as they had somehow attained enlightenment. No longer were their minds clouded with fervent idolation to the Dark Lord. For the first time in their lives, they could think for themselves. And what they thought, was this.

"Why should we throw our lives for this Dark Lord guy? Shouldn't we make a name for ourselves?"

And thus started a scheme which would throw this chaotic world into a new age...

We'll be playing these two random schmuck from low-leveled race (think slime, goblin, weed monster, etc.) who'll make various antics as they're trying to get stronger and gain influence in
Urban fantasy, supernaturals, romance, comedy, experimental

Living in the 21st century is very convenient. Modern technologies had made things easier since the dawn of internet.

A curious chat group had been set up in Facetome app, called the "Supernatural Dating Group". The description explains that it is a service dedicated to help supernatural creatures with their romancing journey. Anyone is allowed to join, although supernaturals are the preferred target audience.

What kind of wonderful story would be told today? Let's find out.

This is an experimental-style roleplay. Basically we're not playing a fixed character. We will make lots of characters during the roleplay, and it'll play like an episodic series where in any given time, two characters (supernatural or not) will hook up through the dating group and set up a date somewhere. Then they'll meet up, and shenanigans will ensue. As we go along the roleplay, characters from previous episode might appear again, or there might be an underlying plot ongoing in the background. Not every date will end up in happy ending, or could they? It'll be up to us and the character dynamics~

That's all for now. I'll update when I got more ideas.

Reply in the comments below or (preferably) PM me if interested.

See you guys again very, very soon...


Strength Will Not Bring Victory...
I love your rise of the down under plot! But are you okay with FxF romance?

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