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Got Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever from a tick myself. My grandma was kicked by a deer while trying to feed it chips, though.
Never by a wild animal... I guess unless you count a bird tryna bite me while I'm rescuing it lol. Or mosquitoes.
I'm pretty sure all the animal related injuries I've had have been domestic. Never even been bitten by a tick. Relieved about that.
Not sure if I asked this one before, but...

Random question of the day:

Have you ever encountered someone on the internet who showed textbook signs of being a psychopath/sociopath?
Not sure if I asked this one before, but...

Random question of the day:

If we look past the acting, is Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen series an accurate depiction of what working in culinary arts is like?
I only recently started using it, it's enjoyable enough. Much better than the dogshit that Imgur is.
Random question of the day:

Oh no, the president of Sega, in an ill-advised move, lost the rights to the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise during a drunk poker game. Now they can't make anymore Sonic related products and have come to you seeking your wisdom. What Sega franchise would you suggest to make the new mascot franchise of the company?
No answers yesterday. What a shame.

Random question of the day:

Do you struggle with allowing room for mistakes when trying to move on from painful memories? If so, what do you do to get better at it?
Generally kinda petty and immature, but it can depended on the context, like a teasing a kid a little is nothing bad if done in good faith.
No answers yesterday either. Hm...Not sure if I asked this one before, but...

Random question of the day:

If a fly loses its wings, does it become a walk?
if a fish loses an eye, does it become a fsh? they say a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet, but would a fly without wings, which can no longer achieve that function, still be concidered a fly if it cannot?

i need sleep.
Random question of the day:

If you're dreaming, and it starts raining in your dream, does that make it a wet dream?
imma answer it with a question
what if in the dream
the water doesn't touch the ground
or what if the sound of rain is playing but it isn't there
I mean, wasn't Pong the first game ever created? I remember NASA scientists ended up making it to test out some new monitors they invented and it ended up being such a distraction they needed to move it from the lab they kept it in lol

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