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Fantasy Pure Heart

Welcome! We're so glad you could join us.

There is only one rule: stay true to your group.

This is your home. You have chosen to be a part of one of 5 groups. This can be a blessing and a curse for you. If you stay true to your group, you will not get hurt. If you do not follow their orders, you will die.

Oh, and don't bother asking about the time here. Ever since the clock broke, no one knows what time it is. Ever. Legend has it that only the pure-hearted hero or heroines can harness the clock's power. Then it is up to them to select the correct time, and our world will be normal again.

Now that you're here, I hope you're not afraid of chaos. War and violence break out all the time near the borders of the group territories. Each group fights for potential pure-hearted individuals, hoping to harness the power of the clock for themselves.

Wear whatever you like. There isn't a current fashion, though some groups have tried.​

The Groups

The Iron Dawn

Spies. Motivated by vengeance. Hope to prove their worth to the other groups.

The Silent First

Assassins. Motivated by money. Hope to sell the clock for gold.

The Icy Eye

Thieves. Motivated by fame. Hope to be famous for controlling the clock.

The Silent Shadow

Paladins. Motivated by power. Hope to have all the power after harnessing the clock.

The Sapphire Throne

Wizards. Motivated by justice. Hope to arrest whomever wronged any member of their society.

The Races

  • Human
  • Halfling (half human half animal)
  • Elf
  • Dwarf
  • Orc
  • Half-orc

Please message me if you would like to have a different species or another crossover.


1. No one-liners! This is considered lack of info. If you have writers block let me know.

2. No romance please.

3. Regular RPN rules apply.

4. Cussing only allowed in dire situations, such as death of character.

5. Cussing must be blocked out with *s. List of words that do not have to be blocked out:



6. Make as many characters as you like.

7. Have fun!


Check the link if you're interested! You can make any number of characters between the age of 10-20.

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Fuck Off, Please!
Hey I am really interested in being with the silent first. But when I click the link nothing's shows. Please save me a spot. I'll make my CS once you reply to this! Thanks! @RhetoricalWriter


Fuck Off, Please!
You're welcome! Thank you very much! ^^ I'll be here well for now. xD  
Uh... @RhetoricalWriter excuse me, but where are the ranks? .... It might be a stupid question, I can't find it...
@Sandra I did not compile a list of ranks because there are only two. You can be in a government position or a pureheart (government positions go without saying, purehearts can be anything you like such as rogues, mechanics etc.)


There's no concept of time? How can you post without passage of time?

Also, what does the clock do?
Generally, having no concept of time means that there is no hours, minutes, seconds, days, etc. So as each post passes, time is passing, but nobody is sure when it is at any time. To put it simply, time still passes but because the clock is not in control it can move back/forward time. But the order of each post in the role play will be the "time" and if you use words like later, after, earlier, it is speaking in the sense that this happened prior to the current event but the hour/minute/day is not distinguished.

The clock controls what time can be read. In order to set the time to what it is supposed to be (the exact number of minutes/days/hours past since the world fell into chaos) so that the world can be set back to almost the complete normal, though whoever harnesses the clock's power can basically control the world because they determine whether or not the time is right.

Hope this helped. Thanks for inquiring!

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