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Multiple Settings Plumbers: A multiverse fixer RP

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Whatever was happening to you or around you suddenly stops. It quickly fades away as darkness envelops you and all your senses. Your primal instincts kick in and you try to fight it, but it just seems pointless. You give up and wonder 'Is this it? is this what death looks and feels like?' This can't be it, right? There were so many thing that were promised. Some eternal reward this is...or maybe it's not your reward. Maybe this is your punishment? You try to look back at your life in a desperate attempt to recount what led you to this. Then you realize...it doesn't add up. There was no way that this is the end! There is so much left to be done, that was already in the process of being done by you. You remember the last few moments of your life before the dark. There was something there. Something you now remember as your mind drifts in the cold nothing. Whatever it was, it was not supposed to be there. Something had gone terribly wrong.

Your thoughts are interrupted by a sudden flash of light and you hear a voice echoing in your mind. The initial surprise fades away to a calm and soothing voice. It tells you to be calm, that everything will be alright and that you have nothing to worry about. The light fades to reveal a being standing in front of you. You recognize it. It's like you, wearing similar clothes like you and even so, it's different.

"Forgive this deception, constant, but I need to maintain it less my real form would overwhelm you at your current state." Current state? Constant? What is it talking about? "Please, step through the doorway behind me. My brethren and I have prepared to make the transition to your new life as smooth as possible." You're not sure if you fully understand what is happening. A new life? What does that mean? You don't know why, but something tells you to trust the being in front of you. The only other choice is to stay in the dark. Despite your experience in the void, you feel like nothing has changed between your last memories and now. You confidently stride after your host and through the doorway, its white luminescence giving way to a hallway with walls and roof made of glass. Your eyes can see what purpose they serve as the great spires rise from what looks to be a busy metropolis of white and gold. The sunset setting behind it's pillars revealing the faint glows of the night life beginning to emerge for it's routine "Welcome to the Citadel." The being speaks behind you "Your new home."

You continue through the corridor at your own pace, observing the city around you. Eventually you reach another door, this one leading to a well furbished room. The being speaks once again:

"This will be your waiting room. More will come to keep you company, but while you wait please take this" You are handed a piece of paper. Whatever is written on it, you can understand perfectly. Something about 'Plumbers'? "I must go now to tend to others like you. Do not worry, those responsible for your well being will be here shortly. And just like that, they're gone out the door, leaving you to red through the paper that was given to you.

Plumbers- Welcome to your new family! I’m told to keep this short as not to take away from the other more interesting topics as you will most likely learn more as you work with us.

There are a few notes I have to hit however. This information I’m going to give to you may cause distress, so if you at any point feel a panic or overwhelmed, don’t hesitate to hit the red button on the table and a team will come to take you to a specialized doctor or one brought to you. It’s the least we can do for you given the circumstances.

First things first. Multiple realities exist. If you don’t know what that means, don’t worry! We have people who can walk you through the process. For the others who have picked up on this, I know it sounds like quack theory and all, but you will see soon enough why it’s very much real.

You being here means that your reality is destabilized and put in a stasis lock until we can fix it. But because of the chaotic nature of things, it can take anywhere from a few hours to centuries. To help speed up the process those of us that show potential to affect the course of history are extracted from that reality and given equipment and training to repair those realities. Unfortunately, the nature of damage to a reality is different every time so no one solution is universal. In short, the Citadel can restore and heal realities over time on its own, but by the time it’s finished many more are damaged. That’s why we exist and why we need your help. You’re capable of doing great things be it out in the field or here on the citadel. It’s a team effort and your station will contribute overall to the well being of the Citadel. Don’t worry about getting saddled with janitorial duty or something soul crushingly boring. We have robots for that.

I should stress that this is in no way mandatory to do. We won’t force you to join the initiative and will return you to your reality at any time if you feel like you’ve done enough to wait for it to be released from stasis. Making sure your memories are wiped and you being ready to continue life as it was before the freeze.

Now if you’ve made it this far, let me explain what the plumbers actually are. We are the first and last line of defense for the stability of realities. Our job is to monitor, maintain and intervene when trouble arises. You will be assigned a commander and a position, suggested based on your abilities, personality and memories. Everything personal gets deleted to avoid leaks, so you don’t have to worry about that. From then on everything else you learn will be experience. If you’re still up to joining with us, wait right there and we’ll be there soon.

Well, now is the time to decide...

Welcome to Plumbers! An interdenominational repairmen RP. I am your GM. Before the RP begins a few things are in order. First up, the rules and guidelines:

1. Be nice to each other.
2. No power or meta-gaming. We're here to have fun, not argue with each other. Whatever the dice decide happens will happen.
3. If you want to talk out of character you can do so ((like this))
4. If you are inactive for a long time or leave the game, your character will be under my direct control as an NPC (risk of death). If you wish to rejoin you can get in contact with me.
5. While this is meant to be a PVE rp, you can engage in PVP if the other player agrees to it.
6. As your GM, I'm god. My aim is for this to be fun for everyone involved, but new rules might come into play.

How do I join?
If you are interested in joining the RP, please Join the Facepunch RP Group Discord Server! (Highly recommend it so we can keep in touch easier)
After that simply post in the thread to let me know who you are on here.
Sanford and Molly-Doomevil
Ted Coach-Damian0358
Shazraya-Viper Actual

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8:42 AM
He heard a knock on the door. Wondering who it could be this time of day, Stephen looked up from the monitor on his desk and clicked a button right next to it. The door slid open to reveal a woman standing in the doorway. Her mask hid her features, but her eyes gave away that she was happy to see him.

"Hey Stephen!" She said as she walked in his office "Got your message for the new recruits and I wanna show you something that might be fun." She started rummaging through one of her pockets and took out a small device.

"Moira, please" Stephen leaned back in his chair to put a little distance between them "I still remember the last time you wanted to show me a new gadget you dug up from the archives." He still had the scars from that little light show. Nearly burned off his eyebrows too.

"Oh, don't worry, this one isn't armed with anything." She pressed the button on top of the device and small appendages sprung from it. It started using its legs to walk around in her palm like a crab. "Blueprints for this call it spider-drone. Useful for small tasks." She placed it on his desk and the little machine started crawling around. "I also got to tell ya. That one recruit in particular that you mentioned in the report, I think I know how to fix his maneuvering problems without much hassle."

"That's good. Solves one of our problems. Speaking of, should be about that time we head downstairs to meet them." He got up from his chair and stood up. His massive body towering over her even with slightly hunching over "Come on, we can walk and talk." He tried looking at his watch only to discover it missing from his wrist. He panicked for a second, looking all over the room until he saw it in Moira's hand. She chuckled under her mask before handing it over. "Why do you always program these things to steal?"

"I come from a scavenger society, you make a good practice run." She shrugged "Final test for all of them is taking something from Checker's room without her noticing." She held her hand out to the desk allowing for the drone to hop on and climb its way up to her shoulder "So far none have passed the test, but I got a good feeling for the little guy here."

"I don't think I'll ever understand you." Stephen walked outside his office and down the halls towards the elevator, Moira following closely behind "We live in a place with infinite resources. Stealing doesn't make sense."

"I'm just keeping myself sharp for back home." She stopped talking for a second while waiting for the elevator. "Speaking of which, how's the progress on that going?"

"42.35% last time I checked. I pulled a few strings and attached a few extra engineers to it. Don't think you owe me anything, just doing something for a friend." The ding from the elevator was heard and the door slid open. The two walked in and started to go down to their destination.

"That's 0.2% since last month." She nodded "Good progress. Thanks Stephen, you're a big green gem." The news that her reality had gone even so much farther ahead was good for her. She had been on the citadel for a better part of a decade already. The work she had done so far was paying off little by little, but it was going to be worth it. How the keepers and engineers managed to fix any of these realities was beyond her. Her expertise was vehicles, robots and mechs, not quantum physics and mechanics. "How about you? Any progress for your end?"

"10% still."

"Still? It's been 10 years. How is there zero progress?" He looked at her and shrugged. She was angry for him, but he wasn't sharing the same feelings evidently. "Sorry big guy."

"Don't worry about it." he answered nonchalantly "The whole thing is wrapped in a web that needs fixing. Getting angry won't make it go faster. I do appreciate your concern."

The waiting area of the citadel for new arrivals was beginning to have each of it's rooms filled. It was a constant stream of people from all walks of life coming in and out to decide what to do with their newfound life. Some took it better than others. Trauma teams were already rushing to different rooms to provide assistance to those who needed it. Even with the calming environment it was asking a lot from people to take in the information of what had happened and what will likely be their situation for the foreseeable future.

Even with everything going around them, Prax stood near one of the welcoming areas along with his second in command waiting for those assigned to them to show up once they've gotten their bearings. He was leaning on a wall, while she was sitting in a chair, flipping through her holotablet.

"That's a...interesting list of people we got for this team." Checkers looked through the files Stephen had prepared for them, coffee mug in hand.

"Not the first time we've had people like this. Remember that guy with the ropes?"

"How could I forget? I can climb anything using these hooks and ropes." She imitated the voice exactly like she remembered it "Three operations in, we're trying to untie him from some giant lizard's butt while he's screaming for his mother."

"And two operations after that he's swinging through a burning building to dropkick a outsider agent on his ass and help us stop their mission cold."

"He still got away."

"Yes, but they couldn't do jack-shit without their tool either. Give them a chance, they might surprise you."

"I hope you're right for this bunch."

They both looked towards the are where different people from different walks of life converged to meet for the first time. Some of those people were their new team members.


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The sounds of fire and chaos permeated in Slerk's hearing and mind before being brought to this strange place. He remembered only fragments of it, for his juvenile mind could only process and take so much. The parts he retained however weren't pretty at all: the warband strolling over to his coastal village. The buildings being set ablaze. The adults being slaughtered while the children, including him, cried out for their parents. It was all so chaotic and confusing, and the little creature was even more confused and scared now being brought here. He didn't even know what here was, or meant. But it was safe... or that's what a trauma team was trying to assure him. He still was terrified and speechless at these new sights and sounds. None of this made any sense to him, he just wanted to be back home. He just wanted to play with his friends again, and see his mother once more.


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The trauma team looked among themselves confused wondering what to do with the small creature. One member however stepped forward. She was already meant to be here to meet the rest of her team, but this one she had to be on the lookout for.

"There you are. Oh god, you're so small." She bend down on one knee to get a better look at Slerk. "What the hell do they want from you exactly? Don't be scared. Come here." She gently picked him up. While speaking as softly as she could. Last thing she wanted was to frighten the poor thing even more. "Come on, let's take you to someone who knows what to do with you."


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Across the halls, an android could be seen rushing through. His design looked par-for-the-course, with his stand-out feature being his attire, resembling that of 70s musicians - his looks themselves could be considered average. He looked down at the document he had received, indicating which room he was supposed to head into. He thought he was going to be late.

Ted Coach always did feel like he was running late every time though. He felt as though, despite being here for some time now, he still hadn't gotten used to the layout of this place. And it isn't as though he had gotten used to the place either. But what could he do...


Elisa walks into the waiting room, putting one unsure foot after the other. It was a large waiting room, with plenty of people scattered about. She wipes an errant silvery strand of hair from her eyes, looking at the varied amount of species present here, most of which she's never seen. Which reminds her, the Canid species as a whole may be extinct. She's probably the only survivor.

Her world was engulfed by a black hole. She didn't even get to see it happen completely before she was...whisked away by a clone of her, or something. The confusion was starting to give her a headache. She sat down, curling her grey, fluffy tail and resting it on her lap. Entire centuries of her species' history and technological development, gone.. Her title of 'Princess' certainly doesn't mean anything now. She still had on her royal dress, intricately designed and fashioned with the finest silk, from the most experienced artisans of her country.

"Princess Elisa De Vermillia Auron." She remembered how the news anchors said her name on the televisions. How happy they were to talk about her policies or foreign relations.. She lets out a sorrowful sigh, before leaning forward and resting her arms on her thighs, gazing forward as she feels her heart thumping in her chest.

Elisa's advisers always told her to make the best of a new situation. Plumbers... Is there really any other choice she has? Can they really fix her...'reality'? This is all probably some weird alcohol-infused nightmare and she's lucid dreaming, surely! She pinches her arm, only managing to pluck out a strand of dark grey fur.

"It's settled then..." She thought, looking around the room. Some were being taken away by what she could only assume were the staff of this establishment. Others simply sat in their chairs, awaiting something. There were doors at the end of this room, with more of the 'staff' in strange uniforms waiting near them.


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Truth be told, Slerk was terrified of the woman picking him up but he was too tired and too frozen in fear to do anything about it. It took a few moments, but the little slithereen realized that perhaps she didn't mean him harm. And so he hugged the woman tightly as she carried him and closed his eyes to try to relax.


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The elevator reached it's destination and the doors slid open. Stephen followed Moira out and they walked down the hallway to meet with the rest.

"You said that you figured out the problem with one of our team members. The AI one."

"Oh yeah" Moira remembered what she told him earlier "I found a schematic for a modifiable body, comes with sensors that allow him to touch and feel that can be modified by him on the fly so he can adjust himself for every situation."

"Sounds good. Where is he now?"

"I think that's him right now." Moira raised her hand in the air to catch Ted's attention "Hey Teddy! Over here!"
"I see one of our recruits." Checkers said as she looked up from the files "Hard to miss her actually." She got up from her seat "I'll go introduce myself and see how she's doing." Prax nodded and watched Checkers go to talk to Elisa. His attention then switched to the other woman carrying a small creature walking up to him. It was Elaine and what looked like one of the new recruits.

"Prax, meet Slerk." She didn't know exactly how to introduce the two besides how someone would a baby "Can you tell me what the hell is going on?" She was furious, but did her best to keep her voice down in order not to frighten the creature further "Why do we have a baby on the team?"

"I'm not sure either." Prax changed his stance to stand up straight. "Stephen will likely know more about the little guy." He searched through his belt pouches "Has he had anything to eat since he arrived?" He found what he was looking for. A candy bar. "He looks a little thin." Prax offered the unwrapped treat to Slerk
"Erm...Princess Elisa De Vermillia Auron?" Checkers said with a bit of hesitation. She had experience with royals before, but every single one has been a wild card of reactions and demeanor. Even so, she learned that the two most important things should be getting the name and title right. A slight bow wasn't really her style, but she didn't want to risk offending a future recruit and messing things up "I think I got the full name and title right. I'm a senior Plumber and here to help you get started."


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Teddy overheard someone calling his name, a voice that he could immediately recognize... Moira. He slowed down his pace and turned to face her, as she raised her hand in the air to catch his attention. He walked over to her and Stephen.

"Hello, Moira, Stephen," Ted said to the two, with a slightly more annoyed tone being used when referring to the engineer, "I hope I'm not going to be late," he continued, briefly pointing at the document he was holding. Hopefully Moira wouldn't stick around for long, he had grown to consider her slightly bothersome.


Meanwhile, tucked away in one of the corners of a waiting room is this behemoth of a man easily looming over the other staff members running around. He looks like hammered shit; his piecemeal uniform covered in dust and ashes and carrying the scent of burnt embers with a large hint of gasoline. The messy outfit he's wearing suggests he comes from a more antiquated reality where technological advancements researched were still behind those of others, though the weaponry and equipment he was carrying as he was brought in say otherwise. Nevertheless, he sits there in the corner, eyes glued to the space between his boots with his bound legs held closely to his chest and his tied hands held above his head. Yes, he'd been restrained due to attacking several of the staff the very second he'd been taken, and for continuing to lash out violently until they successfully managed to sedate him. The smashed and torn apart red panic button serving as punctuation.
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Slerk opened his eyes when he smelled something nearby. The weird man was offering him something to eat. It smelled nice, so it must taste good right? And so, he slowly extended his arms out to take the candy and then proceeded to nibble on it. It was sweet, reminding him of the marsh nectar that his family would collect near his village. He made a quiet, but happy gurgling sound as he ate the candy slowly, getting some smeared around his mouth in the process by accident.


"Erm...Princess Elisa De Vermillia Auron?" Checkers said with a bit of hesitation. She had experience with royals before, but every single one has been a wild card of reactions and demeanor. Even so, she learned that the two most important things should be getting the name and title right. A slight bow wasn't really her style, but she didn't want to risk offending a future recruit and messing things up "I think I got the full name and title right. I'm a senior Plumber and here to help you get started."
Elisa's eyes opened in amazement, upon hearing her name said, even with the hint of hesitation. She looked up, her gaze travelling up the body of the short-haired woman who approached her. She wore bits of equipment not unlike the military forces of her country, but with an aesthetic that she'd never seen before.

"Yes, it is I. My full name is Elisa De Vermillia Constanze Millet Kycilia Vidar Ravigne Aeun Andrase Castiere Bonet S. Auron." She took a breath after reciting her name in its entirety, though 'Elisa' is more comfortable for her and others in more casual settings. She stands up, patting her dress to even out the wrinkles, then looking the woman in the eyes.

"I demand to know why I was chosen. My place is with my people, they were in their time of need and I-" Her voice was starting to waver, completely unbecoming of the way a leader should act. She clears her throat, "My apologies. It's rude of me to ask questions without knowing my hosts name. You can call me Elisa, and yours?" She reaches out a hand. Normally, she would smile during diplomatic meetings with another nations representative, but she didn't extend the same courtesy this time. The trust wasn't there, yet.


Two people entered through the large waiting room, where they easily saw various people looking for work and sitting. One of the people was a male with above average height, wearing some sort of combat suit with a mask concealing his facial features. His name was Sanford, professional mercenary, and he liked to skateboard. Sanford inhaled an electronic cigarette through the mask, blowing out a large puff of smoke into the air. He was hoping they didn't have a 'no smoking' policy around here. Sanford turned to one of the newcomers, a human just like him. She had dirty blonde hair over her shoulders, a black and white field suit that looked military but also for hazardous environment.

The 'human' was named Molly. Designated M-131 and in reality an Android, Synthetic back in her reality. She didn't know why she was here in the first place. All she recalled was that she scheduled for a cryostasis in the Metro. Now she was here in some sort of waiting room where some of them weren't human at all. She needed to know more about this place. Molly turned to one of the humans by her side, staring with a curious expression. Sanford raised an eyebrow behind the mask, puffing a large smoke in front of the synthetic. She simply blinked in response to the merc's action, extending her hand.

"Hello there. My name is Molly. I see you're smoking an e-cigarette." Molly stated as Sanford nodded.

"Uh yeah?" He stated.


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Walking towards Prax was a hulking individual, standing roughly two heads taller than most humans. He manoeuvred himself rather carelessly, bumping into people as he went.
He had been directed to Prax by another commander and also been outfitted with a translator, as his alien speech not easily understood.

He hadn't even reached him when he began addressing his new commander.
"Baron Prax. They tell me you are the one I must serve. Teksis demand to know why a Captain is the subordinate. Teksis also demands to know when my weapon will be returned." he spoke in a deep, metallic voice.


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"You're about as late as we are, Ted." Stephen reassured the android. He noticed something was off in the way he said her name. Did she piss off another recruit already or did he just have a glitch in the voice module?

"Others are probably waiting for us and for Stephen to actually explain what is going on with this group." She pointed to the big orc with her thumb.

"Yeah." A bit of sweat formed on his forehead as he remembered the type of people that will form the team. "Let's go you two." The trio walked at a slightly faster pace to make up for lost time. Eventually making it to the waiting area. There they could see other members of their team already engaged with some of the new recruits. Moira nudged Stephen to look in a specific direction. Looks like Sanford and Molly already found each other. "Alright let's introduce ourselves to our new friends." Heading the welcoming party, Stephen walked over to the two new recruits "Hello! You must be Sanford and Molly?"
A group of guards had surrounded the violent individual, weapons drawn and set to stun. They had already emptied several round into him and barely got him to this state. Behind them a series of noises could be heard. Sounds of machines moving around and synthetic barking, followed by heavy metal footsteps. The owner of the dogs pushed his way through the guards to get a better look at the prisoner.

"Leave us." He ordered. The guards briefly looked at each other with concern but followed orders. The man walked to the small bar area and took out a whiskey bottle with two glasses. "Now I understand you're mad. Why wouldn't you? We fucked up, but we're not paying the price." He pulled up a chair next to his temporary large room-mate and poured the bottle's contents in both glasses. His pets now finding their place next to their master "Let's get formalities out the way first. Name's Santoro, yours?"
"He better not be allergic to chocolate at least." Elaine said as the little creature was enjoying his treat. "Now we just need to figure out why he's wi-" She was interrupted when the giant alien addressed Prax "Since when are you a baron?"

"I did beat a knight in a duel once, but I doubt that's what he means." Prax told her before turning his full attention to Teksis. He looked serious, so there was no point in bullshiting him "At ease, captain. The 'subordinate' role will be temporary in the long run. The keepers assigned you to me until they estimate your skill properly. Prove you got what it takes and you'll be leading your own team soon enough. Are your weapons of cultural or ceremonial importance to you?"
"Checkers." She extended her own hand and shook Elisa's "I hope you don't mind me using the short version in the future." She wondered if royal suitors tried to recite the full name. "As for your questions, I can answer some. You were chosen because the keepers identified you as having a lot of potential. Just like the rest of us here." She motioned with her hand to show the rest of the people. "Our intel guy, Stephen, can explain this better."


At first, he’s unresponsive. Though with his neck still bent, he grunts out something intelligible as he leans upward and tugs on his uniform jacket. The creases unfurl, displaying a dirty and grimy name tag. On it is a name scrawled in messy handwriting:


That’s his name, or what it appears to be. Cama.


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As Slerk enjoyed his treat, he saw yet another strange being approach. One thing came to his mind: scary. Scary means bad. Bad means threat! He didn't know what threat the new guy posed to Slerk, but he just felt it as if it was instinctively a reaction to something new. He dropped the candy and began crying incoherently as well as trying to get out of the lady's grasp to try to claw at the creature. At the same time he tried to bare his teeth, however harmless they may be at the moment, as a show of force. The small spines on his back bristled up as well to try to make him seem bigger.


Sanford stared at the huge creature dressed up in a fancy suit. Well, back in his reality big creatures who can talk weren't uncommon. Especially a mutant that went by the name of Hox Ox. Or was it Big Brass Bull? Eh it didn't matter, that was for another issue. The mercenary nodded, stepping forward so he can get a good look at Stephen. Out of common courtesy Sanford put the e-cig into one of his pouches. Molly heard Stephen mention his name was Sanford, turning to him as a result.

"Pleasure to meet you Sanford." The android gave a short smile before turning towards Stephen. She then gave a respectful bow to their guide for today. Maybe he can explain what's with all these people in the waiting room.

Hold on for a second there, this guy knew him? Sanford thought. The merc raised up a hand, "Wait hold up there big guy, let's rewind back for a minute. How exactly do you know my name? I certainly never met you in my times fighting crooks and scum bag boys." He crossed his arms, demanding to know what's going on.


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"Ah Drek!" Teksis exclaims, gesticulating with his arms as he is asked about his weapon. "A Krells saber is his brother! Keeping it from me is a great dishonor."
Teksis calms down and straightens up raising a closed fist towards Prax. "Return it to me, and I shall prove worthy of whatever you require of me."

His focus is then suddenly shifted to the small cry creature in the arms of a lady. "Silence, welp" he says as he leans in slightly, "If I intended to inflict harm on you, it would have been done."


"Checkers." She extended her own hand and shook Elisa's "I hope you don't mind me using the short version in the future." She wondered if royal suitors tried to recite the full name. "As for your questions, I can answer some. You were chosen because the keepers identified you as having a lot of potential. Just like the rest of us here." She motioned with her hand to show the rest of the people. "Our intel guy, Stephen, can explain this better."
Checkers. An odd name, but a name nonetheless, assuming that her name may sound odd to Checkers as well. She returns her hand, listening to what Checkers has to say.

Potential? She's not sure of what potential she may have. "I...understand." Elisa says, keeping her hands low and clenched together. She looks at all the people in the room, seeing more diversity than a few minutes ago. All of them had potential, it seems. Even her. She led her country with distinction after inheriting the throne. But, that can't be it..

She shakes her head. "This 'Stephen'. Will he explain what is to become of me, or my people?" She asks, looking more solemn than before. Elisa was mentally exhausted from thinking of what may become of her species, she just wanted to know what these people want of her, or if they really want her.

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