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Multiple Settings Plots, Plots, Plots


I have a few plot ideas in mind. I have a fondness for anachronisms (things out of their time and place). Time travel, Isekai, etc are common themes for me.

I only have time for one RP. I have a heavy work load IRL. That said, I still tend to manage about a page or more per post. I detest the idea of regurgitating someone posts back at them. I am looking for someone who can create content.

Posting will be in PMs here. One thread for OOC; one for IC.


Mail Order Bride
Wild West themed set in 1871 as a woman arrives in town seeking the role of a teacher. She is secretly on the run from an arranged marriage. She immigrated from the UK. This one also includes a second lady who sets up shop as a Vet and doctor to the less fortunate (natives, insert racial slurs here, and less than legal folks). Basically she doesn't care who she provides medical care for, so long as they pay. But she charges more for those who are less than legal ... and she accepts barter.

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