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Multiple Settings Partner Search! (All pairings welcome, mxf, mxm and fxf) -still looking

Just Me.

J the Sleepyhead

Hey guys!
I am looking for a partner to RP with =] Usually I RP in third person narrative but really want to try out something new by writing in the form of first-person narrative (from the POV of my character of course) since I usually write my stories in that style, but that doesnt mean you have to as well, you can use third person if your more comfortable that way. To make it more welcoming or at least less confusing we can use one or more of the following methods:​

  1. Use different colors for the text.​
  2. Use Character name's POV as the tyle of the posts.​
  3. Use different fonts.​
  4. All of the above.​
  5. Only one uses first-person narrative and the other can use third person narrative.​
If of course no one is willing to try that I can do an RP writing in third person like usual.

Okay so here is the important part.

I can't post every day, my job can get very busy sometimes and while I do try to post as often as possible it's more likely to be every second day or even third if things get really busy in real life. But that you can expect from me, if I ever need more time then two days I will let you know and not disappear without warning.

I am over 20 so it would be nice to RP with someone that's at least 18 on other themes I am flexible about age but with dark themes or horror I want my partner to be 18+.

I don't like one liners so please be able to post at least two small paragraphs if not more. I tend to mirror my partner's replies =]

I can play more then one character if needed (like side characters or support characters) so if you can too that would be great but its not a requirement.

For pairings I am okay with all of them MxM and FxF are cool and if we do MxF I prefer to play female roles but if we play multiple characters I can play any gender pairing or role.

I only RP on site and don't do smut or anything else that breaks site rules.

Current cravings and interests

I would really like to RP this idea:
Muse A and their best friend go to a concert of their favorite band that is held in the towns new and only goth club, when Muse A goes for a smoke she suddenly feels a sharp pain in her neck followed by a guy (muse B) showing his blood covered wrist into her mouth. As the act is over the guy looks pleased with himself and almost proud but is hella confused when muse A seems anything but happy about what he had done since she had no clue what had just happened. Infuriated she storms back into the club, grabs her friend and flees the place.
What muse A didn't know was that her best friend had planned to get turned into a vampire and the vampire mistook muse A for her best friend. Now muse B has to figure out a way to get Muse A to listen to him before the change starts and she starts to feel the craving, leading her to do something stupid.

*I would prefer to play Muse A -the female- unless we change the pairings into MxM then I would be okay with either role. For FxF I would prefer Muse A's role.*

Interests: *in no particular order*
Slice of life
Dark-ish or dark themes

Switched at birth
Biker gangs
Forbidden love
Twins switch roles
Foster home
Best friends
Sisters/brothers (no romance)
Hidden secrets
Family secrets
Broken trust
Small crimes

No Go's:
Too/overly depressing themes with no changes.

P.S.: I wrote this on my phone so I have no idea how it looks on a computer, I hope I will find a partner and if you are interested please PM me.

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Just Me.

J the Sleepyhead
I don't have a plot for it yet, some interests I have ideas for but I think its more fun to plan with my partners together =] even the Ideas or in this case idea is open to changes and such.


Not made of lies and deceit
Hey! It looks like we have a lot of similar interests! I have a plot you might
be interested in. It's got romance and drama, mystery and supernatural,
and lots of secrets. How do you feel about reverse harem type roleplays?

Just Me.

J the Sleepyhead
Hey! It looks like we have a lot of similar interests! I have a plot you might
be interested in. It's got romance and drama, mystery and supernatural,
and lots of secrets. How do you feel about reverse harem type roleplays?
I would be interested in hearing your idea but I never played harem RPs (of any kind) so I would know, but if the plot is interesting we sure can try =]

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