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Heather scoffed and rolled her eyes at the man's words.

"What you say is nonsense. The weapons we have," Heather pointed to her's, the man's, and the Asian girl's weapons of choice. "are more than mere objects. They are made up of something that makes them different from other objects of similar make. 'Blessed be the LORD my strength, which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight.'" Before anything more could be said the woman at the counter gave a quick briefing. Heather blinked in disbelief. Not only did she have to team up but she had to do a mission she had no interest in. She hadn't even really looked over who Zabaco was or what he did.

After the woman was done with her speech Heather quickly approached the counter and gave a smile that disappeared as quickly as it came.

"Hello...Marrin. I'm here to go on ahead and see which team I'm in if they are decided already. That way I can try and see how...compatible our skills are." Heather felt like she was out of her own skin and watching from somewhere else. This wasn't her. She didn't work with others, much less see if they were "compatible." But right now she had to focus on what was ahead. Get this mission over with so the girl could look towards the missions that mattered. She only hoped she wouldn't be getting amateur hunters. If she had to babysit while hunt, Heather was going to lose it.

It seemed as if in a random chance response a stranger came up, a kid with nothing terribly interesting about her save for a low rumbling of presence within her along with a pile of clothing layered upon her dripping onto the floor. Her response was what was interesting though. "The others are kill contracts with extra trappings...
He raised an eyebrow in puzzled amusement considering that claim.

"Vell Fraulein Clarke, this contract doesn't exclude the possibility of bloodshed. Rather, it places the blood stains on friendly competition and not on the target itself. You're right though, the blood spilled vould likely be less... and you may call me Odin."

The older soldier stood upright and clicked his heels together as he said that. As the other woman responded, Odin felt a tone dripping from her words, it wasn't obvious but he found his head buzzing everso faintly as if the first touch of liquor were upon parched lips. He enjoyed hearing her speak, more than he would've admitted but before he could respond the quiet woman that was seemingly at the thead of this meeting spoke up and after reading off that the first target would indeed be Zabaco the first one mentioned, an obvious frown crossed the undead's face. He wasn't very interested in such a target but it was no matter, a test, what was a moment of patience in an eternity of undeath.

"If you'll excuse me."

With a nod to both women, he removed himself from the two females and moved up to the counter where others had gone. He moved with purpose, his leather soles thumping against the carpet until he was before the table.

"Guten abend. I am Odin, my papers."

He procured the pamphlet of interest from inside his briefcase and placed it on the table, although he couldn't help but wonder.

"How did you find me anyway?"

He had been blissfully unaware of the other woman that had come to the table before to ask much the same questions he had been thinking and upon the realization he simply took a step back with a slight bow.

"but forgive me, fraulein, I seem to have overlooked your presence."

It was nice to have her work praised for once, it felt nice even if the child couldn't understand her motives. "You don't really believe those old stories do you?" She said with a small laugh "After all, no one has been able to prove U.N. actually existed. There are just theories and rumors."U.N. Sheathed the blade and let it come to rest at her side. She bowed slightly to the man and stepped back "While this conversation has certainly been entertaining, I believe we all have business to attend to now. If you wouldn't mind." U.N. gave the man a smile and gathered where the other hunters had by the desk in order to get info on the target. The announcement had said lethal force was authorized. She planned to make use of that.

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Femora watched Odin as he had left to go to the counter to what she assumed was to get answers. With him gone she stood and stretched, while she felt fine with the thought a simple test, she again felt out of place. The situation wasn't ideal for her, but she doubted that it was just her that felt like that. Her skills were limited, even more so out of the water but if it was a test she was to be given, it would be what she'd have to do even if at a disadvantage. Watching the group slowly grow around the counter Femora kept herself at a distance, knowing very well that her voice was one of her deadliest weapons, she could wait to ask her questions. Sitting back down Femora paused as she thought of what she could do as she waited. Pulling out a small notebook out of her bag and a small blue pen, she began to write.

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Reading near the bottom of the pamphlet, Callo noticed the armory was near the inner part of the building on the first floor. He had all the weapons he'd need but he was still considering checking it out before leaving when a new woman appeared introducing herself. Raising an eyebrow with a slightly amused smirk; Looking for friends huh? "Callos my name." He said with a small wave in return. "Cherry huh? Sweet name." She didn't have the look of an experienced hard-boiled huntress with bouncy pink blue hair, but the knives strapped all over her lithe body betrayed a persona with at least some combat expertise. "What brings you to this company?" He asked while noticing the arrival of several trucks outside the building along with some armed lower-level company personnel. A cloaked figure was with them, blades strapped to his back and an aura of chaos pervading the area. His question was genuine even if it was just a way to pass the time while everyone prepped to go and hunt down the cannibalistic fucker. Everyone had a reason to be in Tune, and they usually weren't the most boring of motivations.

Marrin had called the trucks and unlocked the armory, she just needed to set up the fireteams. They needed to move more quickly, this Zabaco had proved maneuverable while being tacked down. They'd followed the violent fugitive to an abandoned packing plant. A cliche spot for a confrontation with those of Zabaco's type to be sure but Marrin couldn't tell whether it was unintentional or not. She shivered as she thought of the bodies of his victims, destroyed in a way unlike that of anything that could be found in Tune. The photos weren't pretty. Gathering the lists the secretary projected them in full view of the gathered group as they bumbled about prepping for action. The board didn't particularly care about effectiveness for this showing. They had employees on standby who could remedy a situation if things turned harshly as well, which was likely as the papers also showed Zabaco had gathered a small cannibalistic cult to his shade. The paper at least detailed their groups, though it appeared as if some of the hunters had not arrived yet or had simply chosen to remain unknown. It was still helpful however and in the event some failed to show the team's capacity will be increased.
The first team read: Callo, Marius, Heather and Cherry
The second was formed of Kawako, Famora, Ko, and Dmitri
The third consisted of Andrina, Auren, Karrin and Kirimi
the teams were strange but Callo didn't mind so long as his fight would be good.

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Dmitri Ainsworth
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Location : Paranormania Hunting Co., Armory

Nevermind asking Marrin, it seems the handed out pamphlets have been already giving out sufficient information when it comes to the facilities of this building. The armory in question appears to be in... two floors above here. He'd have to take the stairs. Dmitri would have to explore the building for an elevator later. A Marrin-questioning crowd has formed around the gentleman, and he had to wade through them to head upstairs.

- o - o - o -

The interior design of this room was little in difference when compared to the lobby and the hallways he had to pass through, but why discuss that when the room had a far more interesting purpose? Lo and behold, various weapons adorn the walls and some in protected cases atop table. Blades and firearms were standard, even a few stringed bolt launchers, but some caught Dmitri's eye, due to their creativeness. One such weapon was a necklace with a normal silver string, but with a silver, reflective circle hanging silently. One would swing it around, akin to nunchuks, and said circle can slash enemies with ease. Deleteriously appealing. It is small, however, and would require creative use to be lethal and would simply only cut the skin. These were one of many, and Dmitri was lost in thought as he examines them all.

Another thought that mixed his mind were the assortment of the groups. Those he were with was completely unfamiliar to him, although he was sure he has met U.N., the one who pointed at him earlier. That would be as far as he would know of his new associates, and he would have to wait for more information regarding the capture of their target soon.

When Dmitri wanted to arrive here, it was not of need of a weapon. He actually already had one. He only needed to see the stash of his new employers, and it was definitely impressive enough to satisfy his curiousity. However, Dmitri does pick up a small, simple to handle pistol for ranged use. It would come in handy if their target was slippery. Now, where do you meet up to show you are prepared? Back at the lobby? Dmitri now leaves the armory room, and traverses the halls as of current, wandering for their next destination. He was ready to leave at a moment's notice.

U.N. watched as people began to go about their business. Some ventured further into the building, while others took paphlets and began to read through them. One of the men who had chosen to further investigate the building's interior now re-entered the lobby. U.N. recognized him as the one she had briefly spoken to earlier. She gave him a once over, examining his physique and equipment. This action had become almost automatic for U.N.. She had done it so many time to so many of her targets that now it was nearly second nature.

The man was well dressed, tall and quite muscular. Next to him, U.N. looked like a porcelain doll. She noticed he had a pamphlet in his hand as well. It was open to a page that appeared to show the layout of the building and all the different functions therein. U.N. picked up one of the pamphlets as well and paged through it. There wasn't anything of much interest to her as the building seemed to just be an average office for the most part. However, U.N. noticed a room on the map labeled "Armory" and while she had no use for anything besides her sword, taking a peek through to see what kind of weapons a company like this could acquire wouldn't hurt. Slipping through the small gathering of people near the door, U.N. headed up the stairs.

As she entered the armory, U.N. had a moment of surprise at the many different weapons on display. There had been a part of her that had assumed the "armory" had just been a glorified closet with a few mildly rusted shortswords. Still, there was nothing amongst the various items that caught her eye, with one exception. Towards the back of the room, U.N. spotted a small box that had been tucked away in the corner, almost out of sight. She knelt down on her knees and brought the box into her lap. The box was old and the wood it was made from was chipped. "It seems you've been forgotten as well." She thought to herself. U.N. placed a finger on the small latch that held the container shut and popped it open revealing on the inside, a beautiful mask. Looking at it, there was nothing particularly outstanding about the mast, but something about it just gave U.N. a sense of wonder she hadn't felt in decades. Gently, she lifted the mask from the box and placed it on her face. A perfect fit. Wearing the mask just felt right to her. There was nothing magical about the mask, at least not that she could sense, but still. She placed the mask back in the box and left the armory with the box under her arm.

Upon returning to the lobby, U.N.'s thoughts flashed back to the well-dressed huntsman from earlier. Looking at herself, U.N. noticed her clothes were tattered, torn and dirty. There had been a time long ago when she had worn the finest and most wonderful clothes. She would need to get new clothes for herself before too long. U.N. didn't want to stand out, but there was no need for her to dress in rags.



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Ko Wellingham:
The rain had really begun to pick up about an hour ago and Ko noticed that annoyingly enough it hadn't let up at all in that span of time. Pulling up in 3 trucks with several other minor employees, Ko glanced towards the office curious of the new recruits. He looked forward to working with all of them, he just hoped they'd turn out better than his own group. His initiation had had less new members and barely any survivors; The mission they'd gone on had been successful in the end but several random variables had thrown themselves into the mix at the last moment leading to several deaths Ko didn't like thinking about at all. Being a hunter was often far more risky than Ko preferred. Why he stuck with the job was beyond Ko; Maybe it was the adrenaline? Possibly the money? In any case, he was in the race and that's how it'd stay for the time being.
The rain smacked heavily into the glass and the driver turned to him asking if he'd check on the weapons in the back to make sure none had come loose. Sighing Ko clambered into the back being careful not to disrupt the balance of the many weapons in the back. Guns of all shapes and sizes cluttered the portable armory with multiple blades and melee weapons of sorts accompanying them. Ko guessed there were probably about 4 enchanted weapons in the truck other than his own favorite blade.
The Zabaco fella they were about to go after was worth all this wasnt he? A truck full of expensive up to date weaponry with enchanted weapons thrown into the mix. A hefty price for the man's freedom.

The grunts: the guys who clean up after Paranormania's hunters
Dressed in grey fatigues and armor, theyre used as a sort of support crew/cleaners/office worker type of employee.
The company appreciates their support immensely and they are all paid quite well for their enthusiastic efforts despite the near-constant risk of death and dismemberment.

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Heather grabbed a paper giving information on the groups. There were group numbers and under each number there were small portraits and next to them the names they belonged to. Callo, Marius, and Cherry. She already, briefly, met Callo. Cherry was the loud girl that burst in earlier. Marius was someone Heather had yet to meet. The girl looked around and saw that Callo and Cherry were already talking with each other. Heather approached the two pointed to their group number.

"It looks like the three of us are together." Heather took another glance at Cherry's bright hair. "Hopefully, this isn't a covert operation. Unless, this one has a helmet or something to hide that attraction seeking hair." Heather said pointing a thumb towards the Cherry and cleared her throat before continuing. "I suppose introductions are in order. My name is Heather Kamelotte. A member of the Church. And a seasoned hunter. As much as I loathe working as part of a team it's what I have been... assigned to do." Heather said through gritted teeth. "Who am I working with today?" Heather looked between the two and waited for an answer...
Dmitri Ainsworth
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Location : Paranormania Hunting Co., Lobby

Dmitri returned to the lobby, finding most have found comfort finding and discussing with their paired group members. Not a bad time indeed, knowing of what your allies were capable of doing. However, he has yet to even meet some of those that he was assigned to travel with. Fortunately, he knows of one of those he was assigned with. The young, stern lady from earlier that scrutinized him. Now that he has mentioned so, he could swear that she has went up the armory as well while he was there. She has not dared approach yet, but Dmitri felt they needed to soon if they wanted to achieve any progress. It seems he has to start it himself. If they are indeed his group member. Her glances slightly suggest so, but otherwise Dmitri is convinced this is his ally, having nothing more than a hunch. The nobleman approaches slowly near the girl as soon as she was not crowded around with the other members, nodding before speaking.

"... Are you perhaps one of my group members? I'm Dmitri, assigned as part of the second group. I'm afraid I'm unfamiliar with the faces and names of my new cohorts, and am in search of them." the man said, as he towers near the girl. He wanted to be precise, almost in an "get-this-over-with" manner. He had already formed some thoughts about this lady earlier, but even still he has yet to make a conclusive explanation of her through a once-over. He has to settle with finding out the capabilities of his new associates later, for he felt it best to leave. Still, if ever they believe there is still time to properly introduce each one's capabilities, he might follow.
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Marius 'Odin' Paranormania Headquarters - First Team

Odin retrieved the team assignment paper from the table, sour that he wouldn't have an answer for the time being but perhaps that would come later. He combed over the paper seeing that he was assigned with the first gentleman he'd spoken with, that was acceptable, he didn't particularly like them using his given name but that seemed unavoidable now. Looking over the paper he saw the image of a cartoon charicature, the man he'd spoken to earlier... and... the zealot that had taken to seemingly attacking everyone in the room that spoke. He frowned considerably at that realization, perhaps he would be lucky enough and she would simply die during the mission or realize this wasn't her occupation of choice... or shake off some of her petulant attitude.

He walked up to the group and as the aggressive woman was finishing. He heard her describe herself as a member of the church and a self proclaimed hunter. So a zealot indeed. If she was intending to be the leader of the group he would allow her that. A power struggle would be pointless.

"I believe I'm the fourth of this quartet and you may call me Marius, I share of the zealot's sentiments but here ve are. I'm a competent marksman and hold command over the arcane."


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After some time writing Femora stood up and made her way to the counter toward some of the others. She was silent as she vaguely listened in to the others who were already up there seeing the paper and the names of who she would be working with. Reading in silence she raised an eyebrow before turning back toward the room and now forming groups. She was almost sure that she had not personally met any of her crewmates yet. With that knowledge, she became curious about who they were, what their skills were like and how they worked with others. In her mind, this could either go out very well or disastrous depending on who she was with and because of this. she stood in a pause before narrowing her eyes on a few who had already formed into their groups. Surely she'd find her's soon enough, either out of bumping into them or out of seeing which groups had already been filled.

Watching the groups fill Femora seemed to perk up as she barely heard someone speaking about the second group. Looking around the room she noticed two standing not too far from her. Turning and heading that way she stopped a bit away not to intrude in case she heard wrong. "Did you mention the second group?" Femora looked up toward the man before bringing her gaze to the woman, keeping her voice low as she spoke to try to hide the musical whims that followed every sound she made. "May it be right to assume that both of you belong to that group as well?"

Cherry 🍒
—Paranoromania Hunting Co. : Lobby —
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“Just...bored I guess.” She murmured, her gaze a little distant.

Well, bored was one way of putting it.

Uncontainable was another.

She seemed transfixed on the window in front of her for the time, thoughtfully worrying her bottom lip between her front teeth, the lollipop stick bobbing from the corner of her mouth as she did so, however she was snapped out of her trance by Heather, ‘Religious Blonde’, and Cherry could already feel a dislike of her rolling off Heather in waves.

She bit down on her lollipop, and it splintered with a satisfying crunch.

Oh joy.

She swallowed the remainder of the candy, and tossed the stick into a nearby receptacle, internally cheering as she made it in the bin.

At mention of her hair, Cherry’s face went from it’s cheerful normalcy to utterly crestfallen.
“I..I can change it...” she squeaked, toying a vibrant lock between her fingers, twiddling it nervously.

She’d dyed it yesterday, special. She wanted it to be a conversation starter, maybe people would like it.

Now she wished it was black so she could blend in to the nearest shadow and stay there. Gods, why was she so infinitely stupid? Her hair could screw everything up, no one would like her, she’ll be alone forever-...

Breathe, Cherise.
It’s okay.

She inhaled and exhaled slowly, calming her inner turmoil for the moment.

“It’s nice to meet you, Heather.”

Her back leg curved slightly but she quickly straightened it. No, no curtseys would do here. This wasn’t the place, she didn’t need Heather thinking she was any stranger.

She waited for a moment, another joining their group known as ‘Marious’, who addressed Heather as a zealot.
Ouch, burn.
She awkwardly glanced around before quietly clearing her throat and cobbling together an introduction of her own.

“I’m Cherise Bijoux, I’ve trained at the Madenzen Academy for combat, and under a few tutors here and there...” she hesitantly added, “But please, just call me Cherry.”

Hopefully her surname could squeak by the group, as well as her lack of experience in hunting specifically.

She was regretting this oh so deeply.

“I’d like to work with Callo, more, if that’s alright,” she gave him a sidelong glance, her baby blue eyes sparkling hopefully, “I’ve just...met him first and all, I think we’d work well together...but of course we’re a team...and,” Cherry was nervously babbling at this point; a tendency of the social awkward.
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Dmitri Ainsworth
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Location : Paranormania Hunting Co., Lobby

Another woman comes in, and this time she looks much more fragile than the last. How unfortunate, was he assigned to be with so many little girls in his group? Is it because they entrust him, a figure of largeness, to be able to command them? He wouldn't be surprised if the last one was another little girl as well, as the names can all be, to an extent, feminine enough to prove this to be true.

However, he was better than that, Dmitri thinks as he shakes his head. These associates of his won't be frail weaklings, if they are indeed to be a Huntress of Tune. They'll be lethal to anyone that becomes an obstacle in pursuing their contract, and that is as far as Dmitri can trust these two women to do and be able to do. He looks up and down this one, knowing he has observed this one keenly as well earlier. Pale, almost like the moon. She mentions as well in her statement. That easily means she is a member of the second group he is in, and decides he can include her.

"You will be right to assume, Madame. At least, I am part of the second group listed prior. Dmitri, so you may know I trust you with the confidence of my name and you may discern me as an individual of this group. Now, it would be beneficial for me as well to know your names, so I might find confidence in both of you." Dmitri says sternly. Much more grave than usual, the nobleman thinks of himself, and he's proud to be able to do so.

U.N. placed a hand over her mouth as she laughed softly. So these two would be her companions for this mission? It seemed the arrogant child from earlier had been assigned elsewhere. While this disappointed U.N. slightly, she would use this mission to observe other members of the company. It would be advantageous to her in the future if she knew as much as possible about all of them. Their personality, techniques, morals, all of it would help her decide their priority.

"My name is Kawako Ukitake. It a pleasure to make your acquaintances. I hope you will treat me well." She bowed her head to the two other hunters as she introduced herself. The name Kawako was one she had never used before. In Japanese, the name meant 'River Child.' Apparently, Japan was the name of the country she came from according to her notebook. In the back of her mind, she wondered where she had heard that name. However, these thoughts quickly vanished, replaced by more questions about the mission ahead. If this man, Zabaco, was indeed one of the Corrupt, he would need to be dealt with. The mission briefing had said they were authorized for lethal force, not that she had ever planned on using anything else, but she would need press Zabaco for who was responsible for creating him before she killed him. The one behind his creation would also need to be dealt with.

"I believe these teams are comprised of four people each. We appear to be one short of that number." U.N. glanced around the room, searching for the last member of their team. Hopefully, they wouldn't make her wait for too much longer.

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Femora smiled, seeing as she had found at least most of the group. Now all she would have to do is wait till the mission started, that and come up with some sort of plan of what they should do. Her first thoughts went to that of a distracting while others fought on the foe. It wasn't often that someone could fully block out the call of a siren, and even those who could would need to put effort into ignoring the call. The thought quickly faded, her fellow teammates would also be at risk of being hypnotized by her calls, so the attempt would be useless. Not to mention, possibly harmful to the mission if she haphazardly threw out a siren's song. Bringing her gaze back to Dmitri she spoke up, being a tad louder than before, but still obviously trying to keep her voice down. "You may call me Femora." even her own name came off her lips with a sweet sounding melody. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Dmitri, and to you as well Kawako"

Looking quickly over the two in front of her, she wondered what skills they would have. How they planned to take on the situation they were about to face and if their plans would work well. Listening to Kawako as she mentioned the fourth member, Femora nodded. "Seeing as all the groups are getting together, he or she should be able to find their way over here sooner or later. "



everything will be daijoubu
「 kirimi yumiko • half baku • novice hunter • extremely anxious and lost 」
「 located; -- • interacting; @.everyone」

kirimi lowered her gaze to the peoples shadows, her arm wrapped around her panda doll, brawler, as she fidgeted with his paw. she wa summoned here for a new hunt, but she doesnt know anyone all that well since this is actually her second time stepping into the building. her first visit was brief since she only dropped off her application then left, tending to her other various job searches. in all honesty, she wasnt expecting to be called back so quickly, and put on the job immediately? it rose concern and panic within her, tightening her hold on brawler.

the girl crouched down against the wall, awaiting some sort of order among the others who stood about the lobby. her lacking social ability has made this experience all the more difficult as she is now stuck without any clue on who anyone is. not by name at least. she had generalized everyone into different categories: male, female, approachable, not approachable, captain, team. though many looked to be around her age, it seemed most weren't sociable like her - and she wasn't willing to break that general understanding. not that kirimi would be talking to them...

her musings switched over to a topic she felt more comfortable with. brawler's new clothes. her mother had given him a new set which is a matching one to her current outfit. frankly, she found it cute, to a point she fiddled with the sleeves and danced brawler in front of her. her red eyes peers into his small beady eyes and give a smile, asking a silent question: do you like it? there's a pause before she seems very content with herself, as if she had gotten an answer. 'good,' she thinks, 'im glad'.

the girl sits completely on the floor now, shifting her legs out in front of her to rest brawler on her lap. she debates for a while if she should eat some of the candy she had picked up from the hospitals front desk. her hands nimbly play with brawler's plush arms and body, lost in her thoughts to really notice or hear anyone without a loud call or nudge.

Making his way through the room to where Heather stood Callo managed to catch a decent amount of the conversation before coming into Frowning at Heather's apparent disdain for the new girl Cherise, Callo made a mental note of the Witch Hunter's distaste for all of them. "Youll be working with me, Cherise and Odin it seems. And me? I'm Callo, and I've been hunting for my whole life." He said as he recognized the bright-haired girl's last name. "What was a member of that famed family doing here?" he wondered as the nymph began to speak. Odin had also joined the group revealing a talent for magic that Callo raised an eyebrow at. The man had looked like the saber type, Callo really needed to stop judging on appearances as he shook the slight surprise off him. Patting Cherry's back he tried to take on a sort of reassuring attitude for the newbie; He remembered when he had first joined the Hunt and the nerves he'd had weren't something he could just forget. With a smile he couldn't hold for long he attempted to reassure the pink and blue haired girl, "No worries Cherry, We'll be working together at least a little bit for the next 24 hours."
Hearing the sound of vehicles pulling up to the building, Callo stepped over to the window looking out into the cold and wet night.
The trucks were here. It was time to move.
"Well alright team 1, ya'll have everything you'll need?" He asked as he slipped on a coat he'd grabbed from the armory. Equipment was being moved out of the gathered vehicles into a garage Callo hadn't noticed when he'd first approached the building. Someone was walking from the trucks to the office it seemed, a grey cloak billowing out around the fellow as he reached the doors. Turning back to his group, Callo hoped they'd be alright, they weren't facing just one maniacal cannibal but a whole cult of them on their home turf. He had no doubt the sick fucks they were about to fight would be armed. Thunder crashed outside and the rain continued.

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Ko Wellingham:
Slamming open the door in a way he hoped would be appropriately dramatic, Ko smirked and glared from underneath his sopping wet cowl. "Everyone who's here to kick cannibal ass, get on those trucks right there aight??!" He shouted in a positive tone as the rain crashed down behind him. It would be literally impossible to avoid getting wet tonight. Ko really didn't mind. "First team into the first truck and so on alright yall? And wheres team 2??" Ko was slightly aware that he was being quite hectic in his entrance, but Ko didn't really care; they had a job to do and standing around discussing bureaucratic bullshit wouldn't get it done. His boots made wet smacking sounds as he took several more steps into the nice almost Victorian style room. He liked the lobby Marrin had chosen. If there was one thing that woman knew, other than a million different ways to kill him quite painfully, it was proper interior design.
"Ill meet everyone in team 2 once everyone's in their trucks." He said to no one in particular as he didn't know anyone on his team yet. He just needed everyone to get in their vehicles. Time was truly of the essence, the company didn't think Zabaco was going anywhere, but he'd beefed up the meatpacking plant's security and the board had a sneaking suspicion something very wrong was going to go down in the homemade fortress fairly soon. Ko smiled and hoped he would be there for whatever it was before getting on a knee and tying his left boot. It had come undone a while back but again Ko had simply not cared, or noticed. Either way, it didn't really matter to Ko.
Each of the team members would be getting communicators once they were in the trucks and the ride itself would take 20 minutes. Just enough time to explain everything he'd been directed to tell the new group of Hunters. He would be withholding some of the info, of course, that was just tradition for Ko, don't tell anyone everything until they've bled for you. And even then be careful about what you say. Smiling at his doctrine he began to whistle, the sharp sound nearly being drowned out by the constant thunderous downpour of the clouds above. The rain would be an advantage for the opening stage of the fight they were going to have. Sounds drowned out by the rain would be sounds unheard by Zabaco's men. Of course Paranormaniawouldnt be hearing too well either.

U.N. cast an uninterested look over her shoulder as a loud and overly rambunctious man burst in through the door. 'Another creature rotten in both body and soul.' she thought to herself, examining the man. "It seems that is the person we were waiting on." She said to the other two standing with her, a hint of disdain in her voice. As the man instructed, U.N. began to walk towards the door to head onto the bus. She kept her firm gaze fixed straight ahead, not even giving the man a glance as she passed by. She had no intention of following the orders of this buffoon. Well, that would depend on how he performed on this mission. Regardless, Zabaco was hers. U.N.'s only priority was acquiring him for questioning. Once that was over, she would take care of him herself.

The rain was still pouring down on the streets of Tune as U.N. stepped out onto the curb. She took a moment to let the water run down her face and hair. It was still strange to her. Her Rejuvenations always gave her a new, fresh body, flawless in every way, down to the smallest detail yet, with every life that went by her body felt more and more dirty, like an ever-present filth that wouldn't leave her. How much longer would this cycle last? There was no way of knowing. She just had to work quickly and rid the world of its sickness before time ran out.

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U.N. cast an uninterested look over her shoulder as a loud and overly rambunctious man burst in through the door. 'Another creature rotten in both body and soul.' she thought to herself, examining the man. "It seems that is the person we were waiting on." She said to the other two standing with her, a hint of disdain in her voice. As the man instructed, U.N. began to walk towards the door to head onto the bus. She kept her firm gaze fixed straight ahead, not even giving the man a glance as she passed by. She had no intention of following the orders of this buffoon. Well, that would depend on how he performed on this mission. Regardless, Zabaco was hers. U.N.'s only priority was acquiring him for questioning. Once that was over, she would take care of him herself.

The rain was still pouring down on the streets of Tune as U.N. stepped out onto the curb. She took a moment to let the water run down her face and hair. It was still strange to her. Her Rejuvenations always gave her a new, fresh body, flawless in every way, down to the smallest detail yet, with every life that went by her body felt more and more dirty, like an ever-present filth that wouldn't leave her. How much longer would this cycle last? There was no way of knowing. She just had to work quickly and rid the world of its sickness before time ran out.


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「 kirimi yumiko • half baku • novice hunter • extremely anxious and lost 」
「 located; back of van • interacting; @Snackofthefuture

a small gasp left kirimi's lips, startled by the door slamming open and a booming voice. she looks up to see where the noise came from, seeing only an oddly bandaged man who seemed like they just walked out of a pool. it seemed to be raining pretty hard, causing a brief thought of concern for her health after this. though she didn't enjoy the way the man spoke, volume and all, she took off her backpack and pulled out a small notebook and pen. she glanced over to brawler and made a huff. 'i don't want to be lost or get fired,' she thought to herself, seeming mildly troubled as she scribbled down a neatly written question.

her red eyes shifted off to the loud bandaged figure and she kept her backpack strapped to her front instead, keeping brawler in the unzipped front pocket. she walked over to him, her feet making a soft patting noise that went mostly unnoticed. she wasnt wearing any shoes, having only a strange durable brace like material on her delicate feet. when she was close enough, she tapped the mans shoulder and showed him her book, pointing to a written text on one of the various of filled lines.

'excuse me, but which team am i on?'


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Heather looked around uneasily as nymph seemed to mule over her hair for a moment. A moment later a man with a harsh accent stepped in with the group. Their fourth group member named Marius. Heather merely scoffed at the quickly placed termed he must have directed at her.

Great. Another one of these guys. Of course, by the actual definition of the word, he wasn't really wrong. Heather was very dedicated to her religion and her cause. But either way, the word was meant as derogatory. Not just a pure description. And there were much worse than Heather that would fit that term.

Callo spoke up again asking if everyone was fully prepped. Heather nodded when a man made a noisy entrance. He mentioned that the vehicles that were taking everyone to their destination were ready. Heather moved quickly past the others and stepped into the rain to make her way to the trucks. She wanted to get this over with. The sooner the mission was over the sooner this nightmare was over. She only hoped that none of the others would slow her down. The pink haired girl wanted to work closely with Callo and Heather was perfectly fine with that. He could babysit her and if she caused any trouble then the man would be the one to deal with it. Cherry said she trained at an academy but she seemed to lack field experience which is what really counted. Simulated training was nothing compared to doing the real thing. If you failed in training then maybe the worst that would be hurt was your pride. In actual combat if you made a mistake it could cost you your life.
Dmitri Ainsworth
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Location : Paranormania Hunting Co., Lobby

The noise has come around, and a man of, questionable appearances, has come to make an announcement of the current plan of action, which was heading to where the suspect is found via bus. Dmitri quietly followed Kawako towards the direction of the buses, and makes sure to take notice of whatever is already there. Dmitri tires of asking more questions from his fellow companions, one such of those companions being another young woman in Chinese attire. Or not, but the panda shifts the gentleman's opinion.

For them, Dmitri believed it's been long enough for them to finally to begin the hunt. Zabaco's cult is a disturbing enemy, but nothing he cannot brace himself to be able to handle. He follows a seat by the door, and awaits anymore allies who would board the bus.
Odin - Team 1 - back of truck 1

The blonde woman didn't respond, but the colorful soul did, she spoke of an academy for such paranormal things, remarkable. He would have sacrificed a hundred bodies to have access to such knowledge in his time. To have the hard work already done for him and to simply absorb the information. No, that's not true, he wouldn't have had it differently, he enjoyed breathing fresh life into tombs long forgotten by the sun, there was an indescribable joy in being the first to solve a riddle, to uncover a tomb, to shackle its power to yourself and feel ancient tendrils work their way through your veins. He shuddered with joy for but a moment and did his best to brush it off as a cold chill as the door swung open, reminding him that this world was his next riddle.

In came a person that struck him with a smirk. The loud barker reminded him of his time served, a fellow soldier. He would like to have a conversation with him later as well, soldiers, professionals in the ways of death, their souls have the same tune, might be a bit different as cultures and times change, but any man that feels the siren call to take up arms and strike down others in defense of their home, that's a unique feeling.

Odin decided to exit this ailing conversation and simply nodded to the others before moving towards the first vehicle, nodding with a casual salute to the Ko Wellingham individual before climbing into the back of the truck. He moved to a seat next to the back of the cabin and went through the armory available, curious to see what toys they were given.


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Turning her head toward the new voice, Femora looked at the man with little interest until he spoke up again, telling them orders and speaking about the group. By the tone of the man's voice and by how hectic he was being with his entrance, it seemed clear that he wanted to get this mission done and over with. " Well, there's number four." Her words came out as little more than a soft whisper as she watched both of the other teammates leave and head to the truck. She sighed, double checking to make sure her bag was secure over her shoulder before following the others out into the now blinding rain.

Walking outside Femora paused, letting the rain soak her to the bone once more. The touch of the rain calmed her as she took a deep breath, readying herself for the mission ahead of them. She gently pushed her hair back out of her face as she stood in the rain for a moment longer before moving into the truck

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