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Odin @Snackofthefuture

Others entered and gave Odin the opportunity to drink in their essence, to get a feel from each and every soul that passed through the portal to join them. While each of them struck him as different from each other as much as a mile of fingerprints but with one unifying stench... They all reeked of a sense of desperation, whether it was power, revenge, hope, or purpose, he could pick it up on each and every one of them and knew, of course, that he exuded that stench himself. It made them a dangerous group.... the only worrying question now was, dangerous to whom?

The plague doctor seemed to draw more attention to him, sure he was conversing, but in something else too. It felt like being in the same room as a swirling void, enigmatic, powerful, pulling you in and threatening to take you under. Odin wondered if this.. Teller would be a boon of knowledge... his Fire, gift wrapped by Prometheus. The thought of such a treasure brought a smile to Odin's face.

As no one opposed him, he swung his right leg over his left knee and let his foot drape down. Odin popped the cap on the chrome cylinder and with a spark, a lick of flame burst forth igniting the tip of his cigarette. He breathed in deeply and let out a long slow plume, seemingly meditating in the swirling grey as whisped away from his lips before dissipating. His thoughts were disrupted as a man sat down and volunteered his name. Odin thought for a second on ignoring the man but felt it would be best to interact with others. Connections were currency after all.

"It vouldn't seem anyone else does either, Callo."
He paused for just a second to draw in and release another plume. The setting had an odd familiarity to him and he almost lost himself in time for a splitting second.
"You may call me... Odin. A rather fitting name for one who pursues knowledge, no? I wonder if..."

He was cut off as the screen flickered to life, apparently whoever was running this show had decided enough time had passed and began the introduction. It felt like orientation, nothing out of place. This... Zabaco seemed woefully uninteresting. The others that were listed below seemed to have much more potential save for getting the blood drinker's daughter back by curfew... He didn't want to reveal his intentions though... not yet.

The old officer took another draw, and as the smoke danced in his mouth, he rolled the paper wrapped cylinder in his fingers, fidgeting with it before speaking to the man beside him and to anyone who cared to listen.

"A rebellious little boy vith a taste for human flesh, a lost little vampiress, a clocksmith vith a private playland, and an ambitious corpse... Vhere do we begin?"

U.N. turned her attention to the screen that had flickered back to life. Any of the jobs listed would have been fine for her after all, she wasn't here to be picky about her work. However, one stuck out from the rest as being slightly odd. The man Zabaco seemed to be nothing more than just a crazed human with an unusually high kill count. 1st-degree murder, robbery, cannibalism, they were all things that could be committed by a normal human. Didn't this company specialize in the supernatural? Surely the police or some other arbitrary task force could take care of one man. However, a thought came into U.N.'s head at this point. There had been many groups throughout history that had tried to recreate the same magical beings the cult in her journal spoke about. The magic would fill the bodies and usually just cause them to exploded due to the immense magical energy. In rare cases though, they magic would turn the hosts into savages who would go on nearly unstoppable rampages. U.N. had encountered these individuals before and dealt with them accordingly. If this Zabaco was one of them, he would need to be taken care of before anything else.

U.N. knew there was still a possibility that this was just some human that got out of control but, the even if just the possibility existed that he could be one of the Corrupt, she needed to investigate. It would be a simple job. A quick in and out operation. The only complicated thing would be locating him. Clearly, if he has evaded capture for this long he is quite the escapist. She rose from her chair and casually strode over to where the projection had been, hoping to find some sort of briefing she could page through for a bit more information. There were so many monstrosities in this city that simply searching around for any specific one would lead to nowhere in a hurry.

NAME: U.N. MENTIONS @Snackofthefuture [Open for interaction]

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"Odin is it? Norse isn't it? A Norse god in fact yes? I haven't heard one of the old god's names in a long time." Callo leaned forward as he spoke recalling dimly the names of other forgotten deities. For Callo, when beings of magic and monstrosities of darkness roamed the very streets you lived in, gods didn't seem nearly as important. "Judging by the severity of the watchmaker incident, Id say we'd best prep for cold weather Odin." Some news outlets Callo knew had been following the abduction and apparently, there was a whole militia holed up with the Watchmaker. Rescue attempts had already been made several times each ending in disastrous failure. Callo marveled at how even though the intensity of the situation would have warranted major media coverage in other nations and times, it barely got a mention in the morning paper. This watchmaker didnt stand out even with an armed large group of fighters, a powerful magic device and distinguished hostages; In another world, it would have made a good book or movie but in Callo's, it was a tragedy waiting to happen.

The Watchmaker (Real name unknown)
The vampire heiress looked like a lucrative job offer, but that meant others would be after her, and Callo had no doubt that there were plenty of Hunter organizations who wouldn't look fondly or even peacefully on competition. And the heiress herself was from the RImidalv family, powerful, magically gifted undead who were known for an appalling disregard for the lives of those they employed. Rimidalv was the name of the family that ran the largest textile manufacturer in the nation and in more whispered tones, the most financially successful smuggling ring in Tune. Any operation involving them would no doubt be fraught with violence and danger as obtaining success always brings rivals and enemies. Violence and danger were not things Callo shied away from but the job would probably be quite dangerous, but would the connections and money gained be worth it? Callo hoped so because his objective wasn't cheap and he'd need to know some more people before he'd start getting the info he wanted. The single photo of her proved to be lewd beyond Callo's taste and he raised an eyebrow at the skimpiness of her outfit; He'd heard the upper class near-immortal had disdain for clothing but it was still strange to see a member of one of the richest families around in next to nothing but underwear. The fighter couldnt contain a snicker at the excess of his world's upper class, truly a strange people. His smirk disappeared as he recalled all the evil shit he'd heard about the vampiric upper class of Tune. Barely above animals and disgustingly above the law, Tune was lucky it had so few of the night creatures. Of course not all vampires behaved like Tune's upper class, there were plenty of poor vampires too and Tune was strange even among the strangest cities of the world.

The Heiress (Name classified)​

"Which of them appeals to you?" Callo asked the World War themed smoker, hoping to learn a little more about his new coworker. The others in the room had begun to open up to one another and Callo knew he'd be meeting the rest soon. Having an individual within the company he could trust a little more than others would be handy and the undead radiated a power that Callo figured could come in handy. He might even come in handy if they went after the priest. That one also unnerved Callo, but in a different less unknown manner; Guinevere's Lake had been simply put, a disaster. Hundreds dead, miles upon miles of ground overrun by ferals, near several billion dollars worth of property damage and the culprits had escaped without a trace. It had been a year since the tragedy and leads had all run up cold, it was almost strange they were being called in for the job given how much time had passed. But apparently the trail had been found again and it pointed towards one individual, a simple young priest. The man, if he truly was the mastermind, had a lot to answer for; Callo thought about it and realized he'd probably spend more time asking questions about shadow organizations or advice on running underground networks then why he'd brought about the disaster or for whom he worked.

The Priest​

He wondered what the whole group would be doing next as the white slideshow ended, bringing up several example contract forms and papers before fading to black with a soft beep. The woman at the desk stood again and pressed a button on the top of the counter before pulling an old school microphone to her mouth. It looked like she'd be addressing them all rather soon.

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Heather was fuming. Every time she was reminded about the Paranormania hunter's company her anger was renewed as if it was the first she had received her instructions. She sat in the back of a car being escorted to the hunting co., looking over different files on the targets that was already being shown to the other hunters. She was expected despite being fashionably late.

"I still don't understand this." Heather said with edge in her voice.

"Take it as a lesson you don't yet understand. The elders would not assign you to Paranormania Hunting Co. if they didn't feel the need to." The man driving responded. Heather rolled her eyes. It was always the same answer with everyone. "At least you'll be getting paid from two different sources now."

"For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil." Heather replied back reciting a verse from the bible that she thought everyone knew. The man gave out a chuckle.

"Touche." The man replied and the ride continued in silence. Heather was reading the dossier on The Priest when the vehicle came to a stop. Heather looked up and saw the building and then looked around to take in what she could see of the city through the SUV windows. To Heather, she felt as if she were on a foreign planet.

"Dear, God...This city is where I'll be residing?" Heather swallowed so hard she wouldn't be surprised if the driver heard it.

"I'm afraid so. It's not like out in the country. All manner of folk and creature come together to make up this city. So just stay alert and don't let your guard down. This city isn't any different from the others. People just look different." Heather muttered a quick prayer before, reluctantly, stepping out. "May God's light show your path clearly in this darkness." The man said before pulling away leaving Heather alone with her small duffel bag.

"Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil..." Heather repeated the verse with her eyes closed several times before finally opening them. It was the bible verse she said to herself most often. It was to mentally prepare herself for what's to come and it always worked. Now, was no different. Heather picked up her head and entered the building.

There were a few others. Some, by appearance alone, gave Heather a shock. She had hunted some of these creatures before. Now the woman was to be sharing a room with them. She knew in the back of her mind that this is how it is but there was the constant gnawing feeling of unease. Fortunately, most of the people in the room resembled human. At least at a glance.

Heather, almost immediately, made for the far corner of the room. A good number of hunters were already conversing so it wasn't too hard to find a space alone. She hoped to become a chameleon and just blend into the wall. Heather studied the others trying to get a reading on who they were and how they acted. So much of this situation was so new that the woman could practically feel the culture shock hitting her.
Dmitri Ainsworth
Mentions :Lucia ((@RevenPrima)), Ethaniel @Vagabond Spectre
Location : Paranormania Hunting Co., The Lobby

Dmitri has spotted a potential target to choose from earlier after a brief analysis of each. He of course was not sure if these were only examples of what the Paranormania Hunting Co. targets or if they really are what he and his fellow new recruits would indeed be capturing themselves, but it was still entertaining to assume roles and their jobs. As of current, he blankly stares at the screen wondering how something like capturing a pocket-dimension manipulator would be possible. He'd probably bring the smoker from earlier or Teller, simply because they're the closest to what Dmitri'd call a Watchmaker; the mystery and the menace they hold are similar in appearance.

However, no one could possibly miss the young boy from earlier now uncomfortably surveiling them from a nearby seat, so it was for the best of both worlds if Dmitri acknowledges the child. "Come nearer, boy, I'd like to get to know you as well. I believe you've been listening long enough to know our names, so let me skip our introductions. Now, how about yours? Mind if I know how confident you are in these tasks?" Dmitri asks them just as eagerly as he did with Lucia.


Cuddly Red Panda
Femora watched from her chair as the others spoke around her. She felt a bit out of place amongst all the activity, yet it also felt normal to her as she let out a soft yawn in boredom. This wasn't the first time she had sat in silence amongst a group of strangers, and to her knowledge, this wasn't gonna be the last either. Pulling at her sleeves she rubbed the fabric between her fingers, noting that they were drying. This both pleased and upset her. In one hand she would be better off dry and getting warm now that she was inside and around others, but on the other hand, her mind urged her to be in contact with water. To be back in the ocean and swimming down to the depths of what some would call the unknown. It seemed more like a dream than anything now, but she made the choice to leave the open waters long ago. For a moment she felt her heart ache as she thought about her younger years, but she quickly pushed the thoughts away. Now was not the time to reminisce.

At first, Femora ignored the others as they spoke to each other, though she felt it would only be some time until someone spoke to her. She just hoped it wasn't someone too chatty. Her gaze wandered around the room, looking at the others, observing them as most of them interact with someone else before her attention was brought to the screen. Reading the information that appeared Femora let out a soft huff of displeasure. The things some people did disgust her. Closing her eyes and looking away from the screen she brought her view to her hands as she sat them back on her lap. She took a light breath before calmly looking around the room, listening in to the different conversations going on.

Open For Interaction

U.N. searched around for any information on Zabaco but to no avail. It seemed she would have to start from scratch. Perhaps some of the high ups in Tune's underbelly would know more. If this man really was a corrupt, one of them would know something of his whereabouts. Of course, the other option would be to wait for the target to show himself again. Simply wait for him to attack some bystander and cause an uproar, then follow the blood back to the predator's den. It was a classic big game hunting technique. U.N. watched the other jobs carefully for that might lead her back to Zabaco. The Watchmaker was the most unlikely of the three to have any leads. He had few ties to magic and nothing about the information on him gave away any motive for attempting to replicate the ritual that created the Cursed or the Corrupt. The other two though...that was where she was encountering trouble. The Heiress had many ties to both magic and the undead and on top of that, it wouldn't be the first time a powerful, wealthy idiot had tried to create a new Cursed and failed. She had plenty of motive. There was also the priest. On the surface level, he just seemed like a madman but, the mass killings he had committed resembled the deaths that had brought about the Corrupt, to begin with. U.N. considered the two targets in her head a moment. A vampire's bite was deadly to humans and while her infallible body made her immune to the venom, it still gave her a splitting headache. She decided the priest would be a good place to start.

Just then, another person entered the room, though they made it clear they weren't there to make friends as the rushed past the loosely mingling groups of hunters and sat in the corner of the dim room. U.N. could smell the magic radiating off the woman though it was different than the magic from earlier. This was light magic. The cells on a human body are held together by electrical charges. In U.N.'s body, those charges were replaced by all kinds of magical energy from the hundreds of people that had the power before her. Because of this, her body wasn't weak against any particular form of magic but, light magic did have an extra sting to it, an unfortunate weakness U.N. had never quite figured out how to completely counteract. U.N. continued to look the woman over, sizing her up. She would most likely be decent in a fight. She looked like she had been through a few as well. Perhaps bringing her along on this job would be a lucrative endeavor.


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Heather sat, arms and legs crossed. Even her posture stated how uncomfortable she was let alone the bouncing of her leg. She hated just about everything at the moment.

She hated the decision the Elders came to.

She hated having to work with others.

She hated hated this city.

And she hated that she might have to work with the very things she spent her life hunting. Occasionally, there was a corrupt human that had to be put down or cleansed but when it came to other creatures they were always the enemy. Now, here she was expected to work with them. And what stung most of all was that the Elders knew this was extremely likely to happen yet they still sent Heather on her way. This wasn't a big picture scenario. This was her being punished.

The woman looked over the other people and creatures in the room again and her eyes met a pale girl's.

Great, they even allow children into this business. Heather thought. Sure she was very young when she used her powers for the first time but she was an adult when she started hunting. There seemed to be no limit on what was allowed to be considered a Hunter to city-folk.

Then Heather got two distinct feelings. One was that the girl was definitely doing more than just glancing in Heather's direction. She was analyzing her. The look Heather received every time she asked civilians on information for a hunt was mirrored by what this girl was doing now.

The second feeling was something else. It was a feeling of unease she got whenever confronted with a supernatural creature. The girl looked human but Heather was almost entirely sure there was more to it. She couldn't pinpoint the feeling as a threat or not but the longer Heather stared the more intense the feeling got. Fed up, the woman finally stood up and quickly made her way to the girl.

"What are you?" Heather was only a foot or so from the girl when asking the question in a confrontational manner. She had to pinpoint the feeling otherwise it would gnaw away at her like an itch you couldn't reach.

@Captain Sweatpants

U.N. turned to face the woman as she confronted her. You could feel the intensity in the air between them as the two cast glares that would have cut through lesser beings. U.N. didn't give an inch. She had lived and fought for too long to let this child intimidate her. Covering her mouth gently with one hand, U.N. laughed coyly "Why, I am human of course. My my, this city does seem to have strange effects on people. I'm beginning to think I may have been possessed by a spirit after all." She took about a half step closer to the woman, her eyes never breaking their focus for a second "You know, I haven't been in Tune long but I've learned one very important rule this city has." She spoke in a hushed, sultry voice that dripped with venom as she whispered in the woman's ear "There are certain questions to which you would rather not know the answer."

The child was brave, U.N. had to admit that. She knew others had taken note of her the moment they had entered the room yet, only one other among them had the courage, or perhaps the ignorance to question her. There was all manner of creatures in this room but none of them had the willpower that this human did. U.N. smiled to herself. She liked this one. She had a spirit of ice and fire. Perhaps this waste of a city did have something to offer her after all.


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Cherry 🍒
—Paranoromania Hunting Co. : Lobby —


“Goooood morning!”

Cherry chirped her greeting, regardless of the actual time of day, and waved brightly to the lobby’s inhabitants.

Her hair was currently a shock of pastel pink, drifting through the air at her back like a superhero’s cape. She flashed a bright and gleeful smile to the other hunter’s in attendance, and giggled, her small hand coming to cup her mouth in a ladylike gesture of restraint.

Her clothes were soaked to the skin. A short black skirt { perhaps a bit too short, borderline overtly inappropriate } and a grey denim jacket, zipped up all the way with a high collar that stuck up towards her skin. A small cherry blossom pin adorned the lapel; gold and pink.

“It’s a really a never ending torrential downpour out there! I’m awaiting the tsunami.” She joked, although no one seemed to be laughing. Nevertheless, her one-sided banter hid her nerves, and that was proving itself to be a challenge.

She removed her jacket, tossing it, and then her traveling duffel, into a chair nearby, which swiveled and tipped, nearly dumping her sopping jacket and heavy bag, before once again straightening up under the load.

Beneath the jacket was a simple off-white turtleneck blouse. Plain, fitted, and of a sport-like material. The same crest as that of the pin of her jacket was embroidered in gold in the lower left corner of the blouse.

“I-...oh dear,” Cher rubbed the back of her neck in embarrassment, “Here I am, barging in, not even introducing myself, sorry, sorry...uh,” she giggled once more, but it was tighter, more uncomfortable, “I’m Cherise Bijoux...but um, I usually go by Cherry.”

She, perhaps naïvely, hoped her name wasn’t recognized, but you didn’t drop the Bijoux name without recognition. It was a name plastered on every billboard in every city near and far; In every magazine, newspaper, tabloid, and hologram article.

But maybe she’d get lucky here. Make some friends { or enemies } before they recognized the price tag practically tattooed to her forehead { and dangling from her DNA }


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Heather eyed the girl strangely. There was something off about the girl's answer. It might have just been arrogance. Heather was definitely accustomed to the attitude from the higher ups under her church.

Heather then started circling the girl while giving her a look over. The only thing that stood out was the sword. Maybe that's what Heather sensed.

"Demons, Wendigos, Skinwalkers, Revenants, and all sorts of manner of magical manipulators and their slaves. Even creatures that defies what a person could envision in their worst nightmare. I've seen it all." Heather came to a halt when she made one circle around the girl and leaned forward a bit so that they were at eye level. "There is nothing that would scare me." Heather remained there, in silence for what seemed like minutes although it was merely a moment or two before a girl's voice resounded throughout the room.

Heather straightened her posture before letting out a breath she didn't realize she was holding. The woman would just keep an eye on the girl. She didn't trust her at all. Especially, when they were so blatantly secretive. Heather wondered how many others possibly shared the same thought process. Who knows what kind of sins each one of these individuals had committed and lived with. It's why Heather didn't like working with others. They just made her paranoid. Getting stabbed in the back was never something she wanted to experience.

@Captain Sweatpants
Ethaniel Remilou

The boy's rather obvious cover was blown when the man had notice his suspicious actions towards them. This awkward young man had no other choice but to drop the act and just proceed to follow the social norms. Turning his head towards the big man with the well mannered aura, he took a full notice of there appearance. He has to admit, they look very mysterious and overwhelming yet the don't seem to intend to intimidate anyone, but Ethan cannot see the impression. Compared to the man's attire. His clothes looks so fresh and clean, making his old and gloomy despite having the same fashion sense. Although the man looks human, something deep within Ethaniel tells that he is a very different being. Gulping his own throat towards the man, he kept his head cool trying to recollect his thoughts as the man tried to question him, while at the same time constructing a good posture as he sat straight. First impression does last after all.

"Ethaniel Remilou, sir... Ethan is the preferred name for most who call me. Sir! I am prepared to face these tasks, confidently that has been given to us without question. For me, i am willing to do any mission with no complains. Mr. Ridge, Sir." Ethaniel's sitting position isn't anything too impressive but he is able to pull off a very well mannered posture and tone of voice, for his way of communication was quite flexible. It's almost like he was applying for a real job. Dmitri, or Mr. Ridge Ethan prefers to call was giving him some pressure as he gave his answer. Ethan had this strange heavy accent which almost sounds like as if a russian was trying to speak English. Despite that, it was still audible and understandable at some point.

@Computing Magus

U.N. laughed to herself again. The child was so serious! She acted as though the world had nothing left to surprise her with. These hunters were certainly an entertaining bunch. "All creatures of nightmares to be sure. But when those creatures retire to their dark caves and damp sewer and lay their heads down to rest, who do you think haunts their nightmares?" U.N. had taken a liking to this human. She was so ignorant of this larger world around her like a child playing make-believe. "You look at me with such disdain and hatred, one who seeks answers. Tell me, what have I done to incur such wrath?" As the human had circled her, U.N. had been able to get a better look at her. She was armed unsurprisingly. A rather large firearm most likely with some sort of special fitting or modification for hunting supernatural creatures. Lot of humans who lacked enough natural power to fight themselves often created these items to help them. Some relied on brute force, some magic like her blade, and others a combination of the two. Through her life, U.N. had stared down the barrel of hundreds if not thousands of these weapons, sometimes literally. She wondered what this human's choice of fire was.


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"All creatures of nightmares to be sure. But when those creatures retire to their dark caves and damp sewer and lay their heads down to rest, who do you think haunts their nightmares?"
Heather assumed that the girl may not have been entirely lying when she said she was possessed. In fact, her personality was very similar to the demon possessed humans. Demons were often always cocky and arrogant. At least until they learned that what Heather did wasn't a mere exorcism to send them back to where they came from. What Heather gave the demons was oblivion. Was this girl a demon? Heather could at least be so sure that either her or the sword was supernatural. And Heather also knew that whatever the girl was, it was something Heather hadn't ever encountered before. And that's what she didn't like.

"You look at me with such disdain and hatred, one who seeks answers. Tell me, what have I done to incur such wrath?"
Heather's eyes shifted at the question. It was a similar question she had heard so many times. Heather's superiors constantly told the woman that her attitude was her biggest flaws. She knew it was an issue but not having to worry about pleasing people or not on a social level was never an issue. Just as long as she got the job done.

Heather crossed her arms.

"Maybe it's that stench you carry around with you." Heather answered. "It's something that I don't particularly care for and since you wouldn't answer my question I think it's safe to assume you are something might not like?" Heather gave a dismissive shrug. "Either that or you're a very arrogant little girl with a strange weapon." This whole situation was something Heather didn't understand. And if she didn't understand it then it rubbed her the wrong way. The hunter could get a feel for otherworldly creatures both good and bad. This was something different. It didn't point either way. And it being a foreign force to Heather on top of all that only ended in bad things in her experience. She wouldn't make the same mistakes twice.

@Captain Sweatpants

Arrogance. It was something U.N. was familiar with and had been accused of many times. "You may call it arrogance if you wish, but doing so only proves your arrogance over mine. After all, a wise person would know there is a difference between arrogance and experience." U.N. enjoyed watching the confusion of other creatures as they failed to comprehend her existence. In previous rejuvenations, her name and face were well known as her work had helped her gain quite the reputation. Unfortunately, this made it impossible for her to go by the name U.N. as it was rather recognizable. However, she could still use the name to her advantage and often did. Perhaps she could do that here as well. "You're obviously a hunter, the same as the rest of us. Tell me then, from your wealth of experience, do you remember a huntress by the name of U.N.? I believe she became rather infamous around some forty-six years ago." U.N. had used her name in the third person like this several times to help probe for information, gain renown, or simply just to scare people. It was the advantage of being able to hide behind yourself.


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Getting up before the other hunter could respond Callo walked quickly over to where the two young huntresses were arguing. His face was dark and expressionless as he bore down on the two. He'd heard that name before. His colleagues had always warned him of its implications. U.N. didn't surface unless things were about to get bad. It was a name that was forgotten until you wanted to turn a bad day into a terrible one. U.N. was a name that oozed violence and hate, and Callo was all about those things. As he reached the two he stood between them and said interrupting almost rudely "U.N. is a figurehead. She wreaks havoc on the world and sires the seeds of violence within the fearful's hearts. She's a damn near-religious icon to anti-magic groups and fanatics around the world. To everyone else with a brain, she's a serial killer with the emotional experience of a child. And to hunters? To hunters shes bad luck." Expression changing to one far more stern as he finished, he ended his statement with "So don't bring her up right now alright?" Phrased like a question, the sentence was anything but. "Thank whatever god you follow she's not around anymore, everywhere she goes, monsters follow." Talking about a name like that on their first day? Callo wasn't superstitious but U.N. wasn't a name you threw around lightly, she was bad luck for any company she was associated with.
As Callo spoke you could tell that his opinion of U.N. wasn't really hateful or disgusted but neutral and uncompassionate. Callo held no real opinion of the person the name was attached to, but the name itself had power. The two whose conversation he'd interrupted looked too young to have any idea of the things U.N. had done when she'd last appeared in the world. Callo's parents had lost family to the monster and his teachers had often used her as an example of power abused and mistreated.
As he was speaking he looked at the blade on the Asian girl's hip and frowned. There was something horrifyingly recognizable about the blade, something that Callo found almost nostalgic to look at. The blade emitted energy that Callo was all too familiar with as his weapon carried the same aura. Similar murderous energies swirled within both weapons; Not exactly the same, in fact quite different, but the homicidal power each weapon bore was identical. Their weapons had both taken many, many lives. "Where did you get that sword?" he asked with hardly concealed interest.

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U.N. smiled coyly as the man continued to ramble on about her. Even for her, it was sometimes nice to hear people compliment her hard work. "I'm sorry, it seems as if I've struck a nerve." She replied through a light laugh. The next thing the man said managed to catch her by surprise, however. He had asked about Witch Killer, something few ever really wondered about right away. Usually, people only began to wonder once they had seen it in action. Gently, she placed a hand on the hilt of the blade and slowly drew it from the scabbard. Even in the rather dimly lit room, the brilliant black blade caught the light from a street lamp through the window and glistened like onyx. She admired the blade for a moment. It had been so long since she had acquired it, where it had come from originally slipped her mind. "It was a gift." She said pleasantly. That much she was confident in.

NAME: U.N. MENTIONS @Snackofthefuture

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Before the exchange between the two could go on any further a man stepped in between them. He also answered the girl's question because Heather hadn't really known much about anyone named U.N. They weren't around anymore so they hardly seemed relevant when it came to training and learning about the threats that existed. Either that or Heather hadn't paid attention when U.N. was discussed in class.

Heather was thinking about stepping back and letting this man take her place in the conversation until she unsheathed her weapon.

"Unholy..." Heather murmured. Now she knew why she was getting a weird reading. There were two auras she was feeling. One coming from the girl and the other was the sword. They just intertwined with each other in a weird way. But the uneasy feeling was definitely coming from the sword. Heather subconsciously reached for the crucifix she carried in her pocket and found comfort in its touch. She then looked at the newly approached man with disdain. This man carried a similar ill vibe with him as well but this time it was certainly his weapon rather than his entire being.

"You carry weapons of evil's likeness and call yourself hunters? A shame that the fighters of the wicked have been reduced to accepting such since the time of the Templar's." Heather uttered with a look of disgust.

@Captain Sweatpants @Snackofthefuture

"Odin is it? Norse isn't it? A Norse god in fact yes? I haven't heard one of the old god's names in a long time....Judging by the severity of the watchmaker incident, I'd say we'd best prep for cold weather Odin."

The undead man listened, considering how to respond in a way that would seem fitting but before Odin could respond there were more details considering the others. A watchmaker, clearly an interesting and potentially lethal opportunity, pocket dimensions. Those could prove uncomfortable to navigate if they were put into one and Odin didn't feel like he was quite strong enough to chance such an encounter.

At the sight of the vampiress, Odin choked on the smoke in his mouth and coughed several times before blurting out, "Mein Gott, eine Hure!" The thought danced in his head for but a moment as to how she would keep the straps secured about her bust and what the point of the dress even was. He observed the character for a while considering his options.

Odin was snapped from the current room, the figures around him seemed to melt away as his mind traveled backward. He found himself in a cold field. He felt the cold all around him, inside of him, his worn holed boots crunching the snow beneath as he trudged forward. There was a barn in front of him, a farm of course but there were tents around this farm and as he entered the barn he could hear the sound of lovemaking. It seemed so plain, a young woman came up to him and though her lips smiled and moved, he could hear nothing. All he could do now was feel the warmth oozing from her, it was intoxicating and she held out her hand to him and he took it.

"Which of them appeals to you?"

"hahaha!-That seems a loaded question!"

The veteran came back to his senses hearing a comment that had long since been spoken and responded to it, oblivious of the time that had passed. He looked towards the Callo fellow expecting a response and realized he had already left. It was an unfortunate thing, and one that had become less common the longer Odin had been awake but much of his previous life was still veiled from him and while he knew a lot, there were parts that felt blurred as if a third or more of his life was one long blank spot from a night of drinking. He took in the Priest up on the wall, the priest seemed promising as a source of power...

Then another heated discussion came into the room, this time it was between the same woman as before and another woman that he hadn't seen enter previously. She seemed angry and knowledgeable... She spoke of supernatural things with a tone that dripped of negativity. A threat but a knowledgeable one, that didn't bode well for him at this time. Then the first hunter name dropped someone else... it was the former that was picking a fight with everyone else. U.N. Curious, Odin couldn't help but notice himself smirking at that. She wanted to be taken seriously and dropped the name so forcibly and without context or warning as if she were trying to one-up the other. The name seemed unimportant but... vaguely familiar, was it initials or the name itself. He'd have to think on that.

Now was not the time to be making enemies so Odin stretched lazily, unseating his propped leg and moved towards a wall near to where the person with the microphone was running the show. He would have much preferred to end this power struggle and get on to business. There was a woman sitting seemingly begging for attention while at the same time aloof and distant, which one was the facade? He was bored and at risk of slipping into another memory he spoke up looking at her then to the crowd around them.

"Rather interesting list of cretins."

He let it sit there for a moment, savoring the double entendre.

"The Vampiress seems the finest opportunity, money, connections, reputation."
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One Time Luck
Andrina Clarke: Lobby
Interaction: @Doaheem @Angelofwishes7

The door clicked. "-ust getting into the building now. I'll call you back later okay? Okay. Good luck. Yeah, see you later." A young woman slipped inside and pulled off the crinkling pink windbreaker she wore over an old Yale hoodie, hanging it up on the coat stand provided. She squeezed through the throng of people and made her way to Marin, being sure not to look her in the face as she rummaged in her front pocket and pulled out a manilla envelope. "I'm from the sister branch, they said you were doing some entry level contracts this week?" She queried, and upon being pointed towards the PowerPoint presentation, she listened with idle interest.

To most, Andrina was perfectly normal; to some, that's enough to make her odd. In a room of ancient vampires, weapons of mass destruction and prophets, the 20-something girl had no scars save for acne scars, no weaponry, no magical aura and no reservations about rubbing shoulders with the powerful pariahs; though it must be said that it didn't look like she had the slightest idea what sort of crowd she shuffled through. As the PowerPoint played, she wrote in a pocket sized notebook using a ballpoint pen. Her phone went off and she fumbled to put it on silent, then answered the text message whilst the others argued.

"You know, I was thinking the same thing," the girl turned to Odin and Femora. She had a light, easygoing tone of voice - one that didn't contain a drop of nerves, nor any reservations for anyone. "The others are kill contracts with extra trappings, but the Heiress must have had good reason to run away. I think we can manage to talk her out of it... after all, her parents are probably worried sick." She stuffed the notepad into her pocket and flashed them both a friendly smile. "I'm Andy Clarke."


Cuddly Red Panda
Femora raised an eyebrow as she looked over at the man, at first not sure if he was actually speaking to her or not. It wasn't until a female voice spoke over to them that she seemed to understand. Femora locked eyes with the girl for was not much longer than a short moment, but during that time it was almost as if she was staring into her soul before giving an amused smile. "Femora." She replied giving her name before bringing her gaze back toward Odin."Interesting is one way to put it. I do agree though. There is a lot that can be gained from the girl, but there is a lot that can be lost as well." every word that crossed Femora's lips was followed by an enchanting and faint melody, a pleasant tune that she was clearly trying to hide by keeping her voice down.

Her smile faded some as she looked back toward Andy. "I find it...doubtful." She paused thinking of the correct words before continuing. "This city high-class is anything but safe or friendly, and that seems even more so for the vampire residents. Plus I find it doubtful that hunters would be called just find some innocent girl who got lost somewhere."

@Doaheem @Bison

Ginko The Mushishi

Traveling Mushi-Shi
Luxu and Genya

The two men had finally arrived at their destination. If it weren't for Luxu though, they could have arrived much earlier to say the least, yet hunger got the best of Luxu, and by extension Genya in the end. And they had a bite to eat before arriving. Both of them ensuring that this was the establishment, they finally decided to walk on in. Luxu took the honors, throwing open the door in an almost dramatic sequence, with enough force to bring people to realize someone was walking in. But not enough to be rude, and allow the door to slam the wall. Luxu took one big step inside, his large suit-case strapped to his back by one leather strap. "Howdy!" He exclaimed, "Sorry we're late, we got side-tracked. Hope it doesn't bother you all none. I'm glad we even found the place in this bustling city!" Luxu smiled and walked on through. He expected the woman at the front desk to be of help for him and Genya.

While Luxu's entrance was a little more loud, Genya's was silent. He walked in rather sluggishly, smoking his odd cigarette that filled the air around him with a sweet smell. "If it weren't for your appetite, we would've been here on time... We weren't really side-tracked by anything other than that. Although, I cannot judge...I myself was hungry too." Genya spoke slowly. He decided to let Luxu do the talking, and took a seat somewhere between everyone. Keeping another seat open for Luxu when he was finished.

Luxu walked towards Marrin, putting his hand on the desk lightly with the letters received by both him and Genya, which they filled out dutifully. "Howdy hey! I'm not sure if you can be of help..But do we need to do anything other than fill out the info on the letters we received? If not, I guess we'll just take a seat then?" He smiled a rather innocent smile. This was completely new to him, at least in the essence of having to do it as a job. Luxu has needed to defend himself before, but never has he done it in a way where he would get paid, or wake up with a shift of 9 to 5. Neither has Genya, actually. They were fresh in the idea of it being something you do rather than a way of survival. No less, if they were the best place to go for his Mechanical expertise, and same with Genya's medical profession. Then they'll be damned if they don't get a spot. They'll work their asses off if need be.

Interacting: @Snackofthefuture - Marrin.
Mentions: Everyone (Interaction is open for Genya still! He's waiting on Luxu is all)​
Looking down at the girl in front of him, Callo drew his bat, glancing over the countless constantly shifting marks littering its surface. He let it drift down to his side, its weight carrying it earthwards until he let it softly hit the floor, sending a small wave of glowing red energy outwards from the point of contact. "A nerve?" The bat loved this girl. "You seem to misunderstand, she interests me. She fought quite well before her death and fighters are strongly needed in today's world. We could use her, even if her... beliefs are that of a naive fool." he said as he grimaced with slight irritation. "A gift you say? Strange... These sorta weapons don't usually pass from owner to owner peacefully." Callo wanted to dislike the girl, she had an arrogance that pissed him off in multiple ways, but he simply couldn't. If the bat liked someone, Callo didn't have much of a choice in his thoughts on them. The club was connected to his thoughts and emotions quite deeply and it had been that way since he'd picked up the weapon.

Never forget... Never forgive...
Mercy is for only the strong, and you my friend, are not strong.
However, I can make you strong.

It hadn't been a very eventful day but for its discovery.
The other girl spoke now, a conviction in her voice that Callo found appealing. Calling him unholy was slightly less appealing.
"Weapons arent holy girl, they're tools, objects for violence. And don't the ends justify the means when no one else is suffering?" He needed no answer to that question, he knew it already as surely as he knew the color of the floor he stood on. He believed in it because he needed to and that seemed a fair enough reason to him. Others had wandered in as he had talked with the two and they seemed fairly interesting, a cheerful woman with knives strapped all over her, a blonde unassuming girl who probably hid some strange talent or ability of sorts, a smoking man with a box on his back and a cyborg wearing goggles.
As he examined the newcomers, the woman at the counter began to speak again.

"Greetings prospective Hunters!"​
The woman looked nervous as she gathered the assembled party's attention. She swallowed taking a quick pause before beginning to speak again. "All of you have been looked over extensively for the skills required to be an effective Hunter. Some of you are bigger risks than others but rest assured the board considers you all fully qualified." Gesturing back to the screen, a new frame had appeared bearing multiple dots. Speaking with gathered confidence, the woman continued, reading off of the slide to all those assembled.
  • Your first mission will begin right after this meeting is adjourned.
  • Your first target will be the man known as Zabaco. After completion of induction, missions may be personally chosen unless the company deems otherwise.
  • A tour of the building will be conducted after the successful completion of the mission.
  • Info pamphlets on the target will be handed out right before the mission.
  • We know the circumstances are unusual and unhelpful, we are counting on it.
  • Think of this first mission as a test; we must be 100% assured of your abilities.
  • You will each be split into one of 4 teams. These teams are to work in harmony together as a unit and as individuals.
  • His location has already been acquired, you all must simply bring him in.
  • Lethal force is acceptable; Please try and bring him in alive.
  • The armory is available for personal use.
Finishing, she turned to all of them and said with a slight smirk "My name is Marrin, welcome to Paranormania Hunting Co. Your first mission will be beginning shortly.

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Dmitri Ainsworth
Mentions :Lucia ((@RevenPrima)), Ethaniel ((@Vagabond Spectre)), Luxu & Genya ((@Ginko The Mushishi))
Location : Paranormania Hunting Co., The Lobby

Ethaniel, bless the young man, was too formal. Can he not perceive the prospective casual aura around the lobby? Granted, Dmitri himself would prefer the boy's tone, but it was not comfortable to happily converse in with in the least. It amused the gentleman. Naive is a strong word; this boy has knowledge when it comes to being a Hunter, one can assume given their confidence in arriving here. Or were they a fool? Given that a weapon's size gave no intrinsic merit, but Dmitri was willing to overlook that. He wanted to be positive and comfortable with his associates, not belittle them every step of the way. It's bad for his health, and would discolor his hair.

"Oh, come now, Ethaniel. Do not speak as if I am your commodore. I am a fellow, humble associate of Paranormania, and you will have to treat me with the same respect as you do with your similarly-ranked friends." Dmitri says all in stride. He can get used to the young boy calling him Mr. Ridge. He must. Suddenly, the woman who has been here since Dmitri could remember has begun to address them formally now that the numbers have risen, and the screen shows an assortment of much needed house rules. A tour? A pamphlet? How comically formal. Yet, Dmitri decides he would like to see a brochure of what their new business would be like. They have pamphlets, so it would be a waste to not acquire one and procure information.

It seems the initiation has finally gone underway. Took them quite the time. Their greeting was somewhat brief but is straight to the point without unnecessary details, unless some would ask for those themselves. Dmitri himself was not confident with having to take the other members with him, given their more often than not unnecessary non-trusting attitudes. Dmitri would eventually get paired with them no matter the case for the sake of efficiency and proficiency, however, so it was best not to be fastidious, choosing those over others simply because he does not want to accompany their ill-mannerisms.

"... it seems that we have finally begun with our initial job. Miss Lucia, Sir Ethaniel, I believe I will have a move on with necessary preparations, and the armory would be quite the exploration I deem required for me to start. You can come with if you want, but know I will be of no obligation to speak and assist you there." Dmitri says darkly, but genuinely, and stands from his seat to approach the secretary, crossed arms and a straight, non-swaying path towards them. A giant of a man crossed the room, and only his eyes darted slowly across each and every person he comes across, eyeing the particularly newer ones, such as the pair of-- hm, how interesting, the same pair of uninteresting doubles that busted in and Dmitri ignored for the sake of conversation. However, he decided not to judge them. Everyone in the accursed town were always more than what they are. Dmitri decides to bear with them, as he has no idea of their abilities, and head straight for Marrin.

"A quick question. Armory is available prior to this mission, correct? I would appreciate to be led to it. Or at least directions of your building." Dmitri says, arms still as crossed and face as serious. There was no denying he wanted to be attended quickly.
Cherry 🍒
—Paranoromania Hunting Co. : Lobby —
Mentioned: @Snackofthefuture

Cherry pursed her lips in thought, and pulled a small pink lollipop from her pocket, unwrapping it and giving it a contemplative lick before sticking it in her cheek.

“Hm. Seems like fun.”

She glanced around the room, taking inventory of its occupants.

~ Religious girl
~ Small girl
~ Bat guy...

Bat guy didn’t seem as intimidating.
Despite the bat.

Cherry sauntered over to him first, greeting him with a small wave.
“Hi there! Lovely to meet you, bat guy-I mean...uhm,” she paused, recovering from her faux pas, “I’m Cherry, what’s your name?”

She extended a hand for him to shake, giving him a dazzling smile for good measure.

Please just talk to me, it’s awful being alone in a room full of people.

She hoped her eyes didn’t give away her desperation. She could compare it to kindergarten, except she didn’t attend school until the sixth grade, when she started at a private academy. She wasn’t exactly a social butterfly, just a socialite.

Her hand remained extended, quivering ever so slightly as she awaited a returned handshake. He wouldn’t leave her hanging...would he?

Would he?

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