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Paranormania Hunting Co. Exterminating monsters and Urban legends with a smile :)


A Modern world with monsters, vampires, werewolves, and other paranormal entities.
That is reality.
The paranormal actually existing is common knowledge, having come to the forefront of the world stage several decades back. Companies like private military/bounty hunter type organizations have been set up to fight the hostile entities and terrorist organizations of the world.
This story focuses on an up and coming company (Paranormania Hunting co.) with a bunch of fresh good talent (you) They fight with magic, swords/melee weapons/guns, and all the sorts of other crazy contraptions that you come up with.
There are many, many abilities that exist in the world with multiple being offered at our offices, such as Bonding- There are two types of bonding, one good, and the other not so much, Demons are chill to bond with but Daemons will fuck your shit up. (bonding with a daemon is like taboo, bonding with a demon is chill so long as you have a license). Bonding with these creatures is quite similar to bonding with spirits and grants powerful abilities to those strong enough to wield them.
Spirits are also a thing being normally humanoid half-human like creatures. Their host grants them an anchor to this world and they Grant their host powers. For example, a siren-based spirit would Grant their human the power to control people through song. What people consider dangerous about spirits is that a spirit and human can 'fuse', which creates an extremely powerful and destructive creature. Of course, the human and spirit can unfuse. If the bond between a human and spirit isn't strong enough or the fusion is done incorrectly, something goes wrong, ECT, then the fusion becomes more like a monster with no emotions. They are power hungry and it corrupts the mind of both the spirit and the human. Fusions are hard to get perfect, so they have remained a rarity in the world.
Not that many positions are available, about 12 left at our office, apply today and discover your dream job!

The First stage: Uncanny Valley
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1st Stage

Tune is an old city, a city steeped in dark magic and lies; deceit and betrayal run this metropolis along with the more corporeal occasional cult and the demon-sponsored gang. With a size beating almost all others, Tune is one of the largest cities on the planet covering thousands of kilometers with towers stretching far up into the clouds.
The city thrummed with its usual hectic energy, chaotic and busy with an undertone of fearful awe. The yellow glow of the countless lights lit up the city and the sky respectively. Tune never slept and it was doubted it ever truly would, similar to many of its more obscure inhabitants. Countless peoples and species raced around and interacted in the bright streets: wendigos, poltergeists and lizard people to name a small few.

Looking over the city, a man in a black mask smirked, glancing down at the streets laying so far beneath him, the small pathways bustling with barely contained energy. Staring for the last time at the shining white moon overhead, he took a step out into the air and was gone.

The tunnel was humming, not the thrum of factory machinery or a passing train, it was not the sound of a crowd making its way through the streets. It was the sound of a mother. She loved her children so dearly, despite their uncounted number, she loved every one of them with all of her being. She would do anything for them.

Gasping with annoyance, the sandy-haired man pulled his face away from the corpse for a second to glare at his shut door. Satisfied none of the other apartment's inhabitants were going to make an entrance, he unhinged his jaw and dug in, picking the arm clean in seconds. Zabaco was glad he'd come to Tune.

Paranormania is not an old company at all, in fact, it's basically a newborn. All those working at the company save for a few hunters, janitors and higher-ups are brand new to the business of hunting. Job letters from all around the nation have been flooding in as Paranormania has strong backers and a good advertising base. Sitting in the lobby at the front desk, Marrin skimmed the most recent offers that had come in trying to find one that would offer the most buck for their bang. She didn't talk much and she wore no uniform of sorts but she was effective at the job she did. Her job if it had a real title would be something along the lines of a secretary and a bouncer. She dealt with the locals and went through the paperwork relating to jobs and she was excellent at it if she did say so herself.
She looked forward to seeing all the new hunters that had been hired. She just hoped that they'd last, hunting was no easy job and often had casualties; Marrin couldn't help but wonder how many of the hunters they were gaining would stay with the company.
"How many will last?" She asked herself.

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Walking into the brightly lit lobby from the wet streets of Tune was a relief for Callo. After days of riding train cars and buses and all other manner of transportation, the 31-year-old man had made it to his new place of employment; Not to mention his new home in general. Navigating the streets of Tune to this point had been fairly difficult and the Hunter had nearly thrown his cap down in frustration many a time. His perseverance and dedication, however, had in the end paid off. He took a seat next to a wall after noticing a sign left up for the incoming Hunters, it read "ATTENTION! All Hunters here for their new job, please take a seat and wait patiently. Once your coworkers have all arrived we will be holding a quick meet and greet which will, in turn, be followed by an assigning of rooms and a tour." The fighter was A-okay with the sign's orders as anything was better than staying out in the rain-soaked night, though he hoped that the other Hunters would arrive soon. He desperately needed a warm shower and some hot food; Callo was tired, more tired than he'd been that whole month. He wondered where all his energy had gone these past years.
Glancing around the room, he made a note of all the various exits and entrances that dotted the first floor. There was an area behind the receptionist's desk with two doors leading into what he assumed were backrooms, with an old and quite large Grandfather clock in between them. There were two doorways into the lobby from the outside along with a small back entrance left of the big desk area. On the right side, two doors to what he assumed were elevators stood elegantly and refined with carved decoration on the frames. The room had bright white walls with planks of dark wood going up to the ceiling and a floor of waxed pine planks that reflected the glow of the lamps dimly. There was nice comfy furniture all set up around the room and a medium-sized fireplace burning evenly in the center. The wall Callo was sitting next to had a bench hugging it with a large mirror right above that reached the ceiling and nearly covered the whole left wall.
Leaning back and crossing his legs, Callo wondered who would be walking into the office next.
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Dmitri Ainsworth
Mentions : Callo, ((@Snackofthefuture))
Location : Paranormania Hunting Co., The Lobby

An interesting evening. The downpour of any weight that threatens the city always made Dmitri frigid, so he always kept indoors for them. However, tonight was of utmost importance that postponing to arrive and instead arriving at the next day would be unthinkable. It could very well change on how much of a person Dmitri was going to become. A lowly, dangerous swindler, or perhaps a good-natured, justified accountant? We shall see.

Dmitri enters the first floor lobby as he reached the offices. Upon entering, the man felt as if he entered a living room. Comfortable furniture litter the room, and even a fireplace is affixed in what otherwise would have been a common lobby. What a peculiar design choice. The sign that hangs to tell about how the incoming Hunter's should behave was quietly followed by the nobleman, and has decided to find a seat. There already seems to be a fellow Hunter in the room. Rough-looking, almost as tall as Dmitri, and appears to be absolutely fatigued. Dmitri wasn't too meticulous and inquisitive of his cohorts as of current, so he decides to leave them be. Dmitri spots a posh seat that was of distance with the other man in the room and also close to the fireplace, so the aristocrat takes it for himself.

For now, it seems he was relatively early given that it appears he is the second to enter the room. Does it look like he was the one in charge of the meeting; formal attire, large stature? This entire thought wasn't entirely as it passed in Dmitri's head, and believes that such was not a problem he should fret about. It would be uncomfortable to simply stare around the room in a nonchalant manner as it would seem he was quite eager to begin, so Dmitri brings out a pocketbook from the inside of his vest. It was a simple story of an obscure author, detailing life on an inverse reality as the protagonist escapes it metaphorically. An interesting read, and should convey to others that he might not be in the mood for conversation.


Tune. A city-sized oil spill with nothing good to offer the world. Grotesque horrors reared their ugly heads from around every corner. In every shadow, new monstrosities festered while the city turned a blind eye, pretending their so-called "happy lives" will continue on as they were if they just ignore the monster's jaws closing around their throats. To U.N. though, none of it mattered. She had just recently rejuvenated, which meant a fresh start for her. After another lifetime of being hunted, it was like she was just another face in the crowd again. No one was after her, no one even knew she existed anymore. They would though. Very soon, this city would know exactly who she was. U.N. had stopped to look at herself in a storefront window. Once again, her skin was smooth and clear, her lips were delicate and soft, her body was young and spry. How many lives had it been now? She had stopped counting, or maybe she just couldn't remember. That seemed to be happening more and more these days. Her life had become so long, her human mind couldn't hold all of her memories anymore. Faces from the past, faces of people she had come to care for, blurred and faded as did their names. U.N. often wondered if this had only started happening now or if it had been happening for decades but even the memories of thoughts had been forgotten.

U.N. tried to think back to just before her last rejuvenation. She had been heading to this city for something but she couldn't quite remember rough. Memories from just before a rejuvenation were always a bit foggy. She remembered knowing she needed to travel to Tune because of it's value to her. Suddenly, it clicked. She remembered why she had come to this sullen pit. There was a company here searching for people to hunt supernatural and magical creatures. Tune was large and while U.N. was certainly skilled, she couldn't deal with Tune's high population on her own. Strolling calmly along the dimly lit streets, U.N. found herself at the door of a rundown building. A sign on the door read "Paranormania Hunting Co."

Upon entering the building, U.N. paid next to no mind to the others sitting in the room as she calmly found a spot of her own. Hopefully, this wouldn't be a waste of her time. U.N. hated this city. If there was any way to wrap her work up here quickly, then this would be it.

NAME: U.N. MENTIONS @Snackofthefuture @Computing Magus
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Cuddly Red Panda
walking the samp streets of the city, Famora was more than less enjoying a long stroll in the pouring rain. The cold water had already more then soaked her clothing but it seemed to bother her none as she continued down many of the streets, humming a soft and fairly pleasant tune to herself. After a long while of walking in the cold rain, Famora stopped in her tracks and took a long moment to look at her surroundings, noticing how late it was getting, it suddenly hit her that she had plans for tonight, and not plans she could push off till later.

Turning to head into the right direction Femora looked down the many roads, even this late into the evening the streets were still filled with commotion, but she didn't have time to focus on it much more than a quick look as she made her way through the many streets of Tune. The people and activities that happened around her were little more of a blur in her memory as she soon found herself at the door of a familiar, yet very unfamiliar building. Maybe she had walked by it once or twice that night? Whatever the case was, Famora Slowly opened the door and made her way inside being a bit surprised by the look of the interior. It was cozy and warm inside unlike the cold rain she had been walking through for who knew how long.

Being soaking wet and standing in front of a few others Femora found the warmth to be forgotten almost immediately as she now felt a bit awkward in the spot she was in. She didn't want to sit on anything in fear it would get soaked or damaged, yet she didn't want to be the only one standing either. A soft sigh escaped her lips as she walked over to where the seats were and sat down in a very upright and almost formal-unrelaxed position as she tried to keep as little of her soaked clothing from touching the chair. Her back was straight and her hands rested on her lap holding what looked to be a small leather messenger bag as she kept her eyes mainly to the ground, yet occasionally looked up to look around at the others and their surroundings.

Open For Interaction

U.N. sat quietly as more people trickled into the building, dripping from the ends of their clothes. This process was taking quite a while. U.N. wondered if the director of this operation intended on wasting her time by making her wait like this. U.N. remembered why she had chosen to work alone. You could never count on other to do their job when you needed them to. Perhaps it would be better if she set out on her own after all. U.N. reached in a small bag she had over her shoulder and removed a tattered, leather-bound journal. Just at a glace, you could tell the book was old. The leather covers, which had once been a beautiful brown color, had become an ugly yellow as the color faded over the many years.

U.N. paged through the ancient text until she reached a page marked with a red ribbon. Removing the ribbon, she began to read. For most, reading was a pastime. For U.N., it was something much more important. She often forgot so many lives that somewhere along the line, someone had given this journal to her as a present. For a while, it helped. U.N. would write in the journal and it helped her remember places and people long after she would have forgotten them. But eventually, even the name of the person she had received the journal from faded from the pages just as it did from her mind. "fifteen minutes." she thought "fifteen minutes before I walk out."


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Defiant Bug in a Perfect Game
Teller was sat inside of a small bar, he began to speak to the person next to him, "So this is Tune, I've visited a lot of cities but none have been able to truly feel like what they aspire to be. I've heard stories upon stories of sprawling cities with a bountiful amount of people that fill every corner of it's beautiful and well lit borders. Those pitiful excuses for cities are nothing compared to those descriptions and are non existent compared to Tune. Truly I've reached the mythical city I've heard so much about. Anyways I'm sure you have much to say about the amazing city Tune is." Teller looked over to the person next to him only to realize that they had left a long time ago. Teller was annoyed but found the action understandable as tended to go on long tangents without really knowing it. Teller shrugged it off and decided to leave in search of the Paranormania Hunting Company.

It was rather uncomfortable to try and make his way through the city, the massive downpour had soaked unprotected parts of his armor and it being only a few inches away from his skeleton created a strange sensation within him. Finally he found a sign indicating the entrance to the company's building was nearby, he found the entrance and made his way inside. Teller saw a few people already seated on a couch. Seeing as he was going to be working with these people he decided to strike up some conversation, “So, who might you all be? I’m sure you all have some colorful backgrounds.”

A city that felt out of time. It was oddly refreshing and revolting all at once. To Odin, it was as though he could feel the spirits of long-dead souls walking around. He could almost feel the boots stomping in unison or the thunderous shaking of bombs exploding. The souls of the departed wandered all around him creating the feeling of a negative copy of the current city. That was a very promising sign, only the older cities had such a thriving afterlife and the ones that he'd visited proved most fruitful for his purposes. Of course, he could channel these ghosts from his periphery into his attention but the spellcaster had a purpose here. He was a bit lost in the city streets though, he had what he'd heard described as 'smart-phone' that seemed anything but. That said, he simply relied on the proven method of asking around and digging the answers out of people and found exactly what he was looking for.

He wasn't particularly interested in working with others but if it offered him an opportunity to learn more about the world as well as have access to sources of knowledge and power then it would be wonderful. Odin waited outside the portal looking at a note he'd written in this wonderfully rain resistant paper.

Paranormania... it seemed like a rather uninspired name but certainly blunt and lacking the melodrama of other groups specializing in paranormal things... Crescent Templars of the Blooded Moor... excessive.

While studying over his notepad a voice broke through the sound of rain slapping against his already slick trenchcoat.

"Hey! You just gonna stand there or you comin in?"
The Norse man simply smiled, "I thought you'd never ask."

Inside he was able to remove the soaked garment as well as his fedora and left them to drip on a rack by the door. With leather soled shoes, Odin strode into the room, a wet clop landing with each step until his shoes met with carpet muffling his steps.

"Good evening." He announced to no one in particular, noting a curious accent that smacked of Germanic but wasn't German.

He wore a grey flannel suit that fit loosely, reminiscent of older movie stars. The pale man gazed lazily at the others in the room, making notes of who stood out to him, there was a younger woman that seemed to have an aura of the deceased about her as if she were both living and dead. There was a familiarity in it but he chose not to linger on her lest he risk drawing attention. Odin made a point to step away from the fire and took a seat in an aged leather club chair that creaked faintly as he sat, his leather briefcase at his feet. He fished around in his suit jacket for a moment before producing a chrome case about the size of a deck of playing cards and from it came a cigarette. He didn't feel a need to do it the same way he used to but he still enjoyed doing it. He likened it to the way some ghosts continue to open cabinets for dishes or patrol the same area... a form of spiritual masturbation.

"Does anyone mind?" He held out the cigarette in two fingers while holding a brass cylinder in his left hand.

U.N. snapped the journal shut with a loud snap as someone two newcomers entered the room and unlike the rest, these two interested her. The first was a man wearing a mask reminiscent of those worn by plague doctors centuries ago. She recognized him. He was a being known as the Teller, a sort of chronicler of the ages. In the final 30 or so years of her last rejuvenation, The Teller had kept appearing wherever U.N. had gone, always seemingly one or two steps behind her. Though she had never met The Teller personally, she had heard of another being emerging several centuries ago that had continued to show up at different points through history. If he had followed her here, it may make U.N.'s job more complicated than she had hoped. U.N. had done her best to avoid being noticed by historians and journalists as she worked and a rejuvenation usually took the heat off her back, but if she was being followed by a being with a lifespan comparable to her own, then slipping by unnoticed would become much harder

U.N. turned her gaze to the second of the two men though she hardly needed to look at him to smell the stench of magic that surrounded him. The man was bathed in the aura of a caster. It clothed him like a robe, it's irritating presence permeating the room the moment he crossed the threshold of the door. Before he had even said a word, U.N. had decided he would be the first when this was all over.

NAME: U.N. MENTIONS @McGlitchy @Doaheem

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It was raining in Tune, and it was no measly shower. It was truly a full-on downpour, rain crashing down from the heavens onto the old streets of stone and cement. It rained quite often in Tune, but this night it was truly something special. Thunder and lightning crashed and flailed in the nighttime sky. Despite the torrential downpour, the city moved on as it always did, a hectic and unstoppable pace of movement as working class people moved from one place to another. The subways were often cramped and the streets were flooded with cars and pedestrians, yet despite this, the city moved along at a near unnatural pace. Tune was a remarkable place.

Sitting at her desk, Marrin watched each individual closely as they entered. Security enchantments on the building had already made sure all were who they said they were, but Marrin barely trusted these enchantments as her own abilities far exceeded theirs. With her around, there was hardly a need for them. But alas, Marrin was not always around, so they kept the enchantments. Marrin wasn't expecting any sort of trouble on this night, but it never hurt to be cautious she thought as she held her notebook in front of her face. The notebook was a dull red and had a single horizontal line running through the center, and she had found it useful for keeping people from looking at her whole face. She'd often subconsciously hold it beneath her nose in an attempt to keep people from looking at her. Back to the guests however, as multiple had arrived.

The first had been a tall muscular man in cargo shorts, a faded pink collared shirt, and a thick rainjacket; He looked tired and angry, the type it'd hurt to disappoint. And his eyes, his eyes held a look of such deep spite Marrin almost shivered; They were the sort of eyes she'd seen before, and they never lead anywhere good. The second man to enter was even taller than the first, with a mane of red hair and a dignified composure that told her he was something of a scholar. She liked those of the more educated sort so his entrance brought a small smile to her face. But like the first, this man came in with a strange feeling as well; Mystery radiated from him, he was an enigma and she had no idea if he belonged. The third to enter finally pushed Marrin to a point of unease; she was a short attractive Asian girl in a schoolgirl's uniform, or so it seemed... Marrin couldn't quite tell what about the girl raised her hackles, but there was a pure bloodlust in her that spoke volumes of the true content of her character. Yet at the same time, she seemed almost innocent, untainted to a point; This combination, not whatever power she held was what unnerved Marrin so much; She was an utter contradiction! Filled with wonder and hate to a point that seemed absurd! The schoolgirl's outfit also did not help with the contradiction. The fourth to enter was another woman, far less intimidating than the others but interesting in her own way. Way number one to Marrin was how soaked the woman was, and how okay she was with it! The woman exuded an air of serenity and confidence that Marrin liked immensely, in short, she seemed like a reliable one. The fifth to enter was definitely a strange fellow, clad all in black and brown armor with a plague doctor's mask that seemed to glow in a strange teal light. She couldn't really decide on what this one was, unlike the second he seemed more belonging in the room but his energy was even more difficult to pin down, almost mist-like in its fashion. The sixth to enter wasn't much better than any of the others; He seemed old, at least for a human, and his energy reserves were quite vast. He was dressed in equipment that looked straight out of an old war film, but Marrin could tell he was no impersonator. A World War 2 veteran was standing in the same room as her. This fact excited her incredibly, she almost couldn't hide a squeak of astonishment at her realization. Recovering quickly, she decided on getting an autograph later, but for now, she'd focus on her job.

Standing up from her desk, Marrin pulled a fancy looking remote from a drawer. Pulling her hair over her shoulder she walked out from behind the work desk to the side of the room with the mirror. Clicking a large button on the top of the remote, Marrin revealed a large screen within the mirror. Turning to the gathered new employees, she addressed them quickly and curtly. "A presentation will be given shortly, snacks and drinks will be available in a moment. Please wait patiently while the preparations are made." She then turned and walked quickly back to her desk, before taking a seat and recovering her book.

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Dmitri Ainsworth
Mentions : Callo ((@Snackofthefuture)), U.N. ((@Captain Sweatpants)), Femora ((@Angelofwishes7)), Teller ((@McGlitchy)), Odin ((@Doaheem))
Location : Paranormania Hunting Co., The Lobby

There seems to be a set of particular individuals who entered the lobby after Dmitri himself and his other fellow man. The first of them was a young woman, but it was alarming with how such a youth would be in a place such as this. What abilities does she hide to confidently step in to the offices of the Paranormia Hunting Co. ? Thus, Dmitri decides that he should not yet conclude any opinion of anyone else who comes in through the entrance. The business was called Paranormia after all, derived paranormal. This was beyond the scope of the normal scientific understanding.

However, abstaining to assume abilities and backgrounds of his new associates was difficult.

The second after was another woman, however she was taller and significantly paler in comparison. She enters in an uncomfortable, drenched state. He could empathize with her, for he was also caught by the downpour, although she has had it worse. Anyhow, she takes a seat further from the others, like the girl before her, and the fawn keeps to herself. Up until this point, no one has spoken a word to each other, let alone acknowledge each other's presence with a greeting or even a bow. All this time, Dmitri furtively looked at each of those around the room from his book, so as they do not notice that he has been quietly observing them.

The third this time was another man, breaking what could have been a streak of females. However, even that might not be true; their face is hidden, and their clothing is not like any other, although that was the average description of any locals of Tune. The eyes of their mask emanates a faint, teal glow. Perhaps to help them see? This person finally breaks the ice that separates each member from each other since, inquiring openly about anyone in the room. Dmitri amuses with the thought of answering them, and he thought he should, but another comes person comes in. This one was far older than anyone in the room. This fourth person looks venerable, but that is as far as Dmitri could read. The outfit under their robes looked familiar, as if from an earlier time. Dmitri felt that he knew what it was, but could not quite put his finger on it. Definitely a war attire. Anyway, they greet those in the room ("German..?", Dmitri thought), take their own seat, and then as with most have taken their own spot at the lobby and has pulled out a cigarette. Dmitri lightly sways his head to the side, indicating that he personally does not mind their habit.

He returns to the thought of answering the masked man, but the secretary seems to have finally decided to start any sort of meeting they have prepared, pulling out an interesting and impressive hidden screen. How fitting for a discreet job such as theirs. The secretary returns, and Dmitri had to wonder, will the leader of the Paranormia Hunting Co. greet its new members from the screen? He becomes more eager by the second, and decides to replace his small book back to his vest, folding his arms and crossing his legs as he sits by for more.

Ethaniel Remilou

Into the streets of Tune. The bustling streets and through the darkness of the gloomy city. A young man dressed in black walks the yellow lit streets of the city of Tune or as the lad nick names the city "The Dark Metropolis". This youngster looking young man is Ethan Remilou. A lad with a strong motivation to search for a beloved family member. His fierce determination was just as piercing as his jade green eyes. His face as cold as stone yet gentle all the same. This blanked faced young man is one of the few peculiar faces found in the streets of Tune. Hands in his pockets and a head down stare to the ground is what he gave as an impression to the other passersby. He was largely ignored by the citizens, some took notice. The fact that he avoided the lit areas of Tune was rather odd. He lurked the alleys and took dark shortcuts through the dark city.

To Ethan. It just feels like any other night. It's just him, alone with his thoughts. He always looked so gloomy but yet he didn't seem to mind. The city had it's strange ups and downs, Ethan has yet to see it. His eyes glanced and searched their surroundings, looking for a specific building he was destined to go. Quick moving eyes caught people and buildings alike but none of that interests him. He came to see a building where he can somehow help him find what he is looking for. Through the shadows and through the lights. Ethan saw the building in sight. The impression of the building had struck a bit of nervousness on the young man but he had to show some courage to apply there.

And so, he walks in and entered the building what he thinks is the right building he was searching for. The interiors and contents of the building were higher than his expectations. So high that he felt slightly overwhelmed by it's glory. Luckily he arrived just in time before it started storming outside. The place had a unique taste for interior design. The scheme of putting a design like this just amazes the lad. His eyes scans the whole room. He assumes that he is in some kind of lobby. There is a woman behind the desk on the other side of his direction. He assumes that she is here to assist. Ethan took a soft sigh and remained calm to keep himself in check. Ethan was given instructions to wait along with the new recruits. He simply obeyed with no questions escaped his tongue. Walking towards the next designated waiting area. Ethan soon notices that he was late to the party. As he arrives at the time they were about to start the orientation. Quietly, he took his own seat next to the last one who entered last. He didn't want to strike up a conversation as he had his humility on arriving late. He can at least show some respect for interrupting the moment.

U.N. let out a small sigh, crossing her legs and folding her arms over her chest. "How long do they intend on having us sit here?" She quietly thought aloud. For a moment, her gaze shifted back to the door as another would be Huntsman entered. This one was small, a mere child even. Paying little attention to the new arrival, U.N. reopened her journal, paging through it until she found the page she had been reading. It was a strange experience reading something you knew you had read many many times before but remembered nothing about. Every now and then, her gaze would flick back to the caster as she read, shooting a cold glare across the room with every glance. The amount of magical energy in the room was stifling. To most, it wouldn't even be physically detectable but for those whose bodies were highly in tune with magic, the energy in the room could be felt in the same way one feels the humid cling of an early morning fog grasping at their skin.

Taking advantage of the situation, U.N. reached to her hip and with a flick of her thumb, just barely unsheathed the base of her blade. She likened the feeling that followed to that of opening a window in a smokey room. She could feel a rush of relief as the energy in the air began to clear, the overabundance of magical energy being absorbed into the blade. She looked down to see the small bit of her sword quickly blackening as more and more energy was pulled from the air. Eventually, the air became stagnant again as the sword reached capacity. By now, however, at least she could breathe comfortably and with a click, she returned the blade to its sheath.

NAME: U.N. MENTIONS @Doaheem @Vagabond Spectre



Amateur Wordsmith
"Shit! shit! shit! shit!" Lucia hissed vehemently under her breath as she sprinted through the rain. Most of the surrounding denizens of Tune paid no mind to the profanity spewing woman as she ran like a bat out of hell through the drenched streets. Even if they did, Lucia probably wouldn't have noticed. The reason for the ivory haired lady's distress was a piece of paper that was currently crumpled up in her steel covered hand. Said paper was an advertisement for a hunter group by the name of Paranormanis Hunting CO. stating that they were looking for new recruits. When Lucia had found this flyer laying on the ground she couldn't believe her luck. Finally! A place where she could do some good in this world! Unfortunately, when she looked at the recruitment date, revealing that it was actually starting in an hour, forcing Lucia to haul ass through nearly ten miles of the maze-like city.
"Are ye positive that we shouldn' have taken that turn a few miles back, lass?" inquired a gruff, Scottish-accented voice that reverberated with Lucia's mind. Said woman made an irritated huff.
"Yes Scuttlebones! I'm positive!"
At her words she could sense the demon do the equivalent of a mental shrug.
'Jus' tryin' tae help. There's no need tae snap like that,'
A frown pulled at the corners of Lucia's mouth as she skipped lightly to the side in order to avoid crashing into a sea hag pushing a cart full of foul-smelling...stuff.
"Sorry my friend. Guess ,I'm just nervous," the ex-gang member admitted. This was her chance to use her skills to help people instead of harm them, and Lucia'll be damned if if she let this opportunity slip by. To Lucia's relief she could hear Scuttlebones chuckle warmly.
'All's forgiven, now try not tae worry too much. They'd be daft fools tae refuse you,'
With the demons encouraging words Lucia's frown was quickly replaced with a crooked grin. She mentally thanked him before increasing her pace. After being late would reflect poorly on her character.
Ten minuets later Lucia, completely soaked and breathing a little harshly, finally made it to the address. Without wasting anymore time she threw open the front doors and raced inside. She barely paid attention to the reception area, only stopping to look at the directions for the new recruits, before entering the meeting room. There were already quiet a few people here, all of which caught her attention for one reason or another as she scanned the room.
"Huh, what an interesting group," she commented quietly before picking a random seat next near the middle. As the young woman glanced around at everyone again Lucia decided to try to be friendly.
"So I'm assuming you all are here for the recruitment. If thats the case then, hi my name's Lucia Jerico and I look forward to working with you all," she said to basically everyone with an easy-going smile on her face.

People continued to come scurrying in out of the rain one after the other. The room was beginning to feel quite small. U.N. knew she stood out among the people in the room, after all, she looked human to all of them and a young one at that. They were suspicious no doubt, possibly waiting for her to make a move in order to get a read on her. U.N. considered the possibilities of what a poor impression here could lead to. If they didn't trust her, it would make her job much more difficult, especially if the Teller decided to get involved. U.N. watched as the new arrival, a young woman in light plate armor. She smelled of magic, but she wasn't the source. She was most likely bonded with a demon or a spirit as many others were these days. The thought of interacting with the woman repulsed U.N. almost visibly though she was able to keep a straight face. If she was going to make any progress here, she would have to earn the respect of the other huntsmen. U.N. let out a quiet sigh. Might as well get it over with.

"It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Ms. Jerico." U.N. bowed slightly in the woman's direction, not wanting to stand up and draw more attention to herself. Her voice was soft and kind as she spoke but unafraid. She did not stutter or trip over her words. She gave the woman a warm smile. After centuries of blending in, U.N. had learned how to be friendly when she needed to. It wasn't something she got to do later in her lives when her reputation had spread but, so recently after a rejuvenation people had no idea who she was. She had become an unknown variable once again.

NAME: U.N. MENTIONS @RevenPrima @McGlitchy

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Defiant Bug in a Perfect Game
Teller's questioning was cut off by the woman's announcement, he didn't mind stopping to begin the presentation, anything that would move this process along seemed of utmost importance. He took his seat and reached for his journal, but taking a closer look around he began to see just how 'interesting' this little group was. One of the men seemed to be a brooding mess, and was rank with anger and frustration, as well as a hint of impatience but that seemed to permeate throughout all of his future co-workers. Another seemed to be a man of high class, his overall demeanor was strange to see in this institution as such a gentleman would normally never be caught dead applying for such a laboring job, then again nobody here seemed truly normal. There were also two women, one was pale and soaked, yet she seemed to be able simply trudge through the discomfort without too much trouble, Teller felt bad for her but found that it was best to continue in his analyzing. The other woman was, for lack of a better term, unsettling, simply being in the same room as her made him feel a bit uncomfortable, but he couldn't pin down what exactly made this young woman such a threat.

A few more people stepped in, one was of particular interest with their strange, yet somehow familiar, attire. Of course Teller wasn't exactly in a position to judge their fashion sense as his own clothing requiring quite an exotic taste to say the least. There was the hint of an accent in his speech that furthered his suspicions, but he kept quiet as to respect the man's anonymity. Next to come through the door was a child, Teller couldn't help but give a small chuckle at the thought of such a child showing any kind of paranormal or combat prowess. Last, for now, to come in was a another young woman, her strange mask and armor were overshadowed by here sociability, she had been the second one to try and break the ice, Teller was quick to introduce himself. However, before he could the unsettling woman beat him and welcomed the newcomer.

Teller continued with his introduction, "Great to meet you, most people call me Teller and really that's come to mean more to me than my real name. So please call me Teller." As Teller finished up he looked over towards the other woman, he began to think of something and suddenly said, "Well young lady, seeing as that you've decided to go ahead and welcome our fine new companion here, why don't you go ahead and introduce yourself. After all, the more allies you make today, the less enemies you'll find tomorrow... or something along those lines, the man that told me this attempted to stab me the next day so I needed to dispose of him. I unfortunately didn't get the opportunity to document the actual phrase because of that."

Damnit.” U.N. thought to herself. She should have known better than to draw attention to herself with the Teller around. She turned to face the Teller, meeting his icy blue gaze. Her expression hadn’t changed yet, her eyes sent a discreet message to the one on the other end of their heartless stare. “Are you sure you want to do this now?” They asked, though U.N.’s mouth hadn’t moved a bit.

U.N. was well used to coming up with names for herself as she had needed one for a short time in each of her rejuvenations. She feared one day accidentally reusing a name she had used before, her memory was getting worse with every passing day. The limit on the human brain was truly saddening. Without flinching, U.N. laughed lightly at the question “My, how could I be so rude?” U.N. Bows to the Teller “My name is Kawako Ukitake. I look forward to working with you.” U.N. Let her jet black hair pour over her shoulders like a river as she introduced herself, exposing the smooth, healthy skin on the back of her neck, almost daring someone to make a move.


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The woman stared at him for a little while, it definitely meant something but he couldn’t quite put his finger on it, perhaps she was shy. The poor thing may have just wanted welcome someone and Teller had decided to fight back. He felt bad for a second but the theory didn’t hold up for very long as she said her name without too much hesitation and even laughed a little. He was intrigued by this unexpected response but still proceeded with caution. There was still something that felt off about her, but the exact feeling was still out of reach. Teller needed to find out what exactly was going on, so he began with a straightforward question.

“You know, I keep getting this strange sense of hostility from you. Well hostility may not be the best word, it’s simply that a part of me wants to believe you’re a threat but there’s nothing about you that could support such a bold statement. I’ll be honest and say that I believe you make be a victim of possession, such an entity would easily cause great discomfort to those around them. If this is what I believe it to be then the best course of action would be to go out into the woods and make a campfire, from there the entity should find an opportunity to cause trouble and you would be given a chance to defeat the entity. I’ve found that receiving a blessing can also help.”

"He doesn't recognize me? Good." U.N. thought to herself. The Teller knew a lot, but it seemed deduction wasn't one of his strong suits. U.N. covered her mouth with one hand to hide her smile "Oh my, I don't think such drastic measures would be needed. I assure you, I'm as healthy as can be and spirit free." Gently, she spun on her heel and elegantly strode back to the comfortable chair she had been resting in previously "Perhaps it is the city getting to you. I hear that is something that happens to many people who come here no? After all, this city is seething with magic. A veritable writhing ocean of energy whos waves never calm or subside." U.N. took out her journal again and flipped through until she had found the red ribbon she had used as a placeholder "After all if a spirit wanted to possess someone, it wouldn't choose such a frail vessel as me. If anyone I think it would be," U.N. looked around the room, eyeing all the other recruits until she settled on a large man, a real beast of a creature "It would be someone like you." She pointed a finger daintily in the direction of the man "No offense of course. I did not mean to imply you were possessed by a spirit."

The Teller was getting nosy and that wasn't good. She had run into him a few times before, never face to face but he had been just a few steps behind her for the last few years or so, through her last rejuvenation. Her body had been much older back then, around 40 years old in fact. It was unlikely that he would be able to ID her now as her 17-year-old body was much different. But if the Teller and she both ended up in the same city, on the same night, in the same building, it was likely he had continued to follow her. U.N. made a mental note to herself to keep out of the spotlight and stay away from the Teller.

NAME: U.N. MENTIONS @McGlitchy @Computing Magus

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Callo was glad he'd been first to the room as it began to fill, getting a preferred seat was always a small luxury. All the others who'd entered definitely didn't put Callo on his best nerve. They all had an air of unease that followed them; Of course, Callo knew he was no different. The young Asian girl, The drenched woman, the obviously undead one and the one who'd just introduced herself to them all as Lucia Jerico; they all put him on guard. Callo had a severe lack of information on all the people who'd come into the room and he hated it. Some of them were beginning to talk to each other surprisingly enough though; It had felt like it'd be an age before anyone broke the strange atmosphere plaguing the room.
Standing, the hunter walked over to a new seat next to the obviously undead man who was now smoking a cigarette. He took a seat without a word, watching the developing conversation between each individual. Deciding that getting to know his coworkers was probably the most logical next step he held out a hand to the bald man, "My name is Callo, and no, I don't mind you smoking."
The man had the look of some sort of war-torn aristocrat witch doctor. A mouthful no doubt, but that was the best way Callo could describe the fellow. He would've thrown in vampire museum curator but for some reason, Callo felt it'd be rude to call him that.
The screen on the wall had flashed to a white powerpoint style presentation. They wouldn't be meeting the boss yet it seemed, just a presentation for the time being.
The slideshow went through all the formalities of joining a company: Dos and do-nots for the most part along with payment details and the more trivial bureaucratic bits. Callo wasn't here for the pay however and he didn't start truly paying attention until the companies current projects came up. As a new business Paranormania still had very few hunters, and even fewer job opportunities with only two branches in cities Callo had no real interest in. Paranormania was currently in the process of hunting several individuals, a cult or two and toyed with some item retrieval prospects that still had the details being mulled over. The individuals they were currently hunting had few details on them with only one of them having an actual known location. One stood out to particularly to Callo however.
Zabaco Teoft
Survivalist Documenter
Wanted :
For: 1st degree murder, robbery, potential danger to society, cannibalism
Reward- Discussed at taking of the job
(Not an updated photo)
Currently has a long scar over right eye, constant unnerving smile, and eye color now of the more crimson persuasion.
Callo could already tell this one would be trouble. He didn't even know if he'd be taking the job and he could tell this guy would be making things difficult for all of them. The other individuals they had weren't entirely as intriguing but still were of note: A watchmaker who'd trapped several individuals for ransom in a pocket dimension was hiding somewhere in the mountains, A ghoul priest who worked in Tune's docks is believed to be the orchestrator of the recent and tragic Guinevere's Lake attack which had resulted in several hundred dead and a whole resort overrun by feral undead and a vampire noble runaway who was to be returned to her parents before the next Summer Equinox or she'd die of starvation. None seemed to really relate to what Callo was after but he hadnt expected to run into any clues this early on anyways. He was in it for the long game.

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Dmitri Ainsworth
Mentions : Ethaniel ((@Vagabond Spectre)), U.N. ((@Captain Sweatpants)), Teller ((@McGlitchy)), Lucia ((@RevenPrima)), Open for Interaction
Location : Paranormania Hunting Co., The Lobby

Dmitri's attention was divided between his various associates, not paying any of it into his own short novel that he now only kept up to discourage anyone to approach him. After a while, a young man has arrived, making them... the seventh of the hunters in this room. He would have to retract the title of the youngest member of the room to this boy, as aside from his unswerving expression and formality, is simply too young to attempt joining them in their ranks. Granted, they were all novices to the job, but it's each one's amount of experience in this line of work for now, and for this young man to be quite skilled on the hunt for deadly targets, which Dmitri would be reluctant to believe, they would be a prodigy.

Hmm, the nobleman forgets that he shall not continue judging everyone, and again returns himself to his own people-observing business. At this point, a few have begun conversation. It dramatically lifted the mood, and made the gathering much more casual for most to keep composed. Others have even begun shifting seats to move closer to their partner. Another comes in at this time, another woman, but again of mystery. They conceal a part of their face with a mask, and what appears to be the woman wearing armor as well. Old-fashioned, yet effective, if Dmitri had to point out a positive trait. The nobleman assumed that the woman would have the quiet, gloomy motif (Again, neglecting to keep the rule that he shouldn't surmise aspects of others), but on the contrary openly introduced themselves and greeted herself to the others. Lucia Jerico, the first of names he would remember of his new associates.

There were those that were open like a book, many of their aspects and talents you could deduce to have or do certain things, such as Miss Lucia from earlier. One can say she seems likely to want to enjoy her time here at Paranormania. Does that lead to the fact that she enjoys performing life-threatening tasks, or despite her appearance she is a novice at this role of pursuit, not knowing the consequences of being struck down, and hurt? We shall see, but Dmitri did find likely conclusions, anyone can do that. Then there was the young girl from earlier, the less paler, and the less face-covered. The one on the uniform. As of current, she is speaking with the Teller, almost heatedly at that. Idle talk, as far as he could hear. Introducing oneself to the interesting ones. Her appearance was the only thing Dmitri could derive deductions from, but aside from that, she was proficient at keeping herself from being interpreted; a cipher without a guide for the hacker to even slightly interpret. Strange, she was looking this way as he blankly gazes in thought towards her. Is she about to say something about it--

"It would be someone like you. No offense of course. I did not mean to imply you were possessed by a spirit." they conjecture as she points in Dmitri's direction, and the nobleman plays along with her, as he slightly smiles and tips a non-existing fedora her way as he nods. He did take in a bit of their discussion, but only up to the spirit possession part the Teller, who Dmitri heard themselves call, and not much else. He amuses her with this expression, only so that he can show he was of no aggressive individual. Worthy to be possessed by a spirit by someone's inferred opinion among all the others in the room? He can amuse himself with the thought for a while.

The silent forgotten screen from earlier has now decided to present itself among the recruits, formally introducing them to Paranormania. Very much straight up business. Anyhow, slides travel across the screen detailing terms and regulations, bureaucratic decisions, transaction system, and especially the business goals and tasks, added with a small info of Paranormania's current fledgling start, showing connections and businesses. Just as he thought, finding targets and bringing them into custody. He scrutinizes his allies once more, but he would need more time to impossibly deduce which of his new associates would be better in a firefight than he would be. An interesting and good enough showcase to start off their job. A question, what now since this slideshow is over?

He begun to find anyone in the room to begin talking to as he begun to feel restless with only observing his cohorts, but he wasn't sure which one. It would be rude to interrupt with anyone already conversing, so it was left for him those that have yet to speak. But he himself was not keen on opening up with anyone first. Can he wait for anyone to strike something up for him instead? That would be too late, for they were all in the room long enough to decide if they want to interact with anyone or not when they arrived. What an isolating dilemma... all contemplated and absorbed in Dmitri's thoughts as his eyes scan but not comprehend his short novel, which he has been doing since he has taken his feathery, cushioned seat.


Amateur Wordsmith
Lucia nodded in the teenager's direction, but then her smiled faltered slightly when Scuttlebones spoke up.
'Be weary of tha' one lass. I'm getting a strange feeling from her,'
'What do you mean Scuttle?'
'I'm not sure yet but I suggest keepin' an eye on her for the time being.'
'Will do.'
With that mental conversation out of the way Lucia turned her attention to the tv screen. She skimmed over over most of the powerpoint, but once the mission slides started coming up the woman's interest was peaked. Then the slide with Theoft's picture and information came up.
"1st degree murder, robbery....cannibalism?" Lucia let out a long whistle, "Damn, this son of a bitch is one piece of work,"
Looks like the ex-gang member had found her fist target, perfect. Suddenly she could feel a pair of eyes at her back. Looking to most others as if it was the most casual thing in the world Lucia looked to where she felt that gaze coming from a saw a giant of man sitting a little away from everyone else. He had a book in his hand, but he didn't really seem all that interested in it.
'Well then,' she thought while getting up and moving closer to the man, 'Time to make a new friend,'
"That book any good?" Lucia asked, figuring it was the best way to start a conversation.
@Computing Magus
Dmitri Ainsworth
Mentions :Lucia ((@RevenPrima))
Location : Paranormania Hunting Co., The Lobby

Dmitri spots the now approaching Miss Lucia Jerico, who has attempted to begin a conversation through a common medium the nobleman held. He notices them approach as he still tries to appear to keep to himself, although what prompted her introduction would be their eyes meeting, acknowledging both person's presence and allowing them to speak. Any simple discussion to start was always a welcome way to commence casual talk to begin with.

"Any good? I'd say I'd like to keep positive that at least the book touches upon the obscure genre of mental drama and different possibilities, but I'll criticize it for the impossibly but obviously unintended omniscient capabilities of the main character." Dmitri says, describing little of the short novel as it may not be what they are after. It'd be awkward for the both of them if he rambles on of trivial topics, not to say he wants to.

"... Mein nah-muh ist Dmitri, or you can also call me Ridge if the former is a mouthful to say. I've taken a shine to your pleasant entrance this evening, as everyone prior did little to converse with anybody." Dmitri points out, already saying whatever came to mind to his new cohort. "Tell me, what brings you here this evening, Miss Lucia? Are you able to hunt something skillfully by yourself such as the criminals listed earlier? You're in interesting fellow, like everyone else in the room." Dmitri says more, now eager to learn more of one other hunter. Dmitri felt much merry to discuss openly.
Ethaniel Remilou
Seated comfortably on his seat and no dose of interaction with others was pure bliss to the lad. Although, there were a few eyes set on him as soon he entered the building which is to be expected. Thankfully, they did not bother to talk to him nor interact with him in any other way. The most noticeable individuals that he took note were the two tall men he saw just glaring. A mysterious man who had a concealed face and ominous vibe and the other being a large man who seems very sophisticated by nature. Slightly overwhelmed by the presence of these other hunters. He felt like least member to have at least possess the most unique and effective traits when it comes to this line of work. He felt like he wanted to back out for a reason like that. A reason that he believes will convince him to walk out the door while he still has the chance. He gulped as he observed the other members in a low key manner. Watching them interact with one another. He wanted to leave now. Yet...

Then again. He remembered why he is here. Why he left home and stood up on his own. This motivation of his will keep reminding him again and again until he fulfills his goal. He thought to himself that maybe, just maybe. He was destined to be here, an opportunity and a stepping stone to progress himself. More self convincing thoughts came into his mind. His desire to serve Paranormia slowly refueled his motivation. The boy knew what he signed up for but he took it with pride and honor. He made sure that he was prepared for the next big thing.

Moments passed before the orientation started. Ethan remained seated still and calmly locked his view on the digital visual presentation of the orientation for them new hunters. Nothing out of the ordinary. Do-and-Don'ts policies, details for payments, etc. Ethan did his best to listen and mentally take notes of these details. Unfortunately, he could only collect so little information in such a short time. He didn't have time to sit down and think. Luckily he did remember the mission details on the last few slides. It felt like a new world to him. The fact that he is now able to choose a mission of his own choice was a new experience for the lad. Now these missions maybe interesting to him but he has to choose which one will let him make most use out of his skills efficiently. He is still yet to choose. Although the first one grabbed his interest. As he could handle something like that. Questions began pop out of his mind, flooding his mind with doubts and curious questions.

Looking around the other Hunters. He noticed that everyone is now talking to each other. Quickly, making their first impressions. He was itroverted by nature but he has to somehow make interactions with others if he wants last long in this place. The one closest to him having a chat was the tall well-mannered man from earlier, talking to the woman who just entered last about a few moments ago. She even introduced herself among the others. He didn't quite acknowledged her mass greeting but he did gave his attention to her earlier by giving eye contact with them. He leaned closer to the two, listening to any words and phrases that will come out of their mouths. In another person's perspective, Ethan's leaning posture and perked ears were obviously visible to them. Obvious that he is eavesdropping on a conversation.

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