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My name is Cosmic-x-Huntress and while I am a first-timer on RPNation, I have over a decade's worth of experience roleplaying online. My journey started with Neopets, moved to Gaia Online, and now I am here after a few years being offline!

I am sure I am a little rusty but I would love to roleplay with just about anyone right now. It has always been my opinion that so long as the person I roleplay with can write enough content to move the roleplay along (probably a minimum of two paragraphs) and is creative/adds to the plot, I don't need my partner to match me. Sometimes I go on a little excessively in my posts because roleplaying is how I get a chance to write creatively.

One marked difference from before I left roleplaying though is that I have to have a partner that is 18+. And that is absolutely not for rule-breaking reasons, I am in my mid-20s so I would be horribly uncomfortable playing with a minor even if they are immensely talented and it is all G-rated. Less important preference is M/F since I am a heterosexual female but if the plot is good enough and I feel like I could get along well with my partner, I could do F/F.

Other preferences I have are that I prefer playing OCs and prefer to collaborate with a partner on an original plot. It has been a while since I have had a long list of original roleplay ideas but, if we can at least work together to decide genre/setting, I am usually pretty good at spitballing ideas. Some genres/time periods that I lean toward though include:


I really am open to a lot though and I am itching to get started.

Please send me a message if you are interested and I hope to hear from you soon!

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