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Finished [Okiro City] Journey to Gala'Kraoth


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This RP takes place starting in Okiro, the Capital of the Republic. This RP follows a group of treasure hunters, exploration expedition members and combatant adventurers joining on a quest to investigate a located and uncharted tropical island north of the 2nd Continent. An original scouting crew reported unusual beasts and wildlife, alongside unnatural elements and spirits but also reported sightings of rare elementally-manipulated ores and signs of either withstanding or old civilization. A washed up message in a bottle was sent from an inhabitant of this island to request for help or for people to come looking, and confirmed that the 'beautiful island' possessed hostile dangers and great treasures. Those part of this RP will be part of the first Primary Expedition group in order to set up camp and make first attempts to exploring and conquering where the scouts were unable to, hopefully discovering the sender of the message and whatever secrets the island may hold. Adventurers, explorers and people of interests were sought after through pinned notices and advertisements so that they could be well-prepared for whatever was on that island.

This will be somewhere between 1-2 months long, and will likely be split into another part(s) at some point with a continuation. There will be a 3-day posting cycle but may be posted earlier if everyone has posted.

Player Characters & Goals:

Gunhild ( Femboy Femboy ): The mystery island-inhabitant name-dropped and described Gunhild, saying they were looking for her. Gunhild has a suspicion who it is and is going to investigate.
Teuihua ( TheTimePiece TheTimePiece ): Accompanying and assisting Gunhild, also looking to learn more about the world and regain power.
Sar ( Gears Gears ): Here to make money (and also friends, but she wouldn't admit it) as well as to eat food.
Griffin ( DarkKitsune DarkKitsune ): Doing work for the Adventurer's Guild, likely saw an ad/request for the job posted.
Nazza ( 1Lucker 1Lucker ): Primarily looking to make connections, the best way to do that is through money and treasure.
Selani ( The Last Curse The Last Curse ): Primary goal is to snag treasures to sell back in Ryken, secondary goal is to meet new people (but she wouldn't admit it).
Librarian ( -Random_Person- -Random_Person- ): To explore and learn to gain more knowledge, as well as to meet new people.
Kota ( SixSense SixSense ): Monsters. Fight Monsters. Yes.
Baharius ( Develius Develius ): To embark on an interesting new adventure for a change.

Location: Okiro, Capital of the Republic, on a dock where the Hoplite Voyager (the ship they will be taking) is docked.
The Capital, Okiro. The docks close to the Hoplite Voyager were rather cleared and quaint except for the presence of an overly large beastkin sat in front of the boarding bridge onto the ship. The moving of supplies and arrival of the expedition crew had been mostly complete and were ready to set off after a while, doing last checks to make sure they had everything and all their plans set while awaiting the arrival of adventurers and travellers who were interested in coming along. The turnout of extra helping hands or combat-ready individuals would surely be a great benefit to their expedition.

Gunhild was the most easily noticeable member of the expedition crew, since she stood at 16' and was monstrous in appearance. She had only come all the way from Ryke having been sought after when a mysterious inhabitant of an uncharted island asked for her whereabouts, although not many people at all would come even thinking of Gunhild let alone looking for her, and after some time of thinking the big lizard had come to the conclusion of whom she believed it to be from. She hadn't been on boat travel at all and wasn't looking forward to it, but if her suspicions were correct then anything on this trip would be worth it. Plus, her potential assistance was very valued to the expedition crew.

She was patiently waiting on the docks, they had a wooden-plank bridge connected by ropes to the dock for ease of access on and off, the entire crew were waiting to make sure all that those who were planning to come had arrived. Hearing a jubilant laugh from the ship as one of the leading members of the expedition made themselves apparent, looking to the distracted-in-thought big lady who hadn't chosen to board yet.

"Aye there, don't bother your thoughts too much big girl. We 'eard a few tales from the firstgoers, those scouts did describe it's a pretty paradise with a rowdy crowd'a inhabitants. If'yer lookin' for someone over there, I'd be damn sure they're able to take care of 'emselves, and we'll be there in no time. Plus, doubt they'd miss a ship showin' up, much less wit'ya on it" the dwarf answered in a positive mood, the rest of the crew preparing their departure on board. He sighed and thought for a moment, looking at the surrounding sights of Okiro for a moment.
"I don't come out 'ere ever, but this be the best place to be for our trip. Hopefully all 'em lookin' tae come in hopes of exploring or looting some ol' untouched island will show up in due time. Y'all have to do that shrinky-thing you said you could do, I'm not having ye be a majority of the weight load" the dwarf answered as Gunhild scratched at her neck in thought, before responding.

"Gunhild can do a do of Smolhild. Strong-Smol and place-go-friends are safes to go to no-name-place in waters?" Gunhild questioned in her usual mess of a sentence structure, although the dwarf knew well what she was saying. He hesitated for a few answers, before looking to the ship.
"We'll be fine enough, aye. If we find your little message-sender fast enough, we'll have a good guide. This ain't our first trip to unknown islands, but 'opefully we'll have a turn out of some people willing to lend a hand" he responded, the two waiting to see whom else would show up to join on the expedition.​
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Teuihua upon hearing that Gunhild was going to go on a journey, decided that he wanted to tag along to assist her. He appreciated how she had assisted Baroness Caelia and knew that the Barony would likely be fine as it had been before when he had gone off on adventures before whether it was with the Baroness or elsewhere, even if perhaps there was a tinge of concern in the back of the constructs mind whenever he left somewhere he wanted to protect.

By coming along Teuihua could also help make sure that Gunhild was safe particularly with the circumstances of her going being somewhat suspicious, an island individual looking for her, Teuihua just hoped that whatever their intentions were, they were good ones rather than nefarious. Teuihua knew full well that heading into Okiro perhaps wasn't going to be the friendliest place to him, with the Republic of Kuridan's negative history with constructs, and the beasts there probably not all appreciating constructs, but it mattered not as he wouldn't be there too long, and he was used to being seen as a tool or something suspect or problematic by many different people throughout his life so this wouldn't be too much different he imagined.
It would probably help some that he was with Gunhild rather than going alone.

If Gunhild was the most noticeable of those waiting, then Teuihua was probably the 2nd most as he arrived on the scene not long after, the [Large] construct standing at 13’2”. . He gave a friendly wave to Gunhild with his more dexterous arm as well as the Dwarf who was nearby. "Greetings. I am here to be of assistance as I intended, I hope that the day has treated you well Gunhild and company." Teuihua spoke in a positive enough tone.

Teuihua went to waiting patiently near Gunhild as well, naturally gravitating toward her, and being as vigilant as he usually was using his 360 degree vision to keep an eye out for anything possibly problematic. He listened to what the dwarf had to say, interested if he was able to catch any of it. Hopefully the scouts were correct about it being a nice place, but a 'rowdy crowd of inhabtants' could prove to be potentially more problematic.
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Sar sat on a nearby barrel on the dock, her battle axe posted next to her as she tossed a small portion of her gelationous form, bored. Her face was a bored frown, a contrast from the usual wide smile others accosiated with the Feral Slimefolk. There wasn't much to do, with her recent mission completed and her bounty paid, only for her to immedietly lose it all at a local bar. the food of the outside world, particuarly the alcoholic drinks and sugared treats intrigued her, as everything seemed to do, a natural curiosity her kind flet toward the outside world if they wandered from their masters halls or the hidden colonys. Some became scholars and scientists, some became conquerers like the Eldritch slimes that used dark magic to bring war to the inhabitants of new lands. Sar simply wandered, using much of her money to either travel to new lands and purchase food and drink, so far nothing ahd beaten a wandering bards stew that was unnaturally savory, despite her seeing him only add some meat and vegtables.

Sar let the spherical peice of herself return to her form, her hair growing in lengh to mimic a nearby travelor wanderer as she warilly passed the slimefolk. Few trusted Slimefolk, for two reasons. Firstly becuase of the common proccess that most of her kind, including Sar herself were born, created by dark wizards; sure it was also common for some to descend from a long line of evolved slimes that had mimiced a human form generations ago, but most saw them as abominations. Yet another way people excused their hostility toward her was the assocaition with Eldritch Slimes, the vile and dark variants of her species, along with the lumbering dumb slimes. Sar watched the Mysterious woman walk along the dock, and what appeared to be a golem following her. Sar dropped from the barrel with a wet plop careful to avoid falling over the side- water and her kind generally didn't mix unless she was forced to do so- specifcly sea-water. Sar wasn't sure, but she had a feeling those two would at least provide something to do, maybe even money- or better yet, new foods.
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  • another day another adventure

    After what happened in Nan'gau, Griffin left, accepted a job that was posted to the adventurers' guild. Fortunately, the location which was put in the request was in Okiro, so while it was still, it was still a decently long trip, it was by no means as long as his trip from Ryke to the Republic. From what he had learned, Okiro is it's capital and the job consisted of journeying towards the north of the 2nd continent for some sort of expedition. He was hoping it would be easier than his previous tasks. However, anything could happen, especially when it comes to anything involving exploration. Perhaps he should take a vacation... Griffin kind of doubts that he can do that though. Upon arriving at the docks, he started looking for the 'Hoplite Voyager'. Assuming it's the boat that was mostly empty it seemed, except for the abnormally large beastkin who couldn't be taller than around 15/16ft, a construct and what seemed to be a slime. Walking towards them, he says.

    "Hello, I'm Griffin, there was a post for a job at the adventurer's guild. Were you the one who sent it?"

Nazza Jakobi


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Nazza had picked up a job in the Adventurer's guild, one that seemed highly profitable and not incredibly dangerous. An unexplored island seemed like just the place that he wanted to go. He wandered around Okiro with a look of wonder on his face as he looked around at everything. Because he was from a remote region of the Eastern Empire, the whole city thing was a big change of pace. He glanced at the poster ad that he had taken from the Adventurer's guild and led his friends towards the docks.

Keeping an eye on his friends, Nazza approached a large ship that seemed to be gearing to leave. Nazza walked up to a giant beastwoman and a stone construct that seemed to be guarding the gangplank. "Is this the Hoplite Voyager? I found an ad at the Adventurer's guild. Were you the one that posted it?" He made sure to keep his people close. "I did bring a crew of sorts, if that's okay."
  • In the bustling harbor, amidst the racket of sailors and merchants, there stood a figure cloaked in tattered fabric, its metallic form barely concealed beneath. Librarian, as he was called by those who engaged with him, lingered at the edge of the crowd, his glowing optics scanning the scene with insatiable curiosity. Though his appearance was unmistakably that of an automaton, many dismissed him as a mere common folk, ignorant of the depth of his hunger for knowledge.

    As the Hoplite Voyager loomed in the distance, its masts reaching for the heavens like beckoning fingers, Librarian's mechanical insides emitted a faint hum, accompanied by clicks and ticks in an irregular pattern. Approaching the group gathered near the ship, he hesitated for a moment before speaking, his voice a fine blend of synthesized tones and human inflection.

    "Is this the Hoplite Voyager?" he inquired, his optics gleaming with anticipation. "I have long sought to explore every corner of this realm, to obtain knowledge beyond measure. Rumors of the Voyager's exploits have reached my auditory sensors, sparking an undeniable curiosity within me. I hope to find enlightenment in this voyage, and perhaps forge new bonds with these kindred spirits along the way."
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The previous job was a rather dramatic one from start to finish. Now that the lively half construct was gone the lonely road was much more noticeable. Kota had managed to pick up a flier from Naan pass about treasure and monsters which enticed him, specifically the monster's part. He’s been fighting a whole lot of animals lately, bears and rats were cool but some experience with monsters would be the most beneficial.

Traveling to Okiro wasn’t too bad considering the fact that he was already in the republic. He would receive instruction to meet at a ship which wasn’t hard to find. The reason being was the two large behemoths standing right next to the ship accompanied by a slime girl and a Beastkin with wings. Kota was curious of everyone, particularly the giant construct. Almeida was a half construct however this person seemed to be full construct, he wondered how they’d differentiate. To be fair Almeida is an unexplainable phenomenon in her own right.

Thanks to his [Enhanced senses], Kota would hear the winged beast ask the unique group if they were there for the job. “This looks like the meeting place for sure unless there is another hoplite voyager, Names Kota. I’m here for the job as well.” , he answered griffin as he approached the ship. A much smaller construct had appeared with a wholesome attitude that made Kota chuckle. “Hopefully you achieve what you seek on this adventure brother.” He replied to the librarian.


“We’ve got quite the raid party” Kota said looking up in awe at the beast woman and construct. “I’ve never seen anything quite like the two of you.” the beasts ears were upright and his tails were swooshing from side to side out of curiosity. ”I’ve never seen a slime wielding an axe. Let alone a humanoid slime. I’m looking forward to this trip even more.” he smiled at Sar.

After his ventures in the Western Empire, Baharius eventually found himself following work to the north-east towards the Republic. The Adventurer's Guild was still able to keep in touch with him on his wandering journey, keeping him updated with the job market in each settlement he stopped at. Yet very few opportunities would present themselves. And those which did, didn't pay too well. Most were simply minor quests that revolved around - but not limited to - pest control, item recovery, or the odd missing person case. Any amount of pay was good enough for a wanderer like himself, though the drive to undertake these quests had been drying up. He was bored; a rare feeling for someone who wouldn't mind basking in the sun for a full day if he allowed himself.

So when he realized he was heading towards the northern region referred simply as "The Republic", he knew he'd be breaking into new territory and hopefully better opportunities. It wouldn't take long to find something of major worth. The opportunity to join a Primary Expedition group aboard the "Hoplite Voyager" in their endeavor towards a new uncharted island was already enough to peak his drive for adventure and battle. Who knew what they would find; what treasures, dangers, and all mannerisms that lurk within it. It's these risks that prove, after all, no expedition can never have enough brawn and veteran expertise in navigating such dense hostile environments. So Baharius gathered his things, stocked up on supplies for the journey, and with the pamphlet in tow, set off to Okiro for his next assignment.

Arriving at the docks, the saurian lumbers through with his equipment lumped and secured onto his massive spined sail. The fresh smell of the salty sea breeze rustled through his senses with enhanced vigor. He already had been expecting a bunch of fellow adventurers for this once in a lifetime experience, featuring a range of diverse characters from all across the continent. There were already a few close by that he could make out. A white haired fox-human, a hooded blonde man, a winged griffin... alongside them were more exotic entities such as a metallic construct and a strange green woman with the consistency of... slime? Baharius had never seen a slimefolk before, outside of the blobs of slime monsters commonly present in dungeons. At a shoulder height of 7'8", he usually found himself to be the largest individual in the room; once again being the major powerhouse ready to carry the team forward into battle and pave the way forward.

This would be true, if it wasn't for the two massive entities that were hanging around near the ship. One was a massive hulking construct and the other was an even taller bestial woman easily twice the saurian's height! The two dwarfed the Spinosaurian considerably, a feeling which Baharius hadn't felt since his previous life back in the Fantazoica. Their heights would've been comparable to those of large long-necked sauropodfolk, or even the largest mammalian folks such as the rhino-relatives Paraceratherids and the largest Proboscideans like Paleoloxodids or the Columbian mammothfolk. He couldn't help but feel mildly intimidated by their presence, perhaps a sense of light envy or jealously given the lack of interactions among his size-class, but regardless Baharius kept a stiff chin up and his pride in check. This was no competition and he'd rather it be kept that way.

Baharius trods over to the two giants, inspecting their figures before giving them a respectful nod and wave of his clawed hand. "Hoplite Voyager I assume?" he asked politely in his deep gruff voice, presenting the pamphlet, "Name's Baharius. Adventurer's Guild. It would be an honor for me to join your expedition."

The salty sea breeze rolled gently against Selani's face. She took a deep breath and held it, filling her lungs with the sea's promise of opportunity, returning her mind to familiar times.

As she shut her eyes, she remembered visiting Bishri once with her father, trading materials for medicine. An equally nerve-wracking trip there, too, Selani recalled. She'd never interacted with the Fae much; they'd kept to their own just as her clan did, but it was common knowledge that they were fiends of their dogma. Getting inside Bishri proved that right, but all those fairy tales died as soon as she'd stepped into the marketplace.

All the mouth-watering smells! The intriguing knick-knacks! The sea!

The sea was the best part. Staring out into its blue, inviting embrace, whispers of adventure afar caressing her ears. A life - a new life - away from the swamps. Away from the things that went bump in the night. Safety!

Selani chuckled slightly to herself. Oh, how naive she'd been back then, everything shaded in simple black or white. But thinking of the past made it easier to breathe sometimes. Sometimes, it helped keep your eyes locked forward.

The shrill cry of a seabird snapped her out of her reverie. Selani blinked surprisedly before peering at the note in her hands: an invitation to a journey to some far-off tropical island.

A sour taste formed in her mouth as Selani's eyes scanned the font. Papa had taken up the contract, grabbing it off the Guild's bounty board on the way home. He'd been pondering going along with the trip with her mother, going over to help in any way they could. Selani's brows furrowed furiously then as they did now. No goddamn way! After that travesty up in Kananto, all that blood, those disgusting monsters, the spine-tingling dread, there was no chance her family was going to be put through that, too! Treasure or Adventurer's Guild be damned, she'd go if it meant they would stay safe for just another day!

So, she'd taken the contract instead.

Papa had been slightly disappointed, but, as always, he'd found a way to spin it around. It'd be a real eye-opener, Selani remembered him saying. After staying couped up near the house for so long, jumping at even the tiniest noise, a nice distraction filled with new characters would be just what the doctor ordered. She supposed he had a point. But yet again, Papa's naivety was showing. He was still blinded by Ryke's pretty lights, untouched by the Underbelly. He didn't understand that every new face that offered you a handshake could've held a dagger in the other.

A damn good thing to remember on this trip, Selani told herself as she tucked the paper away in a pouch. All that scrutinizing could come later, though. First, she'd need to find this Hoplite's Voyage. Hopping off her seat, Selani ambled down the road beside the dock, occasionally glancing up at the massive ships beside her. She'd chatted with a few locals beforehand, and they'd said the Hoplite's Voyage would be the one bustling with folk, sporting a massive construct and one giant beast woman.

Even thinking about it now made Selani croak with disbelief. "Hmph, giant lady, giant construct. They must be playin' with me," She shook her head, "Wouldn't even fit on the boat. Ain't no such thing as-"

But as she tilted her head to survey the next ship, there they were, as clear as day. Selani stopped in her tracks, eyes as wide as oranges. Damn! Those two were so big they probably could've pulled the ship to the island! She looked to the dock and saw all the other adventurers lining up to enter. Another construct, a winged beast, a human crowded with followers, a slime, a huge lizardman, and a kitsune? Selani whistled. Papa was right; there were a lot of characters on this ship. She ought to make herself into one, too.

Selani stood taller as she approached, waving a hand in greeting. "Imma take a wild guess and say this is the Hoplite's Voyage? And y'all must be my unfortunate crewmates?" She smiled, the word unfortunate spoken with a playful lilt in her voice, "Ha! Just kidding, call me Selani. Can't wait to get to know all of ya," She said, scanning over the crew again, eyes landing on Gunhild and Teuihua, "But I'll be damned! The folk around here weren't kidding about you two. What's got y'all traveling by ship?" She'd looked to Kota, Sar, and Griffin next. Fascinating bunch. Thank goodness her sister wasn't here; she probably would've left them twirling with questions. "Same with you three. I'd expected more sailors but never a kitsune. Only see a little of your kin around. And hell, I don't even know what you three are." She gestured to Sar, Griffin, and Baharius, "Just what might you call yourselves?"
Sar shrugged as she put the axe down. As a feral slime- her master had called her that, she could lug her axe easily, but it sometimes grew tiring. "Names Sar- just got here, and I have no idea what they are but I am just a less-then-humble slimefolk, far superior to my mindless cousins." She said before spotting a nearby street vendor, sprinting towards the stall. She didn't care what was being served- food was food.

Sar barely reacted to the price of ordering one of everything unfamiliar to her, having only recently learned of the areas currency, all the same spending the remainder of the coin she had earned for scaring away some wolves a week ago. She quickly returned, her arms full of the confused but happy shop keeps wares.

The slimefolk walked back as she swallowed a sweet pastry, her eyes growing bigger as she devoured the last of her supplies. She turned to the kitsune, appearing confused- all people confused Sar, with their weirdly solid bodies and boring colors, but her eyes lit up when she saw the ears and tail, reminded of her masters pet cat- tempted to pet the adventurer, though she had somewhat wizened up after trying to pet a wolf, only to get her hand torn off- needing a whole week and plenty of food to regrow her lost limb, all the while cursing stupid dogs in the cave she took refuge in.

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Location: Okiro, Capital of the Republic, on a dock where the Hoplite Voyager (the ship they will be taking) is docked.

Whilst the surrounding inhabitants and visitors of Okiro were all tending to their own business, the growing crew of oddities and adventurers that were interested in the Hoplite Voyager's next planned quest would obviously attract the curious attention of a few onlookers, for it would be clear at this point that they were a crew not simply sitting around in the docks for transportation or trade business. The street vendor whom was granted company with Sar the slimefolk would have definitely raised an eyebrow at the girl's behaviour, such an out-of-place group on an abnormal trip seemed like they wouldn't have been the types to be openly distracted or not need to purchase such amounts of food at last moment but who was to guess at such a strange bunch?
The dwarf had looked to Teuihua, having expected to meet someone of a normal height after talking with the big lizard only to realise that her company was also someone as staggering as her in stature. A bit dumbfounded by the size of those who were coming on an island exploration, he mumbled and shook his head sarcastically.
"Bloody me, ain't people overcompensating these days?" he huffed quietly with a small chuckle, hearing to the large construct's gentle opening as he silently looked him over out of interest. Noticing his intriguing design, a construct like him wasn't something he was accustomed to much at all. Most of his knowledge and experience was with those kinds of metal and clear-as-day machinations that weren't (usually) seen in the Republic.
"Good to see ya, and to hear you're wit' the biggun' reptile 'ere. We'll be gettin' a move on in not so long just as we wait to see if any last-comin' stragglers show up, we'll let everybody get a chance to get on-board and get acquainted while we settle on makin' sure everyone knows what's goin' on. Don't need someone tae get 'orribly sea-sick three sconds in to poor understandin'. Of course, couldn't be someone comin' 'ere whose that kinda daft. I'd hope... " the dwarf thought, not entirely sure how many were going to show up out of interest for the support request. He was about to introduce himself to Teuihua, but he would soon be distracted from his introduction by the arrival of a slimefolk and soon after, a winged beastkin. On Griffin's question about the request, he hesitated and stumbled over his words before continuing in a cheerful tone.
"N-w-well, close enough. Not exactly me who put them out there, we got a better word-wizard on board that did all o'that. You're in the right place though, lad. If you're here for the 'Oplite Voyager's sailing up north to some little island out in the ocean Slimelass you're also in the right place" he finished as it would soon appear that these were not the only sudden apeparances that would be joining their crew. In fact, a lot more than he was expecting to come on a potentially dangerous trip had shown up willing to lend a hand. Of course, he could only surmise the potential loot and gains that might've been on an uncharted island was what attracted the attention of most. The arrival of a man and his group of followers, another construct this time of a normal size, a white kitsune, a male creature clearly of reptilian species that unlike Gunhild was some actual kind of 'lizard', and lastly a frog person with a rather playful personality. Quite overwhelmed by the surrounding turnout, he was reluctant to answer for a second before realising that many of them were still asking about if this was the correct place, he silently watched as Sar was distracted by local food before coming back as he chose to introduce himself now that everyone was surely present.

"Well, there's definitely a whole lotta you 'ere. I didn't expect to see some faces like I do 'ere today, no offence, this is just a little delightful surprise, ain't it? I'm sure the Captain'll wanna know how many helpin' 'ands we got today, but I'm sure 'e'll be just dandy and thrilled to see all o' yae. Now then, name's Harkin. I don't often do sailin' as much as I rather just the thrill'a explorin', but this is where I've found bein' today to see this island I've been so warmed up about. This is the Hoplite Voyager indeed, the vessel we'll be takin' there. We should have everything packed and ready to set up place and camp'n all for what we should need to do the expedition. We got a bunch of crewmembers and people on-board willin' to help with the bits and bobs of settin' up basecamp'n everythin' that needs tae be done, so don't worry yer pretty little 'eads about not 'avin' sailin' experience. We ain't mannin' the boat anyway" Harkin spoke as he heard and addressed the concern of Nazza bringing his own little crew.
"It's fine lad, we'll 'ave space for your little party. Believe me, you should know we gotta know tae be ready fer loads like this lot" Harkin jokily commented as he partially gestured to Gunhild and Teuihua, since they were probably the heaviest individual pieces of anything that were gonna be transported on the boat by this point.

Gunhild herself was quite surprised and intrigued by some of the people who had shown up. She was at least relieved they were bringing a lot of people to help, especially on this trip, even if she hadn't expressed any thoughts or reasoning behind why she had found the trip so significantly important other than the fact she was called for by an inviting stranger. That, and her supposed 'inkling' of who it could be. Gunhild probably didn't voice it quite like that though, but it was pretty much it. Looking over those who had arrived, the sight of a girl of slime, a frog person and for once another beastkin clearly of reptilian appearance was accompanying them. Usually she was acknowledged as weird or monstrous for her appearance, and it felt often annoying that people kept describing her as a 'dragon' more than anything else. Apparently to a lot of smols she had met, if it had scales then it must've been a dragon. And dangerous and evil. How thoughtlessly insensitive. Gunhild was a good Gunhild, not a big evil dragon.
Distracting herself from looking at and trying to touch the graceful snow-white floofiness of Kota, she eyed Librarian and gently nudged Teuihua as she was about to mumble to him a completely clueless and unintelligent comment.
"Metalmans, look. A smol Metalmans. Why'ses smol Metalmans so smols, when favourite rockses so bigs? Is favourite rock Metalmans so strongestest Metalmans of all the Metalmans?" Gunhild questioned softly as she gently scratched her head in thought.
"Where's does Metalmans comes from? Does a Metalmans and a lady Metalmans makes birth a smol baby Metalmans that grows into a smol Metalmans? And then into a Metalmans-size Metalmans?" Gunhild asked him before glancing to Librarian in question, very obviously to Teuihua probably that she was gonna blatantly ask the same question even before introducing herself at all.
"Smol Metalmans, where's does Smol Metalmans come from? Smol Metalmans is not likes big Metalmans heres" Gunhild asked as she pointed to Teuihua being clearly different from him. Gunhild still had no real clue about anything to do with constructs or robots, so they were just permanently a bizarre existence between not understanding if they were like real people or not. Gunhild was also just, not very subtle about anything she said and would immediately say anything that was on her mind. It would seem that multiple of them had turned their introductions to her and Teuihua likely since they were already there, and one of the biggest landmarks for giving away the location of the job. Giving a little wave with her large scaled hand, she answered to Kota, Baharius and Selani.

"Hellos Snow-Floofa, Man-Lizard and Fwog-Fwog. Gunhild no make word-paper. Gunhild cant's do a word-make. Strong-Smol and Smarts-Lady dids a word-paper. Gunhild is Gunhild, Gunhild a find persons on island. Island persons make a word-paper to peoples, peoples gives word-paper to Gunhild" Gunhild introduced herself in her own way, curiously looking at the appearances of the three for a little while before looking to Sar with a small desire to poke her.
"Jello! Whys is Jello a Jello? Gunhild not see a Jello person ever-ever. Can Gunhilds touch Jello? Jello is funny little Jello" Gunhild asked as she gently hovered her claw close to Sar in a desire to touch the slime girl to see how squishy she was, if she would let her.

"Well it's good to see you all, now if I may ask-" Harkin was saying, before he cut himself off after noticing two people approaching he wasn't expecting to see.
A blonde elf with glasses and rather golden man with glowing eyes and grey skin were seen approaching with a few bags of things in hands, who had their conversation interrupted themselves when they noticed the dwarf.
"Sui! Gallius! What're you two doin' off-board? Thought you were up there ready tae go, what're you prancing around the place for? Gallius got distracted again?" Harkin questioned them as the male, presumably called Gallius, froze up.
"Was just looking to get some last few things for the trip. That, and Gallius" the elf, presumably Sui, had answered simply and shortly with a serious and blank tone. Gallius was rather surprised she would so quickly sell him out on the blame for where they were.
"Hey, it wasn't my fault, she had to go pick up some things anyway! You know we shouldn't be leaving things last second, and Sui was like 'we need paper and quills, oh books books books, I love books!'" Gallius answered back defensively as he looked to the mass amount of people who weren't here before they left. Sui looked amongst the newcomers with a slight interest before gently nodding her head in respect and introducing herself.

"Greetings, I would assume you are all also coming along on this trip, a bigger number of people than I was expecting to be sure. I am Sui Tylil, this is Gallius. We will be helping manage things on this expedition and making sure they go smoothly in order to aim with the discovery and exploration efforts, though I'm sure you all should be able to handle plentiful of it yourselves by the looks of it" Sui answered as she proceeded to walk past to board the ship with the things she was carrying. Gallius seemed much more interest in those they had company.
"I don't get to see a lot of faces or be around them, especially not like the whole line-up here, great to meet you all. The nerd in glasses does all the text and history stuff and things and is interested in old stuff, like I think that's cool too but I'm here for other important reasons. Making sure people don't die and, stuff" Gallius said as it probably became more questionable what Gallius was even here for.

"Right... Gallius, go load off whatever yer haulin' with Sui. Tell the Captain we're ready to go out to that island now that we got everythin' and everyone" Harkin ordered as Gallius nodded and gave a little mocking salute, walking off to follow the elf.

"Now, if any of yae have any questions, I'm all ears, same goes for those two, even if Gallius is a little not fit for leadin' or answerin' a thing. You can go join them on board and we'll be ready tae go, I'm sure the Captain's willing to answer any questions of interest, since he's the one whose had the experience of going to this island before. It'll be best to get them out before somethin' in the middle of stinkin' nowhere's chewing up your legs and eatin' them whole. Best chance for you to get along before we have to break up any fights" Harkin laughed, shaking his head and beckoning with his hands for anyone to follow along to come on board.
"I'd say to ask the dainty little lady in glasses up there about what we'll find, but I doubt she gotta daft clue without bein' there. 'Er, Gallius and I should know a thing about explorin' or treasures or ruins or all that, but we 'aven't been on that land long enough to know what's over there".

Gunhild looked to Harkin, before shrinking down in size in a mere moment (Size Change F) to a dinky little 4'1" compared to the stature she was at before, clambering onto the shoulder of Teuihua using Climbing (E), looking to the big boat.
"Metalmans, best rock, best rock and Gunhild go on boatsie! Go to water-land-place in water! And do a do and find a do-find and a thing! And a go and a do!" Gunhild promptly ordered cheerfully, flailing her little claw in directional commanding. The other two who had passed, Gallius and Sui, were busy on board with other multiple crewmembers and adventurers ready checking supplies and everything they had needed to go. Meanwhile, reluctantly coming out of the depths of the Captain's Quarters came an interesting figure who didn't seem immediately much for public chatter. His gaze glanced over the countless newcomers, but held his tongue as he went to helm the ship. An aquatic beastkin of sorts, not one that was very common much to say the least.
A few crewmembers had called and asked things of the Captain on his way to the wheel, of which he gave a simple but quick answer that got what they needed to be off on their way. From what Harkin said, he would probably be willing to answer anything anyone had to say especcially about the island.​

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Teuihua nodded to the dwarf, “Yes I am pleased to be here and I understand, if I can be of service please feel free to enlighten me of how I may be of use, I can lift heavy loads and have combat capabilities.” Teuihua articulated as professionally as he could, figuring that was an accurate way to describe himself.

For each new comer Teuihua was observant and was trying to get a read if they appeared threatening or not. He let them speak their words before speaking to them. Threat assessment being one of his prime objectives, it was something the ancient border security border golem was inclined toward. Teuihua gave a bit of a wave to the slime person who came over, Teuihua also gave a wave to Griffin.

“Hello Griffin, I am Teuihua, It looks like we will be possibly working together.”

When Nazza rolled up, Teuihua paid attention to him too as well as those with him, he did not seem particularly threatening and also sounded like another person to work with on the journey.

“You as well, yourself and company, welcome. I am Teuihua.” He said to the traveling group which Nazza described as a crew.

Teuihua was pleasantly surprised to see Librarian show up. Another construct, but for a much different purpose from the looks of things given their design and size differences. Teuihua was in thought for a moment as his eyes glowed a bit more brightly until it was as if Teuihua had a realization, it came back to him, and he spoke to Librarian in a sort of warm patterned magic energy sort of humming sound, in construct.

“%Greetings I believe that this journey to this less known land should help to satiate some of your curiosity. I look forward to working with you, I am Teuihua.%”

Teuihua was also pleasantly surprised when the Beasts who were intending on coming with them appeared to be much more open minded toward him and the other construct it looked like. He really had been fortunate in meeting kind people

To Kota Teuihua nodded, “My creators designed me with a specific intention and through their craft I am unique. I am sure that this diversity which you comment on will work to our advantage, Kota.”

And then there was another friendly and respectful enough beast with Baharius. Teuihua nodded at his inquiry as he gave a friendly wave back with his more dexterous arm.

“Greetings adventurer Baharius, I am Teuihua, I look forward to working with you.” Teuihua had not seen many of Baharius' kind before so that was most intriguing to him, he looked strong in which Teuihua felt glad he had him as an ally rather than an opponent.

Then there was Selani, who Teuihua looked over curiously, giving another nod. He thought he understood the humor well enough, he spoke with a warm tone after a wave. “ Hello Selani, it is nice to meet you, I am Teuhua, a golem originally from the Mictlantecuhtlian civilization who is capable of lifting and moving heavy loads as well as partaking in combat.”

“I am here to partake and be of assistance on this quest.”

Teuihua noted when Sars said what her name was, as well as noticed her apparent affinity for grub. Teuihua could respect that, while he didn’t need it to survive he did know that it could be tasty with the way that he ‘ate’.

Teuihua then diligently listened to what Harkin had to say when all was said and done.

Teuihua spoke back to Gunhild somewhat softly when she asked the question,

“Different creators create constructs differently for different purposes for what they envision them doing, much like how there is diversity in nature, there is diversity in constructs. I will also say that we inorganics are not born like an organic is, but creators may at times be more like parental figures, depending on what one’s relationship is with their creators..” He tried to explain to the best of his ability, hoping that would help clear up why Librarian was different, and the question as to if metal man ‘had children’, and imply that he wasn’t necessarily the strongest, just different.

Teuihua knew that these concepts might not be the easiest for Gunhild to grasp, but he’d try no less.

The golem then looked to the two newcomers who caught Harkin’s attention with his 360 degree vision to assess them. They seemed fine enough, having their own roles from the journey, even if Gallius’ skillset wasn’t entirely clear to Teuihua, but when Harkin spoke it became more clear that Gallius had some experience in exploring and treasure hunting which should be useful.

Teuihua gave a nod. He allowed Smollhild to get onto him as perusal

“Very well Gunhild let us board with the others then and hopefully we’ll find what you’re looking for as will the others. It would be quite nice if I could find something most suitable to bring back to lady Caelia now that I think of it.” He responded in a warm positive tone, before Teuihua carefully navigated his way onto the boat where he thought he’d be the least intrusive for others, moving with stability, probably making it pretty easy for Gunhild to stay on him.

Teuihua looked to the aquatic looking captain, perhaps they were from the Continental Lake which Teuihua had heard about or maybe somewhere else underwater.

Still with curiosity Teuihua figured he’d ask should Gallius be available.

“Gallius, I am curious, how would you describe your skillset? , you said you were here to make sure people did not “die” do you possess combat abilities, a survivalist? or perhaps you are a healer?” He was mainly asking because the appearance was most curious too, while with the other two Teuihua had a bit more of a hunch at what they were probably good at between the glasses wearing elf and the dwarf.
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    Everyone seemed to introduce themselves, it seemed like quite a colorful cast and perhaps the biggest group Griffin had ever worked with so far. Even the party he was with when it came to scouting the bug queen was smaller, regardless of the fact. The group had a variety of people that seemed to range from both big and small, a construct that seemed only a few feet shorter than the giant beast. For example, they were probably the biggest of the party, not including the lizard man who went by the name of Baharius. However, it did make him feel tiny in comparison. Disregarding how odd everyone seemed, the party seemed to have more constructs and beastkin then Griffin had ever seen within a party before. As a matter of fact, so far there has been only one human. Griffin reintroduced himself after Salani went through her whole introduction.

    "Nice to meet everyone! My name's Griffin. I'm an archer from the adventurer's guild"

    He thought about how to reply to the frog when she had made her statement and the question that was targeted towards him, Sar and Baharius. Well, which surprised him, people seemed to just assume he was a beastkin of some sort when they met him, or at least that was what he thought, considering no one asked.

    "Part lion, part eagle kin."

    As soon as he said it he wondered if there was an inkling of truth to that lie. Maybe he was designed after one despite his humanoid appearance. But for whatever reason, he was very uncomfortable with the idea of just saying he was a construct out loud, he. He had felt like that was a weird requirement since waking up. Fortunately, the Dwarf who, himself as Harkin spoke. And then when he was done talking, the giant beastkin spoke, who he assumed was Gunhild based on how she was talking, not that he felt there was an issue with it. The way she spoke was a little difficult to understand, but he tried to understand it...understanding made it easier to cooperate, and he'd be damned if another repeat of what happened with the bug queen repeated itself. Then some more people showed up, other crew members, he believed, so he stayed silent listening to them talk until they were done. Suddenly, he felt a large amount of pressure working with so many people. Then Gunhild shrunk and got on top of Teuihua, who introduced himself to everyone. When the construct spoke analog, Griffin was surprised and wasn't expecting it honestly. In his experience when it came to other languages, they usually weren't spoken if everyone knew common. Then Teuihua went onto the boat, Griffin then looked at Kota.

    "So a Kitsune?"

    He asked, it sounded like something he had heard before, but not anything he could recall in this world. Maybe his past life? But his memory of his past life was.... not very vivid as of now. Regardless, it sounded like a good way to start a conversation as he got on the boat.


Despite Gunhild's broken speech, Baharius was able to understand the big woman fine enough. Despite her intimidating stature, she seemed gentle enough at ease. He perked his snout in response, giving an audible croc-like grumble as a means of respect. He then faces the construct who greeted him, introducing himself as Teuihua. "As do I." the saurian replied with a smirk, "I'll admit that I have not worked alongside one of your kind before, so I'll be looking forward to see what you have to offer." Remembering the other construct he saw, he'd point in the Librarian's general direction. "As well as the other one joining us."

A frogfolk woman would also arrive to make her acquaintance as Selani. Finally, another beastkin to add for the party, and of a species quite familiar to him. In the wetlands of Pondwania, frogfolks like her were common, albeit with greater size variation. Some were absolutely tiny, no more than 3 feet tall, while others were just over Selani's height but much more rotund. There was an exceptionally fat Beelzebufo in his home village that was an experienced fisherman of large game. Despite his clumsy and rotundness, he was known to wrangle 9-foot long fish once he hauled them onto shore, either by smothering them with his weight or simply suffocating them by gobbling them in his mouth. His breath was known to smell quite awful after all. Even the youngsters in the village best kept their distance; creating rumors that he ate children when they were alone at night, despite not being true.

When she asked who he was, the spinosaurian responded. "Baharius." he stated, before clarifying, "A saurian. Though I take no offense to phrases such as 'big lizard'." His gaze met with Gunhild's in reference, but not in the antagonistic sort of way. Simply as a means of clarification. Griffin would make his proper introduction, mentioning how he was part-lion and part-eagle with the role as an archer. He looked like a fairly chippy individual, with his capability of flight no doubt to be a vital asset in scouting out the land. The construct, Teuihua, would elaborate on his background - coming from an ungodly long and complex named land as a heavy-labor and combat construct. He definitely fit the part. Meanwhile, the slimefolk would refer to herself as Sar, who claims to be superior compared to her mindless monster cousins. An interesting figure no doubt, especially regarding everyone else wanting to touch or pull at her gelatinous form. Baharius, however, would keep his clawed hands to himself, minding his manners.

Coming off the ship, two individuals - an elf and a human male with golden eyes - would come to announce themselves as leaders of the expedition as Sui Tylil and Gallius respectively. They briefly told them of the situations as well as to ask questions if need be. As Baharius was figuring out some questions, he'd see the giant 16 foot Gunhild suddenly shrink to the size of a small child. The saurian's eyes nearly bulged out of their sockets upon seeing this unexpected event, watching her climb onto Teuihua's shoulder. Now he'd seen everything. "S-She can... size change?" the saurian stammered perplexedly towards the construct, and virtually anyone nearby within earshot.

He could tell this was going to be a VERY interesting journey indeed.
Sar leaned her axe against a building, shrugging as the weird blue hair thing prodded her gelatinous form, finding a slightly solid "Skin" barrier while the rest was similar to the dish she had spoken of, the only food Sar had ever refused to eaten- calling it Weird. She had eaten slimes before, during those years as extra-stupid-Sar, but those had just been Masters tests, and even if she hated those and every test, she still did it- why defy master?

She shook her head, pushing those thoughts aside, as she took a bite out of an odd dish, met with fire. The shop keep had poisoned her. She knew the taste of many poisons, another test- another failure, along with the slow dissolve of glee she had first had when ordered to Eat. Perhaps if she was still with master she wouldn't be in this mess, maybe she would be safe in her room with the blank walls, with the odd language her master used, something called numbers- her name Sub-Ject-Three-Seven-Two. She didn't like that name, it was too long, then again a lot of things where long and boring- the periods of isolation, the tests, the feeding.

Usually Sar was better at pushing away these thoughts, but today she needed somethin to distract- perhaps one of the other foods had an antidote. Sar quickly devoured the rest of her food, her body breaking it down and sending it- somewhere, she had heard her master mention something about the excess going somewhere, otherwise it was used to slowly heal minor wounds. Satisfied that she had eaten the cure to whatever the shop keep had fed her, Sar picked up her axe- she usually would have demanded a duel to the death, but she didn't want to be left behind.

As Sar listened to the dull conversations, not pretraining to food, axe's, or her, she absentmindedly shifted her form, keeping to the same size but occasionally changing her hair and other features to mimic those around her. She had based her current appearance on the warrior her master had said was asleep after she kindly joined the test- maybe she was awake now? She hadn't asked for her axe yet.

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Librarian stood in a sense of admiration as a crowd gathered near the boat, each person searching for different things. Despite his relatively short existence, he was the most inexperienced in the group when it came to worldly matters. Nevertheless, he aspired to make a good impression, aiming to convey his humble purpose: a construct in pursuit of knowledge. Glancing around, he observed a diverse assembly: a beastkin, a dwarf, a larger construct, a humanoid-shaped slimefolk, and even a... frog person? His gears clicked and clanked softly as he acknowledged Kota's response with a quick nod. "You as well, companion," he replied.

Turning his attention to the large beastkin and Teuihua, Librarian chimed in, "As Teuihua mentioned, we were created with different purposes in mind. My creator likely envisioned me in situations far removed from these." He made a garbling sound reminiscent of chuckling. Never before had he encountered a beastkin like Gunhild; in fact, he had never seen a beastkin at all, except perhaps in his old books. "And Teuihua, I hope this expedition brings you closer to your goals as well." Librarian, being a construct himself, was well aware of Teuihua's nature.

Shifting his focus to the golden man and the elf woman momentarily, Librarian's attention was soon captured by the dwarf who boarded the ship. He followed suit, meticulously observing every detail of the vessel, from the patterns of the wood planks to its structural integrity and efficiency. Clearly, much effort had been invested in preparing for a diverse array of passengers.

Upon locating the Captain, Librarian first observed his appearance and body language as much as his cognitive abilities allowed, then approached him. Once Teuihua had his question answered, Librarian posed his own inquiry with a respectful tilt of his head. "Captain, it is an honor to speak with you. May I ask about the duration of the voyage to the island and how the native creatures and residents typically receive newcomers?"
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A low, confused croak grumbled from Selani's throat as she heard Gunhild's broken speech. The big lady sounded just like her sister when she first learned to speak common -creating new words just by describing something's appearance, forming sentences that were the audible equivalent of chicken scratch. She'd worked with a few beasts like that, too. Couldn't understand a lick of what they were saying until they switched to Bestial. Smirking, Selani cleared her throat. "#Welp, I won't pry, but hope you find what you're looking for, Gunhild#," she said slowly in Bestial, testing her pronunciations, "#I'm sure we'll get along just okay#." Then, satisfied with speaking her tongue, she looked to Teuihua next. Selani smiled warmly at him. Thankfully, the big lug was far more articulated. Plus, he understood Gunhild-speak better to some degree, too. They'd already have a translator on board. Fantastic. "Good to have you on board, Teuihua. Tweenst' you and Gunhild, I was wonderin' who was gonna do all the heavy lifting..." She chuckled, placing a hand on her hip, "Kidding. Don't you worry, my Papa didn't raise no lazybones. I'll help where I can."

Baharius' and Griffin's introductions came shortly after, Selani's eyes moving curiously to the bigger beastman first. Now, he was intriguing. She'd seen plenty of lizardmen before - of which Gunhild had to be some type of - but never one that called themself a Saurian. He must've been one of those rare beasts, like the kitsune. Yet, here they were, two of them on one boat. It may as well be three, considering she never saw another Anuran outside the See, excluding her family. Hell, four, including Griffin. Selani shook her head at the irony. "A pleasure to meet you, Baharius. Now, Saurian doesn't ring a bell, but I'd much prefer that over 'Big Lizard.'" She said before pointing a finger at herself, "I get it. Folk don't see your kin much so they calls you how they sees you. Same for me. I go walkin' down the street, and the first thing they call me is 'frog.' Don't even ask me for my name!" Noticing a hint of indignancy in her voice, Selani sighed before she continued. Don't go unloading everything on a stranger, she reminded herself. "I can't blame 'em, but 'frog' don't slide off the tongue like Anuran does." A knowing smile crept onto her, "Same with 'Big Lizard' and Saurian, I reckon."

Griffin was just as fascinating. Selani hadn't heard of any half-lion, half-eagle kin, either, but that was only one of the things that caught her attention. "Aha! I had a feeling you were from the guild. You folk always have this way about you," she said, then debated whether to mention her father's association with them too. The idea hopped back and forth in Selani's head before landing on an astute no. Griffin looked just as amicable as everyone here, but family couldn't be discussed around strangers. One slip of the tongue could turn them into collateral. The underbelly was a brutal, effective teacher of that. Regardless, she greeted Griffin with a smile. Politeness before caginess. "And an archer, too?" Selani continued, changing the subject, "I know my way around a bow myself. Though, I prefer to be seen after I shoot." Grinning, she gave an affectionate pat to the bow hidden behind her cloak, "We get into trouble on that island; you'll see for yourself."

After all was said and done, or so Selani thought, two more faces appeared: a prim-looking elven woman, Sui, and her rugged companion, Gallius. Selani tipped her head in acknowledgment to both, but she couldn't wipe the amused smile on her face. Sui and her sister could've shaken hands, all focused on lore and know-how. Gallius looked like he knew what he wanted - the best kind of folk to be around. Plus, apparently, he knew a little bit about treasure. Great. She ought to chat him up next.

Before she could do so, Selani spotted something in the corner of her eye: Gunhild shrinking to a size even smaller than her. Her head felt empty for a moment after witnessing it, a bemused croak escaping her in agreement with Baharius' confusion. "Betcha 20 Ryke, that won't be the weirdest thing we see all day," She muttered to the Saurian before sauntering to Gallius. Magic, she thought. If something made no goddamn sense - it was always magic.

Selani cleared her throat as she drew closer, her eyes [Sizin' Up] Gallius. "Hey, Gallius, quite the crew, right? Bet you don't see lots of faces lining up for something like this," She said casually before straightening her posture and getting right into business, "You look like someone who knows how to get what they want. How about you lend me a hand? What's the scoop on the ruins over there? And more importantly, what can we get our hands on?"
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Kota would sense some heavy feet coming their way, much to his surprise another large individual appeared. An actual reptilian lizard at that, akin to a dinosaur from Kota’s previous life. Not that he had ever seen one in person but books sure did help paint the image. “Woahh a third titan, I’m a little bit afraid I won’t get any action with you three around.” Kota joked with Baharius, Gunhild, and Teuihua.

A frog beast would also come to join them, her attitude was pretty open and inviting. Kota would reciprocate her energy with a smile. “We have quite the crew of bizarre oddities, happy you can join our ranks and keep the theme going. Kota by the way” he was pleased to see everyone was quite nice. It seemed as though with every adventure, the kitsune ran into friendlier and friendlier people. The slimefolk had gone off to a nearby stall and purchased some food before coming back, her gelatinous arms full of goods that tickled Kota’s sensitive nose.

The kitsune would be lying if he said the sweet pastry that Sar devoured didn’t tantalize him a bit. Unexpectedly Sar would turn to the Beast with an inquisitive look. Perhaps she managed to sense the beast ogling the snacks she purchased and had felt uncomfortable. He would notice her expression change after looking him up and down almost as though he passed the vibe check.

“Hey, how was the food from that stall? It looked pretty good when you were eating it” Kota chuckled a bit, scratching the back of his head in guilt. Before he could take the slime's opinion, the dwarf on the ship would introduce himself as Harkin. It was pretty nice that he was updating the group on what was happening with a good amount of transparency as well. Perhaps Kota was being a bit naive since he barely knows the guy but he seemed reliable off first impressions.

The large beast lady greeted Baharius, Kota, and Selani with unique nicknames. Kota was just relieved it was a positive one, he chuckled a bit a Selani’s nickname. Gunhild phrased her words in a peculiar way, Kota managed to get most of what she was saying through key words.

“Nice to meet you Gunhild. My name is Kota but Snow-Floofa will work” he smiled as Gunhild gave the slimefolk the nickname of Jello before testing how squishy the axe bearing slime was. Her mannerisms were akin to that of a child.

Teuiha was also an interesting specimen, librarian as well. They both were the first full constructs Kota came in contact with and they differed immensely from Almeida who was a half construct. It was as though they interacted with parameters, rigid boundaries that contained their personality. Whereas Almeida did not possess any boundaries. It was certainly an interesting experience for Kota.

Two more individuals would show, one being elvin and another with gray skin who looked like he had one foot in the grave. Appearances aside they were just as lively and quirky as everyone else gathered at the ship. Their playful bickering back and forth gave off the impression that they were long time friends. With the arrival of the late crew, everyone was now free to board the ship and prepare to set sail, which Kota felt rather excited about.

Gunhild would shrink in size before plopping onto Teuiha’s shoulder which amazed Kota. Selani joked about the party trick, receiving a laugh out of the Kitsune. Teuiha would be the first to board followed by the others. As Kota and Griffin boarded, the half lion half eagle kin brought up the question on Kota’s race. Perhaps inquiring about his people

“Yep, distant fae ancestry meets beasts prowess. Thanks to that I’m one of the few Beastkin that have a comparatively easier time using magic. My tribe of Kitsune are hunters, we pretty much exclusively hunt monsters and supernatural entities which is the reason I’m here." Once the two were on the vast boat Kota would inhale the salty sea water and sigh in relief as he prepared to get cozy for the long trip ahead.

“How about you, half lion and half Eagle. You’re just as rare as me, if not rarer, what’s your story?”
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Harkin listened to Teuihua's offer of assistance, mumbling a hum of acknowledgement as he slightly nodded his head, the assistance provided from the construct would surely be valued but he chose not to make any necessary promises of requiring it in hopes that things could go smooth enough as is.
"We'll see, doing things like this, you never know how much you're gonna need in all'ov'it" he mentioned as he chose to go and tend to checking everything else was well and alright in order to depart. Harkin believed it should have all been done by this rate, but he was going to check just for his own concern over the matter.
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Gunhild, who was continuing to maintain her smaller form, had gotten plenty of investigation done over poking Sar's gelatinous self as her curiosity was satisfied if for the moment. There were other important matters to be thinking about for the current moment rather than wondering what flavour Sar was, thinking it must have been apple because green is clearly for apples. Now that she was thinking about it, Gunhild felt like eating juicy fruit-flavoured things now that she was distracted by Sar's self, sharing in the slimefolk's gluttonous behaviour as her thoughts were eventually interrupted by Kota and Selani continuing to talk to her direction, as well as Griffin's introduction. She just loudly grumbled as she continued to cling to Teuihua's shoulder as she absentmindedly spoke.
"Hellos Icy-Cream Puppy, Hellos Fogfogfwog. Hellos Birdman. Gunhild is Gunhild. Gunhild look for peoples on no-name-water-land" Gunhild blankly said as she was a bit too distracted amidst thinking about what she was looking for alongside what flavour Sar was in order to think about giving some actual response. At least full attention wasn't being focused on her and others were talking amongst eachother, otherwise she wouldn't have been able to hold or think about a full conversation at the moment. Seeing that Teuihua was boarding and inviting her to come with, it wasn't like she was going to turn it down since she was already on him anyway. Free transportation to the free transportation. Gunhild didn't get maths, but that was probably a good maths and numbers thing in some way. Maths and numbers were silly billy like that.
Gallius finished putting down a bag of who-knows, stretching and holding his arms as he sighed about carrying things around for such a while. Mumbling such things to himself as Sui had walked off to head below deck likely to check on some things, he found himself thinking to himself before he was brought to attention by being asked and questioned about things. Turning to end up having to look up the meet the gaze of Teuihua. Squinting a little at the large construct who was asking in questioning why he was being asked about such things, as well as the once-giant lizard now casually lounging on his shoulder like she was pretending to be a shoulder-pet, he pretended like he was concentrated thinking about such things before opening his mouth.
"Well, what am I not here for? I can heal, I can hurt, my ambition is unmatched, my talent with charming the local females is absolutely unmatched, I'm incredibly lucky and talented at finding rare stuff, I know all kinds about old stuff and history, I even speak multiple languages thank you very much" he rambled as if he was flexing his supposed repetoire of talents, of which he had done yet to prove absolutely any of them. Glancing at the construct for a few moments, he corrected.
"I can speak, most of the common ones, but not analogue. What, I didn't think I'd need to ever, and it takes time to learn how to do that, y'know? Pff, what does it matter, I'm here for a reason am I not? Me and Sui know like, all the stuff and everything you need to know about treasure hunting, that's what we're here for. Well, me entirely, Sui likes all the little things about magic and nature too and whatnot" he added as he saw the sight of Selani approaching, wondering if she was going to question the same thing about his use on the mission before she asked something a lot more interesting.

"See, now this is a question that matters" Gallius commented to Teuihua, clearly more thrilled along the lines of talking about potential loot finds.
"Now, not been there yet, but I have been told about a bunch of things over there and what's been seen. Now of course I look like the kind of person who knows what they're talking about and looking for, thank you for noticing, but from what I understand, this island's filled with a bunch of creatures literately covered in gems and jewels. If that isn't enough to peak your interest, apparently there's a bunch of old ruins and doors and stuff that are just ripe for lookin' around. This place isn't on any map yet, we should be the first to get there and do as we please" Gallius grinned as he pondered for a moment.
"Except whoever sent the letter to the lizard here, the island might not be so empty after all, which'll be disappointing if all the valuables have been taken by inhabitants. But we'll know when we get there. Besides, it just means we have an info-dump waiting for us on the island to tell us all about what's over there for the taking. Sui says there might be a bunch of old civilization and ruins stuff over there along with magical artifacts because apparently between her and the Captain those 'creatures aren't natural'. I mean, it's not like they're constructs, I have no idea what nonsense they're on about, they're just trying to sound fancy and mysterious. They're animals with pretty rocks on them, that's the important part, and what's hateable when the wildlife is just begging to hand you gems just for scratching their back or something? Plus, I doubt that all the places have been emptied of loot, apparently most of them were shut and they weren't there long enough to open them. Maybe mystery messenger knows" Gallius gave as an answer, it would be apparent to anyone through his body-language that he was mostly hyperactively interested in treasure and rare finds more than anything else about the trip, although Selani would be able to notice that above all else Gallius likely lacked any sort of social or persuasive skills whatsoever despite his claims and personality.

The captain clutched hold of the steering wheel in his claws for a moment, getting in the mindset of helming a ship before finding that one of the constructs coming along on the trip had voiced questions about their destination. Remaining silent for a moment, the crustacean individual looked his way to Librarian as he gave an answer.
"Presumably 2 or 3 days, in order to safely make the return trip without being reported as missing. Good enough encampment will be set up for those staying on the island when we depart it, but I assume you and the others joining today will be leaving then. Harkin, Gallius and Sui are the primary expedition leaders when it comes to setting up camp and making sure everything is kept together, it will be them or your comrades keeping eachother company to keep together and safe if you are planning to explore the island for your own reasons" the Captain answered briefly in a low tone of voice, very evidently not as excited or expressive as everyone else who was going to go on the trip. There were quite a few other crewmembers and assistance coming along the ship who were very visibly waiting and relaxing now that everything was pretty much sorted and done with, the only thing was to have everyone boarded and then depart for the island.
"I will be staying to watch the ship and camp in case the three go on their own explorations, it is not my first time handling such operations. Most of the supplies on-board are for ship repair in dire situations and for setting up a secure and supplied camp. We will have much space for anything people want to take off of the island" the Captain added, looking amongst the other members that were joining them as he began giving orders to people in order to get the ship set sailing. He had kept an eye on Sar and Gunhild since the two were likely the ones who would burn through food supply if given the chance, but he supposed that it wouldn't take long before they attempted to hunt and cook creatures on the island to try to eat them as a food source.

On Librarian's interest about the inhabitants of the island, he clearly thought about it for a moment before giving his answers.
"Questionable, primarily reptiles with evident magical ties. They have crystalline growths and jewels on them, and most are very colourful. Most of the creatures there are considerable as deadly threats, but not all of them appear to care to attack or even conflict, a majority of them are rather peaceful except for the occasional few. They're very much omnivorous, and will eat most about anything. Plants, meat, the crystals of eachother. As long as you don't bother them and keep an eye out for the ones keeping an eye on you, they shouldn't be too bothersome" he said before looking to and gesturing to Baharius elsewhere.
"They look akin to this one, a coincidence one should be joining us" he briefly added before going on to speak about something else.

I have a concern that there are more humanoid inhabitants on the island, not including the one who sent a message hoping to find the big reptile named Gunhild. There's notably signs of past inhabitation, but I am convinced I have seen multiple signs of current inhabitation, and not an entirely small populace too. I would warn about roaming the island in search of lost people or treasure, because there might be more than simple creatures looking for the same. There's still untouched ruins and strange locations there, so I cannot discern their capabilities, technological progression or even knowledge of the island for themselves. If you are looking for anything interesting, they might have some or not be skilled enough to find any yet. If you're interested in strange magics, flora and fauna, or purely history, there's likely a lot of that over there untouched".


Location: I don't know, somewhere in the ocean. The part with a lot, lot of water probably.
With everyone eventually having boarded and departed a while ago, their trip would prove not very eventful. Boring, if even. Eventually the visibility of the mainland after a long time would disippate as it was voided and obscured by fog. The amount of fog and mist was surprisingly dense that it was hard to see at all anything they could have been going towards that it seemed lucky they hadn't just ran into anything yet. The Captain however was not concerned by the vision impairment their surroundings supposed, with most of those on board... well, bored, with quite a few having fallen asleep even.

"From my knowledge, we must be close. It is where the mist is densest that shields it, like entering the eye of a storm" the Captain announced to those who were still consciously awake to still care, of which Sui was sitting with an empty notepad staring at open waters.
"This fog does not seem naturally generated if it is a consistent encounter... " Sui muttered to herself as she took notes of their trip. To mostly everyone, it was pretty much a bog-standard water travel trip on their way to the destination. Nothing of note to see, only cold air filling the surroundings. However, Kota amongst all else would notice a very peculiar presence within that air. After a while of travelling through said mist, he would probably recognise it like it was joyfully slapping him in the face awaiting his notice. There were clearly spirits in the air. The further they travelled, the winds would slowly get a little harsher and feel like they kept changing direction every so often, the cold air teasingly brushing against the ship's crew. Harkin had come above deck, looking around as he looked to the way they were heading.

"I'd say we 'aught brace onto something just in case we don't see it coming. Don't exactly know where all this bleedin' fog ends and I doubt anyone'd wanna go overboard" Harkin suggested, the Captain not saying a word of anything as he kept to his own peaceful sailing. Above all else, the faint far sillhouettes of airborne flying creatures within the mist were just barely noticeable. Too obscured and far to make out anything about what it was, they clearly seemed like they were bird-shaped or something along those lines, of which for a long while before and even after first reaching the misty parts of the sea had there been no birds or anything to even look at. Even the waters were a little more rough than before, but not too bad where it could prove dangerous.​
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  • another day another adventure

    Griffin had learned something new, he had only been in the world for a few months, though to be fair. At least internally, that was what he remembered why he didn't know these things, though if he's going to keep on adventuring he'd likely have to learn stuff...as things seem to be, he doesn't feel like he knows enough. So when Kota explained what Kitsune are, he had learned something new and was more than willing to apply it to the future if he ever needed to anyway. It was the fact that beastkin had issues with magic, and while his first instinct was to think he was using it okay-ish, he then had to remember what he really was. Which wasn't a difficult thing to be reminded of when his insides were a constant reminder. When Kota asked him what his story was, Griffin had sworn he felt himself going through the five stages of grief for a brief moment. Like that'd be easy to explain what he did know! He knew it was an innocent question, but what he understood would likely be unbelievable even by the standards of this world. Even then his memories were wishy washy at the moment. He hardly remembered the basics of his past life. There was a vivid memory or two but even those became altered and more blurred with time. So it wasn't a lie when he said...

    "I don't know my story, my memories are kinda...I don't remember most of my life."

    And he didn't have the memories this vessel could've contained.

    "I remember being an older brother. I remember my name, my age. I remember I was sick once. There was a random memory now and then but never lines up and always something minor. That is basically it. Though the adventures I've been on with the guild are recently, I can remember those at least."

    Was it underhanded to explain what was likely a case of amnesia instead of making an attempt to explain the full story? The illness if memory still served was cancer in his past life. Those moments were especially vague, and he couldn't tell if any god or gods were out there were doing him a favor or not. Then gunhild introduced herself. He turned his head and said,

    "Nice to meet you Gunhild! Griffin is Griffin."

    It wasn't his intention to mock, he wondered if she introduced herself like that for a reason and decided to go along with it for her sake.

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Librarian acknowledged the captain with a polite nod, expressing gratitude for the valuable information. "Thank you for the insights. I'll be sure to observe the wildlife from a safe distance," he said before excusing himself. He made his way swiftly across the deck, his attention briefly caught by the barrels before his gaze turned upward to the flying creatures hovering above. Though the dense fog hindered his view somewhat, it wasn't enough to cause concern.

As Librarian scanned the crew, deliberating on who might offer the most informative dialogue, his mind drifted to Baharius, the imposing Saurian among them. Intrigued, he approached the creature, initiating communication with a subtle activation of his speakers. "Baharius, isn't it? Your species piques my curiosity. Could you enlighten me on matters such as your eating habits and any notable feats of your kind?" He readied his journal, poised to record any pertinent details.

The mist settled on Librarian's visual processors, forming tiny droplets he absentmindedly wiped away with his finger. In his other hand, he clutched a roughly hewn pencil, evidence of its maker's unfamiliarity with woodcraft.

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Kota would notice the turmoil that his question had put Griffin through, feeling a bit guilty that he put him through involuntary pain. He was a bit surprised to hear that the beast could not recall many memories. Only a few key details such as him being an older brother, being ill,name, and age which Kota just nodded to. His tails would swoosh from side to side as he pondered on how to approach Griffin opening up.

“Sounds like a case of Amnesia if you ask me. I’m sorry to hear that.” Kota folded his arms and furrowed his eyebrows while thinking. “Funny I’m an older brother as well too. I’m sure whatever the case may be you were a great big bro. Not a lame one like me” Kota joked about himself trying to get a positive reaction out of Griffin. He didn’t have any siblings in this world but in the world before he did, he treated them more like roommates than actual family though. The bar to be better than him wasn’t that high.

“I’m curious as to what made you want to become an adventurer though? Was it perhaps a coin, to travel and learn more about yourself? Perhaps even both?”

Kota would turn with Griffin to say hello to Gunhild who now referred to Kitsune as an ice-cream puppy. Kota would chuckle at Gunhilds cute nickname and decide to humor her. “Kota is not an Ice-cream puppy or Snow-Floofa. Kota is a strong warrior. Next time gunhild give Kota nickname. Kota use his warrior skills , Kota destroy Gunhild with incredible head pats!” he playfully threatened her.

His body would go cold and his tail and ears would stiffen up as he sensed the supernatural entities swarming around the boat. “I’m picking up on some supernatural presence” Kota informed Harkin, the spirits currently around the boat were harmless for the most part but that could change in an instant. If the spirits were reaching out this far and they haven’t even touched land then there's a possibility that the more dangerous entities were on the island itself.

Selani got lost in Galius' words for a moment, a wide grin settling on her face as her mind swam with precious jewels. If his description of the island was true, this might've been her biggest job yet. A bag - maybe two - of those jewels, and she'd never have to work in the Underbelly for a good few months. There'd be time to settle down! Maybe then Papa and Ma could be convinced to pack up and make for greener pastures, leaving Ryke's deplorable shithole behind. The thought sent an invigorating shiver up her spine. "Gallius, my man, Imma tell ya now, you are speaking right to my heart," Selani said, a wheezy laugh bursting from her, "If this island is even a fraction of how you're describing it, hell, we're gonna need two ships to bring back our haul!" In her stupor, she'd almost pointed at the expanse of sea beside them, two imaginary ships sailing parallel to her, carrying troves of her riches.

But as her rowdy laughing died to a quiet snicker, Selani felt a warm nagging at the back of her mind. Sardonic realism clawed its way to the forefront of her thoughts. Of course, an island filled with treasure sounded terrific, but would it really be that simple? Nothing in life usually was - unless there was a catch. And this trip had one big one: besides what might or might not kill them, they knew nothing about this place. Suddenly wary, Selani quieted, crossing her arms. That was what she missed, blinded by jewels. If she weren't careful, she'd die like one of those starry-eyed adventures, flying too close to the damn sun, leaving nothing behind but a pathetic legacy and a woeful family to mourn them.

Thoroughly sobered by her thoughts, Selani could only muster a small smile at Gallius. Even looking at him now, without the rose-tinted lenses, he didn't seem as accomplished as he made himself out to be. "Still, best we keep our heads on a swivel once we reach," She said carefully, "If it means we all come back in one piece, I don't mind takin' it slow." Waving brusquely, she turned to explore the rest of the ship, "Gonna take a lil' walk, get to know the boat better. I'll see ya around, Gallius."

Like the ship's slow trip to the Island, Selani's short stroll was just as dull. She peered out into the fog every so often, her bag of salted crickets making for a decent distraction for the time being. "Still nothin'," Selani muttered, absentmindedly swallowing a handful of her snacks. Pretty damn bland, she thought. Folk back in Ryke said the Republic had some of the best grub on the continent, but they couldn't even season their crickets right. What was the point of selling them if they tasted like they'd just been caught? Some people had no taste.

Sighing drearily, Selani reached for another helping of bugs, only to catch movement in the corner of her eye. She craned her neck around to see Librarian interviewing Baharius, journal and pencil in hand. A lightbulb flickered on in Selani's mind. Crewmates; she could go around and chat a few of them up. That was something to do. And yet, the idea still felt as murky as the fog around her. She'd made a decent first impression, got a good look of all of them too, and they'd all seem like alright folk. But who's to say she would see them again after this was all over? Plenty of people just split once the job was done. Sometimes, it wasn't worth the energy getting all buddy-buddy. Conflicted, Selani peered into the empty fog again. Talking sure would've beat whatever the hell she was doing.

To hell with it.

Casually approaching the two, Selani put her arms akimbo, "Hey! Whatchu doing interrogating poor ol' Baharius?" She said, the playful lilt returning to her voice as she winked at both, "Especially without me here? Like I don't want to know about his kin?" She tried a chuckle, but a warning from Kota on the deck made her eyes dart around for a bit. Supernatural Presence didn't sound too inviting. But, at least it wasn't a problem right now, was it?

Selani looked back to the two, though it was clear she was a little bit more tense, "And you too, for that matter," She pointed at Librarian, "Don't see many constructs where I'm from. What's your story?"

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Teuihua would express to Baharius that he felt similarly and was looking forward to working with him too with a friendly nod."I have faith between those of us here we'll have a solid foundation for success."

"Thank you Librarian, I appreciate your kind words."
He also would have chimed back with a nod. He felt positive about the other construct thus far, he seemed reasonable and someone who would be good to have around. Those who were knowledgable were very useful in a world like this.

At Selani's prior comment Teuihua made a sound akin to a chuckle himself, "Thank you, and Indeed, but truthfully I am more than happy to assist where I can."

He also would have chuckled a bit at Kota's words "Glad to have you with us."
(back to the present)

Teuihua gave a nod back to Harkin, mostly of acknowledgement. At least the offer of skills had been made clear. The golem was vigilant while Gunhild poked and prodded the slime person, glad to see that it appeared to be a harmless endeavor. Something which the golem liked to be, alert and present. He made sure to move in such a way it'd be the easiest for gunhild to stay on, not that he doubted her ability too regardless.

"With so many new faces, perhaps we'll make some new friends." He comment warmly enough to Gunhild with her response to those which she'd ascribed characteristics too.

When Gallius spoke, Teuihua was at attention once more, looking his way and all the ways around him at the same time. Teuihua found himself nodding along to the rambling, taking note of anything which seemed important enough that Gallius said to describe himself, since Teuihua was really just trying to get a read on the relevant useful skills which Gallius possessed for the journey.

"Well it certainly sounds like you have an impressive collection of skills then, we are most fortunate you have you on this journey from the sounds of things." Teuihua responded with continued kindness. Even the construct knew that he'd need to see Gallius use some of these abilities before confirming them as even to Teuihua Gallius was essenitally describing himself as the near perfect questing companion, which Teuihua was going to be somewhat skeptical about such a claim.

He didn't seem particularly bothered with the way Gallius spoke about his question, instead nodding once more. "Thank you for humoring me regardless. It helps for me to know who is capable of what for when deciding how to proceed." If Gallius was to be believed he also learned some useful information about Sui, perhaps someone who should be consulted if something magical and academic popped up.

Teuihua listened intently to Gallius' follow up to what Selani had asked, and at some points he couldn't help but perk up a bit. Of course part of him would llike to bring back something nice for Lady Caeliam but another part of him, when he heard 'old civilization' his civilization by all accounts was quite old, could they be the remains of one he knew or perhaps even related to part of his own? While Teuihua knew a lot about the Mictlantecuhtlian Empire, he did not know about every single area in depth, he had only been to so many and only needed to learn about so many, so this was an exciting development indeed, while farfetched maybe there'd be some more information about what had happened.

"Thank you for your question and you answer, the insight that information proves to be most useful." Teuihua reaffirmed Gallius and looked back to Selani.

Upon hearing Griffin's way of introducing himself to Gunhild, Teuihua chuckled a bit once again, Giving him a big thumb up. He then took a bit more of a serious stance and tone.

"It must not be easy to have to contend with this loss of your's Griffin..but I commend you for being strong and forging ahead despite these circumstances. In some ways I can relate, having woken up many many years later after my origin civilization has ceased to be in power all those memories..of those who I knew from what I can tell so far they are no longer on this plain and the world has changed so much..but moving forward and finding yourself, and even learning about what happened..are all viable paths forward. I hope that you find what you are hoping to get out of this journey with us, and I look forward to working with you."

Teuihua then listened to what the Captain had to say with the question Librarian had asked. This was a decent security briefing on some of the potential threats which Teuihua should be looking out for, seemed listening really did pay off, presuming the Captain knew what he was talking about.

"well Gunhild it looks like there are many elements to consider for this island, between it's wealth and the possible local population. I believe approaching this strategically will be of great interest, by working together and coordinating our skills with those here, we will increase our chances of success. Thankfully we are with people who have gone looking for treasure before..their insight should prove valuable. Regardless, with all that said I am pleased to be here with you Guhild. How have you been since we last met in light of this development?"

Thankfuly boredom didn't really mean much to the construct, he was on watch constantly in his past life, sometimes for hours and days with very little happening around him, he was used to it.

During the fog portion Teuihua became more vigilant, unsure about it, even if he didn't see anything particularly off if he was able to hear the comments about it being generated by something he was more guarded.

" I agree, we should be careful for the possibility of anything lurking beyond the fog." He announced to anyone who was nearby enough to hear and or care.
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Location: I don't know, somewhere in the ocean. The part with a lot, lot of water probably.


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Gunhild continued to relax on the shoulder of Teuihua, having a quaint little time enjoying the warmth of her favourite rock as the foggy sights did not pertain to her interests one bit. There was nothing of interest to look at and it was just a disappointing reminder that they weren't yet at their destination, a metaphoric representation of having no idea how long until they got there. Instead of doing stereotypical repetitive asking of how long until they got there, she turned her attention to those who were introducing themselves to her. Tilting her head slightly at the fact that Griffin and Kota had both started speaking to her in her own manner of speech, unsure whether it was an insult to the way she spoke or just trying to be welcoming by acting like her. Otherwise, she just gave Griffin a confused stare before speaking back.

"Griffin is bird. Gunhild know Pretty-bird-lady say Bird-people is not a bird-people but is very a bird people Gunhild sees and says. Birdman is a bird" Gunhild pointed out as she stared at Griffin, eventually turning her look to Kota who was the other one who introduced himself in the same way. At his mere suggestion of such deadly headpats due to the fact she was inflicted with the blessing of Thoroughly Petted, but probably not actually caused since she was into it anyway, Gunhild gave a reptilian stare of death in the direction of the white floof as she emitted a gentle growl.
"Snow-Floofa do not never do a do of the pet of Gunhild! Gunhild a big strong Gunhild, too much for warrior-floof! Do a do if the do-floof do a dare-do, Gunhild is not so simples a pet-do-Gunhild for icy-cream-puppo" Gunhild claimed defensively, staring and laying low on the big construct's shoulder as if preparing herself for a potential attack from a vicious opponent, her tail gently swaying in playfulness at the proposition. Hearing the big cool favourite rock speak to her, she listened to him say his wordsies as she gave him a small glance, thinking for a moment.
"Gunhild and Metalmans make many a friendses, Gunhild makes friendses with a bird and a floofy now, and alsos a foggy-fog and a beeeg lizard too!" Gunhild pointed out as she not just wagged her tail but basically her entire body in pleasant joy for no real reason other than expression.

Gallius gave a look to Teuihua before back to addressing Selani talking about the potential loot.
"See you probably whenever we get there, uh, you" Gallius absentmindedly answered unsure for a moment what the girl's name was since he was a little distracted, also unsure whether she was supposed to be a frog or a toad. He didn't understand the difference, they basically looked like the exact same animal to him. And Selani probably looked no different, as far as he knew with an uneducated guess.
Harkin was busy minding his own business until Kota and Teuihua spoke of the potential danger, hearing the kitsune mention of spirits as he raised an eyebrow and looking around at the surrounding fog. He did believe that the setting was rather odd and suspicious, the idea of spirits wouldn't be too farfetched as it would prove a reasonable entity that they were encountering with, curious about the boy's sensing of spirits.
"If yer' nose is on it right, that'd be a good reason for all this. There's 'pparently spirits on the island, but wouldn't think they'd come out this far. Maybe there's a reason they're all comin'over 'ere. They aren't putting much of a fight stoppin' anything but our eyes. Sui, did'ya get all'o'that?" Harkin considered before asking the elf if she was taking notes, of which she was. Seeing her silent nod as she only glanced over for a moment before returning to her notebook to detail observations and discoveries on the trip, the travelling crew (at least the ones that were awake an paying attention) had their eyes peeled out for potential issues now that they had an idea of them. Of course, looking didn't prove much use for the current moment. After some more travelling into the depths of the fog, the obscured view would eventually clear up and ever so slightly part its way into vision of an island. Despite having just come out of it, it would appear as if the fog would just fade from view as if it was never there, only leaving the sight of a bright, blue sky lit up by sunshine and clear weather.

"'Ey, none of you mentioned that at all" Harkin commented, thinking that might have been important to know. Sui seemed to ignore his comment as Gallius was more distracted by the view of the island now that it had appeared. The Captain only gave a small look, before mentioning something.
"We need willing people, not vacationers. You know what you're dealing with, not what you're getting" the Captain replied back in a blank, low tone.
"That would've been a nice enough mention, you're seeing this right? And you say there's just tons of loot over there? This is like a gold-mine incarnate, who wouldn't wanna be here? When I get my payout, I could imagine a nice residency over here. 'Costa Gallius', has a sort of royalty to it" Gallius spoke to himself as he dreamed about something else nonsensical, before thinking of something and looking to Sui.
"Hey, can we name it? Are we just gonna call it 'the Island' the whole time? Costa Gallius. Not a vote, dibs" Gallius pointed out as he rushed to say dibs, the elf rolling her eyes as she looked to him.
"We aren't naming the island because we don't know if it already has a name. If it already has confirmed inhabitants, then we should attempt to confirm the name from one of them before renaming it ourselves" Sui answered back as she poked his nose with the tip of her writing quill, Gallius just blankly wiping at the little dip of ink on his face wondering why she had to do that.

With the ship approaching a bay which seemed like a good enough place to dock, it would soon become apparent that the luscious tropical island was not deserted of creatures. The resting crew had woken up by this point from the noise to see their new surroundings, of which most were excitably hurried to get set up once they realised the view of where they are. Although the most settling thing was that there was clearly life already on the beach. Gunhild gently squirmed and slid off Teuihua's shoulder in a not-so-graceful fashion as she simply slapped against the floor and got up like nothing happened, wandering over to the edge of the boat as they were anchoring.
"What's thoses?" Gunhild blankly asked like a child, pointing claws at the things present on the beach.
Already on the shoreline was merely an example of creatures akin to what was described by Gallius and the Captain, although some were of potentially threatening or dangerous appearance, it would appear most of them were just very much casually minding their own business, the only thing that attracted their attention was the sight of a boat. While the larger of the creatures present didn't seem to care much, there was very obviously a small bunch of radiantly glowing green creatures not much bigger than 1' simply waddling around in the water that was visibly intrigued by the new thing. Compared to the appearance of everything else in their flamboyant crystalline radiance, they looked like they were squishy and would give a nice squeak if you picked up and gently hugged one. With time, planks and ladders in order to descend and take step on the beach were deployed, and the crew while distracted were already off to work setting up camp.

"You are free to explore the island for now, I believe we arrived in a rather peaceful spot. Unless you have interest here, I suggest you all make plans for what you're doing so we know where you are if you don't come back" the Captain blatantly spoke, gesturing to the beach. He was a little unsure about Librarian's safety or preparation to handle the environment, thinking he must have been more enticed by the potential exploration.
"Construct, feel free to gather knowledge on what you learn about the island, but I recommend staying close to whichever companions you find yourself with. Your willingness is admirable, but remember not to transform it into idiotic courage. That's why Gallius is dead" the Captain answered, to Gallius' exaggerated gasp.
"I'm not dead, I'm right here, aren't I? You 'oh look at me I'm so serious' types are so offensive sometimes. You're pretty crabby for a crab" Gallius answered back with a small smile as he excitedly made his way off the ship to investigate some of the shinies along the shore before the Captain could answer. Gunhild was silently looking out into the jungle, thinking that finding her friend might be harder than expected.

Amongst the bizarre and quite fabulously glowing life, there were very clearly a few small shiny gem pebbles along the beach that looked like they had fallen right off of the life found here. Through the jungle path, there was clearly a worn dirt path that looked fit for travelling if not for the overgrown vines and vegetation alongside it, but a clear indication that someone had made said path. Up higher in the hills, there were very clearly stone structures and arches that made themselves apparent.
Sui had glanced at the path, before up at the hills.
"Those don't lead the same place, but I would guess that's the first ruins sighted already" the elf pondered as Gallius seemed more thrilled by the idea of the ruins. Gunhild wasn't very concerned about the ruins, looking to the path. She didn't know if it was where she needed to go, she just felt overly lost and overwhelmed at the moment as she just silently looked to Teuihua, Griffin and Kota​

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