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(( Desperate for a good RP.. please. ))

Good afternoon, everyone. I am currently searching for a long term role-play partner. I am not very picky, I’m just looking for someone with someone with some decent qualities . I will introduce myself now!

Hello! You can call me Ari.

I am an advanced literate level writer, and can mirror my partners writing up to a certain extent. I am capable of writing up to 7+ Paragraphs per response, but rather keep it 5-7. Mainly depends on my partners literacy.

I mainly use art / anime faceclaims, as I haven’t been able to use a real face claim since 2023. I prefer to use art, but I will be making exceptions today! ^^ ~

I am capable of playing up to 10 characters at once! No matter who, where, what, when, why. I have found myself rapidly improving in that category, and I am ready to publicly release it.

My Fandoms Include
• Spiderman: Across The Spiderverse
• Pokémon / Television and Video
• Naruto / Boruto. // Movie and
• Stranger Things // Television
• Dungeons and Dragons (DND).//
• Genshin Impact
• Honkai Star rail / impact

I do have more! And we don’t have to do fandom. Please reach out with any questions. Add my discord!

((, I am completely limitless. Just thought I should mention that.))
Hey! I'm a pretty detailed rper and I would love to rp with you sometime

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