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Multiple Settings | obscura | originals thread

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Hello, I'm Obscura and I'm looking for original plots right now. Below I've included some of my ideas/pairings. I'm open to most suggestions, with the exception of sci-fi. It's never been my thing.

I write mxf, fxf, and mxm, but I do lean towards writing male characters. Doubling isn't required. I've been rping for a while now and I consider myself decent. I write at least a few paragraphs per response, likely more. I enjoy talking ooc and making friends with my partners as well. I like drama, fantasy, supernatural, romance, and horror the best.

Please be 18+, as I am an adult and uncomfortable with rping with minors, romance or not.

Any character I'd prefer to play in these are bolded. If no roles are bolded, I can play either. Many of these ideas can be combined and I'm happy to hear your ideas.

|Character A and B were childhood friends in a small tourist town. A was always much quieter than B, relying on them heavily. He was physically weak and shy, leaving B as his only friend. A moved away suddenly, unable to say goodbye to his only friend. Years later, A returns to the small town they grew up in. He's nothing like the frail boy he used to be and, as tourists start disappearing, it becomes clear he may not be human anymore.

| Fallen Angel x Human
| Rival musicians
| Musician x Songwriter
| Ghost x Human
| Rivals in general
| Popular x Unpopular
|Anything to do with the music industry
| Human x Inhuman
| Childhood friends to enemies to lovers
| Yakuza x Civilian

Please DM me if you're interested.

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