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Fandom Naruto (Fix-It AU): Closed!


Hello and welcome to Nacre's partner search!
Keeping this short and sweet; I'm currently looking for somebody who'd be interested in some fix-it AU roleplays (hence the title of this search thread). Basically, the idea is that we tweak some minor -- possibly major -- plot point in the Naruto canonverse and then watch as it gathers enough momentum to change everything for the better. There are so many alternate choices and decisions that Kishimoto could have gone with, this is just a way to explore those options!
My preferences right now are playing main female characters with pairings being MxF and CanonxCanon, respectively. I'm also not interested in doubling at this point in time. Literary requirements are fairly simple; have multiple paragraph replies (2+), decent grammar and spelling (I'd be a hypocrite if I called you out on this), and don't be afraid to take the lead in the plot.
Anyway, I'm pretty sure that's everything? Before we move onto the plotting, here is a quick disclaimer: most of these prompts will be completely self-indulgent and I am aware that this thread will likely end up being a shout into the void. But if this does catch your attention then please, feel free to PM me or leave a message on this thread! I only have one plot that I'm really looking to fulfil right now, but if this idea of fix-it AUs caught your eye then I'd love to hear what you have in mind. Otherwise, I might add some more prompts later.

Adversity breeds iron-clad friendships.
Prompt: “Naruto was six years old the day he saved Sakura from her childhood tormentors. Because if there was anybody who understood being ridiculed for something that they had no control over, it would be the jinchuriki of the Kyubi.”You would play: Uzumaki Naruto.I would play: Haruno Sakura.Pairings: To be decided over PM, though my preference is slow-burn MxF. Geriatric snail slow-burn.Overview: Essentially an incredibly self-indulgent, fix-it AU where Naruto and Sakura become best friends and how that changes everything (hopefully for the better). This plot would follow them from the tender age of six, through their academy years, genin team placements, chunin exams and beyond. To make this not take 12 years to develop we’d be invoking some time-skips, training montages, and a lot of OOC chatter. Hopefully you’re comfortable with all three of those things!
I read the first half of the manga, though admittedly I didn't really hold enough interest to sludge through Shippuden. Would I still be allowed to play?
Hmmm. I'm interested.
I've PM'd you!

I read the first half of the manga, though admittedly I didn't really hold enough interest to sludge through Shippuden. Would I still be allowed to play?
Absolutely! I probably should have included the fact that I never finished shippuden either. Kishimoto introduced some Moon Rabbit Goddess and things stopped making much sense after that. Would you like me to PM you?

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