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Mystery of Mythwater (OOC)

Vox Angelis Vox Angelis
for starting your investigation, What are you searching for and how are you searching?
First she would investigate for any physical clues about what is happening in town, anything unusual. Seeing how it's almost like void of life, she would take a glance at houses/shops windows and look into alleyways, see if people were all actually at home instead of out in the streets.
You really want Sylvestra and Jankurr to square up huh/j

Anyways, would punching them work?
Just a good right hook
Children Peoples GIF
It's up to each of you what you want to do next. I don't punish for temporary splitting the party so you all don't have to be in agreement.
Also, here is the map included in the expedition docket

Mythwater did not have a municipal map on file a the College so one of the cartographers threw this together from written reports. It comes with a disclaimer that icons do not correspond to real world scale or location.

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