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Mystery of Mythwater (OOC)

Some of y'all might have encounters with Sylvestra if investigating curious magical phenomenon. Cases that are mostly about magical creatures or outings into the outdoors and some far secluded locations overtaken by nature.

If you want your characters to know her before the adventure, they'll know that she is much of a airhead and prone to forget even her own name at times, but she has a good heart and looks very much into the welfare of her partners. Despite her dreamy and aloof personality, she is prone to pull quiet pranks at the most unusual times (beware the night).
I imagine Warforges musn't be very conventional so sight of one would be an interesting sight for anyone.

Sylvestra: "Do automatons dream of clockwork sheep?"
This is my first one! Hope it lives up to my expectations of what dnd is like
Hey All,

I think we are ready for session zero to start. I've gotten everyone's sheets and organized them in my own notes so now comes the hard part.
Session zeros in person are more or less everyone sitting down and making characters together....which you guys have already been doing.
So I'll throw together a little zero sheet and you can start figuring out how characters fit together. Feel free to write a description of your character and post it below.
The party will be traveling 4 days via horse drawn carriage to reach Mythwater so session zero will "take place" during this trip.

Character Name:
Class & Subclass:
Role in the College:
Interest in the Mythwater Expedition:

Idea has a irl conflict that means they will be starting later than the rest of you.
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Character Name: Jankurr
Class & Subclass: Paladin: Oath of conquest
Alignment: Chaotic neutral
Role in the College: Student
Interest in the Mythwater Expedition: Hands on Experience

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Character Name:
Class & Subclass:
Role in the College:
Interest in the Mythwater Expedition:
Character Name: Athaclenna Dumar
Class & Subclass: Rogue - Thief
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Role in the College: Student; her 'Uncle' is a Teacher There
Interest in the Mythwater Expedition: It is a 'Unique' Learning Experience
Pic is on my Character Sheet
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Character Name: Cayde-6
Class and Subclass: Fighter - Champion
Alignment: Lawful Good
Role in the College: Guard
Interest in the Expedition: Added muscle and Protection
Pic is on my character sheet
Character Name: Eredartis Callorlaran
Class & Subclass:Barbarian(Path of Spirit)
Alignment: Neutral Good
Role in the College: Scholar turned field agent
Interest in the Mythwater Expedition: Get hands on with learning history
Pic is on character sheet
1715652285356.pngCharacter Name: Sylvestra Alderine (she doesn't remember her last name though, and sometimes get confused about her whole name)
Class & Subclass: Circle of Dreams Druid
Alignment: Neutral-Good
Role in the College: Student
Interest in the Mythwater Expedition: Being attuned to anything about dreaming, Sylvestra is interested by the source of the nightmares people are experiencing. While she wants to help people overcome their affliction, she wishes she could find traces of the Feywild in these rumors.

Potential interactions/interest towards other party member at the start:
EbonChevalier EbonChevalier Eredartis: This partner has a lot that could interest Sylvestra. He's an Elf, he's also attuned to the more "primal" side of the world (or at least that's the kind of connection Barbarians have with Druids) and he's on a spiritual path, which intrigues her on her study of dreams and the Feywild.
Psychie Psychie Cayde-6: While most Druids would be repelled by automatons, Sylvestra's curious nature makes her look at the Warforged with keen interest. Does it think? Does it dream? Is there a spirit inhabiting this construct? Expect the dreamy druid to ask a lot of questions and picking his figurative brain.
Sherwood Sherwood Athaclenna: Thieves pick pockets, right? Fey do too, for amusement and whatever wild reasons. Why does a good-natured rogue be inclined to steal stuff?
DragonSlayer57 DragonSlayer57 Jankurr: Unfortunately I don't think Sylvestra has much to say to a Paladin, since they are usually not much on the same page in term of ideals and mentality. However, given you have a plan to have him enter into a contract with some sort of patron, and depending if that's something Jankurr is actually looking and open about it, Sylvestra could suggest aligning himself to an ArchFey, considering she basically draws her powers from the Courts.

Picture is in character sheet, but I'll include it here anyway 😁
If anyone inquires about her peculiar armor, Sylvestra will reveal that it was a gift from her friend in the Feywild, made from the shed scales of a great mighty beast to celebrate their friendship. The colorful mix of blue, green and orange meshes well with the plethora of colors swirling in the druid's eyes.
Cool. This gives me more of a direction to go in and some good ideas. Since you are all more or less on the same level in the college that makes this easier. Through one avenue or another you learned about this expedition and it's connected nightmare problem.
As you all might have guessed, some of your were voluntold to go on this expedition by the university. Specifically by Athaclenna's uncle. Sherwood Sherwood said above that her "uncle" is a teacher but I am giving him a promotion, he is Chair of the Archeology Archives now. It explains the mansion and extensive library (Teachers don't make good money, we know this).
While Faerun is old and ruins are uncovered every other week, it is unusual for them to have such a negative effect on those that live around it. The college's archeology department has an invested interest in finding out whats at the bottom of the uncovered pit. Some of the stuffiest minds at the university have a theory that it is some kind of ancient device designed to subliminally influence a population.

EbonChevalier EbonChevalier , Psychie Psychie & DragonSlayer57 DragonSlayer57 : The reason the expedition was presented to you was twofold; as a learning experience and as security for the other members of the trip. The three of you have unique experience in keeping people safe and field research. Unlike other expeditions you have gone on, this request did not have a danger rating. Usually there is one of three colored hexagons on the expedition call that indicate how risky the excursion conditions are expected to be. This call sheet had a blank hexagon to indicate that there isn't much information on the nature of the anomaly.

Vox Angelis Vox Angelis : Sylvestra's academic focus being on dreams and nightmares and general abnormality made her an obvious choice for this investigation. The higher ups hope that her unique perspective will aid the expedition party well. It is made clear in the research docket that the focus is to find the source of the anomaly, not save the town of Mythwater.

Sherwood Sherwood : Your uncle believes this will be a unique learning experience for Athaclenna indeed. He hopes getting you some more field experience will make you a more worldly person and maybe help you pick a academic focus.
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So your boy will be coming back sometime around 9:00, and leaving at about 6:30
I'm glad you are looking forward to it. I hope what I have planned lives up to expectation 🤞

As of right now, I thought session zero would be more important. This isn't the only time earlier relationships can be planned, I don't mind if previous interactions are improved later as long as all parties are in agreement.

I basically have the intro finished so I'm ready for opening posts if everyone else is?

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