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Fantasy My Hero Academia Rp (Accepting Players)


master of faster
number 1 hero= Deku
number 2 hero=Shoto
number 3 hero= Silver

Class 1-a (Up to 10) Kaen, Peter
Class 1-B (Up to 10)
Class 1-C (Up to 10)

League Of Villains:
Boss=Faiākingu Terra

UA Staff
Principal= Reddohotto
Class 1-A Teacher= Mr. Ika
Class 1-B Teacher=
Class 1-C Teacher=
Security (Up to 5)=

Oc list:
Hero Name:
Extra Info:

No godmodding
no being op
in your oc plz tell me your role
you can have up to 10 ocs
no gary or mary sues
no cussing
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Name: Mr. Gota Ika
Role: Teacher of class 1-A
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Personality: was once a pro, Tough, lies a lot, funny on occasions
Quirk: Squid can do what a squid can
Hero Name: Squido
Extra Info:
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Name: Faiākingu Terra
Role: Boss of the league of villains
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Personality: like any antagonist
Hero Name: None
Quirk: Blood Steal ( can steal blood paralyzing the target)
Extra Info:
Oc Sheet: Class 1-A (First Year)
Name: Peter Benjamin Parker
Hero Or Villain Name: Spider-Man
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Personality: Strong sense of responsibility. Wisecracker. Is prone to blame himself for things.
Quirk: Spider. Does whatever a Spider can
Role: 1-A student
Extra Info: Peter Parker used to live in New York with his aunt and uncle (both quirkless). He had a powerful quirk but was never interested in becoming a hero. Until one day he didn't use his abilties to help when he should have (you can use your powers more freely in america) and his uncle died. Since then he had switched from a prestigious science school to UA highschool.


Current Suit:

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Name: Kaen Bureizu
Hero Name: Doragon
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Personality: Angry usually, hot headed , big ego, not fun
Quirk: Fire (can make fire, breathe it too)
Role: Class 1-A student
Extra Info: has a very odd family
Hero Appearance:
images (20).jpg
The Lore
20 years after the battle against Overhaul. The Former pros Retired, Gran Torino died of age. Tomura is making a new league, making his young apprentice, Faiākingu Terra the boss of the League. Deku is the number 1 hero, and Todoroki is number 2 then Bakugo at 3 then so on. they bring new students from different countries to UA.
Name Izuki Midoriya
Hero Or Villain Name: Deku
Age: 30's
Personality: He's very kind and analytical. The Current Symbol of peace,
Quirk: One for All
Role: Number 1. Hero and also a teacher at UA
Extra Info: He is married to Uraraka.

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(this is canon not an oc)
Name: Shoto Todoroki
Hero Name: Shoto
Gender: Male
Age: 36
Personality: Shoto has a cold, aloof personality which stems from his harsh upbringing. He is quite seasoned in battle, being able to stay calm and composed even while fighting real villains. Though brutal in combat, he is well grounded on the ethics of heroism, only wishing to subdue his frozen opponents as opposed to killing them by prolonging their frozen states. After the events of the U.A. Sports Festival, Shoto still has a distant attitude but has become noticeably more sociable, even gaining a sense of humor and occasionally smiling.
Quirk: Half cold Half hot
Role: Number 2 hero
Extra Info: He is married to Yayarozu

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