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Murder IV: Eye of the Storm


“I’ll name my first born, Loader Bot”
Handsome Jack

Things were now hell for him as he was going through some humiliation "I never wanted to do this-" Then he was punched right in the face and kicked in the back of it. Now this is where things were escalating to that tad bit of the same suffering everyone who was brought here had. Jack then slowly stood up given the fact that he was going weak enough.

Corpse after corpse after corpse was something Jack was stepping as he followed along with Pan, Jester, 9054, as he still was without one hand then all out of a sudden, the Hyperion corporate was heavily gunned down along with a few others as he thought to himself "Gosh this is so frustrating, why not kill me now for fuck sake" and there was no other option but to surrender even as the overseer, though he is already used to this sort of thing back in Hyperion, one sudden move for him and he was done for

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"1998, I'll never forget it."
Status: Could use a first aid spray
With: People in the right hall

Leon was forced to his feet by the MTF members as they were lined up against the wall. All he could manage to do was keep himself standing as he heard Vaati come charging in. The sound of rapid gunfire and the plinking of the missed rounds off of the metal plating that made up the hall filled the area. There was a consuming silence as the soldiers once again lined up behind the group. This was it.

Leon heard the soldiers reload their weapons from the fight with Vaati who had been killed or immobilized, Leon couldn’t turn to look. “Ready, aim,” He flinched at the announcement made by the leader of the fire team “fire!” The words themselves seemed to punch through Leon’s midsection following the bullets themselves.

He stumbled from his spot only a few feet as most of the others had fallen almost immediately. The wall had been painted in a spray of red mist and his lungs were rapidly filling with blood as his eyes drifted to the sight of his orange jumpsuit stained with crimson. Leon fell, first, to his knees next to Yuri before he reached out to try and hold her. He didn’t make it. Leon crumpled to the ground as blood began to pool around his broken body. He felt now the stinging pain past the adrenaline and he gradually choked up more blood than he breathed in oxygen. In one final push he extended his arm to hold Yuri. His hand giving out just short, and merely brushing her hand. His eyes devoid of any signs of life. The dark enveloping him as well as the cold of the motionless corridor.
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Yuri stood up and lined up as the soilders commanded. She knew that after all this tome this would finally Bebe the end of it all. She watched the soilders as they began to fire at them. As the bullets penetrated her she began to stand there for a second or two. It somehow felt... good. Perhaps it was the lack of using a knife on herself in so long. Her eyes began to darken as an ominous smile formed on her face. She felt Leon brush her hand as she began to fall on her knees. SHe used all her remaining strength to stop herself from falling and hug Leon as her body finally went limp. Yuri had died as she embraced Leon for the finale time.​
Tony Montana - Dying in Action - @PerpetualSilence @kirimei @Stormcloak @DerpyCarp @Meraki @Sayo-Nara

Tony wouldn't go down now. He had finnaly left that stupid cell.
Tony screamed out to taunt, as he used that Maid (@Meraki ) as a meat shield by putting the gun under her right arm pit and pushing her forward as he charged against them.
Hey, how'd you like that? Huh? You fuckin' maricón! Hey!
It wouldn't take long as they would shoot the Maid down, he then threw her body off and kept shooting.
What he did forget, after a year of solitary was to count his bullets during this heat; After shooting 4 bullets after dropping the maid off, he gets interrupted by a click.
Not long after the Soldiers shoot Tony up

Tony standing strong in front of those soldiers, gets then shot through the skull. Falling on both his knees and tumbling on his back of his head and dying before he even felt that shot.
A last exhale...

Tony Montana - Killed
Location: Somewhere Awful. Form: Demon Mood: Devastated

Vaati rounded the corner in time to watch in shock as his friends were gunned down. A hot lump of lead settled in his gut. His friends, the one thing he never knew he had wanted and needed was torn from him in an instant, and he could only watch. His shock shifted to an inferno of rage as he began blasting the Agents without care, without a plan, only vengeance in mind. He incinerated several of them before they opened fire, the bullets striking his eye, making him flinch, allowing them to stun him and impale him on a rusty sword. The energy, and the will to do anything at all really, fades from his body, and he falls limp. Hopeless, and broken.


Za Righteous king of the world
Elise had a quick change of heart, a quick rethink of her whole plan. She raised her pistol, firing twice into Kinara and Celeste once they left their cell, if it killed them was up to God now since the agent had no further quarrel with them, but as soon as their bodies dropped to the floor she dashed towards some extra weapons that were scattered on the ground from fallen soldiers, she reached for the one she was most trained with, the Stery AUG STG-77, she checked it had a full clip, raising it in her hands.

She ran into the halls, helping any scientist she came across, “Get up doc, we ain’t dying here!” She’d usually call out to the scientist as she went past, helping up any that were on the ground. But if she came across any D-class personnel it’d be another story, whether it was protocol or not she couldn’t give a shit, firing multiple rounds into the chest region or even head of each D-class she came across. She could finally hunt down these animals freely, like it should have been, but she would have to celebrate later.

“Tell God I said hi” she whispered into the ear of a D-class before she stabbed her Ka-Bar into his neck, not bothering to retrieve it. Elise turned the corner, spotting a group of soldiers, at first she thought they were another MTF group or even a Nine Tails unit, so she decided to call out to them. When they turned she cursed herself, they weren’t part of the foundation, they were Chaos insurgency and she was a highlighter. Elise tried to raise her gun to shoot by they got her first, one clean bullet to the upper right chest, piecing her lungs. The impact knocked her onto the ground, she was lying there on the ground holding her hands onto the bullet hole, she raised her left hand as the soldiers closed in, “P-please....” she spattered out blood from her mouth as a puddle assembled around her.

One of the soldiers knelt down beside her, looking both to his left and right before ordering his troops to set a perimeter, he giggled as he unsheathed his combat knife from his belt, “Lets make this slow.” If he didn’t have a helmet on he would wink at her, before taking off her body armour and fatigues. He started by making a Y incision on her chest, blood poured down from her chest and stained the floor as she continued to gargled more blood in her mouth. The soldier cut with surgeon precision, making sure to go slow enough as to not cut something important and fast enough so she wouldn’t bleed out, when the incision was complete and her organs were open he jammed his knife into her thigh, she squirmed in response before he pulled his arm up than punched through her ribs, crushing them. This surely killed her but he wasn’t done, he reached down again and grabbed her heart, ripping it out. He stood up, raising the heart and than crushed it when his comrades observed it.

Elise died a virgin, never to see her family again, never to feel the embrace of her lover. She never got to see the sun or play in the grass ever again. This was the end, end of the goddamned line.



The Candy Succubus
Bonus Round
Max lay on the ground, the rain of bullets that mowed down the friends, acquaintances, and the strangers she had know rang out until the high-pitched noise in her ears overtook it. Her vision blurred as it faded to black slowly coming in and out. She could feel the hot searing pain of the bullets that had riddled her chest and the warmth of her own blood covering her, surround her, her form on the floor as the others suffered an identical fate, their blood mixing into a poetically morbid conglomeration symbolizing all that they had been through together. The storm, the murders, that god awful poorly written play, the months spent together in this hellhole foundation...it was all over now. She began to feel something else over the white-hot pain and the head-splitting noises. Everything had slowed down.

It felt like she was moving through water. Was this regret? Sadness? Anger? She couldn't tell. It felt like all of them. Her vision blurred again. Her body felt so cold...she had never been cold like this before. How could she be so freezing cold when her blood, their blood felt so warm. Everything went dark again. Probably for the best. She didn't want to see them being killed. She could already hear and feel their bodies hitting the floor. With each thud, her heart ached. She couldn’t tell anymore if it was the bullets or her emotions that were causing that pain. She felt strangely calm, sad, but calm. Her vision slowly began to fade in once more. She saw a few boots walking past. One stepped on a piece of bloodsoaked paper in front of her before disappearing. She reached out through the gellital air. Through the ringing, she heard muffled voices. She couldn’t understand them, but then again did she really want to?

Her hand rested on the paper. She felt so tired now. God, she hated this. She hated feeling so sluggish. She let her eyes roam a bit, her gaze falling onto the others. Now her eyes began to sting. She blinked a few times, she felt the tears welling up now. How could she have been so stupid, so careless… She let this happen. This..all of this carnage and needless death of all these good people, it was her fault. If she could feel her arms, she would be beating herself. If her vocal cords weren’t broken by hot lead she would be screaming. Max didn’t have it left in her to do any of that though. All she could do was watch it fade to black again and slowly come back. Her fingers twitched feebly as the wrapped slowly around the paper. She lifted it, her arm shaking, dripping with all of the blood that she had spilled including her own.

The tears streamed down her cheeks now as she saw it. The red of blood creating a filter over the image only drove home the realization of her guilt, of her incompetence, of her failure as a friend and protector of all of these people. She forced herself to see through the red, through the hurting and her fading vision. She saw the photograph. The one she had taken of Chloe what felt like ages ago. Everything felt so much happier then. None of them could have guessed she would make such a mess of things back then. She tried to sob but all she could muster was a cracked whine and a gurgle as the blood flowed from her mouth. It tasted metallic and thick, it tasted like all the hatred she felt for herself and her stupidity. One last chance, Max. One last chance to make yourself useful, to fix what you broke. You can’t let this happen, Max…

You have to go back…


Everyone’s vision faded.

When they opened their eyes they couldn’t help but notice a blinding light. Everything felt warm and familiar. There was a lack of pain, of fear as you floated through the blinding ethereal surroundings. You felt at peace. You couldn’t even remember where you had been before. Why had you hurt? Who were you anyway? Well, you supposed it didn’t matter. For now, you were happy. Soon you began to hear chatter. Voices in a conversation around you, the sound of clinking forks against plates. A jovial and idle sound. It sounded so familiar and it was getting louder, closer. Slowly you began to see shapes and remember.

Yes! That’s right, you’re in the diner! Wait, wasn’t it destroyed? Weren’t you killed/captured by the foundation? How could you be here? You looked around and sure enough, everything was just as it had been on your first day in the small Oregon town. You saw all the familiar faces, friends, strangers, waiters….You were back. Alive. Everyone was alive! You felt a grin spread across your face as you started to stand, to run to the others but wait, something was wrong. Not everyone was alive, the diner had grown hushed. The patrons were staring at something, no someone.

One of the waitresses rushed to them as they lay on the floor, bleeding...badly. They weren’t moving. “Call 911!” The waitress commanded but none moved, the patrons only watched as she fumbled to stop the bleeding. She couldn’t of course. There were too many holes. Bullet holes from what you could see. A few people began to scream and cry, falling down to try and help as someone finally called for help after realizing who it was. It was Max. She wasn’t breathing.

She was, however, clutching a bloodstained picture of her best friend who didn’t seem to be present.

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“I’ll name my first born, Loader Bot”
Handsome Jack
What was this even? A new time-machine sequence going back 1 year before the events HE CREATED?

1 year before...
That could be one answer right as he found himself back at the restaurant which was somehow reconstructed before the return of time, this time with his left hand back in his corpse and a malevolent grin on the Man of Hyperion's face as he stood up from the feeling of being dead and perhaps seeing his daughter In an afterlife just one. last. time...... But something wasn't right for him. Right as he was in the diner, an unexpected situation had happened. The one who was causing for this time travel had been killed by multiple gunshot wounds. No one was moving or calling for help even if the waitress was ordering her Work colleagues to do it.


Another man but with a familiar face was present. Pan and Jester could also recognize the man in another outfit as he signaled for them to some path as he specifically said "“That way, now.” " in an urgent way. Jack started to make his path as there was no time to waste and that there were no more redoes according to him.... She was declared as a deceased woman. Right as the Hyperion Corporate who was a maniac kept onto his path, the man also mentioned about meeting with a worse fate, sure enough that could very much mean something but what really. "Pan.. Dear, wh- what is happening?" Jack asked right as he was starting to realize a few things and kept on his way......

The place was a junkyard, could this be another place Jack and Pan were in before the sudden events with him as the Site 19 overseer? Perhaps, that's what the maniac though to himself "What the fuck is really happening? Hyperion can't even be doing this. Even if they did, I would possibly strangle the beating crap out of whoever did it" even yet he hadn't met his possible successor, he already knew that shit was gonna take another path from the worth out of the blue. He needed to know what was going on and now.

Now it is time in which YOU also stand ready to face the worst of the worst. Are you possibly gonna make it out alive as well?



Za Righteous king of the world
Elise had already accepted her fate, as the merciless guard ripped into her she closed her eyes and embraced her final destination. When she did open her eyes it was as if she was looking into the core of the sun, but there wasn’t any pain, any coldness or direction. She didn’t even care for what happened, or who she even is. She continued to enjoy the peace she was at until she could hear some mumbled conversation, and just like ripping off a bandaid everything retracted and regurgitated itself out.

Elise was back at the diner, she looked down at her hands, the blood was gone. But why would there be blood? The memories of who she was, what she did, flooded back into her mind, and than her hands started to shake. Her body was shaking like she was in the Himalayans, but she didn’t regret was she did, she regretted coming back to life, to face her judgment at the hands of the enemies she made.

She stood up from her seat, hovering her hand over her utility belt checking if her pistol was still there, luckily it was, hopefully she wouldn’t have to use. Elise sighed as it seemed a scene was taking place, some girl got shot a shit ton. Hopefully this would distract everyone to allow her to make her escape, but someone caught her eye, the overseer, her overseer. She didn’t make herself known just yet, but she trailed him until he got to his destination and started to talk to a strange woman, this didn’t surprise her as he was known to be in the company of bunch of women a lot of time.

She debated to her self how she would go along with the confrontation, she landed on being direct as the most effective. Elise revealed herself from the shadows, confronting Jack and ignoring his partner, “Overseer, Agent Elise.” She introduced herself before cutting to business. “We need to get back to the foundation, we need to report what just happened. And,” She scoffed, “Stop hanging around prostitutes and escorts, the staff are starting to notice.”

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The Candy Succubus
Pandora Kokoro

Location: Half past Pissed| With:@Rhysie @Zerulu @DapperDogman @Spireshade | Feeling: Irritated

Pandora glared at Jack. "Don't you 'Pan, Dear' me... The only thing stopping me from ripping your beating heart from your chest is the pleasure I will get from hearing you scream while I slowly tear you apart without killing you." She bared her teeth slowly regaining composure as the other approached. Her eyes flashed hearing the implication. "Jack... excuse me." She reached past him grabbing her by the throat and snarling as she slowly drained her. She watched as her skin became dry and cracked. She released her hold just before her world went black. She let her crumple to the ground. "I wish I were a prostitute, love. Then at least I would get paid to be around this walking pile of shit." she turned away following the group.
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Professor Spacecakes

The Epitome of Hyperbole
Toshinori "All Might" Yagi

Location - ??? | With - ??? | Condition - ???

Toshinori was forced to completely abandon the careful planning he and Garry had been in the middle of, scrambling to a stop as their path was cut off by a fleet of armed Foundation soldiers. They were hardly given any warning before no less than a dozen automatic weapons trained on them and opened fire.

The retired hero’s first instinct was not to attempt some futile escape, however. He knew good and well there was no way he could get out of this. Although, perhaps he could still do something in his last moments. As the bullets began flying towards them, he instinctively held Kate close against his chest, turning to put his body between her and the oncoming gunfire. He ducked down to curl protectively around her, his withered form bulking up immensely to take on his hulking Muscle Form one last time.

All Might felt the red hot sting of countless bullets as they buried themselves into his back, hot lead tearing through what few functioning organs he had left. He felt blood fill the remains of his lung, quickly climbing up his throat to spill from his mouth onto the floor in a crimson torrent. His shrapnel-pierced heart spasmed to a rest in his chest, but his arms remained stubbornly enclosed around the girl even as the last of his strength left him. As his vision began to darken, he could only wonder helplessly if the bulk of his body had been enough to stop the bullets that had killed him from getting to Kate as well.

Of course, even in death, his old nemesis would not let him rest. With the last sparks of brain activity, All For One’s amused laughter echoed in his mind.


He woke up with a start as the blinding white light penetrated his consciousness. His head lifted from where it rested on the diner table, scanning his surroundings seemingly in a panic. Where the hell was he? The last thing he remembered was that damnable, hellish prison. What was he doing in a place like this all of a sudden?

Then, memories began to flood into his mind. Sick, disturbing, ridiculous memories. A shaking, almost hysterical smile seemed to spread across his face. This couldn’t be real. This had to be some cruel joke, surely! But no, the more he thought on it, the more he searched everything around him, the more he came to realize that this was very real.

He rose out of the booth and quickly made his way out of the diner, a determined expression fixed on his face. He’d just been given one hell of a second chance, and he’d be damned if he didn’t use it to its fullest.​

Kate walked past All Might, her expression darkened, as if on the verge of crying. "Oh, excuse me." The girl dressed in the black over white outfit bumped into "Mr Yagi", looking up at him briefly, "Sorry sir. Didn't see you there. Clumsy me." She offered a small smile. Her eyes were their original hazel hue, without even the slightest trace of yellow. She carried a pair of books: An English literature textbook tucked underneath a Bible.

She sniffed as she walked into the Two Whales Diner, sitting down in a booth, her lower lip trembling, before abruptly bursting into tears. She sobbed silently, head tucked beneath her arms. Joyce, the main waitress, frowned and began patting the poor Christian girl on her back.

On the table was an IPhone, you can vaguely see the words 'Will fuck 4 Jesus', 'viral slut', among a plethora of obscenities sprawled across in bold.

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Forgotten Portrait
what the fuxk brat.png
Location: What the shit || Interacting with shit || Status: Oh Dear

They were caught, and a look of anger passed over his face, right as they started shooting. Bullets ripped through his flesh as Garry curling in on himself, avoiding any headshots. While the rest of him was getting holes punched through him like swiss cheese, his mind ran at several speeds, going through all the injuries and cataloging how long it would take to recover, as long as his head wasn't hit. Then a bullet ripped right through the left side of his skull and-
Im dead.png chrome_2018-10-11_02-58-47.png
White. Everything went white and he was standing in the diner. As soon as his mind slotted back into its proper place, the painting slammed out of the front door (subsequently missing all of that drama with Max) and ended up leaning against the front wall near the back alley. It was there that the poor guy emptied his stomach, hurling up acid and whatever was left in the poor organ onto the ground at his feet. It was bad enough going from a time delay of healing from that kind of attack, but to switch back in time and deal with the mental onslaught? He was overwhelmed. It seemed he didn't have his bag with him though, his only accompanying item now a blue Doll in a pink dress sitting on his shoulder holding a Blue Rose. He emptied his stomach once more, just in time for Yagi to exit the diner. What a poor sight Garry must make, puking so violently that he shook, while leaning heavily on the wall of the diner. He's almost embarrassed, if he weren't so busy trying to calm his raging temporal sickness.

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Professor Spacecakes

The Epitome of Hyperbole
Toshinori "All Might" Yagi

Location - Two Whales Diner | With - Kate, and kinda Garry too | Condition - Fine

Toshinori stopped in his tracks as a young woman bumped into him on his way out of the diner. He recognized her immediately from his strange memories, immediately turning towards her as she slunk past him.

He hesitated but a moment before reentering the diner, catching sight of another familiar face. It was Garry, the young lad he’d been trying to escape with back at the prison, though he seemed to be puking his brains out at the moment. He remembered that the boy was functionally immortal, that whatever it was that had caused his sudden nausea wouldn’t be permeant in any capacity, so he slunk away with a nervous smile to leave the boy to himself for the moment. If Garry remembered anything like he had, he was sure the boy would seek him out in no short order.

He made his way back inside the diner, soon spotting Kate over in some corner booth, crying into her arms. He approached slowly, his shadowed eyes scanning over the iPhone left on the table. A somewhat pained expression came over him. This poor girl… So this is what she’d been going through.

“Miss Marsh…” he began softly as he took the seat across from her in the booth, giving her a gentle, reassuring smile. “I’m not sure if you remember me, but… I just want you to know that I’m still here for you.”

He then reached out towards the iPhone, clearing the window that displayed such vulgar comments.

“You know that you aren’t that kind of person. What’s more, God knows you’re not like that, doesn’t He? Forget what those cruel children are saying. What does their opinion matter compared to His love and understanding for you?” he added, his eyes fixing briefly on the Bible she carried. He’d never been religious himself, but he knew those who believed took it quite seriously indeed. Perhaps he could tap into her faith to help boost her up, if only a little bit.

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One Thousand Club
Location: Two Whales Diner

Interaction: Tony Montana (@Maxiliase)
Mey-Rin gasped as she suddenly found herself within a familiar diner, swallowing down mouthfuls of oxygen like a drowning man. Her hands flew up to her torso in shock—she was alive, her body perfectly unscathed compared to the bullet-ridden form that she was mere moments ago. Her hazel eyes, once more obscured behind a pair of thick, round glasses, caught sight of a particular Cuban man whom she immediately recognized.

The maid narrowed her eyes in a dangerous manner, an uncharacteristic anger bubbling forth from within her. Stalking towards him, she raised a hand before a resounding slap echoed throughout the diner, causing the man to stumble onto the floor. Just like that, all of her previous malice seemed to melt off like butter, replaced by a sugary sweet smile.

"Much like any other person in the world, I do not enjoy being used as a shield." The words that left her mouth were scathing in its tone in spite of her friendly disposition. "So if you could please refrain from doing so, your efforts would be very much appreciated."
Yuri's eyes slowly began to open as she was blinded by light. Her head was pounding. Her vision slowly returned to her as she looked around at her surroundings.
"T-The diner!? B-But h-how!?"
It was almost to hard to believe she was back here. She saw that everyone else was back to. Was she dreaming? Was this somehow heaven? She pinched herself, and she felt it. She wasn't dreaming, and she doubted there was pain in heaven. She first saw Tony, Vaati, and Jason. She ran over to each of them hugging them. She then saw Leon. She quickly rand so him before embracing him once again.
"I-I thought that was the end! I-I thought I'd never get to see you again!"
She had tears in her eyes, but she smiled just happy to be back with Leon again.

@PerpetualSilence @DerpyCarp @Stormcloak @Maxiliase


"1998, I'll never forget it."
Status: NANI?!
With: @Sayo-Nara @Everyone else in the diner

Leon had his eyes closed as the coffee Toshinori had ordered for him over a year ago sat resting in his grasp. He felt the pleasant fabric of his R.P.D uniform gripping his person and also the nostalgic pain of the bullet wound in his arm. Just his arm. No longer did it feel like his abdomen had been pin pricked by 5.56.

He felt arms wrap around him as Yuri called out. Leon cautiously opened his eyes and stared across to her. He slowly reached up and, to the best of his ability, hugged her back. “Me either, what the hell happened?” Leon decided against his better judgement and responded to his own question “Best not to ask, actually.” He suspected a plot by Umbrella.

Leon released his grasp around Yuri as he looked around at everyone. They looked much younger. More so than the year that would’ve been expected; the group had aged so much faster with all the stress over the previous— fictional— events that had taken place. He stood up from the cushion of the booth and step forward towards everyone. Leon saw Handsome Jack, and a few others including Toshinori, go running out of the diner almost immediately.

That reminded him. There was still the matter of the traitors, and as for Handsome Jack who had been the overseer... Leon’s gaze fell to his hip where his trusty Tokyo Marui resided once again. Did they deserve to live at all?
"Okay, I'm a little confused" came a voice the group wouldn't have heard in a year. The scowling face of Gregory House glared daggers at Handsome Jack, the only traitor he knew to have been identified. "Unless this is an extreme case of deja vu..." he sighs and reaches into his jacket, pulling out his pills and pouring a few into his palm, slapping them back into his mouth as he chews on them in frustration. His hand tightens around his cane as he moves towards Jack, raising his cane and bashing it against the back of Jack's head firmly. "I had you pegged for a self-centred prick, but you really took the cake you know that?" he frowns as he glares at the Hyperion CEO.

He was so busy glaring at the man, ready to smack him again, he didn't even seem to notice Pan, the last person he'd seen before his demise at the hands of a car bomb. He never did figure out who that was, or why they'd target him, but that was irrelevant to him. All that mattered was that Jack pretended to be his and Pan's friends, and yet he had every intention of betraying them.

As the doctor stood, angrily looking down at Jack, the SCP that had somehow slipped through with the group cleared his throat and gestured up to the junkyard that was in the woods a short ways away. "I believe Some of you may know what was up that way last time. There are a few parts I'll need there. I do so hate working with metal...But if there's no way around it, I will" he huffs and glances to Pan for a moment, and then to Jack, before walking up toward the woods, ready to prepare whatever device it was he intended to build there.

Whatever it was, it had to be some way out of this place, right? There was no other reason for his urgency to build it before the storm occurred, after all. Whatever went on here wasn't a natural disaster, the weird mutant creatures, the insanity, the hellish nightmares. This couldn't be the result of the storm, something else was at work here, and it wasn't good.

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Location: Shitty Diner Form: Child...again Mood: Confuzzled

Vaati's eyes snap open, he looks around taking in the diner. He spots where everyone was sitting and wanders over, falling onto his face once or twice, not used to the smaller legs. "Am I hallucinating in some trauma induced coma or did someone reverse time?" He asks, but still gets close to the others. He touches each one of them, just to assure himself they are real, then bites his hand, drawing blood. Just to make sure. "C-Can we go back to Miami? I liked it in Miami" The child like mage looks up at them expectantly, tears running unabated down his face, as he hicups slightly. Clearly watching them die had more of an effect on him than he'd admit.

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Za Righteous king of the world
She glared at pandora as she approached her, not changing her stance in an act of courage and Valor. That was until pandora gripped at her through, chocking her and draining her life force. Elise squirmed in her grip, clawing at her hands before finally being dropped, she landed on the ground with a thud. “Ahhh...” she groaned as she started to breathe again. Elise seriously debated unholstering her gun and firing into pandora as she walked away, but decided against it due to her, ‘company’.

As she got up and dusted herself off the man that went boom approached, he hit jack on the back of his head, normally Elise would act in self defence for her overseer but she decided to hear what this dead man had to say. She eventually realised all he was saying was bullshit and didn’t bother listening any further, “Guess the car bomb didn’t do the job, eh?” She snarklied replied to the old man, continuing to dust off the dirt from her ass. She knew what ever power brought her back to life most likely brought him back to life and there wasn’t a complication in the assasination, but Elise was just in the mood of being a little shit.

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The Candy Succubus
On her way past, pandora hooked her arm through Greg's pulling him after the other SCP. "I'll explain everything soon. For now we need to get out of here. Leave the traitors to their devices. I'll kill them later..." She grumbled to herself afterwards an the sigil on jacks arm flared with white hot pain. The farther from him she walked the more it burned, becoming an unbearable agony in a mere few meters.

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  • During their time in the SCP Foundation the two brothers had found themselves segregated from the rest of the group and away from the Class-D cells. Their status as warriors and relation to the government meant that it wouldn't be easy for the Foundation to simply sign them away as D-Class. Whilst the group had their experience as D-Class, the two brothers would remain stuck in a holding cell and made regular visits to an interrogation room whilst the Site Administration sorted out diplomatic affairs regarding what to do with the two brothers and negotiated their release.

    Several times were they interrogated by the Foundation, with questions as of to what they were doing, how they were involved in the events of Arcadia Bay and who their contractor was to which they couldn't provide many useful answers. They were wrapped up in a situation that really didn't concern them, which didn't please the Foundation or help their release at all, if anything; it only made it worse. With the Government tired of their shenanigans, always dealing with the brothers and debating their crimes in the highest of courts they thought that by this point it would simply be better to let them go. There wasn't going to be another Juuni Taisen anytime soon, new warriors for both the Snake family and the Dragon family could be recruited and entered into the next Zodiac War.

    The Government closed negotiations and handed over liability of the brothers on the day of the breach.

    Cuffed to the interrogation table the two brothers sat before two suited men, they didn't speak much and were simply there to supervise the two and ask questions. The regular interrogation session begins, they are asked the same questions to which the brothers simply just laugh at considering they'd been asked countless times by now. This carries on for a rough 10 minutes until the session is interrupted by the sound of an alarm.

    The two brothers look at each-other, smiles on their faces.
    As the two suited men leave the room whilst holding their earpieces the brothers cheer in glee.
    "Hahaha! What a stroke of luck!"
    "A break-out party! They'll never catch the Tatsumi brothers!"
    "They'll come back and release us from these cuffs and we'll make our escape from there bro, stay calm and wait until they come bac-"

    The two suits enter the room once more and stand before the brothers, hands still on their earpieces whilst the twins simply stare in response attempting to look fairly worried about the situation.
    "Copy that, Sir." says one of the suited men, reaching into his suit pocket.

    "If you need us to evacuate, we're fully willing to comply sir" Takeyasu says, holding out his cuffed arms towards the suit who confirmed the order.
    "Here are my arms just hurry and unc-" The younger brother stops mid-sentence as the suited man pulls out a sidearm and aims it directly at the younger's temple.
    "Hey! What are you doing?!" Nagayuki shouts as the man presses the gun against his brother's forehead.
    Scared shitless, Takeyasu attempts to stand from the chair and kick the table out but is quickly met with a bullet straight through the skull.


    His quick lash-out turned into a slump as his lifeless body flopped into the back of the chair, a steady stream of blood flowing from the tube the bullet made through his head.
    "Takeyasu!" Nagayuki screams as he helplessly struggles in the cuffs that bound him to the table. With some quick thinking, he decides to use Heaven's Holding to flip him up into the ceiling and to knock over the guards with the table.
    To his surprise, it works!

    That is, until the chain yanks him back to the floor, causing him to smash his back onto the table. Still conscious and full of adrenaline from seeing his own brother die he quickly sits forward on-top of the table ready to fight the Agent.
    "MOTHEEER-" He screams until he feels the barrel of the weapon press against his chest.


    The Agent unloads the rest of his magazine into Nagayuki who also flops dead, blood pouring everywhere.

    Unable to move.

    Unable to scream.

    Unable to cry.

    Nagayuki takes a final sight of his dead brother's face before dying...


    That is, until they woke up?

    "FUUUUUUUUCKERR!" he finishes screaming as he regains consciousness opposite his brother at the diner.
    What the hell just happened?​

Tony Montana - Huh...what... - @PerpetualSilence @kirimei @Stormcloak @DerpyCarp @Meraki @Sayo-Nara @doggodaily

Tony regains conscience, as he is waking up and trying to figure out what happened...

Tony got hit on the face by the Maid, he looked back at her and back at where he landed. He then looked at her and said:
I'm sorry I fucked up. I would've never done that to somebody... It was desperation, insanity and locura. It will never happen again...
He stood up as he saw a girl dead in the dinner, that once wasn't... Back then...
He procceds to recieve the hug from Yuri but walking to the otherside of the Diner as he passed next to Max
...I bet she had something to do with us here... He whispered to himself
...I'm sorry for us making you suffer... He then leaves a red hankerchief from his pocket on top of her torso, as he looks to the staff of the diner
Don't you dare putting her on the diner's new special. Or I'll be the one shutting your lifes down!
Tony then went to the old group as Mey-rin followed him
Ok... We all know eachother and like eachother... He pulls his pants slightly up and gives out a good smile
So... Miami? Business for each? I'll give you all what you need to start life good.
Tony lets out a small laugh as he then ends his talk with:
I'll give you all a ride, I'll get a car for you folk.

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chrome_2018-10-08_15-22-23.png Location: Diner || Interacting with Yagi N' Kate || Status: Bluh and Strangeness chrome_2018-10-11_02-58-47.png

The Doll on his shoulder seemed to be completely stable (as strange as that was) as he heaved up his breakfast, which was a shock in and of itself- he was back to the point after eating his pancakes. Garry was finally done throwing up. Wiping his mouth with a napkin from his pocket, the poor guy shuffled his way back into the diner, to collect his bag from the booth that was, coincidentally, right next to the one Kate was in. He shuffled past people leaving the building, muttering apologies to those he'd bump into, before making his way to the seats in question. He felt relief as Yagi and Kate were in the booth next to his things, and as soon as he had the bag in his grasp, he approached them. "Kate and Yagi...? I'm not the only one that remembers the... temporal shift, am I? It was rather noticeable, and didn't at all agree with my stomach- are you two alright?" His concern was evident, as he stood and fretted at the edge of the booth, not sure how to approach, or if he remembers only because of his wonderful peculiar constitution. Thankfully he had peppermints in his pocket as well, as puking hardly gives someone decent breath. Shifting awkwardly, he switched his gaze from Yagi to Kate, and then shook his head clear of his tired expression, giving her a beaming smile.
chrome_2017-11-12_10-40-59.png chrome_2018-10-11_14-06-22.png
It would seem just a bit unsettling, a strange red tint to the color of his eyes, although there was nothing but cheer showing in his voice. "Kate, I was worried about you, since you weren't in the best state even before... before the shift. Can I help you in any way? Oh! Why don't you take this? I'm sure she'll help you feel much better!" And he's passing into slightly creepy territory, holding out a Doll that seems to have appeared out of nowhere, similar to the one on his shoulder. Although it was a tad bit smaller than the one he carried himself. He set the cloth creature in front of her on the table, smiling happily as his gift seemed to stare at her with its Red button Eyes. If one paid a little bit more attention to the Doll, shadows might seem a little deeper and you might imagine you hear whispers, but that would easily be dismissed as imagination. It was just a Thoughtful Gift, that's all.

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I lift my head calmly, for at this point I have become so used to going in and out of different world in my mind, It seemed too normal. I look around the Diner at the commotion as I then glance over the body of the dead girl. I give a slight sigh for the unfortunate girl. But I didn't really know her so her death was not important right now. What is important is finding out what happened, what to do next and where to go.

I then spot Tony and swiftly walk over to him. Hey! Tony!
as I catch up to him, I grab his hand but then move it away embarassingly.
What happened? What are we doing now?
I try not to mix too much into the crowd and talk a little to the side to not gather much attention.



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