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Bring on the poison and the dagger.
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Hey there! I'm Lia and I am 24 years old. I'm here today looking for some new partners! At the moment, I'm mostly interested in playing male characters. All my plots have modern settings and they all involve dark themes like murder, serial killers, suicide, and so on. So only keep reading if you don't have triggers on any of these things! I'm mostly looking for MxM pairings right now.

First of all, there are a few things I would like to say. And yes, I did copy most of this information from another interest check of mine:

  • If you ever lose interest in our roleplay, let me know. I won‘t be mad if you don’t want to roleplay anymore, but I will be mad if I have to wait forever for a reply that will never come.
  • Shoot me a PM! I‘m more comfortable talking and roleplaying that way.
  • My posts usually average between 3 and 10 paragraphs, and it would be really amazing if you could give me at least a couple of paragraphs to work with too.
  • I speak fluent English, but I‘m not a native speaker, so please be patient with eventual minor mistakes. I don‘t really think that will be an issue, though, because I‘m very strict with my own writing.
  • Let’s be friends! Feel free to talk to me. I love OOC chats and I miss having friends who like writing and roleplaying.
  • I try to get posts up at least a few times a week, but it may take me a bit longer. Now, I know life happens, but if you have to spend a few days away and you can‘t reply, let me know.
  • I don’t have any triggers at all, and I like mature themes. I’m fine with death, suicide, murder, drugs, alcohol, any kind of medical conditions and strong language. If you do have triggers, though, let me know before we start. RPs are supposed to be fun, not traumatic.
  • Please be over 18.

Now to the fun part!

  • Plot (1): A serial killer in a serious relationship.
Fourteen victims in five years. The police don't know what to do about the serial killer who is on the loose in the streets of that big urban area, finding his victims in random places like bars, clubs and supermarket parking lots. Little is known about him other than that he is a brutal man who tortures his victims before killing them and rips them to pieces while they are still alive.

The police don't know that, in his everyday life, this serial killer is just a normal guy, with a normal job and normal friends. This serial killer even has a boyfriend who doesn't even suspect what he does in his free time. At least, not until they go on vacation together to a remote rural area. They stay in a beautiful rental house and have fun together for a few days, until the boyfriend goes down to the basement one day and finds a mutilated corpse there.

What to do now? Confront him or pretend nothing happened? The nearest town is three hours away, so running away is not an option. There is no internet in that house either. And that vacation won't be over for another week.

(My preferred role is the serial killer).

  • Plot (2): Teenage killers going through high school drama.

The quarterback of the school football team is a jerk. And the worst part is that he thinks he's so cool. At a party during their senior year, the team's tight end decides he can't take his bullshit anymore, and the two of them fight. After that, the quarterback decides he wants to destroy the life of that boy who used to be one of his best friends. The situation becomes so unbearable that he has to leave the team.

While he is experiencing all the hatred of his classmates for the very first time, the former tight end approaches an unlikely person. One of the school's biggest losers, who spent his entire high school career dealing with the quarterback bullying him. At the end of the day, they have an idea. How cool would it be if they got together to kill that asshole?

(No preferred role.)

  • Plot (3): Forbidden love in a fundamentalist cult.

Two boys were raised together in a small fundamentalist Christian cult. They never had the opportunity to see the outside world, they never went to school, they never had computers, cell phones or any kind of technology. Their life was based on going to church, praying and helping with chores on the farms where they lived.

Now they are in their early twenties. One of them is focused on replacing his sick father in the position of cult leader when he passes away. In fact, he already has to deal with a lot of the cult's problems with his father still alive. For example, when a young man he grew up with tries to escape the cult and is captured, he is the one who needs to talk to him and decide what the punishment will be. And everything gets even more complicated because it was this same guy he had his first kiss with years ago, even though no one in the cult knows about it.

(No preferred role).

  • Extra: What's your favorite scary movie?

This one is just an extra because I don't have a specific plot for that, but I'm always open for some slasher. As a matter of fact, I would love some roleplay about characters that kill together, like the guys from the movie "Scream", or characters that have any other kind of dynamics usually seen in slasher movies. Two killers? The killer and the final girl? The final girl and the jock? But it would happen with original characters and original settings, of course. It could be romantic or platonic. I'm really craving that one too.

I hope something in here caught your eye! See you soon!
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Looking for MxM pairings right now, so I changed this post a bit. Other than that, same old, same old!
Here I am once again, looking for new RP partners. I will probably come up with some new RP plots soon enough, but I still really enjoy these old ones, so l'm bumping this interest check again!

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