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Fandom Multiverse Protection Brigade! (Multiverse RP)



Dazed, confused, but chugging on.
//This is the roleplay thread for Multiverse Protection Brigade! Want to sign up? Go here!

A pair of dainty, pixelated slippers stepped into the heart of the Multiverse Protection Brigade headquarters. Their equally dainty and pixelated owner stopped and took a look around, a stuffed orange cat cradled in her arms. The interior of the facility, thanks to its shiny whites and grays, gave off a ghostly atmosphere, as if it was something out of a dream she had yet to wake up from. Even if this facility was the symbol of a network of different worlds finding harmony and protecting each other, it wasn't a place the young pinkette liked to be alone in, and she didn't like to be alone in a lot of places. "Hello?" She yawned. No response, making her hold her cat a little closer. Maybe she just wasn't loud enough. "Hello?" She hollered at the top of her lungs. All that came back to her were her own echoes. She felt haunted by her own voice.

Well, on the bright side, she could be the first to check the console for new missions. With a simple wiggle of a switch, she was no longer the only one awake. The main screen greeted her with a safety orange screen decorated in floating, paler orange squares, fading in and out, with one hovering stationary in the center which read, "Voice recognition activated. Please state name and passcode." A little microphone popped out just above the keyboard, and the girl leaned into it. "Good morning. My name is Giffany." She greeted in a calm, cheerful voice. "Passcode is 2-9-4-8-1-5." Instantly the lockscreen disappeared, revealing a flashing yellow notification. "DISTRESS SIGNAL! SUMMARY: GOOMBAS ARE INVADING VILLAGE 'SCALLOPS' IN ANIMAL CROSSING UNIVERSE. CLASS: NUISANCE." Beneath the notification was a picture of a brown, bipedal mushroom creature with an underbite and thick eyebrows, labeled "Goomba".

Well, a Nuisance call was still a call, and judging by the clock, Giffany had read it just in time. She saluted the computer before running back to her room to change. "Wake up, everyone! We have a mission! There's Goombas invading a village!" She called on her way back to her own room.


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Oda Nobukatsu woke with a start, flinging himself into a sitting position at the sound of a feminine voice shouting in the halls. Of course his first concern was not with what was said, but rather in the tone. They had called out to the entire team at headquarters, lumping his Imperial Majesty in with the commoners on the team. He should have been informed separately and with much more decor.

Putting that aside, he yawned loudly and rubbed the sleep from his eyes as he threw his skinny legs off the side of his bed. Someone of his significance needed a healthy 10 hours of sleep, yet the clock on his nightstand confirmed he only had a peasants 8. He dressed quickly in his overly decorated room, having to tiptoe around stacks of books that wouldn't fit on the crowded bookshelves, posters and maps that he had no more wall space for, and the furniture that had come with the too small room.

His usual attire was just his red uniform, cape, hat, gun and sword. Figuring himself prim and proper, he stepped out of his room, looking for the origin of the voice who had woken him up. The barracks hall was empty, however. He would have liked to remind them that there was a proper way to speak to him but it would have to wait. His first priority was tea and breakfast, figuring he could eat before the rest of the team woke.

His terrible sense of direction led him away from the kitchen and dining area and instead to the command console. He huffed out an annoyed sigh before taking a seat. Surely someone else on the team would remember his importance and bring him his tea.



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Character : Zach and Martin Cartwright
Mood: Martin (Awake), Zach (Awake)

Upon hearing the blaring alarms , as well as Giffany's recognizable scream, Martin pet dear Zach's little head, whispering words such as "get up kid" . The little boy yawned a bit, getting up from one of the rooms. It has been at least a few days since the two father and son duo have been taken to this rather intriguing facility. As long as they kept each other, neither of them complained about what occurred.

He normally would object with bringing a child on a dangerous trip, but this little son of the Cartwrights is not ordinary at all. The kid was uncertain though, glancing nervously at his father. The father smiled a bit, giving the kid the motivation to continue despite his severe hesitation. The moment the kid nodded , the father said in a rather determined tone of voice:

" We are ready "


Dazed, confused, but chugging on.
Giffany was able to get changed in a heartbeat, but her reentrance was anything but graceful. She couldn't help it, she got excited when she heard other people outside, and she practically spilled over herself to greet them. Not all the team was awake yet, but since this was merely a Nuisance mission, she wasn't too worried. "Hi, team!" She beamed. "Did you see the message? It seems easy." She reassured, drawing a Goomba in the air. "These little guys are overrunning a village in the Animal Crossing world. They're small, but those teeth of theirs look like trouble. So we'd better get over there. I'll fire up the portal!"

Nothing made Giffany more excited than when she got to activate the portal, especially when she was in a good mood. She trotted to its control panel, closed her eyes, and relaxed her muscles, letting her body disintegrate into a little blue spark that was immediately sucked inside. From there, all she needed to do was zip around its circuitry, which slowly woke it up, and it began to glow. It was more fun than it looked; she was soaring through the wires weightlessly, looping and swerving, only getting faster as the portal activated. Finally, a colorless portal appeared in its frame, soon to have a location assigned to it, and Giffany leaped back outside, quickly regaining her form. Without a pause she turned to the control panel, scrolling through the worlds until she came across the Animal Crossing one, and the portal turned a playful shade of sage green. "We're ready!" She grinned, waving to the others.


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Peacock was not a fan of mornings. Nor, she wanted to wake up from a good and long rest. She was greeted by a warning notification from Giffany. It was something about Goombas attacking a village or something. She got up and proceeded to pour herself some coffee, she'll need some of that morning energy, right? "Ugh, I hate wakin' up." She took a sip from her mug and proceeded to head into where the the whole team was.

She wondered why they had to fight Goombas. Of all of the things that could be considered a threat, why a Goomba? A Goomba is just a Toad but turned into one with Bowser's magic, or that's at least what he heard from a person having a chat in the Mushroom Kingdom. She cracked her neck and stretched for a bit before saying to herself, "I need to brush my teeth first." The little girl proceeded to brush her teeth within a comfort room. Afterwards, she grabbed a chainsaw out of thin air and turned it on with a simple pull of it's string. "Let's get it on!"


Scoobert Doobert

Link woke with a start, the call for the team to wake up still ringing in his ears. It seemed there was a mission they needed to take care of, according to Giffany’s excited shout.

The boy had gotten used to being waken up when he was needed, and though he didn’t remember much of the duties as Princess Zelda’s appointed knight, the practice was somewhat still ingrained in him after he awoke from his 100 year nap. The same nap that he had been stirred from to- you guessed it - save the world. This mission was a far lighter weight on his back.

As Link sat up and brought a hand to rub his eyes, he became more aware of his surroundings. The Multiverse Protection Brigade certainly had a ring to it. It seemed more modern than Hyrule, though he admitted that the Sheika Slate on his belt somewhat resembled the large screen in the main room. He was lucky Giffany had been able to help him figure out how to transfer the map data of the different worlds onto it, since even his home world required manual connection with at least a few ancient towers.

He gave the tablet a glance and held it for a moment as he stood up. For a brief second he considered visiting his friends back in Hyrule, but the urge vanished as soon as it had arrived. He had a job to do right now. Link took a few steps over to the cooking pot in his room and rummaged around in his bag until he retrieved a slab of meat, mushrooms, and some various herbs. He then threw it in the pot, and after stewing for a few seconds, Link picked up a skewer of food and started eating. He had no idea how exactly the meal was made, especially considering he didn’t have a skewer at the start, but he didn’t dwell on it and instead made his way to the portal room.

The Hylian continued to eat as he stood and looked around at the other heros that had actually gotten up. The threat level was nothing to feel anxious over, but Link was excited to see the world. He had befriended a few villagers from there when he was in the que for the Super Smash Bros tournament, where he was called for occasionally. He had also met the Goombas’ usual opponent there but had never actually spoken about how to defeat them. Ah well, they’d sort that out now. Link blinked out of his thoughts and drew the master sword from his back, rolling his shoulders idly in case he had to start swinging right when they got there.


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: Portal Room
Action: Preparing for the next battle (War...war never changes...)

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The Winged Hero had just flew into the Brigade's HQ through a portal from his own dimension when the emergency alarm rang throughout the halls. With a dead-panned look that managed to mask the unholy internal screaming that he unfortunately could never get rid of, Hawks continued to speed down the hallway to the assigned portal room of the world in distress.
He barely used the room the Headquarters provided him, but he did appreciate it -- he couldn't just disappear from his world entirely, especially when he still needed to make ends meet. Also his reality had better chicken strips.
Now lets backtrack a second. How could the Number 2 Hero have time saving the multiverse when he had a city, an agency, and other top-secret assignments in his own reality to take care of? That isn't far back enough, actually. How did he even get into this Multiverse Protection Brigade in the first place? Hawks had been overexerting his efforts to the point that he had been forced by his own agency and sidekicks to be bedridden in his own apartment. He had believed he had a decent self-care plan; early riser, 2-3 scoops in a protein shake for breakfast, light exercise, and then work, work, work...

When he had thought about it aloud it actually didn't sound too peachy. But all this effort was to be expected of the role of a Number 2 Hero. He couldn't have imagined how it must be for the Number One (technically he could, they were good pals in his opinion).
Back to the main topic at hand; he swore he had been hallucinating the entire ordeal with this Giffany person when he had finally some time to catch up on his video-gaming (listen, sacrifices needed to be made if you wanted to keep a good approval rating and gaming was a hard one). That was...until he had been sucked into his own television screen and into, what he deduced to be, a Multiverse Hub.

Hawks had actually taken it quite well...or so he had thought -- delving into such specifics could be covered next time, but for now it's back to the present.
End Intermission
With a few fwumps of his large crimson wings, he landed smoothly on the floor a couple metres away from an elven-looking man and...a chainsaw-wielding girl. Hawks hadn't had the chance to actually get to know them yet but he swore he'd seen them in games he played back when he had the time. And the thought of that made him draw out a lopsided grin. The grin transformed into a low chuckle when he glanced at the enemy they had to overcome this time.
"Christ, they're exactly like those turd-shrooms from that one Plumber Hero game." Hawks guffawed before he interrupted himself with a yawn, his wings fanning out.

"Hah~ oops. Let's get this over with, I'm up for some mushroom kebab."
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Kagome was coming out of the well when she suddenly heard a alarm to go off. When she fully out of the well she took a device out of her backpack that was flashing and on the screen it said emergency. "Oh wonder what's going on.....well I'm not busy at the moment. Guess I can check it out." She pressed a button on the device that opened a portal and headed inside, bring her bike along. She looked around to see that the portal was already open. She glanced over at the main screen. "Goombas are invading village in 'Scallops' in the Animal Crossing universe.....Oh I know Animal Crossing it's game in my world. Well I'm ready to go!"


Dazed, confused, but chugging on.
Normally Scallops, like many a village in the Animal Crossing world, was a cornucopia of color, predominantly rich greens accompanied by flowers in all the other colors of the spectrum, alongside bright tans from the houses, all tied together by the childish sapphire of the sky. That was not how Scallops looked today. It was brown all over. Goombas were flooding shops, dancing on rooftops, and covering the meadows. Any villagers who tried to herd them away had their attempts rewarded with a quick chomp to the arm. "It's like a mudslide..." Giffany mused, trying to count all the bouncing mushroom heads. There were easily around fifty making things miserable for the villagers, many of them forced to hide in their houses. Time was of the essence, indeed.

Giffany began her efforts by producing sparks from her fingertips while waving her hands in clockwise circles. Her movements, alongside the metallic buzzing, got many of the Goombas around the local Tom's Nook to turn their heads. "Come over here!" Their pinkheaded target teased, beginning to speedwalk backwards. The little brown creatures gave chase, snapping their teeth, signaling Giffany to run. "I need a place to lure them into! For now, I'll just get them away from here!" She called to her teammates.


Jak and Daxter

Daxter crawled on Jak's body "Wake up, some sort of mission for us from the Multiverse Protection Brigade."

Jak grumbled, pushing himself up on the bed and slipped his precursor armor on. "Why do I get the feeling we never left the Underground, Dax? and Torn is about to chew our asses off."

Daxter shrugged "Close enough and I'm not surprised Tattooed Wonder hadn't popped up to chew our asses out."

Jak slipped his Morph gun on his back with his upgrades. "Come on, Daxter. No time to waste."

"Right behind you, Jak." He crawled on Jak's shoulder

Jak held the device in his hands hearing of the mission. His world was a bit more modern and he was forced to adapt after a long time in Haven City.

Daxter frowned "What's the mission today?"

"Taking down Goobas in a place called Animal Crossings."

"Not surprising but it couldn't get any weirder."

Jak held his trusty blaster in his hand just as he crossed the portal with Daxter "Let's get this over with, Dax."

Daxter smirked, "You don't need to say that twice, Jak."

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Meet Cassiopeia!

"Oh dear, late again. I really should take those time management classes Celebi offers," Cass blinks as they enter the console room. "At least I'm not the only one here...but I am not convinced they need me!"

The Mew's eyes flash for a moment, giving them a look at what's happening in Scallops.

"Oh. Well, that is certainly not something you see every day -- though it vaguely reminds me of the Battle of the Fieke...a rather unusual name considering how ludicrous it was. And I just realized I'm talking to myself once more. Hm...let us try a connection through this interesting gadget I was given. Hello...hello? Is anyone in Scallops and listening? I'm attempting to determine if backup is needed -- I don't want to get in the way."

They wait quietly for a reply. Nuisance level threats could often be handled by a small team. No good could be found in showing up when unneeded -- or unwanted. Experience with a rescue team had only strengthened their already strong belief in managing resources...and firepower -- well.


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Link - tags: @ everyone in main control room/Scallops, Divon Divon JessieSune JessieSune

Link stood still, continuing to chip away at his breakfast as more people piled in. One person that stuck out to him was the fast-paced winged guy that had just landed nearby. There were definitely... some interesting characters that had appeared, though Link wasn’t really phased. There were differences in everyone he met- especially in Smash- which he was once again reminded of when Hawks described Mario’s... game?

The Hylian quirked an eyebrow, about to speak up, before hearing the guy’s comment on wanting mushroom kebabs. Link glanced uneasily down to the skewer he was eating, which did have mushrooms and meat on it. Though it could have totally been a joke about their next mission, the guy did appear more scrawny than Link had been after his hundred years of hibernation. He shrugged to himself before extending his arm to offer Hawks the remainder of the kebab. “You look like you need it more than I do.” He murmured with a concerned expression.

When someone first walked into the portal, Link’s pointed ears perked a bit. Guess they would be starting soon. Just then, the hero felt a vibration from the tablet at his waist and he used his free hand to pull it up. There was a message from... someone? There was Giffany’s report along with an unknown meting called ‘mew’. Wasn’t there a mew in smash also? Link immediately felt a familiarity and hoped that the being wasn’t one of the villain characters before responding. “Giffany says there are around 50 of em, so backup would be appreciated.” He typed quickly into the sheika slate.

Seeing a few people hop through the portal, the boy started forward and leapt into the world with a grunt upon landing on the ground. Truly there was a large number of the little nuisances, and the first that rushed at Link left him with little time to react. As soon as he braced himself, Daruk’s protection was used and a red shield appeared around him only to disintegrate the Goomba that had knocked into him. Link huffed out an annoyed break for using the blessing so soon.


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(Tagging everyone that I have been so far able to determine is "in town" ^^ -- Cocogerber13 Cocogerber13 , darkred darkred and P PopcornPie )

"Well, there's the confirmation I needed!" A blink and the Mew is in town. They scan the landscape, watching both Giffany and Link with a mix of interest and concern. "It seems Giffany could use more immediate help. Over here!" they call, quickly circling one of the trees in the woody area and casting a pink glow around it. "This will hold them so we an go round up the others -- it's only one way for them, so don't be afraid to run through it yourself!"

Cassiopeia smiles. Force fields are fun -- especially when they contain enemies in bubbles!

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"Of all the people I could have been paired up with...." Arthur Morgan shooks his head, as he picked up his rifle. The former outlaw had been by a running stream, trying to clean off somthing that had previously coated his entire body. Morgan was somewhat sucessful, guess he'd have to clean the rest of it when he got back to base.
Right now, he was heading back to the temporary camp that he had made with his currently assigned partner.
Grunting, as Arthur pushed away some of the thick foliage, he stepped into the lime light of the campfire currently blazing. Arthur took a moment to check on the fire, before gazing over to his current companion. "...You seem awfully calm...after what we've been through."
"Oh, I've been through worse." Arthur's companion was an edlerly man dressed in red. His name was Iroh, and he was currently sitting around the fire, brewing up some tea in his tea pot.
"Worse then almost being eaten alive by an oversized lizard?"
"My niece was ten times worse then that." Iroh chuckled, causing Arthur to scoff. "Care for some tea?"
Arthur just stared at Iroh for a secound, who was now holding up a piping hot cup of tea. At first, Morgan's facial expression screamed 'are you kidding me!?', but after a secound or two his expression changed, looking more like he was contemplating the offer.
"More of a coffee drinker myrself, but sure, why not?...Can't be any worse then drinking lizard slob... Give it here..." Arthur took the tea cup, before taking a seat and then brought the cup up to his mouth and taking a sip out of the cup. "...mm...I stand corrected...I think I'd rather try that lizard slob again..."
"Oh, you're just not use to it!" Iroh laughed, as he took a sip from his own cup. "Just give it a little time! Besides, tea is good not only for your body, but also for your soul."
"If you say so."
The two sat in silence around the fire, occasionally taking a sip from their respective cups. It had a been a long day for the both of them, being assigned to a reconnaissance mission that turned...haywire, to say the least. It hadn't been a fun fight, but the two had gotten away with their lives and, well, at least there were no more need for more operations in the area...for now.
"Alright, kiddo! We're here! Ready to kick some ass?"
From above the chaos, a dropship with the logo "Last Resort" plastered on the side warped into being. The ship hovered above quite sways above the field of battle, as it turned itself around to reveal a hatch in the back.
"We've got more operatives to extract, so we'll be back later to pick you up later." Droz, one of the founding members of this "Last Resort", was currently standing at the end of the dropship. A moment later he would pull upon a lever dangling from the ceiling of the dropship, opening the rear.
"Good luck down there!"
A red whirlwind immediately zoomed out of the rear of the dropship, descending upon the chaos below. As the whirlwind neared the ground, it curved sharply and began slicing trough any of the gombas in it's wake. The red whirlwind was speeding towards
The whirlwind would soon dissipated, revealing a clocked girl wielding a scyth(her name was Ruby Rose) and a yellow rat like creature(and it's name was Pikachu), both standing in their respective combat stances.
"Your back-up has officially arrived!"
"Pikachu!" 'Ready!'
Ruby looked up, giving her ride a reassuring wave. A few moments later, the dropship's rear hatched closed, before turning back around and warped away...
"Alright! Time to kick some mushroom butt!"


Daxter smirked, "Jak, I've got some." as the ottsel slipped a mini bug zapper flamethrower on. Time to light up some pests."

The ottsel aimed the flamethrower at a smaller goomba and it began to light on fire, for sure attracting more to him and Jak, trying to keep some of the goombas away from the others in the process.

Jak turned "Dax, wait!" but he frowned as Daxter lit up a goomba, possibly attracting more their way.

The eco-warrior grumbled and started to shoot at the Goombas with his blaster, slightly picking one off while the others try to jump him and Daxter.

It's then he noticed Link and a "Mew", he's not sure if he's ever seen anyone like that before. Link had shorter ears and Mew was a creature almost like Daxter, but different.

"Hold on, Me and Dax can cover you guys!"

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Dazed, confused, but chugging on.
Giffany wasn't really that afraid. Their teeth were sharp, sure, but Goombas looked too silly to be scary, with their bulldog faces and little booties. Even so, neither of them could keep running forever, so she needed to think. It didn't look like they could swim, but if she could trick them into running into a pond, would they just bob around until proper cages could be delivered? That was the best plan Giffany's mind could come up with, and she was already preparing to go through with it, until she realized that the stampede of Goomba feet behind her was getting quieter. She stopped, skidding around, letting her arms hang limp. Her little herd was fenced in behind a mysterious pink vapor, and only one creature she knew could produce a mysterious pink vapor. "Thanks, Mew!" She called, before turning back towards Scallops.

"Nice to see you guys!" Giffany yelled to her teammates, though her eyes were focused on Jak and Dax. They were blasting Goombas away, reducing them to burnt husks. Disturbing, to say the least. "Don't you think that's overkill?" She frowned, managing to snag a runaway Goomba in her arms. "I mean, they're just kind of...running around, and-OW!" Naturally, her little brown prisoner bit her, landing on its face. "...biting."


Daxter turned and turned off the weapon "Overkill?" "What do you mean-"

Jak raised an eyebrow and held Daxter's mouth "Maybe it is. He placed his gun away.

Daxter muttered as he looked at Jak "mmmph, Jak!~"

Jak sighed "Sorry. In our world, we have to be prepared for any threat."

Daxter bit Jak's hand as the eco-warrior shook it "Yeah, it's a long story."

Jak frowned "We won't use lethal force next time unless it's necessary."

Daxter patted the goomba lightly "See? They are friendl- OW!"

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Oda Nobukatsu let out another long huff, realizing that no one had entered into, what he thought, was the command room. Instead, he had sat in silence for what must have been the longest half hour in his entire life. Between constantly glancing up at the clock to check how much time was passing, glancing at the door leading to the room at every sound. Even getting up and poking his head through said door to make sure that his mind wasn't playing tricks on him.

Finally, clenching his fists and slamming them on the counter next to the computer, he realized he was in the annex and not the command room where the teleporter was. Or whatever the room was called, officially. He furrowed and rubbed his brow in annoyance. He could blame himself for this mix-up, but it would be far more beneficial to him and his mental state to blame someone else for never giving him a proper introduction to the facility.

He set off for the correct room, throwing the door open in a brash display of macho that didn't suit the lanky man. And finding the room was also empty. But it was the right room if the teleporter was any indication. Stepping onto the pad, he vanished in spectacular light. Finally arriving at the actual battlefield, he was surprised that the village was in better shape than expected. It didn't have nearly as much damage as a warzone normally did.

Striding forth, Nobukatsu cleared his throat before calling out to announce himself.

"There's nothing to fear. The real hero is here!"

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"Eh?" Steve was headed home on his bike with all of his gear when he heard the alarm go off and pulled a device out of his pocket. "Goombas, huh? Ah, hell. I got nothin' better to do."
No sooner had he said the words than cold water hit him from behind and he immediately felt his body shrink and his chest grow. The boy-turned-girl's blue eyes widened with rage.
"What the hell did you go and pull a stunt like that for?! I'm gonna kick yer ass, you dumb bast-!"
No sooner had she looked behind her than the person who threw the water had fled in fear. Uh-huh, you'd better run. Might as well get going anyway. She pressed a button to take her to headquarters.


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(In reply to P PopcornPie and darkred darkred )

"Happy I could assist," Cassiopeia smiles, though they wince when they see the treatment some of the members of the Koopa Troop receive. "Now then, between those which we've captured...and those which met a rather unfortunate end, I count thirty-two. Meaning there are...if my senses are accurate -- twenty eight or so still running wild. These ones won't go any where else, so I will begin looking into the buildings. Despite their lack of arms, I am confident they still entered at least a few of them."

The Mew floats off to the post office. Sure enough, there are about five of the little villains hopping about and generally making a mess. Cass smirks, waving a hand and teleporting them back to the holding cell.

"Okay...make that twenty three. On to the tailors."


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Link - Tags: everyone in the village

The blond regained his balance and nodded a quick ‘thanks’ to Jak and Dax, both of whom he did not know but appreciated nonetheless. The message that he had also responded to had gotten a reply, and before Link could actually read it, a small pink thing had zipped around and created some sort of barrier. The Hylian might have stared had he not already joined in the battle.

He did some reconsidering of his weapons once he heard Giffany comment on how the duo from earlier’s attack had been “overkill”, eventually settling on the ancient arrows that he had in his inventory. In a second he had draw three in his bow, ready to fire. The arrows were rather expensive back in Hyrule, but against anything that wasn’t a guardian it merely teleported the being elsewhere- something that he guessed the pink-haired girl would appreciate.

With a grunt, Link sailed through the air and aimed his feet towards the head of a Goomba. He could at least gain some leverage that way, and while in the air the focus he had with a bow appeared to slow time down. Hopping up, reloading his bow, and shooting multiple enemies at a time could take care of his mess quickly. What Link did not expect, however, was the dissapearance of the mushroom once Link landed on it. This startled the boy enough for him to actually cry out before a flurry of memories returned to him. Jumping on these guys was what that Mario character did, didn’t he?

Instantly Link nabbed the three Goombas charging his way with three of his ancient arrows before turning and cupping his free hand around his mouth. “Try jumping on them!” He ordered, unsure if anyone would listen. He rarely spoke, so an unfamiliar voice may cause some doubt for the others.

Just before he was about to jump again, Link heard the slight tear of worlds as yet another being hopped out from the portal- a rather lanky guy who had just announced himself a small a hero. For the moment he seemed more talk than action, especially with a Goomba that was heading right for him. Link ignored the other’s attitude for the moment and merely drew and shot another arrow to the combat-engaging pest.
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Ruby and Pikachu
Ruby and Pikachu had both dashed into the fray.Ruby utilizing her whirlwind again to descend upon the gombas, consuming them in her whirlwind and spitting them out, dazed and confused. Pikachu on the other hand sped forward activated his "quick attack", speeding in a zigzag pattern, confusing one of the gombas as it tried to keep up with the pokemon's movement, before launching his head stright into the gomba, sending it flying backwards.
Seemed like these attacks were tame enough,
Ruby came to a halt, behind her were a number of gombas either on the ground dizz or trying to get their bearings.
"Oh! Like that one video game with the electrician!" Ruby shouted excitedly, giggling as she was jumping up and down in place. The young girl in the hood was referring to a video game that was real popular back in Remnant, a side scroller where this one electrician jumped on pixilated grimm...
Anyways, Ruby decided to take the blonde fellow's advice, as she turned to face another gomba. This time she speed forward again, but instead of bring her scythe around to help with her momentum. As Ruby did a little twirl in midair, she brought both feet together, and then let gravity bring her back to the ground; right ontop of an unsuspecting gomba. The gomba made a ching like noise, before collapsing literally flat on the ground, but at the same time it propelled Ruby upwards.
"AAAAH! Just like the video game!" Ruby squealed in delight as she landed right next to link. Ruby then began to Creasent Rose, smiling as she took her battle stance. "Alright team! Let's stomp some angry mushroom people!"
"Pika! Pika!" 'Hey! Another pokemon!' Pikachu squeaked in excitement, as he skidded to a halt near Cassiopeia, looking up at the psychic pokemon. "Pika-chu pika pika! Pika-chu! Pika pika!" 'I didn't think I'd see another one! And whoa! Your a Mew!"
Just as pikachu finished saying that, another gomba charged him. Reacting quickly, Pikachu leaped into the air and summoned his "iron tale" attack. As Pikachu lept, he did a frontal roll to build momentum, before bring his ironed tale stright down on-top of the gompa, smashing it flat. Pikachu himself bounced off of the gomba, landing on all fours next to the mewtew.
"Pika pika-chu" 'Whew, they're persistent.' Pikachu almost sighed, as his eyes darted from the remaining gombas. "Pika pika-chu pika?"
'So how'd you get into this mess?'
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Cass watches all of this again, looking to learn what their coworkers are capable of and becoming increasingly impressed. It seems clear that each are trained well in their art -- it was no wonder they all were highly regarded -- or at least respected, in their respective worlds. Link's observation in particular catches the Mew's attention. "He's a fast learner. He'll go far. Oh, but I hear a familiar call!"

They float over to see the electric type and follow the sighting with a smile. "Hello, Pikachu! The short version is that I come from a world of Pokemon different from your own, and that, having fought back against repeated attempts to displace me and destroy or control my home, I thought offering my services here could be helpful. It would seem you and I are surrounded by agents of power -- I expect this to be an excellent growth opportunity. Since you are familiar with my species, perhaps you will not mind if I am curious what the Mew you met is like. Still, I suppose before answering that--"

Cassiopeia used Teleport! Several Goombas were immobilized!

"We must finish the task at hand. Thankfully, I feel as though our work is nearly done, and then we can look into the lives of one another more closely. I sense great potential for good here...and for other things."

The Mew blinks, sensing something odd for a moment, but the feeling passes and they can't help but giggle at the thirty three Goombas caught in their psychic net.

"What to do with all of you? I certainly can't just...destroy you...hmm..."

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The Orochi coughed and sputtered, pulling themselves out of what looked to be some sort of muddy riverbank. Immediately she looked around, knowing something was off as she didn't remember being near a river. At first her surroundings looked like the Myre, her homeland, and had she been less attentive, she would have simply assumed that is where she ended up. However, she quickly realized based on the flora and fauna she could see that this was not home.

She immediately rose to her feat, looking around again as she let her hand rest on the hilt of her sheathed sword. The treeline was far too thick to make out any land marks, and nothing seemed particularly remarkable compared to the rest of the foliage. "Damn...." She muttered, realizing that she was lost in what was likely an incredibly dangerous environment. She spared only a moment thinking about how she got here, as that was unimportant. What was important was surviving.

She decided that moving along the river would be a safe bet for now, all streams lead somewhere and she could always follow the stream back up to here if she decided she didn't like where it led to. And it provided a source of water. She began walking along the bank of the river, her nimble footsteps barely making any noise as to not alert any predators.

She must have been walking for nearly 20 minutes until she heard something entirely different to the sounds of flowing water and various animals. It sounded like talking, but she was too far to make out what was being said exactly. Her pace slowed to a stalk as she planned out every movement she made, careful to give no signs to the voices that they weren't alone. As she got closer, she began to make out was being said, and she immediately realized that there were not speaking her language, but what those native to Ashfeld spoke. Slowly her hand rested on her hilt again as she finally caught sight of who was talking.

It was two men, one elderly and the other a regular adult. The elder was dressed in red, and interestingly, seemed to be of eastern decent. The other was some sort of westerner, but he was dressed just as oddly to her as the elder. Niether seemed particularly well armed (as she doesn't know what a gun is), though the younger of the two did seem to have a bow. The duo appeared to be sharing some tea, based on what they were saying.

Slowly she stepped out, making herself known to them, her hand still resting on her hilt, just incase. She was not terribly imposing, as even in her armor, she barely reached 5 and a half feet tall, and she was aware of this. She hoped to not cause them to panic, the last thing she needed right now was a fight on her hands, even if she figured she'd win with ease. "I don't suppose either of you know where we are?" she asked as she stepped out, hoping for any sort of answer.

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Lyra Clarise and LZ-1156: Unknown Location; [OPEN TO INTERACTION]

One moment was black, the other moment was white. In a crawling flash, Time appeared to warp and shift for a very brief moment before Lyra loss consciousness. The world she knew was about to be changed forever. A spherical burst of light abruptly materialized in the center of a jungle clearing, and with a booming thud, a giant mechanical biped was deposited back-first onto the ground. From the quick cessation of neural activity, it caused the Titan to temporarily lose its ocular functions as well. When Lyra came to, the ocular display produced a clear blue sky, surrounded by large tower-like trees. This... wasn't onboard the Malta. Her head hurt like a migraine, and the cockpit hissed gently as the Titan automatically dispensed aerosol painkillers. Taking a few moments to gather herself from the dizzying change in reality itself, it felt like an eternity as she wearily croaked out, "Liz..?" "I am here, Lyra."

"Where are we..?" Lyra asked hoarsely as as the pain in her head began to subside. LZ-1156 was silent for a few moments, obviously attempting to obtain a satellite connection . The leveled, calm female voice of the TitanOS quipped back a second later. "Location: unknown. No Frontier Militia communications in-range. GPS Data: null." It took a few moments before Lyra had fully realized where they were. No- that wasn't... possible? The Pilot's voice raised with a octave of worry. "We were on the Malta. How did this happen?" LZ-1156 paused again, and spoke up with no inflection of concern in its mechanical voice. "Theory: Acute destabilization of Time from pre-deployment of Fold Weapon. We have been sent back XXXX years into the past, Pilot. Recommend readjustment of active Protocols." "Go... go ahead and do that, Jill. Can you walk?" At the question, the main fission generator powered up with soft hum as she began to feel the psychosomatic effect of her laying on her back. "Hard-lock: Disengaged. Diagnostics: all Systems Nominal. Control to Pilot: Established." The ocular display flickered gently as Lyra rolled the chassis into its front, and used its arms to push the Titan upright to a standing height of twenty feet. Miraculously, the 40mm Cannon Rifle attached to Liz's back was unscathed and operational, and that was the first thing she reached for on a subconscious action.

The world around them appeared to resemble like Typhon in origin. Thick foliage and vegetation was scattered around the area, but something was grossly off. Liz's voice sounded much like a modern-day Siri assistant gone militaristic, as the calculated voice rang through the cockpit. "Superficial scans indicate no biological abnormality atypical from Continental-Class Worlds. Recommending to proceed with caution." Lyra nodded, before leveling the giant rifle to a ready position and moving forward through the thick jungle brush

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