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Fandom multifandom | craving: kh or fruits basket!

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Anime, Romance, Slice of Life


hey guys i am
very tired after my second round of the vaccine
so this is going to be
very under polished

me: excalibur is fine, late twenties, i am triggered by substance abuse, mentions of smoking/vaping/similar, drugs, and alcohol, and sexual assault pls dont include them while talking to mee

pms here, email, gdocs, disc servers, some random private proboard - all fine with me
i'm a paragraph / novella style writer but i did do script style in my youth
i'm looking for like no more than 800w right now, like... 200-300 would be the sweet spot but i can go far higher than 800 usually
i write present or past tense just lmk
doubling doubling doubling kudasaiii
i'll write canon or oc for you, whatever you like, but know my ships are canon x oc

i am looking for; so many things! all the things! mostly fandom things. entirely fandom things, actually. mostly anime. but not all anime!
the more 🌸, the more i wanna rp it!
i'll list who i'd like to write for you, but know i will write anyone including an oc!

ouran 🌸🌸🌸
my love interest: hikaru, or hikaru and kaoru love triangle (with hikaru being the main boy)
who i'd like to write for you: mori, kasanoda, tamaki

kingdom hearts 🌸🌸🌸
my love interest: axel
who i'd like to write for you: riku🌸, marluxia, demyx, disney character🌸🌸, namine, mickey??? why not

fullmetal alchemist 🌸🌸
my love interest: edward elric
who i'd like to write for you: roy mustang, olivier armstrong, riza hawkeye

bbc merlin
my love interest: arthur🌸, merlin
who i'd like to write for you: merlin, arthur, gwen, morgana

fruits basket 🌸🌸🌸🌸
my love interest: kyo
who i'd like to write for you: kazuma🌸🌸🌸🌸, hatsuharu, hatori, momiji, tohru🌸🌸🌸

ghibli films - howl, laputa, kiki
my love interest: mmm no one, really, make me an oc maybe?
who i'd like to write for you: howl🌸, osono🌸, ursula, idk man i just love ghibli stuff. i also like using them as AUs if you want

boku no / hero academia
(this one u might have to convince me i havent started s5 yet bc s4 was so raw and im upset about spoilers from the manga)
my love interest: aizawa
who i'd like to write for you: yagi toshinori, inko midoriya, hizashi yamada, nemuri kayama
(but my heavily au'd version of nemuri bc i don't,,,, like the treatment she got in canon. the very clearly written by a man is sexually inappropriate with minors thing just... isn't it.)

my love interest: yui hirasawa
who i'd like to write for you: all of them, any of them, i love these girls they're good girls

new game!
my love interest: yagami ko
who i'd like to write for you: again, anyone, i love them all

pokemon 🌸
my love interest: gary / blue oak, lillie, james
who i'd like to write for you: literally anyone name names

little witch academia
my love interest: andrew hanbridge, akko kagari
who i'd like to write for you: ursula callistis, lottie, sucy, amanda, probably anyone

barakamon 🌸
my love interest: kido hiroshi
who i'd like to write for you: handa sei

sweetness and lightning
my love interest: no one, oc?
who i'd like to write for you: inuzuka kohei

legend of zelda 🌸
my love interest: idk, link? maybe? i play as an oc link more than anything else so idk. i just love this series
who i'd like to write for you: link? midna? zelda? who do people even like in this fandom kajshdfkg i like link x peatrice and link x midna and midna x zelda if you're interested in canon x canon. i'm also like totally down with aus like ganon but not evil, switching the triforces around, making ocs out of monsters, like, whatever u want man this is a very free and open kind of franchise askldjfhg
my favorite games: skyward sword, minish cap, twilight princess, breath of the wild, wind waker

if you're interested pm me!
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hmm i wonder if you can write as totoro from the chibi movie?
uuuh do you mean from the ghibli film my neighbor totoro?
like... as a love interest?
i suppose i'd have the physical ability though i'm not sure what kind of personality he really has to offer, and i don't think i'd be comfortable with that

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