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Fandom Muggles get over here!


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Well I'm searching for Harry Potter rp partners

* the marauders (can play canon x canon, oc x oc, canon x oc)
* the golden trio (prefer to play oc x oc, or canon x oc)
* after the golden trio time (play Harry's/Ron's children or oc x oc)
* Haven't played outside of Hogwarts, but I would be up for it.

Characters I would like to play/pair up with:
- Dumbledore x Grindelwald (as young)
- Lily x Severus (marauders time)
- Charlie Weasley x OC
- Percy Weasley x OC
- The list goes on...

A little about myself:
18, female & Norwegian.

Some small rules:
* DO NOT control my character. The whole point about roleplay is that two controls the story.
* DO NOT just jump from one day to another. It's not only your job to decide what happens.
* please write 5 sentences or more
* DO NOT make your character unstoppable or have extreme powers. The Harry Potter world doesn't work like that, except you are the Dark Lord himself.

I have both ideas and plots, I'm open for your ideas as well!

I'm flexible, can play both female and male.
Also can play fxf, mxm, but prefer fxm.
I'm sick for some time, so I'm mostly available at all times. Except if our timesones totally crashes.

I do not bite, please take contact if interested <3

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