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  1. Niklaus was seething but finally turned to her and nodded. "Come on." He says with a sigh.
  2. Kenzi nodded as she walked with him out and thought about what happened before she sighed, when they were outside she stopped and looked back. "We have to go back later, there has to be a way to find Lee in there."
  3. Niklaus nodded. "We could plan to return a time when she meets with Jason?" He suggests.
  4. Kenzi sighed, as she walked away, "But we found her, I think. I couldn't smell her, but I did smell Jason." she smirked, taking Niklaus' arm, "Thank you. I couldn't find the hand around my neck fast enough. If you hadn't came when you did, I don't think I would be alive." she gave him a sweet smile and kissed his cheek, "You are a very good babysitter." she told him before pulling away, slightly blushing.
  5. Niklaus smirked a little, he was still angry with the wolf but he couldn't help smiling with her. "Just babysitter huh? What about friend? Or the guy who takes you on fun dates?" He asks her playfully.
  6. Kenzi smirked, "Right?" She chuckled, nodding, "You are a very good friend and we did have a great date, didn't we?" She teased.
  7. Niklaus chuckled and nodded. "So you claim." He says. His smile faltered a little. "I protect you Kenzi because it's who I am and what I do. And because I want to. Not just because o am your Babysitter okay?" He says, hoping that wasn't what she thought.
  8. Kenzi blushed even more, but nodded, smirking at him, "I know. It's only been a day, but I know you are protective and I'm grateful for it. There aren't too many wolves that can clean up after me and stick around afterwards. "
  9. Niklaus smirked. "Like you said, it's been a day. Let's see how we feel about eachother in a month." He teases her gently.
  10. Kenzi smirked before she frowned, she never stayed somewhere that long, since she came of age. She sighed, "That would be something , if that was possible. But I'm just here to help out, nothing else really. Shouldn't take that lond."
  11. Niklaus shrugged. "If it doesn't it doesn't." He glanced to her and smirked a little. "I'd think we could still be friends after...or whatever we are. Even if you leave." He says with a shrug.
  12. Kenzi smirked, nodding, "That would be nice. " she told him before she sighed, "We should hurry, if we are going to tell your alpha and see what he wants to do."
  13. Niklaus nodded. "It'll be quicker to run then." He says, shifting as he did. And much quicker to run on all fours as a wolf. He waited for her before racing towards the town and Jason's home.
  14. Kenzi nodded as she shifted and ran beside him. She wanted to go back so that she could know what they would be doing.
  15. It didn't take long to reach the pack town. It was easy to find Jason as well. Niklaus had already started to link with him some of the details and knew to meet him and Zy at the training area where they had been with Zeke.
  16. Kenzi had linked with Zy, she was right beside Niklaus when they got to them Zy sighed as she hugged Kenzi, "Thank you. I knew you would be able to find them."

    Kenzi smirked hugging her, "It was hard but we did find the scent. I'm not so sure about Lee. "

    Zy smiled as she pulled away, "I'm sure that you did and we'll go with you next time just in case it happens again."
  17. Niklaus raised an eyebrow and then looked to Jason. He could see it was taking everything in his Alpha not to tell Zy no.

    "We want to help get our daughter back, and with more of us, it might be easier." He says. "Describe where you found them?" He adds.
  18. Kenzi sighed turning to Jason, "It's a maze of caverns just between territories. There are at least three entrances and one is not on this territory. The inside is a maze, not too dark that you can't see but dark enough that when I was attacked we couldn't see anything." She said confirming with niklaus. Before she continued, "I never got anywhere close to her, but I could smell you." She said motioning to Jason. "Lee had something of yours right?"
  19. Jason nodded, unclenching his jaw, but clenching his hands into fists. "Yes." He says quietly. He sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "Okay. I want you two to try to figure out the best entrance. We can follow my scent and Lee's if we find it to find her. I will need to speak with the Alpha in the other territory to get permission to enter it." He says. That was going to be a problem too. While neighbors, the two packs didn't always see eye to eye.
  20. Kenzi nodded, "I can look at the other entrance and see how to block the one's we don't use. Maybe Noah can help, I hear he and the Elliots are heading west, maybe you can reach them before they do?" She suggested to them.

    Zy sighed, nodding, before glancing to Jason with a smile, "We still have an alpha to visit soon, we can visit the alpha close and try and get Lee if of the meeting doesn't work. We'll take her with us."
  21. Jason nodded. "I will reach out, Nik I maybneed you to head after them." He looked to Zy. "Unless you're comfortable organizing the meeting with the alpha, then I'd go." He says gently.

    Niklaus nodded. "Don't worry about it. I'll go, I know the scent, I can do it now." He says.
  22. Zy nodded, "Good idea, we should get ready for our meeting with Nature anyway." she smiled at them both and turned to Kenzi, "Thank you, I knew I could count on you."

    Kenzi smirked at her, "Yeah, who else tracks like me." she teased, before Zy pulled away and moved beside Jason. Kenzi sighed, "I should check on Abigail, we have been talking about her children."
  23. Jason raised an eyebrow but then nodded. "Alright. We'll let you know when we're done with our meeting with Nature." He says. Niklaus nodded and then looked to Kenzi, smiling a little as he motioned for her to lead the way to see Abigail.
  24. Zy sighed, before looking up at jason, smiling, "Either way, you'll get her back. You'll bring our pup home and we can go see the alpha that we were supposed to see weeks ago. We might even an a new alliance." She grinned, "I knew you'd manage the pack and our family." Before she touched her stomach, "So you can focus on everything else and I will protect this pup until they are ready to come out."

    Kenzi followed niklaus, but was frowning, thinking of what was said. She never felt what Zy did, she felt happy with Zy, but she never felt like anyone could really be counted on, if she needed them. It made her sad to think she never would.
  25. Jason smiled and pulled her to him, lightly kissing her. "Cone on. We have a meeting." He says.

    Niklaus looked over and noticed her frown. "What's wrong?" He asks gently.

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