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Fantasy Merman x Human RP // CLOSED

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Action, Adventure, LGTBQ Friendly, Romance, Supernatural


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Hello everyone! I've got this merman character in mind and I also have a couple plots I'd like to try with him, plots which may involve romance with a human. But before I bother you with those, be sure to read my info for RP partners:

- I usually reply with 3-4 paragraphs, but when the story needs more background I will probably write more than that.
- English is not my first language , but I strive to be as literate as possible, so I expect my roleplay partner to at least give it a try as well. Grammar shouldn't be an obstacle to creativity.
- No one-liners or 1st person roleplays, please.
- I RP in past tense, I don't like using the present tense in RPs.
- My time zone is CET and sometimes I can be a little slow at replying, but I'll try to reply at least once or twice a week.
- OCC talk is fundamental, to share ideas and truly build the RP together, a RP is more exctinging when it's enriched by the creativity of all of its participants.
- RPing on Discord makes it easier for me to keep track of stuff, but I can RP through PMs too.

Back to those ideas! Here they are!

(Whether your character is male or female is up to you, I'll RP both FxM and MxM)

Your character works for a company that secretly runs scientific research on merfolk. The merfolk the company holds captive have to undergo horrible experiments and are doomed to spend their lives in small tanks. Your character manages to shut their eyes to the company's cruel course of action, because it seems like a necessary sacrifice for the sake of scientific research and because those merfolk were all born in the laboratories of the company, they have never seen the sea and would not be able to survive in the wild. So your character keeps doing their work. But the way they see that project drastically changes when a new specimen is brought in, my character. He is a merman who has been caught at sea and forced into captivity. The company intends to use him to study the habits of wild merfolk and for mating purposes, to create a new generation of captive specimens. But unlike the other merfolk, my character would know what freedom is and he would relentlessly struggle and refuse to cooperate. His anger would make him aggressive and difficult to deal with, which only makes the researchers apply even more violent methods with him. Your character withnesses it all, until they decide that no living creature should suffer so much.

Your character either makes a living out of fishing or likes to go fishing as a hobby. They have recently found a spot they especially like, at sea, in a large bay far away from the chaotic city they live in. Despite the abundance of fish, no other fishermen seem to be interested in the area and your character believes they are alone while in the bay. Little do they know that someone is observing them. My character would be a merman, who has been following your character and has taken a liking to them. If that bay seems like a particularly lucky spot where to fish it's only because my character has been catching fish and hooking them for your character, just to keep them coming back, to be able to see them over and over again. But then your character upgrades their boat, to start fishing with nets. So one day my character approaches the boat and, before he knows it, he ends up being trapped in the net your character has cast. Before he can be pulled onto the boat, he shifts into his human form, to keep his true nature a secret. That's how your character ends up pulling out of water a naked man. They take him back to the city, assuming that's where the man lives, but not only does that man seem to have no home, he seems to have no idea of how the world works. Your character would assume that my character's confusion and weird behavior might be caused by all the sea water he has probably swallowed and by long exposure to the sun. So they decide to host him in their home while he recovers.

Consider these ideas as rough sketches that can be modified and worked on.

PM me if you are interested! :D
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