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Fantasy Maxwood Sanctuary RP(Open&Accepting)

Finbar Cody
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Finbar lifted his head over his shoulder and turned it to see the two other students approaching,
"I was a bit confused, missing the ceremony myself, but yeah, we're heading to the dorms. Good to meet you two, I'm Finbar," He paused to read the key once more,"dorm 11. That's not far from 13, I bet." Finbar smiled. These two other students seemed friendly enough.
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Helia got to see the head master speak to some other students who also seemed lost. She got to over hear their conversation a little bit and heard about the key things. There was a wash of confusion on her face when she noticed the key in her hand with the number thirteen.


She was in dorm thirteen. And so she decided to head off to her dorm, hoping she wouldn’t get lost again anyway. She roamed around looking for the dorms when she finally saw a door that had the number ‘1’ on it. She continued looking from that point forward.

‘Number 13 number thirteen—‘

She eventually found the dorm room. She unlocked the door and it was a nice looking dorm room and better than what she was expecting. Walking in was a small living room with a comfy looking couch and a TV that was yet to be turned on. Walking in, she saw a small kitchen. She wondered if her dorm mate knew how to cook. If not, then she’d probably have to make the meals. But that’s if they get along well. She found the bathroom and two different bedrooms. However she wasn’t going to steal a room, though she was going to discuss things with her dorm mate, so she dumped her two bags on the ground next to the couch and sat down.​
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"Oh word?" Artie glanced at the smudged writing on his hand again. He supposed that could've been an A.

"Well doggone man, wouldn't have even guessed that!" He snickered to himself happily and turned to face Layton.

"I said DOGgone, get it?" A sharp bark of a laugh escaped him as he held up the key to examine it. It wasn't anything special save for the way it had just automatically appeared, though he couldn't have been happier with the room number.

"Lucky number thirteen baby! Whoo! You're a lifesaver Mr. Dax sir! Nice ta meet you Fin! I'm Artie, and this is my pal Layton." Artie offered a handshake and nudged Layton's side with an encouraging bump.

"I 'spose we can all head there together then? I'm excited to meet my roommate anyhow." Shrugging, he began to shuffle backwards, shooting Finbar and the headmaster fingerguns and a wink.

"Hey headmaster, how do you pair up the students anyway? Is it a random thing, or do the teachers secretly get together and purposely match those who they think'll look cute toge- eeEAH!" For the second time in only a few minutes, Artie yelped. He'd backed into something BIG, and as he turned around- It happened to be a someone.

Artie's gaze lingered on the person's abdomen before slowly trailing up, and up, and up.

"Whoah. Sorry man. Uh... Didn't see ya there. Which is crazy 'cause... ya know. You're so tall."
He cleared his throat, suddenly feeling intimidated. He really hoped this guy was a lover, not a fighter.
Dax Maron|Headmaster|Unknown|Ancient Dragon|Auditorium|Students
Dax chuckled at the kid named Artie, he seemed like a fun kid. Sure to be the one to ease any tough situation with his clear sense of humor. "I tossed your names into a hat and drew them. I gotta have fun in some shape or form." He glanced toward the kid Artie backed into, hopefully he wouldn't have to settle a fight at the very start...
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Antoine Lenoir

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After pondering his options for a moment longer, Antoine decided he would continue on to the dorms, hopefully meeting his dormmate in the process. As he took his first step away from the door, he was surprised to find it interrupted by someone. Of course, it was unintentional, so he was in no way upset. He looked down to the boy before him, then to his horned friend, then back to the one who bumped into him. "
Oh! Heh, my apologies, monsieur." the tall boy would say, his French accent quite heavy. As he spoke, he flashed the two the same soft, fanged smile he wore earlier. It was quite obvious the giant before them was a friendly one.

Layton Esmond
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Not only did he miss the headmaster's grand speech, but he now also called him by the wrong name too. He might as well just leave school and never show his face here again! He looked at Artie's wide smile with a huff. "Cause you're a wolf." He said with a sigh. But with how happy the other looked he couldn't help but let out a small laugh, which he tried to hide behind his arm.

He glanced down at the key before nodding. He had sort of pieced that together but it was good to know for sure. And other than that it didn't seem like he missed too much.

He gave Artie a side eye as he was nudged towards the new student who introduced himself. Not to self: don't befriend any more extroverts. "Hi, Finbar." He spoke, not going to shake hands but rather just offering them a friendly wave and a slight smile. There's no harm in at least trying to make more friends since Artie is doing all the hard work for him. "Six is pretty far though. If I ever want to exercise I can find one of your rooms." He was curious about his roommate as well. Scurrying off to stay close to Artie as he thought about the possible person he was paired up with-

"WAHHH!!" He didn't expect Artie to suddenly shout. Catching him completely off guard which, in turn, caused a little spark to shoot out of Layton. Hitting the door and causing just a tiny explosion. Not enough to damage the door, but enough to swing it and cause a big pop sound. Similar to a big balloon getting popped.

"Sorry!!" He had to get his head out of the clouds before something else ended up getting knocked over. Or worse. Break it.

He looked up at the tall boy Artie had bumped into. Basically freezing in place. Big and sharp teeth. All instinct shouted 'this guy's gonna eat you run!' but well...his eyes stayed locked onto the other. "Sorry..." He mumbled, clearly looking more apprehensive compared to before. The other guy's voice sounded funny but he seemed nice. What if it was a trap?! Luring you in with a nice face and then striking!?

Izzy just looked at her friend" Oh that's so cool you can control water spirits" she said" Are you not from this world" she asked" I come from the lighting of the sky that's what mum told me many times" she said as she looked at her then to Mern" I can see he worries about you" she says" don't worry I'll protect her no matter what" she said as she looked at the water spirit" don't worry we'll learn about our powers together" she says as she gave her a reassuring smile" sorry Mern I was just curious about her powers" she say as she put her hands in her pockets​
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Antoine Lenoir
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Although the brown haired boy just seemed slightly surprised by Antoine, the smaller white haired boy appeared to be terrified of him. He understood his stature and his sharper, larger teeth were a bit intimidating, but he never intended to scare anyone with them. Antoine's posture immediately slackened, slouching and rolling his shoulders forward slightly and hiding his clawed hands so he did not appear so big. His worried expression slightly impaired by the large burn scar on his right cheek. "Oh cher, I did not mean to frighten you. I'm sorry, my friend." he said in a soft, friendly tone, looking to the smaller boy beside the one he had bumped into.
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    Jean couldn't help but find his coworkers encouragement charming; without a doubt, it was the words of an instructor. "Well, if you say I have such promise, I may need to curve my grading, but I won't let it go to my head." Though the meeting had only ended a few moments prior, it was amazing how much the volume was decreasing as each student passed back through the doorway, most of whom just seemed eager to get to their dorms or class. Though more drawing had been the response Ms. Kitsui had given to his question,

    "Well, it may be true that others have more experience, but three years of experience is still nothing to scoff at." Though he wasn't very skilled in this regard, he couldn't help but feel the right thing to do here would be to encourage her in the same way she had done for him moments prior. "Perhaps not the most exciting thing, but then again, neither is studying musty old books on outdated arcane formulas. I would go as far as to say the real charm is the difficulty. I mean, just looking at them..." Pausing, he would turn and gesture to the mob of students who were noisily pushing their way through the exit of the auditorium, in a rather misshapen blob of attire and supernatural being alike. For a moment, he almost wanted to stand and help make the exit more organized, but that would likely be pointless given that they were impatiently trying to follow the headmaster's recommendations.

    "Each of them is probably more nervous than we could ever be. But I'm sure they'll love your class. I remember when I first got here, there were some students raving nothing but positivity about it, so I'm certain it will all go well."

Catalina just was walking to her dorm than her a key just appeared in her hand she didn't attend the headmaster's speech since she was running late she just looked at the door key she had in her hand she turned the key around" Hmmm dorm room 7 hmm I wonder where that is" she said as she just stopped in front of a door labeled number 7 she just grabbed her key in her pocket" here goes nothing" she told herself she was nervous about meeting her dormmate" hello" she say while she walked in the dorm room while she looked around the room as she saw a couch and a tv in the main area and a kitchen area" hmm nicer than where I was living at" she say to herself looking for her dormmate Defined Comedy Defined Comedy (sorry if not that good wasn't sure what to write)​
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As they maneuvered through the huge crowd of students, being careful as they could be, the journey became more suffocating as they navigated through the crowd of students. Trying to make their way to their dorm and the longer this went on the more Hyacinth’s stomach churned. After the two were finally able to enter their dorm room, Hyacinth raced to the nearest trashcan and promptly started emptying out his insides as Artioshi started talking about how he hated it and at least they made it. After Hyacinth was done, he tried to recover. He calmly replied,

“Yes, we made it! Now do you want the bedroom on the right or the left?”

Hyacinth really wanted him not to ask about his barfing episode. He also brought up

“Maybe we should also discuss chores? Or should we leave that for later? Anything you are interested in talking about?”

Man, That crowd ruined the mood! To be fair, Hyacinth was surprised at how nice the dorm was. Two separate rooms? As long as he did his experiments quietly in the middle of the night, Artioshi wouldn’t be none the wiser. He’d probably be asleep. Wait do yokai sleep? Not that it particularly mattered as long as he was quiet enough. If things were a little different, Hyacinth would be going off the wall with questions simply because he's curious but he didn't think now was the time.
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He watched as Launet took up a faster pace of walking than him, maybe she was tired. Or perhaps she wanted to see who her roommate might be. Perhaps she was hoping to be alone since she seemed worried about someone touching her horn. Though he still wasn't sure why. He glanced towards the medic building wondering if his sister had headed that way only to see her and another student hobbling towards the dorms. He jogged towards them, "Hey sis! What's up with this one?"

Esmarie Twilight|Nurse|30|Emopire|Outside|Edwin & Alcuris
Esmarie rolled her eyes, "What have I told you about referring to those you approach as this?" Alcuris shrugged, "Hey I am slowly getting better..." Emarie sighed, "How'd you do in the crowd..." Alcuris looked to the ground and Esmarie nodded, "I take it not well...you really need to get used to it..." Alcuris sighed, "It's hard..." She smiled at her younger brother, "Chin up, that's why we are here, to help you...Now do you want to help this young man to his dorm so I can get back to my other patient or do you not feel comfortable with that? Either of you?" Alcuris shrugged, "I could help him if he wants."
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Launet Sefra|17|Demon/Unicorn|Dorms|Open
"Yeah...I've got this...I don't need to run from anything. Just be careful not to possibly hurt any of the other students..." Though even as she hyped herself up she struggled to get her feet to move. "Oh come on...everyone's going to think I'm weird for just standing here and not going into the dorms...breathe..." She took in a few more breath's before nodding and heading into the dorm building.

April Valence|16|Water Spirit Contractor|Auditorium-->Lobby|Izzy
Mern nodded, before jumping up from the ground to Izzy shoulders, giving her a quick cool nuzzle, "Glad to hear that." He said before vanishing just as quickly as he had appeared. "It's fine, I enjoy showing people my abilities. You can't even imagine how shocked I was that this Earth didn't have supernatural beings out in the open like my old Earth. On my old planet there were humans, but mainly it was a world filled with nothing but supernaturals. So when I got here through the portal and found out that humans ruled this world and we hide...I was shocked...but at least this place doesn't have those creatures..." She said shivering as they walked out of the auditorium.
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Kyrin|16|Living Sword of Ice|Outside Dorms|Open
Kyrin glanced around, actually taking the time to look over the campus grounds. It was all rather neat and tidy even if the outer part of the buildings looked old. He sighed noticing some students chatting and others heading for the dorms. He turned that way, wondering what this would entail. It wasn't as if he really needed to be here. He had decent control of his powers, but there were moments when his emotions got the better of him and that was what he hoped to improve on.

Helina Talzin|Music&Dance Teacher|300|Highborn Nature Elf|Auditorium|Maxine
She watched as the students ventured out a group of them hovering around Dax. He really was suited to be a Headmaster, he was very caring for all of his students. Taking the time to memorize their face and what they were, where and who they'd room with. It always amazed her how he very seldom got students mixed up. Then again it was also a good way to make sure none of them started trouble. Keeping tabs on them like that wasn't a bad idea. She walked down the stairs, heading for her daughter, "Maxine, do you want to go back to the apartment and rest for a bit, or would you like to try and mingle?"
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Dax Maron|Headmaster|Unknown|Ancient Dragon|Auditorium-->Lobby|Students
Dax watched as the taller student politely accepted Artie's apology. It seemed even the young demon, Layton was shocked, his powers reacting without him wanting them to. Though it didn't do any damage, just made the door pop slightly. He stepped by the group of kids he was with to get out the door into the lobby first. He noticed a few other students just getting out of the auditorium as well. Hopefully, he had given them enough time to find their dorm, pick which room they wanted and then possibly rest for a bit before heading to class. He glanced back toward the group of students he'd been talking with, "You guys might want to hurry, times ticking! Plus, your dormmate might take the room you want!" He said with a chuckle, even though both rooms were the same except for how they were laid out.
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Finn|14|King Cobra Shifter|Dorm Room|Open
Finn sat on the couch in the living room, waiting for his dormmate. He had already looked over the rooms and they were pretty much the same, only things were laid out differently not that he cared. Either way he'd probably end up shifting into his snake form and sleeping so it wasn't like he really needed all that stuff. Besides, when he had been living in the forest he hadn't had all this fancy-looking stuff. Looking at the big rectangle thing on the wall he assumed that was what his mother once called a tv. She had told him about the common technologies of her world, but he didn't know them truly and to understand them...well that was a whole other matter. "Pretty much... let's not touch anything...I'd hate to start a fire trying to turn this thing on..."
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Artie stood up straighter, still a little intimidated by the large student. Not because of the potential threat, but simply by his height. It was bound to happen he'd run into someone taller than him at some point... but perhaps not quite so literally.

"Yo, my guy, you should totally see me rockin' the wolf! I'll bet I got a few inches on you!" He grinned at Antoine, suddenly feeling a little competitive. The guy seemed alright, and it was always good to have a bit of a healthy competition with a friend! He liked Layton just fine, though Artie wasn't sure he'd be up for any of that. Glancing at his little demon buddy and then towards the door, he cocked an eyebrow.

"Also, I dunno what that was, but it was awesome! You gotta show me what demons can do!" Staring expectantly at Layton, he'd already forgotten about their destination. That was until Dax helpfully put them back on track.

"Oh, that's right! Uh, big guy! We were just about to head to our dorms! Wanna come with? If ya don't mind, I can meet you guys there! I'd prefer to go scope out the place before my roommate gets the first pick!" Already halfway into the lobby, he held up a peace sign to Fin, Dax, Layton and Antoine.

"Later dudes!" Bolting out of the building with near superhuman speed, Artie ran to the dorms. The air felt nice against his warm skin, and the short lived exercise helped wiggle out some of the nerves he'd been bundling up.

It wasn't too difficult to find room 13, though it didn't help with the crowds of people still in search for theirs. Artie managed to get by just fine and easily entered the room as if he'd been staying there his whole life.

"Oh neat!" This place just kept getting better! Not even the student dorms were lacking in space and necessities. Though what really drew his attention was the girl standing smack dab in the middle of the room.

"Oh uh, what's up? Name's Artie. You must be the roommate?" Glancing around with his best intention of being casual, it seemed she hadn't picked a room yet.

"Mind if I get first pick?"
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The door suddenly burst open. A kid with dark brown hair suddenly ran into the room. He introduced himself as Artie. She recognized him as one of the students who was talking to the head master. However, she decided it was irrelevant to bring it up, because what would she say anyway? ‘Thank you for asking the head master about the dorm, which I over heard the answer to’? Yeah no she wasn’t gonna say that. She replies

“Nice to meet you Artie. My name is Helia. Sure you can have first pick”

She had originally intended to discuss that with him, because some supernaturals seemed to need some sort of living requirements anyway, but based off of how he asked for first pick, she was going to assume he wasn’t one of those supernatural. She didn’t care about which room she ended up with either, because they were both roughly the same size regardless and fighting over a room seemed pointless. Artie seemed to have an energetic demeanor compared to the now calmer Helia. Well, she was calmer because she wasn’t worrying about whether she was going in the right direction.

“Also, a bit of a heads up depending on the day. I may not exactly be in the dorm for most of it. I typically pay visits to the library to study for about 4 hours a day to make sure I can keep up with school work if not learning more about more flame control.”

Her fire was blue and ice-cold. She had minimal control and summoning over it.

Layton Esmond
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Layton gave a small frown when the tall guy...was making him feel bad!! Why was he feeling bad? Wasn't he the one who was going to eat him!? Or well- maybe he wasn't going to do that...ughhh this was so complicated. He stayed silent for a moment when the tall guy apologized to him. Shrinking even more as he wasn't sure what to do. Why was he even apologizing, again? He didn't technically do anything, right?

Before he could say anything his attention was snapped to the headmaster and Artie. Gasping when the werewolf began to just run off without them!! "Heyyyy...!" He called out but the other boy was long gone. "What's with him and asking for stuff and then doing his own thing?!" He huffed. Stomping his foot as his tail flicked about in a more irritated way. He soon sighed. Now he was left with these other people he didn't know!

"I wasn't scared of you!" He declared at the taller guy. Standing firm with his lie before crossing his arms. He didn't seem angry or hostile...so for now he shouldn't be too bad. Not that scary yet. "You heard Artie. I'm Layton and Ima demon. And that means I'm super scary. You should be scared of me." He explained before giving a nod. That was more to reassure himself rather than to confirm anything. He looked at the headmaster frowning at the thought of only being left with the leftover room. "Mister Dax Headmaster sir said we should go to the dorms...so I'm going too." Unlike his werewolf friend, he looked back at Finbar and...the tall guy. Did he ever say his name? "Um...since we're all going the same way we can just go together." That was the closest they would get to an invite to walk with him. If they both declined he'll be sure to find a nice hole to climb into later.
Antoine Lenoir
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Although he was intrigued by what the boy meant by 'rocking the wolf ', he had left them before he could inquire about it. This just left the three of them alone. His eyes followed the brown-haired kid until he was out of sight, his focus returning to the smaller boy who he had frightened. Despite the obvious signs of fear, he had proclaimed Antoine hadn't scared him. He was happy to see the boy, who had introduced himself as Layton, had gotten over his initial feeling towards Antoine. As Layton mentioned what the headmaster had said, Antoine couldn't help but agree. He took a second to look at his key, seeing the number fourteen engraved on it. Funnily enough, it was right next to Artie's.

"Yes, I like that idea. It'll let us have a chance to get to know each other." Antoine said, pausing to slowly extend a hand for a handshake with Layton. "Oh, and I am Antoine by the way. Funny enough, my nick name is Ant" he said, his accent thickening while saying his name, causing it to sound like 'Ont-one'. His smile would have returned, only this time he kept it extra soft as to hide his fangs. Of course, he couldn't hide the claw-like nails on his hand. He could only hope they wouldn't make Layton nervous.
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Artie nodded to his new roommate as he wandered around the area, investigating the rooms with an almost annoying amount of diligence.

"That's cool! As long as ya don't mind loud music! You a party-er? Probably not huh? That's alright, they say opposites attract!"
For a moment he paused, glancing up with a horrified look. He poked his head out from one of the bedrooms to look at Helia, a red hue to his cheeks.

"N-not that we're gonna like, get together. I mean, I know that's how people usually use that phrase but uh... I just meant we might be good friends!" He gave her a lopsided grin and promptly went back to his snooping.

"So 'flame control' huh? You a pyromaniac? Well I guess not since you gotta learn to control it. Oh hey I found a chip! I think it's... mhm, definitely jalapeno." Artie poked his head out again, showing her the stale, old chip.

"I didn't eat it because obviously that would be weird. I smelled it. I'm a werewolf! Good senses and all that." He winked at her, finally emerging from the room, chip still in hand.

"Got a couple of friends I'm meetin' soon. I can introduce you! If you're not busy with the studying of course." He smirked, finding it hilarious just how opposite they really were.

Tossing the chip in the provided trashcans, Artie leaned against the wall, hands in pockets.

"What are you anyways? A witch? Fae?"
Maxine Talzin| 14 Nature Elf/Human| Auditorium

| Helina Talzin|

Maxine just saw her mother walking down the steps she didn't know how to make friends everything was still new to her when her mother walked up to her she smiled at her" Sure mum no I don't know how to make friends yet" she said as she looked over to the students who were talking to the headmaster she wanted to talk to them but she didn't know how to make some friends it was hard for her" mum how exactly do I make friends I mean it's hard for me I'm not used to this I miss the forest" she says mostly she missed her forest friends the animals there were her friends she hated wearing shoes here" and why do I have to wear shoes I don't like it" she says pouting a little bit as she was complaining to her mum

Isabella Sterling| 17|Lightning Celestial| Auditorium--->Lobby| April|


Izzy just looked at her new friend she had giggled when Mern had nuzzled her check and vanished" No your powers are so cool shat was it like in your world" she asked" if you don't want to talk about it it's fine um what are supernatural beings are they like monsters" she asked while she looked at her as she was curious about her world" all i have ever known are hunters they hunt my kind it's what killed my mother" she said" i know I'm safe here they won't find me" she said while she walked out of the auditorium with her new friend she was glad she had made a friend" I hope I can get stronger with my power" she says messing with her power with her hands not letting it hurt her only friend she had made BloodWolfRising BloodWolfRising
Euhan (alt. Weishan)
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A golden key materialised into their hand, and that was how Weishan knew they'd messed up before instruction even started. The leaf elemental touched down, having arrived at the Academy via sky vortex just as the last of the students poured out of the auditorium, and they promptly buried their paling face in their hands, deeply embarrassed.

There was no point in shifting and racing over there to hear what they'd missed, so instead they pocketed their key, which was engraved with an elegant #12 — and looked around for someone who could summarise the headmaster's introductory speech: the white-haired child was closest.

"Hello!" Weishan called, jogging over and boosted by their wings. "Did you attend the opening ceremony in the auditorium?"
Euhan (alt. Weishan)
Deilen Gwyl Vailaroi | she/them (neutral preferred) | info sheet
Location: outside, between dorms and auditorium
Currently: attempting to interact with Kyrin

A golden key materialised into their hand, and that was how Weishan knew they'd messed up before instruction even started. The leaf elemental touched down, having arrived at the Academy via sky vortex just as the last of the students poured out of the auditorium, and they promptly buried their paling face in their hands, deeply embarrassed.

There was no point in shifting and racing over there to hear what they'd missed, so instead they pocketed their key, which was engraved with an elegant #12 — and looked around for someone who could summarise the headmaster's introductory speech: the white-haired child was closest.

"Hello!" Weishan called, jogging over and boosted by their wings. "Did you attend the opening ceremony in the auditorium?"
INTERACTION: Pipsqueak Pipsqueak

After Artie asked if she minded loud music, she thought about it a bit. It’s not like loud sounds overloaded her or anything, though there were reasons like these that she’d probably really have to leave studying at the library. Nothing against Artie or anything, she just had issues focusing, she didn’t have supernatural hearing or anything like that, she merely had the attention span of a pea, which is why she studies just so she can match the pace of her pears. But back to the question at hand would she mind? She thought on it.

“Well, it’s not like I have an enhanced hearing. If I happened to be around it, I don’t think I’d mind. Granted, if I am cooking or cleaning, I certainly wouldn’t mind something calming playing in the background. Just as long as we don't get in trouble with the ‘neighbors’. Oh yeah, speaking if which If I cook and clean, would you mind the minor tasks of washing the dishes and taking out the trash, plus cleaning your room?”

She put air quotations around the word ‘neighbors’, talking about the students who were staying nearby. It also seemed fair to her to keep chores split between them. She hoped he didn’t mind the place did have to stay clean after all. She was quick to notice not only was he energetic but he was goofy as well. Well, assuming, by how he acted at his own ‘opposites attract comment’,she chuckled.

“I think we’ll be good friends.”

She could’ve picked on him. But even if she wanted to, the subject was quickly changed. By picking up a chip off the ground and smelling it, he also spoke about how it smelled and made a comment about whether she was a pyromaniac. She didn’t think he ate it. But it was reassuring to know he didn’t. She was a little shocked to find out he was a werewolf. Her overall response to that though was…

“You are a werewolf? Okay, make sure you are careful with your senses! I’ll set up some precautions in case you accidentally get overwhelmed by them”

Perhaps it was the instinct of a healer that prompted her to say something like that. It was something she couldn’t help. Her mother worked as a doctor among humans. While her mother didn’t magically heal, Helia still got that sense of…oh what’s the word?

She’ll think about that later. Then he brought up his friends and asked if she would meet them. He also threw the clip in the trash while asking what she was.

“I wouldn’t mind meeting your friends. And I’m half human, half fire elemental…though my fire is, I dunno, backwards I suppose? Runs in the family though.”

She decided to give an example. She summoned a small ball of blue flame in her hand, something that’d be easy to control. He was practically showing off his uhhh ‘sniffing skills’? Anyway, so why not show off her fire?

“You can put your hand near the flame. It won’t hurt you, though I wouldn’t recommend keeping it near the flames anyway lest you end up with frostbite.”​
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Malcolm Willems|16|Werewolf
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Malcolm looked at Eztli’s key than back at his key. “Huh. I guess we are.” It was kinda nice to meet his neighbor before hand, as it was more convenient than knocking on the door and disrupting whatever business they had. “Hopefully she isn’t necessarily noisy…” Malcolm thought to himself. He turned to Nora. “We’ll be heading out, you’re welcome to come with us.” As he walked away, he was a bit caught off guard by the whole “Treasured Companion” thing when referring to him and Nora. Which gave Malcolm a bit of a blush with embarrassment. “Where did she get that from? I barely even know the girl! She does seem friendly but I don’t think we’re friends just yet. More like…Acquaintances? Yeah that’s the right word.” Malcolm thought to himself. Due to the fact that he was lost in thought, Eztli rushed through the crowds of students. Dumbfounded by her sudden departure, he paused for a moment before sighing. “Gimme a friggin’ break…” He looked at Nora one last time. “I’ll see ya around. My dorm room is #7.” He then went off to follow Eztli.

As Malcolm entered the lobby, he looked around to see where Eztli was, only to see a bunch of other students in the lobby. He groaned as now he was going to have to maneuver around the crowd to find her.

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Viktor Hall
The masked man slowly nodded at his professor's inference about how the other lecturers could assist him in looking into the disease and pestilence which spreads from his body. Viktor couldn’t yet tell if such a thing was truely what he pursued but nonetheless he went along with the long eared teacher’s words.

Listening to how Professor Hakimi found interest in the terms and sayings of which propagated his era, Pestilence cawed out in a form of chuckle while Viktor merely replied “Thank you Professor, and we will see what the future has to offer on that front.” Viktor started thinking to himself about the possibilities this academy had to offer, it didn’t seem like much to him personally, but on the other hand it would probably seem rude and odd that a student such as he held no true desire for many of these things. Friends fade to ash, family is only there until sickness consumes them, lovers die to the smallest of colds, it is all meaningless and incomprehensible to the human incarnation of pestilence. Still a small part of him was human after all, and perhaps experiencing such things will lead to a greater understanding of his purpose in this new order.

Lost in thought Viktor kept tapping the floor with his cane before the introduction of a strange square metal block came into his view. Viktor looked with bewilderment, though the mask covered the emotion as his professor seemingly conjured some form of sorcery within his hand, the object, some form of an arc lamp stuck into a small box mixed with a pictogram kept lighting up as his Professor told him about the exchange rate for a currency he had never heard of before. “Riyal? Of which empire or state is that currency from Professor? Also what is this… trinket of yours.” Viktor reached out to tap the side of the phone with his cane. “How does it tell of the exchange? I believe that it would be quite hard to adjust for book money records or to weigh the coins for their purity in silver and gold using such a box. As well I cannot say even if that all was normal Professor that the pound sterling would remain the same value that it held when I last checked in a gazette in the year of our lord 1843.” he curiously said in his sickly voice as Pestilence hopped towards the phone to peck at its already turned off screen.

“But still, for such a marvel to be so cheap… the world has changed quite a bit, has it not Professor?” Viktor continued to speak, though he was questioning the professor or himself Viktor could not tell. “Well, I assume the genre is of the fantastical Professor, after all, he was the inspiration of the specter of Yule’s future.” leaning on his cane, Viktor listened to his professor’s following words, within the mask his eyebrows raised upwards in surprise though his eyes remained emotionless. To have a tea partner would be quite enjoyable, Viktor hadn’t been able to have one since before he was trapped in ice. “That sounds… delightful professor, then how about we set up a time for tea and idle chatter?”

Listening to the speech Viktor was rather unimpressed at the apparent lack of proper discipline and respect the sleeping student had given towards the headmaster, though the headmaster’s lighthearted reply confused and disturbed him further. Another thing of note was the apparent lack of mass dormitories like those he used to reside in, the academy apparently having the funds and monetary wealth to host students in lavish two person apartments was quite impressive. Granted the poor soul who would reside within the same living quarters as himself would have to take extra precaution within their living aboad.

The idea that classes were to not start immediately and the laissez faire attitude of the headmaster Viktor became more irked, marked by the light tapping of his cane upon the floor which got faster with each indignity. He was made to come within this institute yet the headmaster held no intent upon starting classes in order to provide useless wastes of time, how much was being wasted by the institute. Viktor didn’t let his irritation known however, it was after all a new century, and not his role to comment upon the headmasters academy. What did impress the young teen however was the sudden sensation of a metal object within his leather glove, looking upon the inscription Viktor slowly noted his dorm number before focusing his attention upon the rest of the speech.

At the note of dismissal, Viktor calmly utilized his cane in order to stand, “I would say…. Unorthodox personally, maybe a bit of a bow wow mutton, but damfino” letting a bit of his victorian terminology ring out before rolling his shoulders back, straightening his poster, “I… had not received a map of the academy Professor, but I assume with every student heading towards the dormitorium it shan’t be difficult to find. Indeed it was a pleasure meeting your acquaintance Sir Hakimi, I pray we meet again soon to chat like two church bells." With those final words and a slight tip of the hat, Viktor slowly made his way out of the auditorium, as the sound of his cane hitting the floor rang out and Pestilence circled the masked boy. The crowd of students parted to either side to avoid Viktor as he approached the door, like Moses parting the Red Sea, the Chuma turned the door handle ever so slowly, as he did so nearest young supernatural beings held their breath in fear until Viktor slipped out of the room.

Continuing onto the well trodden pathway towards the Dorm, Viktor walked in virtual isolation as a large empty circle surrounded him, the plague doctor not paying much mind to those who fear the walking leper. Upon reaching the building Viktor took the time to stare at the vast collection of lightbulbs, clean stone tiles, and fur like linings that surrounded the hallways. He understood that it was no rarity to see such spectacles, but Viktor couldn’t help but be fascinated at the world of light surrounding him, no longer was he in the earth of lamp oil and candle wax. He reached out towards one of the shining bulbs, the heat emanating from the luminescent object causing him to recoil in slight pain. “Fascinating, simply fascinating” he said to no one in particular as he continued to admire the object, having to stare away every so often once his eyes started to feel pain from the bright light.

Finally deciding he must continue onto his own living quarters to get situated for his first lecture, as useless as it might be, Viktor pushed onwards towards his dorm. Upon finding it he slowly turned the knob of the door, entering into the vast living area, it slightly shocked him as Viktor was not used to such vast living quarters, even less so such clean and expensive looking quarters. Closing the door behind himself, Viktor walked towards the couch within the living room, and ran a hand over it, the leather glove preventing him from feeling the sensation of the leather but nonetheless Viktor was in awe. “I must give them their due, this modern world sure does live like nobility.” Viktor blurted out, before deciding to test it out later in the day as a small luxury.

Turning towards the vast kitchen Viktor started to open and close the various cabinets, noting the various metal utensils and cookware which seemed to shine and shimmer better than any of her majesty's kitchenware. He had also found many things of which its use he could not tell, a box with various buttons and a door which lay upon the kitchen top which Viktor decided was best he left it alone for now lest he broke it. However, under one small cabinet, Viktor found something oddly familiar, a small ceramic teapot with blue patterns of dragons, flowers, and a small bird littering its body. Next to it lay a small tin can, of which when opened Viktor came across a collection of tea leaves, when he leaned to take a better look he noticed their black coloring and floral-like orange scent, a signature sign of a collection of Earl Grey tea. Under the mask a small smile appeared upon Viktors face as he took both items and decided to make a cup of tea for himself before classes began.

Such plans where unfortunately not going to be as easy as initially believed, as Viktor looked around, he could not find any traditional stove upon which he could stoke a fire, as such he began to tinker with the various knobs and turnstiles around the kitchen in order to find a heating operandi. Upon the sudden heat emanating from a stovetop, Viktor filled up a pan of water and waited while it boiled, staring in fascination at the contraption heating the liquid.

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Artie paused for a moment, taken aback by her thoughtfulness.

"That's um... real nice of you. Thank you." Why had she thought about overloading his senses? Nobody except those in his family had warned him about that before. Not that many others knew of his other half, but still. It was touching.

Slowly peeling himself away from the wall, Artie walked to Helia with a sense of carefulness, still unsure how to take her niceness. Stooping down, he watched with widened eyes as a small blue flame appeared in her delicate hand. His pupils dilated, causing the blue light to reflect off of them, giving them an almost icy shine.

"It's really neat!" Waving a hand over the flame as offered, he could feel a coldness grasp onto him, making him shiver. Maybe the people here would be way more interesting than he'd thought! Already he'd met a demon, a person even taller than he was, and now someone who could control cold fire.

"You GOTTA show my friends when they get here! They're gonna be so impressed!" Artie stood with a look of awe written in his features.

"But yea, you got a deal roomie! You should know I make a mean grilled cheese though. One day I'll let ya try it! You gotta earn the right to taste somethin' so amazing though." He stood with a thoughtful expression, thinking of ways to exchange such an honor.

"I'll tell ya what! If you make a meal that passes the werewolf scale of good food, I'll make you the best grilled cheese you'll ever have in your life."

Launet Sefra|17|Demon/Unicorn|Dorm Room|Open
She opened the room taking in a deep breath before stepping in to find no one there yet. She let out a small sigh, stepping through and glancing around. Her eyes landed on the kitchen and she smiled slightly. "Looks like I'll have a reason to use my cooking skills. Everything looks so nice..." She opened the fridge to find it fully stocked with whatever ingredients she would want. "Cool...I wonder what my dormmate eats...maybe that could be something to break the ice?" Though it would also depend on if her dormmate ate... "So...I guess wait for them to arrive..." She opened the fridge and grabbed one of the chilled apples before taking a bite and sitting at the dining table.

April Valence|16|Water Spirit Contractor|Lobby|Izzy
April laughed slightly as Izzy asked what supernatural beings were, "Supernatural beings are what you and I are and what everyone in this academy is. Though maybe this Earth labels us in a different manner, what was it....paranormal?" She watched the electricity bounce around in Izzy's hands, "That looks super cool. You want to bet they pair us up for battle practice since our powers aren't a good mix together?" Here they weren't fighting for their lives, so she wondered how difficult the battle training would be. She thought about talking about her world, but couldn't bring herself to at that moment. "Also, I might share tales of my Earth later...It's still a little hard for me to talk about it. I've told the headmaster simply because he was curious and kind of figured, he was the Headmaster, he might turn me away if I don't tell him."
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Kyrin|16|Living Sword of Ice|Outside Dorms|Euhan (alt. Weishan)
Kyrin glanced at the being that jogged over to him, he'd never seen one like them before and it intrigued him. "Yes, I was there for the speech. Take it you need a summary because you were late? But don't feel too bad you weren't the only one and I'm sure there will be others....pretty much he announced our dormmates, though I don't currently have one. That key tells you the room number though I imagine you roughly guessed that. The rest of the speech was the normal, follow academy rules, have fun, and work hard to improve yourself. Oh, and the Headmaster also said we had about twenty minutes to get to our dorms and settled in before first class. I don't think I forgot anything..."
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Helina Talzin|Music&Dance Teacher|300|Highborn Nature Elf|Auditorium|Maxine
"Making friends can take time for some, though I did see a few girls that you might get along with. I'll point them out to you when I see them. I noticed one created a water cat. So her magic would certainly be compatible with our nature magic. Don't give up too soon..." She laughed softly as Maxine began to complain about wearing shoes. "Well...I'm sure it would be fine to run around barefoot is you wish, but there is a chance someone could step on your foot and shoes will help protect you feet even if only a little."
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Dax Maron|Headmaster|Unknown|Ancient Dragon|Lobby|Students
He watched as the small group of students ventured off, and decided to hang around the lobby for a while longer in case anyone else had questions they wanted answered. If he could get most of the possible questions out of the way then maybe his office wouldn't be flooded the next day. Then again, if he were to go off his luck, it'd happen anyway. But maybe...just maybe this year's batch of kids would be different.​
Isabella Sterling| 17|Lightning Celestial|Lobby| April|
Izzy just looked at her friend as she just giggled" Okay now I feel like an idiot for asking that" she say as she giggled looking at her friend as she looked at her lighting bouncing off her hands then back at her friend" Yeah my powers are pretty cool" yeah I can't wait for that class so I can really use my lighting you'll see what I can do with my lighting" she said as she smiled" lighting and water haha not really a good combination" she said as she giggled she looked at her while she bites her lip she knew she shouldn't have asked about her earth she was just curious" no it's okay I shouldn't have asked I'm sorry and no the headmaster is caring he wouldn't do that" she said" when I first got here I blamed him for my mom's death but I had changed my thought it was the hunters some day I'll kill them" she said to her BloodWolfRising BloodWolfRising

Maxine Talzin| 14 Nature Elf/Human| Auditorium| Helina Talzin|

Maxine just looked at her mother as she smiled" Yeah it's a little hard it was easier in the forest i liked taking care of the animals in the forest they were my friends" she say as she missed her home and the animals but she knew this school will help her learn more about her powers she looked up at her mum talking to her" yeah you think they will like me mum" she asked as she laughed a little bit as her mum pointed out about wearing shoes" yeah that's true" she say" but can I just wear sandals these shoes are uncomfortable" she say as a rose bloom in her hand as she smiled" where did you come from" she asked as she giggled a little bit​

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