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Fantasy Maxwood Academy RP(CLOSED FOR NOW)



Dame of the Moon's Darkness
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Dax Maron|Headmaster|Unknown|Ancient Dragon
All of the newest students and even new teachers were supposed to arrive by today. Though Dax knew there would be a few stragglers. He yawned slightly as he flipped through a few papers, he hadn't slept last night. Dax was too excited about greeting the new people which made it hard for him to sleep. It was always this way though, eager to meet the new kids. Wonder what they would bring to the table and what their future would hold. "They should all be here soon..." He whispered to himself before standing and exiting his office to head for the auditorium. Walking in he noticed Esmarie, "You are here early..." Esmarie nodded, "I came to tell you that I'd be missing the main portion of the welcoming ceremony."

Dax frowned, "Is it the young student that arrived injured?" Esmarie nodded, "She has yet to awake which has me and Vivienne both worried." Dax sighed, "Well, at least one of you will be here for the ceremony right?"

"Yeah, I believe Vivienne was planning to attend it." He nodded good, "Well then you best get back to your patient. I know you are worried about her since you are the one who found her collapsed outside." "Yes, I do hope she wakes soon. I have some things I want to know..." Dax agreed, "That makes the two of us." He watched Esmarie vanish, before taking notice of a few students walking in. The fun was about to begin!!! He thought as he stood front and center on the stage, watching and waiting. "Where is that son of mine..." He muttered, "Hopefully he isn't still sleeping...surely he didn't chicken out..."

Helina Talzin|Music&Dance Teacher|300|Highborn Nature Elf
"Helina....I love you..." Helina smiled as Brent kissed her forehead, "I love you too." Her body was relaxed as the dream went on, Maxine playing hide and seek with her father. The three of them lived their lives in peace and then it suddenly turned violent. The forest around her burned, Brent screamed at her to take Maxine and run!!! Helina sprung up from her bed panting. She glanced toward the nightstand to see what time it was. "Crap!!!" It was unlike her to sleep in, but perhaps it had something to do with it being the anniversary of Brent and her having first met. She sighed stand from the bed and got dressed. "Maxine...honey, time to get up."

Alcuris Twilight|16|Emopire
Alcuris sit in the far back corner of the auditorium, watching his sister come and go. They had arrived at the academy a few days before the school year was to start, so he'd been sleeping on the couch in his sister's apartment. The rooms had been under some kind of construction or refurbishing. Though today he would be moving into the dorms, he'd be getting a break from his overbearing sister. He loved her and he knew she only cared about his well-being, but she was too much of a worry wart. It was starting to drive him insane... His eyes glanced over as a few people walked in. Talking among themselves. He wanted to make friends with others, but he couldn't. He couldn't have the same thing happen again, to a dear friend of his.

Finn|14|King Cobra Shifter
Finn yawned as he walked through the doors of the auditorium, he knew shifting to his human form was the smarter idea. If he were in his larger snake form, he'd only get in someone's way. In the small form, someone would probably step on him. His red eyes narrowed onto the closest seat and he walked over plopping down, before slowly nodding off once more. He really hated mornings....

April Valence|16|Water Spirit Contractor
"Are you sure this is a smart idea?" Mern mumbled as they arrived in the center of the Academy grounds, "You aren't even from this Earth, what if that makes someone mad." April rolled her eyes, "Mern please, can you simply be happy for me..." She said squatting down next to the fox-sized water feline. Mern seemed to frown, "I am happy for you...you are moving on with your life and trying to blend in. I just..." April laughed softly, "Out of everyone you worry the most, if I feel like we are in danger I will leave...." Mern nodded before vanishing and April stood, stretching out her muscles before looking around. It made her feel nostalgic, remembering the academy she had been attending with her other friends trying to get to a new world to survive. "Guys...I made it...I hope you are watching over me even on this strange Earth...I wish you were all here...." She whispered before heading for the main building.
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Rennie 13 demon/angel
Rennie just started to open her eyes she was at the infirmary but she didn't exactly know where she was she just groaned as she sat up on the bed while she looked around she just got up from the bed as she groaned falling face first her foot hurt really bad thanks to her brother she just looked towards the door she had to get out of here she just got help holding onto the bed she was limping she just walked to the door but the door was locked she had heard movements as she knocked a bunch of stuff down she just hide under the bed she was really scared she had a pocket knife in her hand just in case someone tries to attack her or hurt her as her brother had done for years she just wanted her freedom just to be free from her brother she just was scanning the room she was really scared' where am I where is here and why does my foot hurt so much I can't even move it' she thought BloodWolfRising BloodWolfRising

Maxine Talzin 14 Nature Elf/Human

Maxine just groaned as she didn't want to wake up she just put the cover over her head" 5 more minutes" she groaned she wasn't really a morning person she just sighed knowing she had to get up for the first day of school she just sighed saw her mom getting dressed she just rubbed her eyes" morning mum" she says she got up from the bed looking for something for her to wear she wasn't really sure" are you nervous about teaching mum" she asked as she was nervous about starting the school she just had started to change her clothes" do you think I can stay in your apartment for a bit I'm sorta nervous about staying in the dorm" she says as she looked at her trying to hurry up before they were late she didn't know what to do with her hair she just brushed her hair but her hairbrush kept getting tangled up with her hair​
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A white-haired girl walked through patches of grass. She looked for the building because she didn’t have a map. Her multi-colored gazed upon what she could assume was the school.

‘Now to find the auditorium!’

She walked inside the building, and began searching. Her search was short-lived—‘Here’s the lobby, There it is!’

walks into the auditorium with a nervous grasp on her bag. Not because she was half human or anything like that, no. She was aware that some other students besides herself had some human DNA. So she didn’t find a reason to be nervous over that and, while it felt strange going to a public school, that was because she’d been home schooled her entire life due to her not being able to hide her eyes or her tail properly. No, the reason she was nervous was because she didn’t know how well she’d handle herself in the midst of a social interaction should one start. There were already some students showing up and she figured the orientation or whatever, this was, was happening soon.


‘Auditorium…auditorium…THERE IT IS!’ He thought as he calmly walked inside. A crowd was already forming and he was already feeling nauseous. He didn’t know why he got that way around large crowds. It’s not like he’s the center of attention. Quite the opposite, actually, most of the time, he’s silent enough to where anyone hardly notices the brown-haired boy. Hyacinth was a warlock who grew up most of his life around humans. He was worried about accidentally insulting someone due to that. Probably made zero sense, but he also didn’t go and talk to people very often, usually opting for researching or studying magic. He was holding a notebook that was scribbled full of notes from failed experiments, The Successful Bloom experiment and theories for other experiments. It also had some magic theories he came up with and hopefully could manage to test out at some point…

‘Would the workings of Magic class allow that for projects?’

The thought mainly applied to major essays that could happen. And it was mainly rhetorical. Obviously, that depended on what the class had in store. For research, he hoped his dorm mate, whoever that may be, had at least had the tolerance for someone who’d probably be staying up and conducting experiments.

‘I should approach those in a safe and quiet way…’

That was something he’d sort out later, well assuming he didn’t get in trouble over it.​
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Edwin Yates

“Oh god, the entrance ceremony is starting soon. I’m gonna need to leave the room.” Edwin Yates constantly thought as he cradled up into a ball within the closet of his dorm room “I mean, what’s the worst that can happen if I go? Like what, they find out you’re a human and decide to kill you in various horrific and gruesome fashions? Ya ... that's not soooo bad…..” he shaked his head to clear these thoughts from his head before standing up from his position on the floor. Next he decided to jump around and shake his body as if to force out any anxiety left in his bones. It hadn’t been more than a few days since he learned about the supernatural from his old man and now he is about to enter the one academy in which they are the entire student body. A student body of which many hold hatred towards his kind, something his father kindly slid into conversation right before he entered his dormitory.

“Damn it, if I stay here Pops will be disappointed won’t he?” and with that final thought Edwin walked out of the closet and got ready for the day. While making sure to suit up properly for his first day, Edwin looked down upon a collection of notes he started to formulate, carefully reading out each passage. “Still face… keep a still face, make sure they think you belong here. They won’t suspect you if you look indifferent to this world.” he practiced relaxing the muscles in his jaw and cheeks until he could keep hold of an indifferent and plain expression.

“Alright perfect” he voiced in a calm, monotone form, grabbing onto the door knob to enter the main living area of his Dorm. Looking around the empty living room Edwin noted that if there was one thing he could say was lucky, that was the absence of his dorm mate so far. Because of that he hadn’t felt the need to be wary in his little safe space.

Leaving the dormitory Edwin suddenly tensed up, fear grabbing ahold of him at the sight before him, groups, crowds even of beings and creatures previously unimaginable to him walking towards the auditorium in the main building. Involuntarily, Edwin backed up before he felt something… slimy on his back. A chill ran up his back at the sensation as Edwin turned his head ever so slightly to catch a glimpse of what he backed into.

Seeing the green blob of what looked like gelatine, Edwin voiced out a quite “What the fuck?” as he jerked away from the creature, only to knock into another being, this time the sensation was… furry. Not wanting to know what terrifying being he knocked into this time Edwin started to walk quickly away from the crowd. The walk became a jog, which eventually turned into an all out sprint as he ran towards the closest building, that being the Medic Bay though he didn’t know it at the time. Quickly opening and slamming the door behind him, Edwin took a few seconds to take in heavy breaths, “Fuuuuuck me” he breathed out as his body grew limp and he slid down the door onto the ground, “Dad, why in god's name did you bring me here?” he muttered as he placed his face into his hands, not having looked around the room he was currently in.

Viktor Hall

Slowly, the masked figure of Viktor Hall walked down the pathway towards the main building. The long beak of his mask looked as every bit unnerving as when he first donned it in his youth. Pestilence, his trusted companion and friend flew gently around him. Yet other than the crow Viktor wasn’t blind to the empty space created between himself and the other students, some looking at him nervously, others curious but afraid to get close to him.

That was the fate of the impersonation of the plague, illnesses which take the innocent and guilty alike, to be avoided and feared. But it didn’t bother Viktor all that much, it was only nature to avoid sickness, after all many factory workers in his time would kill the canary. His steps treaded lightly upon the path as he reached the door. The student who was about to open the door took a small glance back before in a state of panic took a few steps away from the entrance as if to give Viktor room.

Viktor merely polietly nodded at his fellow academic before quietly opened the door, Pestilence landing on his shoulder as he entered the building. Ascending the steps of the building Viktor noted how different the architecture of the world is to just a year ago for him, it had only been a few weeks since Viktor was freed from his cold slumber upon the polar ice cap, and adjusting to a new world with advances in all aspects of life and especially medicine was jarring. Still Viktor was a bricky bloke and he carried on before quietly slipping into the auditorium, choosing to sit upon an open seat which was yet to be surrounded by students. He straightened his back once he sat down and resting one leg over the other awaited the announcements of his new world.
Zak Raine
Socialization: Open!
Currently Approaching: De-let DarkKitsune DarkKitsune
Profile: Link!

"All right! First day! Time for the asssssseeeemblyyyyyy!" Zak called loudly as he made his way out toward the main area with a number of the others, each moving in their own time toward the large building to head outside. The various people here and types were astounding- he had been willing to just sit and look at everyone, interested in meeting all those that were here. He wasn't shy by any stretch, and while he didn't always put the most effort into anything, meeting new people and making friends was near the top of his list. He didn't like to be alone with his thoughts (or his Resonances) if he could help it.

The usual lazy grin was on his features as he made his way forward toward the main area where the others were headed in and as he drew closer, he reached out to a few random folks. "First day, ready?" he called, lifting his hand for a high five and while he received mixed responses, all the same he couldn't be more interested in what was going to happen. He'd been in a normals school with normal friends his entire life- getting the chance to actually use his Resonances more often and actually be able to tell people about them was like opening up a dam of repressed excitement the young man didn't know that he had. Languidly, he walked through the doors and followed the signs toward the auditorium along with the others, filing in.

Inside there were already a few people standing around, some seated, and just kind of milling about, it seemed, until things were underway. He noted a young woman with a stark-white hair nearby, looking more than a little nervous about things. He couldn't really blame her- with everything that was going on- and with everyone kind of giving one another a wide berth, he didn't want to leave her alone if she was having a panic attack or in need of hanging out with someone.

There was very little ulterior motive as he moved forward toward her, the lazy smile still etched upon his features. "Hey, you good? I'm Zak, by the way. Just noticed you seemed pretty nervous- thought you could use a friend," he offered easily, the dark-haired young man offering a hand to shake.
Dax Maron|Headmaster|Unknown|Ancient Dragon|Auditorium
A smile crossed his lips as more students arrived, "This shall be an interesting year for sure...so many different people have come." He glanced around still not seeing his son and sighed, "Maybe this was too much, perhaps I should have slowly introduced him to this world...." He mumbled, waiting for more of the students to arrive, he took in each one, mentally marking down those who had arrived and who had yet to arrive. He made it his business to be on top of who his students were. "Helina and Maxine aren't here yet. They do remember today is the first day right..."

Helina Talzin|Music&Dance Teacher|300|Highborn Nature Elf|Aparments
Helina laughed softly, "I'm a bit nervous, it's the first time I've ever tried teaching others about music and dance. But I'm sure it'll be a fun experience." She glanced over to her daughter as she struggled with her hair, "Let me do that for you..." She said taking the brush and running through Maxine's hair gently taking out the knots, "You don't have to move to the dorm right away, you can take your time. I'm sure whoever is rooming with you will understand. I still can't believe they allow Co-Ed dorms...then again... maybe it helps the student's out with trying to control their powers better? I don't know, for an old dragon, Dax is certainly open-minded. But let's not think about that right now, we are going to end up being late at this rate!"
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Esmarie Twilight|Nurse|30|Emopire|Aparments
Esmarie had stopped at her apartment to grab something before heading back toward the Medic building. Ever since the young girl, Dax had called Rennie arrived she'd been living in the medic building, just to keep an eye on the young girl. It was a good thing Dax remembered all of his student's faces. When Esmarie had first come across Rennie, she thought someone had been hunting the poor girl. It was clear she wasn't fed properly and had been abused. "I just hope she wakes up soon, I'm starting to get worried..." She muttered walking into the building with a small sigh.
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Finn|14|King Cobra Shifter|Auditorium
Sleeping in the auditorium....

Alcuris Twilight|16|Emopire|Auditorium
Alcuris was sitting in silence when a girl with dark brown hair walked in glancing at him and waving. She seemed to do the same for just about everyone, "Dear lord...not one of those super friendly people..." He muttered hoping to god the girl would keep walking towards the front seats. He was shocked when the girl just approached the Headmaster without hesitation. Sure the headmaster was friendly, but he was an ancient dragon, did she have no fear? It seemed not...

April Valence|16|Water Spirit Contractor|Auditorium
April waved at everyone she walked by, before stopping at the front, "Hello Headmaster!!!" Dax's eyes moved to the cheerful voice seeing the young girl, "Why hello April, I see you arrived just fine." She nodded, "I did! Though Mern is still protesting my coming to another academy. He worries it'll surface painful memories." Dax chuckled, "Well you are a bit of a special case, but there are a few other special cases attending this year." A mix of shock and joy, filled April's face, "Wait are they..." Dax shook his head, "I'm afraid not child, you were indeed the only one...I had them look into it. I'm sorry..." April's smile dropped for a moment and tears threatened to spill before she smacked her cheeks, "It's...fine! I knew it, but I still hoped..." Dax felt bad for the girl, he had visited her personally asking about her origins and what had happened. "I'll be fine! I came here to learn it's what I'll do, besides this Earth's magic feels constrained which is why I'm having such a hard time. Thank you, Headmaster!" She said giving him a small bow before turning to sit down. A faint glow of blue circled the girl and a blue transparent wolf's head appeared nuzzling her before vanishing.​
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INTERACTION: Whitefog Whitefog

"Hey, you good? I'm Zak, by the way. Just noticed you seemed pretty nervous- thought you could use a friend,"

De-let turned her head to the black-haired student who spoke to her.He seemed excitable. It caught her off guard. She replied to him.

“Yeah I am good. Just…Never been to a public school. It’s kind of nerve-racking to see so many people as well. My name is De-let”

For someone to be willing to walk up to her and just start talking was what surprised her, a good portion of students in her own personal opinion came off as pretty introverted. Zak seemed to have a lot of energy as well. Did he not bet first day Jitters? Regardless, it didn’t hurt to have a friend either. She hoped she was handling it well.

“…if you don’t mind me asking…what species are you? You don’t need to answer that if you don’t want too”

Hopefully he wasn’t offended. Zak came off as cheery and it was up to him to decide if he wanted to answer properly. Though that still didn’t help her nerves, it was thoughts like that that made her wish her aunt and uncle had at least tried to help her learn to socialize.​
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Rennie 13 demon/angel
Rennie just was hiding under the bed she saw the boy she got really scared while she saw boy slide down the door she was really scared so she accidentally burned his shoes” where am I who are you” she say as her stomach started to growl she was really hungry she wanted something to eat she look at the boy while looking at the fire she couldn’t control the fire her foot and her head really hurt she felt tears coming down’ help me’ she thought
Maxine Talzin 14 Nature Elf/Human

Maxine just looked at her mom when she grabbed the brush” thanks mum” she say while she smiled listening to the words she was saying she didn’t want to be late on her first day” hey mum are you okay did you had a bad dream” she asked as she was a bit worried she had missed her daddy she just bites her lip as she was nervous she just looked at her mother as they were finished” mum you ready “ she asked forgetting to ear something
Edwin Yates

Edwin caught the smell of something acrid while he was resting his head on the palms of his hands. It broke him out of the trance of self-pity as the nasty sting in his nose grew stronger, the scent of burning rubber slowly being comprehended in his brain as he looked forwards towards his shoes. What was seemingly fine just a moment ago had been set on fire, the heat and pain suddenly registered and he quickly got up.

“SHIT WHAT THE FUCK!” he yelled in panic, his eyes widening in fear as he first tried to stomp out the flames, what the hell caused his shoes to combust? He didn't care at the moment but it was definitely in the room with him. Seeing that the flames weren’t being put out, and feeling the soles of his feet slowly burning in them, Edwin quickly tried to take off his shoes, the pain on his hand causing him to cuss under his breath as he managed to toss the burning apparel into the furthest corner of the room.

Breathing heavily, with the pain still lingering at the soles of his feet, Edwin turned to face the… thing that called out to him. The sight of a seemingly frightened girl caught him off guard for a second, that this seemingly normal looking girl set his shoes on fire took a bit to ring true. But then the pain of the burns caused him to lash out “WHO AM I? WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU? WHO THE FUCK TRIES TO BURN RANDOM PEOPLE? YOU KNOW WHAT? I DON’T CARE JUST STAY THE HELL AWAY!” his eyes wide, wild and mixed with fear and hatred, like that of a savage trying to survive, his heavy breaths slowly and deep sounded out after the outburst. Edwin took a few steps back before falling against a bed in pain, he looked at his feet, seeing the faintest tinge of black on the soles where his socks were but moments ago.

He slammed his fist against the framing of the bed as if to cause some other form of pain to focus on. Continuously cussing, trying to stay away from the… the freak that burned him, ignoring the sight he saw of tears run down her face.

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Zak Raine
Socialization: Open (with De-let) DarkKitsune DarkKitsune
Location: Auditorium
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Never been to a public school? Zak was surprised by that, at first, at least until he had gotten a bit closer, able to see that not only was the girl's hair stark white, but her eyes were also interesting to look at- as was the tail-like appendage that came from her. He could definitely see and understand not being able to go to a public school like that- he supposed he was lucky, looking pretty much just human, more-or-less.

"Hey, no worries. I've been in public schools basically forever. Most people are pretty chill and let you do your own thing but then sometimes there's some loudmouths that'll bother you," he responded, making a slight gesture at himself mostly at his own expense for comedy's sake. He didn't mind being the brunt end of the joke so long as it helped other people relax a little.

As she turned a question back around onto him, he nodded. "Look just like a normal dude, right?" he spoke, before the trademark grin on his features fell slightly, in concentration. "Technically we're soul elementals but my ma and dad always just called us Resonance Users. Check it," he spoke, and seeming to come from within him, a ethereal female form emerged. Lithe with long hair, where her face would be instead was nothing. Featureless.

She vanished after a moment, fading away as if she were no more than a magic trick, and Zak let out a breath. "Resonating with aspects of our soul lets us manifest it. Pretty cool right? What about you? Sweet tail, by the way."

Layton Esmond

Location: School Auditorium

Mentions: Finn

Interactions: Open

First day of school...was it too late to go back home? Layton trudged his way through the halls toward the auditorium. Trying his best to stay away from the larger crowds of students but still getting caught up in the crowd. He can't say he's ever been around...so many people at once. Let alone people who weren't demons. Types of people that he probably could have never imagined! And he probably would have been so enamored by them! If he wasn't getting all squished between them. He gave a small whine, finally managing to wiggle his way out the crowd and retreating into the auditorium ahead of the group. Hiding off to the side as he watched the other students head to their seats further to the front. He gave a small sigh of relief. Sticking towards one of the back corners of the room. He just wanted to sleep. Stupid guardian telling him to behave and attend school. Why should he listen to them!? He wore a sour expression. Okay. Maybe he was a bit grumpy in the mornings. He couldn't help it!

His eyes glanced around at all the people currently in the room. Red eyes landing on someone else who appeared to be sleeping! At least he wasn't the only one. That made him feel a bit more relieved. He soon took a seat. Sitting in the very back row all the way at the end. Wanting to stay as out of the way as possible. He pulled his legs up onto the chair and hugged them before letting his head rest on his knees. Droopy eyes looked ahead of him before eventually closing. He wouldn't actually sleep. He was just going to rest his eyes is all.

Zaahir Hakimi

Location: School Auditorium

Mentions: None

Interactions: Viktor Hall ( SomeRandomCanuck SomeRandomCanuck )

Another year another group of students. This wouldn't be Zaahir's first time teaching his classes. Having taught and lived here for the past 4 or so years. It was always interesting to see what types of kids end up being dragged here. It was always nice to hear about the types of lives these kids lived. And well, clearly the headmaster wasn't going to be starting his ceremony anytime soon. So he might as well find a random kid to pick on talk to since he was already here. Whether or not teachers were required to be here was honestly unknown to him. But he always got a small kick out of these kids. Blue and teal eyes scanned the auditorium. Looking for any loners or sore thumbs that weren't in large groups. There were a few stragglers he spotted amongst the students. But the one who stood out the most had to be the kid in the 1800s Victorian cosplay...that was a kid, right? Well. Whether he was one or not he was going to talk to them. Seemed like they were some sort of student repellant the way he watched other students stray away from them.

With a wide grin and confident strides, he made his way over to the plague doctor kid. Sitting in the seat beside him. "So what's up with you, little crow?" He asked with a hum, idly brushing some of his hair out of his face as he got settled into his seat. "That's quite an interesting outfit you have on. If your goal was to make a lasting impression on your peers, I say you're heading in the right direction." He chuckled to himself at his teasing. Eyes shifting over to look at the boy beside him...attempting to see if he could even spot any sort of reaction with his entire face being covered. "I'm Zaahir Hakimi, by the way. I'll be one of your teachers for the year. Feel free to call me whatever. I'm not strict on formalities. I despise them quite a bit actually." He introduced casually. Deciding that it was best to get it out of the way right off the bat.
Esmarie Twilight|Nurse|30|Emopire|Medic Building
Esmarie had only just entered the building when intense fear and anger hit her, then she heard someone yelling. "What the hell...." She darted toward the voice in worry, if someone was freaking out there was a chance the child had woken up and in her stay, she was probably in fight mode. No way would she be able to run! Esmaire threw the door open, "What is going on!!!" Her aqua-colored eyes moved from the boy to Rennie, she smelled something burnt. and frowned. "Okay...okay...." Her eyes were glued to Rennie who was awake and scared, she ignored the fire. "Rennie..." Esmarie's eyes began to glow faintly, "Rennie...I need you to focus on me...listen to my voice and let me help you. You aren't going to be hurt, sweetie...You've been resting here for a few days, remember, Headmaster Dax sent you an invitation to his academy...you are safe I promise." First thing first, she needed to get Rennie's power under control, and taking a fire extinguisher to her would likely make things worse. As she spoke faint blue calming waves emitted from Esmarie's body, hopefully, it would help the other student calm down even if only just a little.
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Helina Talzin|Music&Dance Teacher|300|Highborn Nature Elf|Aparments-->Auditorium
"It's okay, I was just having a pleasant dream until it turned into a nightmare...nothing to worry about." She held out her hand so they could walk together to the auditorium, "Let's go, I am very curious as to what the other students will be like. I'm sure you will make friends with the others, quickly. After all, who wouldn't love my adorable little Maxine." A part of Helina was happy that Maxine wasn't ready to leave her side yet, she doted on her daughter and was more than a little overprotective. But that also wasn't a good thing on Helina's part she couldn't coddle her child for her entire life. It was time for Maxine to grow on her own and this school was sure to help both of them grow more.
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INTERACTION: Whitefog Whitefog

Her tail flickered…she didn’t how to feel about it in her mind. It felt something like the equivalent of ‘nice arm’ or something along those lines. Though she didn’t want to offend him anyway by saying that out loud. And then he explained public schools. Suddenly she didn’t know if they were all that at this point. Of course, she’d get to learn from this experience regardless. What he did sound interesting Resonance user? She hadn’t read anything like that in the books her mother left behind. It made her curious what he could do with training, assuming he was still learning. De-let answer his question.

“I’m half human Half Witch, and my mother was a demon...that situation is complicated. I am able to cast some minor spells as of now, like…”

She lifted her hand up and held her hand like she was going to hold something. She muttered ‘כדור אש’ and a small gulf of flames appeared in her hand. Red dominated her eyes when she cast the spell. It remained like that till she extinguished the small ball of flames.

“Considerably minor spells. I hope to learn more about magic here. The only reason I was able to learn some of these spells was because of some books I found that were left by my mother in our attic a few years ago. I had no other way considering I was raised by my dad’s side of the family…”

She then says

“I have never heard of a resonance user though. It must be an interesting experience with what you’ve told me of your ability.”​
Viktor Hall

Upon hearing the motion beside him, Viktor turned to face the person behind the voice, seeing the long ears and dark skin of the man sitting next to him piqued Viktor’s curiosity. It was one thing to see someone who was so bold as to sit next to him, it was another to see someone so different to the people he had seen within her majesty's empire. It was… peculiar, not in any negative way, just… unusual. The man seemed friendly and so Viktor listened quietly to his table-talk, tilting his head ever so slightly to the left, Pestilence curiously followed his actions, cawing in response to Professor Zaahir Hakimi’s jests before stretching its wings out and lightly hopping onto the man’s shoulder.

Once the man introduced himself as his future professor, Viktor replies, slowly, calmly, his voice muffled, hoarse, rough and lowered by the mask, as if someone sick or a leper was speaking “Sir Zaahir Hakimi, it is a pleasure to meet your acquaintance. I am Viktor Hall, I hope to learn much from your wisdom professor.” he slowly lowered his head and lifted his top hat with the right hand in a polite bow before continuing. “It is a peculiar outfit I assume, though it is much preferable to the alternative.” he pondered slightly at his next words, tapping the ground with his cane before continuing “My fellow academics… I do apologize if it is an issue that I have created such an impression, though I do not blame them for being scared. Many fear illness and plague, it is as natural as Darwin’s theory of evolution.”

Viktor wondered what would be appropriate to say in front of a professor, it had after all been over a century since he had last learnt etiquette and last he was taught, the relationship between teacher and student was meant to be strictly formal. He recalled his past schooling in a small church building near Whitechaple “Pardon me, I would rather continue calling you formally Professor Hakimi, I… am not used to this more… unorthodox form of conversation Sir.” he apologetically croaked out in his unnerving voice.

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Rennie 13 demon/angel

Rennie just looked at the guy who was yelling at her as she started crying she was shaking her head she thought she heard her brother's voice she was really terrified she just cover her ears" don't hurt me don't hurt me" she told him closing her eyes she felt the pain in her head why was her brother here was he going hurt her here" go away go away" she said she was freaking out the tears were coming down her face she saw the door open and she saw a woman she spoke to her" I'm scared" she says realizing the boy wasn't her brother she just removed her hands from her ears" I'm so......ry I didn't mean to burn him I was scared he looked liked brother" she saw tears in her eyes" how do you know my name miss" she says while she looked the woman's eyes while she looked at her as calming thoughts were coming to her" I have been here for a few days really I remember running from brother he....." she say closing her eyes she sighed" oh yeah I did get the invention" she say the fire had stoped she had felt calm as she came from under the bed" why does my head and foot hurts it hurts really bad" she say

Maxine Talzin 14 Nature Elf/Human

Maxine looked at her mum as she had finished brushing her hair" Thanks mum for helping me with my hair" she said she saw her mum holding out her hand she didn't care if the older kids made fun of her cause she still lived with her mum or still hold onto her mum's hand she loved her mum she just walked with her to the autodurim she was nervous about meeting people her age she just walked with her mum she just blushed while her mum had called her adorable" muuuum not here" she said slightly embarrassed that she said that she was hoping no one had heard her mum say that she looked up at the auditorium" man I'm so excited and nervous to start" she said to her mom while she smiled at her​
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Lode 17 mineral construct
Interaction: open
Location: Auditorium

After checking in at their dorm room to make sure the necessary supplies they needed for the upcoming school year were delivered Lode set a brisk pace towards the auditorium. With the amount of people headed that way Lode was worried they might arrive a bit late to grab a good seat for the entrance ceremony.

Carefully entering the building lode cast their gaze upon what were most likely the instructors and fellow classmates of hers. A lot of different types of people existed than they were use to but you wouldn't know it based on her neutral expression. Some people seemed to be sleeping while others took the chance to start making friends with those around themselves. Others like herself seemed to be finding themselves alone or isolated from their peers...it was hard to tell with all the hustle and bustle.

A small curt nod in greeting was given if their eyes happened to meet someone else’s as lode took a seat, she deemed favorable. Since it was a new experience and there were many things and people to observe lode decided against joining one of the groups forming to chat so they could focus on taking it all in.
Zak Raine
Socialization: Open (with De-let) DarkKitsune DarkKitsune
Location: Auditorium
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Half-witch and a demon mother? Now that was interesting. Zak had never actually met anyone like that before. Granted, the number of non-humans that he'd met was also relatively low. His parents knew a few from here and there and they'd sometimes come over to talk shop or to get some advice but for the most part, Zak was weirdly in the dark about a lot of things regarding this sort of world- which was another reason why he had been very interested to come along.

As she explained that she was able to cast spells, Zak's eyes widened a bit and he looked on with interest as she began to manifest the flames in the palm of her hand. "Woah! That's rad," the boy commented with a small grin. He almost missed the change in her eyes, but as the flames started to fade, he saw them changing back from red to their normal coloration. That was interesting too, and kind of a tell on what sort of spell she was going to be using, if nothing else... so long as the color matched up.

"Man that's rough," Zak spoke, inferring some kind of divorce or some other issue from the phrasing that she used. "If you've done a lot of studying at home, now at least you can find a lot of other weirdos like us to hang out with," he spoke, giving her a small grin. He realized, looking around a bit, that he probably had it pretty easy, looking as human as he did. He'd have to keep that in mind and not stick his foot in his mouth later.

"Yeah it's pretty slick being able to resonate with your soul...basically kinda like..." he spoke, gesturing in the air with both hands as if he were trying to manifest some sort of comparison. "Pulling out a part of yourself. Let's us kind of control our emotions pretty well since we need to do that to split them down for the Resonance," he spoke, his lazy grin widening. "Can make it hard to empathize with other folks though, so sorry in advance if I say something stupid," he added with a small laugh.

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Zaahir Hakimi

Location: School Auditorium

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Zaahir's eyes brightened up at the actual little crow that had hopped onto his shoulders. "What beautiful darling you are, little bird. And what's your name?" Zaahir hummed out as he held a hand out to the bird. Allowing it to peck or bump at his hand a bit so they could be aquatinted before he actually attempted to pet it.

A warm smile remained on his face as Viktor introduced himself. Quickly noting that they were quite opposite when it came to etiquette and formalities. Viktor wouldn't be the first. And he certainly wasn't going to be the last of his students. Younger him would be disgusted with how stuffy some of the kids he's met have been towards him. But nowadays, he finds it somewhat endearing that these kids insist on remaining on a formal level with him. Even if that wasn't his personal preference. His eyes softened at the boy before dismissing the apologetic mood with a shake of his hand. "I meant what I said before. I was simply stating my preference, Viktor. If remaining formal is more comfortable for you than so be it. Please continue to do so. Should you change your mind in the future don't be afraid to change it up. A surprise nickname every now and then is always pleasant." A playful grin soon replaced the smile that was on his face.

"I'm sure the other students will warm up to you soon. You're not the only person here with a power that scares people away. As professors our job isn't only to help you all learn and control your own abilities but also help you all feel comfortable around others as yourself. Whether that be with humans or other supernatural beings." He mused, leaning back in his seat as he looked towards the headmaster at the front of the auditorium. "No one enjoys having to hide away who they are. And we don't want you to be scared of yourselves. At least, that's what I think Dax's main goal is for you students. Or my interpretation of it." He spoke with a small shrug. He couldn't possibly know what Viktor had been through. And he didn't need to know if it wasn't his place. It was simply his job to try and make all students feel welcomed and safe.

"Anyway. Enough with the sappy stuff. Are you excited for the school year? I teach the supernatural studies class. So you'll definitely be having your fair share of seeing the best professor in this academy." He spoke cockily before laughing to himself. "I also supervise Creature Riding. During the school day I'll almost always be in my classroom or out at the stables. Even if you aren't taking the elective, feel free to stop by. I don't mind setting aside time for those who wish to learn to ride but didn't want to place the elective down."
  • Professor Jean Garnier. Wendigo, Instructor of Magic.
    Location: Apartments >> School Auditorium (Outside Currently)
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    The rapid sound of scampering feet scratched against the wooded ground. Dirt and substrate sent flying as a mounting dread began to fill the air. The quickening of heartbeats was rhythmical, thumping a song of desperation as a form slinked around the fallen logs. Its body scraped against the wood as it became all too clear that there was no escape. Stepping into the room was a well-dressed man with burning amber eyes. His gaze shifted quickly after the darting form as a heavy sigh escaped his lips. "Selence, how many times must I tell you not to play with your food?" Like a doting father, Jean stared through the acrylic barrier, which contained both his dear pet and the mouse that was meant to serve as her breakfast. Maxwood Academy is a place where the supernatural is intended to thrive and become educated in all manner of things. The idea on its own was inconceivable to him at one point, and yet here he was toting a satchel full of teaching materials.

    Pulling a hand away from his now spectacled face, he turned to the serpent once more. "I'm off. Make sure you finish eating while I'm out." With a hiss, as if to say, 'Have a good day' Jean parted from both Selence and his apartment. With the heavy clack, the locking mechanism of his door had been secured, and while a surprise visitor wouldn't be all that concerning, he couldn't help but err on the side of caution now that mischievous little scamps might 'accidentally' waltz in and make a mess of the place.

    Maybe his own bias was showing, but everything seemed much livelier now, though that may have been a consequence of a more reclusive lifestyle. Looking at the crowd of students busily moving around the campus, with the vast majority heading towards the auditorium, left him with a strange feeling. "You would've thrived here, Airis." A wistful smile came upon his features for a moment, though a confused student's approach pulled him from his thoughts of the past. Quickly instructing the youth on the direction of the auditorium, he was left to continue there himself. From here, his stride towards the locale would remain steady, breaking only to guide those who approached him; it would be bad manners to show up late to the introductions after all.
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“Glad you think it’s cool. I personally think everyone here is gonna be able to do something impressive though.”

She thought about the situation in regards to her parents. Her mom and her dad were killed in an altercation with a hunter when she was young. He probably thought it was something else, though there are a lot of situations where kids can end up in the care of a different family member… different situations that don’t involve death. Not that it isn’t a common reason though. She chuckled at his comment.

“Yeah, at least I know there are people who can do stuff like that as well that I can hopefully befriend.”

She decided to leave out the fact the only people she'd spoken with were her aunt and uncle and perhaps some incomprehensible sentences from when she was a baby mixed blood. It was a good atmosphere, no need to make it gloomy with stuff like that. Then he spoke about the benefits of his power…and the draw backs. She could relate sorta. She relied on a force called mana for spells. Her mother had as much as a demon could. She, on the other hand, was cut in half due to her human heritage and if she goes over board there will be consequences.

“If it makes you feel better, only roughly 1-2% of the population are filled with people who are capable of empathy… so don’t be too distressed if you find it difficult."


INTERACTION: Defined Comedy Defined Comedy

Hyacinth made his way to a random seat in the auditorium. He sat down and, eventually, a boy with white hair and Icy blue eyes. His skin was incredibly pale. In a way, he reminded him of Jack Frost. A very pretty and at the same time scary Jack Frost. Something about him was cold—Literally he was freezing! Or at least it came off as such. He then proceeded to ask Hyacinth if he minded him sitting next to him. Hyacinth replied.

“I don’t mind, actually! Have a seat.”

He would say his name if he knew the stranger's name. Hyacinth waited an awkward moment before adding-

“My Name is Hyacinth. I’m a warlock.”

Hyacinth was battling the conflicting emotions of fear and somewhat attraction. It wasn’t hard for him to fight off the attraction. Eventually, that attraction wore off. He did wonder what the other student was to trigger such a reaction. It was weird…Would it be strange if he asked? Would it be strange if he threw out a hundred and one questions about what he is? What are his powers? How do they work? What kind of logic is involved with it? And so on. Probably he didn’t want to be overbearing to others, so he just asked.

“What’s your name?”
Malcom Willems|16|Werewolf

Malcolm never really liked the idea of going to this school. He was perfectly fine being homeschooled by his adoptive father, but fate had other plans for the young werewolf. As he looked at the big building ahead of him, something in the back of his mind told him to just walk the other way. Nonetheless, he huffed and walked through the front door. “Might as well face the music. What’s the worst that could happen?” He entered the lobby and looked around in awe. “So this is a public school. Seems a lot bigger than what I saw in the brochure…” He made his way into the auditorium and sat down in a seat looking around to see all the other supernatural beings in the room. He was a bit overwhelmed, seeing that this was his first time in a place like this. He sorta felt a sense of belonging as he surveyed the room. “Maybe, this isn’t so bad after all…”

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Damien Wells|32|Human(Whisperer)|Mortal Studies Teacher
Location: Teacher’s Lounge

“Great, just friggin’ great.” Damien thought to himself as he filed his paperwork, recording the new student. “Not only do I have to teach a class, I gotta babysit as well? You’re killin’ me Willems!” He huffed as he looks at Malcolm’s file. “Hopefully he ain’t a troublemaker. I’ll let the principal recommend him the shifting class.” Once he finished checking through the student roster, he got up and went to the auditorium. “I’ll probably get an earful from the headmaster if I’m late…”

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Edwin Yates

Still dealing with the pain from burns on his feet Edwin looked at the new face in the room, she looked like a school nurse with her outfit. “WHAT’S GOING ON? SHE FUCKING BURNED ME OUT OF NOWHERE!” he yelled out, the mixture of pain and anger visible as he tried pulling himself onto the bed. “Hurt you? Are you kidding me? I should…” he felt a cool rush, as if a wave just washed away some of the anger within him. He took a calm breath, it was weird he noted, as if someone forced his anger out of Edwin’s body and he couldn’t place how he felt about it or what the hell that was.

Hearing the two talk Edwin couldn’t help but be a bit baffled, on one hand calming down the crazy fire throwing girl would also be his priority, on the other is pain, a lot of it. “Fuuuuck” he groaned to himself as Edwin took a moment to look at his feet, it looked worse than surface level but nothing charred thankfully, so at least the burns weren't third degree… he hoped. He looked up and with a grunt of pain interjected their conversation “Ok that’s cool and all, but can I get some aloe vera or something for the FUCKING BURNS ON MY FEET!”

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Viktor Hall

“Pestilence… his name is Pestilence” Viktor croaked out in his husky voice as the crow cawed out in agreement to the introduction of his name, flapping its wings a bit before settling back down, trying to peck a bit at the professor’s hand. Seeing the acceptance of Viktor’s choice to refer to him respectfully and the playful grin upon the professor's face, Viktor nodded a bit. “Thank you Professor, I… will keep that in mind should it ever come to that.” Viktor tapped the side of his mask with the cane in his left hand to match the words, as the mask covered his emotions.

“That is… interesting that there are others with a similar ailment as I, however Professor I would beg to disagree. Some fear their power and wish to control it to protect others, I hold no such worries.” he slowly motioned to the surrounding student body. “I am a natural occurrence, bringing plague, and pestilence to others is my role in our world. I do not hide that, I only wear this outfit as I do not wish to leak miasma and other viruses to those not meant to yet contract it.” tapping the beak of his mask to showcase what is stopping a wave of illnesses from spreading in such a congested area. “Though I assume making a few good chuckaboos would not hurt.” he pondered outloud to himself.

Viktor didn’t know if this was an acceptable response, was it normal or natural to desire to prevent his role from playing out? People never quite thought about his predicament the same as himself, though he could never say they were incorrect from their perspective. “Agreed Professor, such things often dance upon nothing. I am intrigued at what will be taught, it is all unique to my previous education. I am curious about the contraptions producing the same luminescence that lamps produce up there for example.” he used the tip of his cane to point towards the light bulbs, “Fascinating contraptions, I’ve heard of nobles having arc lamps as a party trick and talks of lightning in a tube, but never in such quantity or supply in one location. How does the academy afford such things?” his voice sounded… uncharastically intrigued and curious compared to his usually cold and dead sound.

Not realizing that Professor Hakimi was being cocky, Viktor replied unwittingly “Oh I did not know that they ranked professors, I am mad as hops to be taught by the best.” he clapped a bit, slowly and decrepitly in congratulations before continuing “Unfortunately I haven’t taken that particular elective, I apologize Professor Hakimi. I believe it is difficult to ride in my current attire, and I don’t believe the class would be too pleased if the animals got sick or heaven forbid, they did.” Viktor explained “Though I would be happy to learn more about the various creatures that inhabit our earth, I haven’t gotten the chance to see many up close… I am sure you understand the reasoning.”

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Rennie 13 ángel/demon

Rennie just looked at the boy as she yelled as she was really scared again as she felt calming emotions as she looked at the lady” I’m sorry I burned you it was an accident I don’t have control over my powers what’s your power” she asked tilting her head as her foot really hurt she looked up in her own bed how was she going to get up on her bed she just groaned” is your foot okay I really didn’t mean to hurt you” she say SomeRandomCanuck SomeRandomCanuck
Aritoshi Izumi. An Icy Veil.
Location: Auditorium
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"Thank you; you're a lifesaver." With his request being granted, Izumi would slowly slump down into the seat, almost melting into it for a moment as he took a few deep breaths. Gingerly, he would lift a hand and cover his own mouth before releasing a long exhale. Hints of chilled vapor like that emitted from dry ice or liquid nitrogen would eek out from the gaps in his fingers before dissipating into the air only a few inches from their origin. With the dizzying sensation gone, he turned his gaze towards the kind stranger as they introduced themselves. Hyacinth, as they had referred to themselves, was a young man who appeared to be close in age to himself. At first glance, he was a brown-haired boy who seemed a little apprehensive. Glancing towards the other student's face, he felt a hint of inquisitiveness in his gaze, though Izumi ensured he refrained from eye contact as much as possible.

As the question of his own name was brought up, the frigid boy quickly shifted his posture to sit more properly. "My apologies; I'm not quite used to giving introductions yet. I am Aritoshi Izumi; please feel free to call me Izumi. I would offer to shake your hand, but that might be rather unpleasant for you." With his statement closing, he would offer a slight smile as his introduction came to an end. Glancing down at his hand for a moment, he only just realized the thin formation of ice crystals on the palm he'd exhaled on earlier. For the sake of not inflicting frostbite on whoever was sitting in front of him, it seemed like the better alternative. Brushing the hand against his pant leg, his gaze returned to his newly met acquaintance, though his eyes didn't gaze higher than the others chins. "I'm sure you're probably wondering why the temperature dropped when I appeared. That would be due to the Yuki-Onna part of my blood; it can be a bit troublesome, so I apologize for any discomfort you may be feeling due to it."

Interacting with someone like this wasn't all that common for him; every so often, a visiting yokai may have come to their mountain cottage to chat, but this time was different. "I don't mean this to come off as rude, but you're the first warlock I've ever met. I don't know much about other species, so I was curious if you might tell me what your people are like?"
Isabella starling

Izzy had been feeling sad she didn’t know why her mom had to day she just felt tears falling down her face she didn’t want to walk into the autorium she just felt the tears she couldn’t take the pain what she felt she was leaning against the wall scared to go in her mother would want her to be but she really didn’t know how to be happy she had to die from the hunters that been hunting her (open)​

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