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Realistic or Modern Magnus Renovamen (BxG Plot) Roleplay Request


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◇ Setting ◇

▪︎ - Gods are theoretically immortal and omnipotent, unironically, mortals can weaken and even kill gods by simply stopping to believe in them, as the roman empire conquered greece and eventually replace their beliefs with christianity, the gods wpuld have died there, or so was thought, the gods, more specifically the olympians, knowing very well of their eventual fate, decided to go with a plan suggested by Athena, to place their divine essence to twelve mortals whosr descendants would be used as vessels for their reincarnation.

▪︎ - Thousands of years later in the modern world, the reincarnated vessels through some kind of traumatic event would awaken the memories of their past life along with their divine powers, as a result of that, they lost their immortality along with most of the power they once had, the only things they have left are their Divine Grace, a special power unique to that god tied to their area of influence in godhood and the aspect they represent, and their Holy Relic, a weapon, armor or tool which also manifests a magical property that relates to the concepts and themes that god represents.

▪︎ - In order to regain their immortality and the power they once had, the gods must gather followers to power up through their beliefs, a complicated task in a modern world plagued by several conflicting ideals, political views, phylosophies and religions, not only that, but now the gods aren't immortal, they can theoretically be killed just like any human could despite their inate divine magical abilities, and that of course wouldn't be dismissed by other reincarnated gods who might have awakened and want to eliminate their competitors, essentially, the one who first attains enough followers to regain godhood, will get an edge over all the others by being immortal, and will essentially have the chance to holf absolute power over the world and reshape it to their liking.

▪︎ - What the olympians probably aren't aware of, is that although Hades was left out of the reincarnation plan by most of them, he was informed about it through his spies on the olympian court, as a result, not only he performed the reincarnation spell on himself, but he did so to several enemies from the olympians such as the titans, which resided deep within the Underworld by placing their essence on humans whose descendents would serve as vessels, all with the intention of spiting the Olympians over their betrayal on him and principally for the severals years of isolation and hatred from humanity due to the role he was given as the god of the Underworld, while the mighty Olympians were blessed to live at the top of Mount Olympians, being worshiped by several of their mortal followers, Hades was cast aside and condemned to receive power from mortals not through adoration but rather hatred and fear, having to constantly hear to the pleas and curses from humans who blamed him for the deaths of their loved ones, while his relatives of Olympus could relish on the praying of their priests.

▪︎ - With all that situation at hand, there's no other outcome than a divine war that is fated to grow exponentially into proportion, this war among the gods receives the cognomen of Magnus Renovamen.

◇ Notes ◇

▪︎ - So, this RP plot is a pretty ambitious project considering that the idea would be that each of us would be playing 6 characters (7 if you count Hades and Persephone who'll be acting as an antagonistic duo) which would equal to the twelve olympian gods, of course not necessarily all at the same time since we would probably be changing pov every so often, with that said, I actually had the idea of having a gender reversal kinda thing with me playing the male reincarnations of the female goddesses and you playing the female reincarnations of the male gods, overall, I just have a preference for more assertive and strong willed female characters as I like to play as more femboyish characters myself, with that said, the reincarnated gods have the memories of both their past life as gods and their current life as humans once they awaken, this very much done with the intention of giving your freedom towards both their personality and appearance as you can give your own take on said deity as long as you keep their whole persona somewhat consistent to what they represent (It'd be surely weird to see Ares acting peaceful, though it could work if you manage to explain how their experience as human may have changed them)

▪︎ - Anyway, with all that said, I do have a ref ready for each of the characters I wanna play, though I don't exactly have a full on bio on each of them, I somewhat have in mind what I intend for each of them, and I'll be sending their full bios as I finish it while we roleplay, which means you also don't have everything sorted out about the characters you gonna play as I'd be just fine with you developing them further as we go as well.

▪︎ - I have quite a few years of roleplay experience, I have overall nearly perfect grammar despite not being a native english speaker (I guess you can take it from how I wrote this post) and I also don't like to use irl refs for my characters, sorry, anyway, my DMs are open! Also, just a note, I do have a preference for roleplaying over at Discord, so be aware of that.


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