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Bring it on.. I dare you.
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Hello and thanks for stopping by!

I'm looking to continue my exploration into the untold stories of InGen's second island; Isla Sorna. In the film universe the island is visited in Jurassic Park; The Lost World, and in Jurassic Park III. We also got to see it in the PC game Trespasser.
In these glimpses we got to witness the ruins of what once was, yet we have no depictions of what the island used to look like when it was operational. We see what Isla Nublar looked like; with workers and construction in the first film, and we see what the park becomes later in the newer Jurassic World franchise, but we never saw what daily life was like on the "factory floor".

This is a concept I am having a lot of fun writing about with people, and I'm looking for another partner to join me on this adventure.


My initail idea is a prequel of sorts, set before the events of the first film, but earlier in the year. Construction of the park on Isla Nublar is still under way, and the relocation program for some of the animals has only just begun.
Isla Sorna has had its DNA, embyronics, and cloning facilities up and running since the 1980s, and the place is pretty well established. There are the scientists and lab technitians, as well as the security personnel of game wardens and park rangers. Vetinarians, doctors, and researchers congregate to live and work on the island. All employed by InGen and sworn to silence, they spend an average of 4 months at a time on the tropical island.

As known from the films, games, and the original novels; anything can happen. And everything can go wrong.

This RP concept is flexible in its position within the canonical timeline, and I'm happy to hear suggestions for other ideas. My only deal-breaker, is RPing in the Jurassic World era. This invitation is for the original JP lore and timeline (1989 - 1995), not the newer franchise. If you did not know, Site B was evacuated in 1995, when Hurricane Clarissa came around the 2nd time and hit Isla Sorna. Hurricane Clarissa did not hit Site B in '93 when it did Jurassic Park.

I can adapt to your own OCs position if you have a pre-established character you want to use. We can brain-storm how our two people come to work together, or how they cross one another's paths. My character is very flexible in her position and location on the island, so I can work around you to a varying degree.



Faye Harper is my character, and is portrayed by Winona Ryder from the film; How to Make an American Quilt (1995).

Age: 24
Sex: Female
Height: 5.2
Weight: 110lb
Physique: Petite

Occupation: Zoologist
Job description: Tasked with documenting the development and behaviour of the dinosaurs in the reserve.

Personality and demeanor is extremely similar to how WInona Ryder plays her roles in many of her films. Primarily in the following: Girl Interupted, Reality Bites, How to Make an American Quilt, and Alien: Resurrection. She is overly kind and caring, yet struggles with her inner problems, not understood by many on the outside. She doesn't let people too close through fear of losing them, and doesn't trust herself not to fail. The same goes for her work, bouncing from place to place and never staying long. She has commitment fears and hidden insecurities.
These thoughts are pushed aside when she can, and most don't see her introverted state, instead being presented with a cheery and modest appearance instead.



Want in?

If you're interested in writing with me in a JP SiteB RP adventure, them please do send me a message!!

What I'm looking for is a passionate fan of the original movies, and someone that would like to travel through unknown terrain with me. I'm only looking to play as my character, share NPCs and environmental aspects, and help improvise where needed.
We'd need to discuss the setting you would like to play in, as well as your character you want to play as. I'm okay for you to play a canon character, but prefer OCs, as playing a canon character means having to know that character inside and out 110%, in order to represent that character correctly and respecfully. If you do want to play as a canon character, then it has to fit in with the canon timeline (such as: Alan Grant and Ellie Satler, cannot be on Site B before or after the movie events).

My invitation is ideally to let a potential partner experience something new and fresh in an already wonderful universe.

I'm an active writer (writing every day), and I like to write more than a few paragraphs per post (because I write one for my character's reply to your character's last actions, one for her own actions, and one to share and keep track of the environment/direct the story's flow). So I'm looking for an active and detailed writer too, who's litterate and able to think on their feet and improvise in an acceptable way.
I don't like skipping ahead often, as that takes away some of the smaller encounters that could of happened. Every little thing can be a little story in itself. A simple drive can be full of discussions and character bonding. Climbing a ladder could reveal a missing step or the chance to slip entirely, instead of just "climbs to the top".

This is a clean-RP invite. So no smut unless agreed upon, and if it is on the table, then it is not a focus whatsoever. The focus should be on the story, and any character romance would have to develop naturally and add weight to the drama of the tale.
Gore and violence is inevitable, along with themes of a desperate survuval and fear.
For the above reason, an 18+ warning is being applied. The RP might be a slow-burner at times, but it will not be for the feint of heart.
I'm in my 30s and would want to RP with someone outside of teenage years.
The older the better.

My location is in the UK (GMT+0) so would love to meet someone from Europe to help with writing at similar times. However, I am always happy to write in a forum-style, and leave messages for you to reply to on a daily basis.

If you're good, committed, and game.. then so am I :)
I look forward to hearing from you!!
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