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derek hale deserved better
Hi all! The name is Tulsa and the game is roleplaying… that was cringey I know, but just ignore it okay? Okay. Anyways, I’m on the hunt for some new partners that are interested in angsty, romantic and, of course, dramatic plots. In said plots I’d prefer to play the F in M/F pairings, it’s just what I’m most comfortable with : ). Aside from that though, I am 24 which means all of my partners NEED to be 18+, there is no wiggle room on this. Please don't lie and say you're of age if you're not, it's dangerous.

We can discuss rules, limits and triggers privately if we decide to move forward, however there is one rule I’ll let you know of now since it puts some people off. I don’t double. I will gladly play multiple side characters, however I will not do one pairing in exchange for another (you playing my love interest and us doing a separate plot where I play yours). I find it hard to focus and they never end up fair in my experience. I hope that makes sense lol.

Below you’ll find a list of pairings I’m interested in, the role I’d like you to play will have ~ ~ around it. Some of my fandom plots do involve me as original characters, with that being said, each has a written out backstory that I can send if there’s any interest, so don’t hesitate to ask!

~Kol Mikaelson~ & Averie Forbes (OC) - Vampire Diaries
~Derek Hale~ & Paige Krasikeva (Canon Divergent) - Teen Wolf
~Loki Laufeyson~ & Eira Jarledottir (OC) - MCU
~Peter Parker~ & Gwen Stacey - MCU verse
~Vampire~ & Human - Non-Fandom
~Michael Morbius~ & Rowan Keller (OC) - Morbius/Marvel
~Milo/Lucien Crown~ & Rowan Keller (OC) - Morbius/Marvel
~Tarrant Hightop~ & Alice Kingsley - Dark!Alice in Wonderland
~Jack Frost~ & Elsa - Dark/AU versions of Frozen and Guardians
~Finnick Odair~ & Annie Cresta - Hunger Games

I also have an idea for original Hunger Games characters that dwell in the capitol, but they're the same age as the tributes, so they're watching the games and dealing with all of the feelings that come with that.

If any of this interests you, please feel free to pm me or, if you'd rather, add me on Discord toxicdeliquency#7795

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