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Fantasy Lore/ooc/character thread for Who ya gonna call?

Name: Fiona O'Connor
Race: Halfling
Age: 35
Gender: Female
Height: 3’ 6” (109 cm)

Appearance: Fiona is a stocky and sturdy build. She has long curly brown hair, often tied back into buns or braids. She’s often seen wearing practical dresses with deep pockets to hold all sorts of things she finds useful. She does enjoy a good pair of pants with a matching blouse to feel confident and spy. Her eyes are a ghost grey mixed with blue, which seems to change color depending on what she is wearing. You’ll never catch her without boots except when she heads to bed.

Personality: Fiona is a sharp-witted woman who enjoys helping people. She enjoys being a caretaker by providing tea, soothing tempers, and listening. She can be a spitfire when she’s mad and quite stubborn when she wants to be. Overall, she is the embodiment of curiosity that killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back. She loves a good mystery, from figuring out the motive of a murderer. To a secret hidden behind layers of plaster in an old house. To a fanciful tall tale. She seeks out such thrills for fun, which is her favorite hobby.

Professions: Bookkeeper part-time for her local Baron, Seamstress, and on the side works to solve mysteries for fun in her spare time.

Special Abilities: Fiona has the ability to see, hear, and speak with ghosts. She’s been able to do this since she was a little girl, much to her mother’s dismay. This gift was also bestowed on her mother and grandmother, but both did their best to ignore such things as their mind there was nothing good about meddling with the dead.

Unfortunately for them, Fiona did not heed this lesson, as one of her first friends was a lonely, small ghost boy. It didn’t feel right to ignore the dead’s pain, so she listened and looked. As she looked and learned, she could see things beyond the normal veil. Helpful items, mysterious doors, mysterious whispers, and strings tugged her to find the right things at the right time.

It has led her to many adventures and renown with the Baron himself as she helped him clear his name after a nasty murder was almost pinned on him by a rival noble. Due to his recommendations, she became involved with the local constable, who often now seeks her advice when dealing with a nasty murder after several successful cases with her as an advisor due to her strange nature.

History: She had a decently standard upbringing as an only child, grateful for her father’s work as a merchant and for teaching her how to handle most people. She learned to make friends with the living, as much as the dead. Growing up, she at first had difficulty connecting to others, much to her parent's worry. It wasn’t until her father sat her down and explained to her that the best way to make friends was to start noticing what the person seemed to like, giving a nice genuine compliment, and asking to learn more. Then to listen, always listen first, then speak.

This lesson resonated with her. She started doing this with those she met and wished to know. From the merchants her father often saw too. To the dock workers, who had loud cackles and crude words, but were decent men. To the seamstresses, whose pretty work she loved to watch them make and later learned herself. To the stiff bookkeeper who slowly warmed up to her as she kept coming back and asking for their recommendation, listened to him, and even read the books he gave her to talk to him the following week.

Her mother taught her a love of cooking and a good cup of tea that can soothe the soul. With these skills, she built a fantastic set of friends and life and enjoyed wild adventures. Sadly, no love of her life, as most found her still a little too wild with running off to solve grizzly murders. She had given up on such prospects, a spinster aunt she was likely to be, but it did not bother her much as long as she had something to do.

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