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Multiple Settings Looking to fill your character slots!

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Junior Member
Hello there all!

I'm looking to fill a roll for you! I would love some practice working on my males! Yes that's right, I WANT to play your male characters!
Have a slot you've been dying to fill?
Having a pairing you've been itching to do?
Just need a man in your life?

WELL I'm your gal!

I'm looking to write any and all types of males! Just give me a story and I'm ready to go!
I love OOC chat and I have wacky sleeping hours!
Lets become friend while I make your rp dreams a reality!
If you're interested, Hit me up! I also rp on Discord!

(I don't know a lot of canon anime characters just fyi and I'm not super comfortable with doing canon characters! I prefer OC's)


New Member
I'm looking for someone to play an engineer in a futuristic version of Disneyworld, that uses advanced robotics for the park princes/princesses, although a glitch in the system has caused one to develop consciousness. It's up for the engineer to study the full extent of the glitch, determine the cause if possible, and decide if he wants to turn them in for decommission. :)

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