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Multiple Settings Looking For Some Sunshine In These Dark Times

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Hiya Heya all, just a late night partner search post for you here

I'm looking for some wholesome roleplay, with an outgoing adventurous theme to it.
It isn't my usual slice of pie, but it seems a good choice given how things are.

I'll probably work out a handful of ideas and toss them out here in a day or two, but I wanted to toss this out first to see who might come biting.

What i'm looking for in a partner

Literacy is important, and detail right behind it. I usually crank out at least a few paragraphs, and a page or two if i'm into it.
I'd prefer to rp with someone who can respond once every two days or more.
and I'd prefer someone who can rp with some heavier themes, without having to include them at every end.

My Pm's are open for brain storming, feel free to drop any ideas/questions/etc. any-which-way you'd like


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